Level UP: Mario vs the Giant Goomba Maze

Joylandi 1-May, 2021
After taking down a Giant Boot and Giant Bob-Omb, Mario takes on an even bigger threat... a Giant Goomba!
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***EASTER EGG HUNT*** There's 2 blue Goombas hidden in the video, can you spot where both are hiding? 🔎
Characters and Music by Nintendo/Mykah/TheLegendOfRenegade/HeatleyBros
SMB3 underground remix by Mykah:
SMW boss remix by Mykah:
Peach's castle remix by TheLegendOfRenegade:
8 bit summer (outro theme) by HeatleyBros:
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  • Hey guys! What Giant Maze would you like to see Mario take on next in the series?

  • Yeah

  • giant fish maze

  • Did they know if they end the world he choose, they're dead?

  • Will anyone turn this into a smm2 course?

  • E o mariocraft


  • Mario vs. Giant Goomba Maze

  • You make very good videos

  • Can you do one with Mario as one of the Simpsons

  • >:^(

  • what the fuck did you do to those goombas dk

  • Wait that’s the first maze off Mario it’s dead


  • The H Y P E is real

  • I'm doing my own Goomba Revolution, Inspired by Level UP

  • 3:13: The Goomba Revolution: Attack of the Giant Goomba Maze.

  • Ñ Ok el

  • Honestly I think you should have made the lava bubbles goombas too 2:50

  • The Goomba Revolution is back! Yes!

  • Por favor cri a crie a parte 2 por favor

  • I hope the next one is where the gorilla is

  • Your videos are so awesome. The detail is so amazing. I just Love to see all the sort of fanfiction you create. Great work! The ending was fantastic. I always Love seeing cutscenes after the game over. Great work

  • Your animations are like Mario Maker but with better courses

  • Everyone: Waiting for more Goomba Revolution. Me: Waiting for more MarioCraft.

  • Sans

  • Hey level UP do u know about ur evil enimy? The level DOWN

  • mario have physic gun

  • nosa mano

  • So baddddddddddddddddd hahshahahahaha🤣😆😅🤪

  • 🤰👶🏿💃🏿👯‍♂️🐕

  • Cody goomba a gold goomba???

  • I see blue goomba

  • Is him again captains goomba

  • Next week is Goomba Revolution 2?!?!

  • أفضل العلب

  • this is how the inside of a mega goomba looks like


  • 2:56 blue goomba

  • Oh no

  • This is the VERY first time Mario ACTUALLY gets a game over.

  • If your channel reach 5M Sub you do Q&A That my idea

  • level up you make videos like a genius

  • Could you pls make mario craft 5

  • Blue 2:56

  • Maybe the beast was Ganon

  • Congratulations on #Earning almost 2,400,000 subscribers and 1,400,000,000 worldwide views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Giant Koopa troopa maze, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Finally after so long , the goomba saga continues, waited for so long


    • Can’t wait for Tommorws vid💕

  • I saw the blue goomba

  • It's nice to see a Mario animation that isn't gore filled. I enjoyed this allot.

    • What mario animations are you watching????

  • Sooooooo... Goombas haven't given up on their grand scheme? I thought the Goomba Revolution was cancelled!

  • I really want to know what's in the other leg

  • Sehr schönes Video

  • See more

  • The 0 live

  • Guys please thank all the people who helped him animate. Animating is hard Thank you guys credits to you Here's a cookie 🍪

    • People who do this for a living deserve more credit and respect

  • Hey you should do how bowser rebuilds his castles

  • Can we actually make this in maker 2 🧐

  • episode 2 please on the goomba revolution i'll waiting your next video for The goomba revolution

  • I SO wanna try making this in mario maker! if I do ever finish I'll put the ID here --->

  • I love how the goombas swim

  • This is cool and Mario and the giant goomba

  • Wow this is really amazing

  • Can’t wait for Tommorws vid💕

  • Finally 2 years has passed and ep2 will come

  • 1:01 and 2:55 blue goomba


  • Yo vi un gomba azul

  • Giant Koopa maze at the end Mario should jump on it

  • Knnn ,

  • This video is 3d

  • Who will tell you how to make mario animations?

  • Alternative Title: Goomba Revolution Episode 1.5

  • okey

  • now imagine giant mario maze

  • oi

  • You made a video of LEVEL UP VS BOWSER giant!


  • This is quite a masterpiece of quality and animation. And the custom goombas, the contraptions, then the finale... bravo indeed

  • 2:55-2:56 Why is there a Blue Goomba hidding behind the Stones?🤔

  • I have spotted a blue Goomba (like if you spotted it)

  • The goomba revolution continues...

  • 2:56 blue goomba

  • A giant goomba is not wins mario nooooooooooooooo is game over no win

  • حمل التطبيق هه 😂 عفوا

  • حلوا كتير رح حما التطبيق وشكرا ♥♥♥

  • I99u32

  • 😭RIP Pac-man gamer😭

  • You could probably make this in Mario Maker.

  • Wow, this is beyond the ability of a pro. You are not just a pro, but a legend. It must be hard thinking of designs for every iconic character in the series. As well as names, abilities, storylines, and ways to troll Mario like the goofy dude you are. You must be exhausted. Here, the best I can do is give you a milk emoji. 😃👉🥛

  • made in SMM 2

  • Jenial

  • IF YOU DON’TWATCH SUPER MARIO SUPER SHOW, YOU’RE GONNA TURN INTO A GOOMBA random maze: so what? I’m a ma- AAAAAAAAAA (turns into goomba maze)

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    • @Chaos Blixer goombruh airship

    • Boi what happens to a airship?

  • Vi,fbfld

  • Make Mariocraft5

  • pog

  • Goomba Revolution! Baby! Les Go

  • He’s toast