Joylandi 23-Dek, 2020
Log Launcher Vs every level Walls, Clash of Clans.
In this video : We are comparing new Siege Machine Log Launcher with every level of Walls. Wall Wrecker is known for destroying walls, but the Log Launcher has some interesting features in it which we will compare with Wall Wrecker. Wall Wrecker can deal 10x damage to walls while Log Launcher can deal 4x damage to walls. You might be thinking that it's an easy battle for Wall Wrecker. But if it was easy, why would I make this video? Also, we know Stone Slammer does a massive damage to walls, we have compare with this as well.
Log Launcher : It shoots a log every second and these logs can continue travelling up to twenty tiles. It damages everything comes in its way. The Log Launcher also has a secondary "point-blank" attack that occurs at the same time it launches a log, which does very high damage to structures and units that are right next to the Log Launcher
Wall Wrecker : We are familiar with Wall Wrecker already. Wall Wrecker track it's path directly to Town Hall and smashes every building comes in it's path. It does 10x damage to walls. It automatically breaks apart to reveal the Clan Castle troops inside once reaches the Town Hall.
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