LOKI Episode 3 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

Joylandi 23-Iyn, 2021
LOKI Episode 3 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Things You Missed. We review, recap and explain the third episode of Loki on Disney Plus. This contains easter eggs, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind-the-scenes leaks on the Marvel property. We also discuss the TVA, Mobius M. Mobius and why Kang could be behind it all.

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0:00 Loki Episode 3 Intro
0:28 Episode 2 Sylvie Reveal
1:13 Lady Loki Comic Origins
3:35 Timestone
3:55 Episode 3 Breakdown
8:23 Reel Rejects Shoutout and Subcribe Bit
9:10 Sylvie Old Loki Theory
10:05 Episode 3 Easter Eggs
12:53 Episode 4 Predictions
14:17 Loki Review And Reaction

Now the episode itself is called which means to lament, groan or weep in Latin. However beyond that in the comics it's a purple planet that we end up visiting in this episode.

We open with the song Demons by Haley Kiyoko because...well we're dealing with horned gods. They also encounter a woman who calls them devils and devil imagery has of course been laced throughout the show.

From here we jump to Sasha Lane's C-20 and Slyvie getting their drink on discussing brain freeze. Hilariously Sylvie doesn't suffer from this as we know that Loki is of course a frost giant and therefore wouldn't feel the cold.

Throughout our breakdowns we've discussed how there may be other characters making cameo's as slight variants and in episode 1 it was of course Peggy Carter, Episode 2 had Agatha and shoutouts Christopher Godines on twitter for pointing out we get what might be a cameo of Evan Peter's in this bar.

Reality warps around them as we see Sylvie attempt to get to the bottom of how many people are guarding the timekeepers which is revealed to be an illusion. Turns out this entire scenario is a pyshic projection which is actually another power that the Enchantress has.

Cut to the title screen and shoutouts Patrick Currier for pointing out that this is actually an effect that you get when you photocopy something over and over again. This is known as Generation Loss and over time if you keep copying something the quality of it diminishes. Obviously, this speaks to the amount of variant Lokis that there are running around and at one point in the entry Loki even refers to Sylvie as a failed Photocopy.

From Sylvie travels to the TVA headquarters but she's surprised to learn that her powers don't work meaning that she likely hasn't been there before or if she has that she wasn't in a position to use them. Interestingly though Loki is able to warp his daggers in and this could be because he ended up being placed in a trusted position by the TVA.

Now this power set is very similar to Wanda who too did something similar to people when she infected their mind in age of ultron. This is clearly the skill set of a witch and there are things that hint to her being more of a combination of characters early on.

Loki asks if she's sure she's a Loki, she says not to call her that and at one point he even utters the line Enchant me which....

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  • God you're the worst.

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    • yo screen crush actulahhyhates him but heavy spoilers os sooobad he talks about random syuff

    • Ain’t he? xD

    • UZfireVerse

    • @Heavy Spoilers Lady loki is asgaurdian God.. n she still says 'jeez'.. why? She's not human or Christian.

  • Ok i need multi-Owen Wilsons all just standing around gawking and saying “wow” over and over

  • nic e v..

  • The wiry transaction bailly accept because mine possibly announce including a abject texture. level, necessary cord

  • I’m episode two (I think) Ranslayer told Mobius that it was him that always puts the rings on the table. This indicates that other versions of him have been there in the past. She has also told him he has made mistakes before. And he’s aware of that. Notice Mobius didn’t really think much into her saying that he’s put the rings on the table before. He is aware he’s been replaced or that there are more of him.

  • The hilt of Sylvie's sword looks like the head of a wolf, like Fenrir.

  • Hey mahn don't give away endings other movies or series pls or if u really want to do it 😡 just use a warning monologue before it's going to ✌️ u spoiler Wanda vision for me that's not cool😡 . But ur break downs are great.

    • "An exclusive that we stole" was the line that got me to laugh out loud this time. :D

  • Don’t think the whole events with moon is real, someone messing with someone’s mind I’m just not sure who.

  • I love Loki!!

  • I love the diversity, and I can see this absolutely going anywhere and everywhere. Thank you for your heavy spoilers. I am one of the few who enjoy spoilers before and after watching. I enjoy it both ways in that sense, I suppose. LOL

    • I definitly like the old Loki theory. Sounds plausable and interesting

  • You can clearly hear loki drop the time stone back into the drawer in ep 1 😅😅😅

  • Voss also breaks down why its not 1 shot at the end. Like 5 with cuts well hidden

  • loki is bisexual !!

  • The train wasn’t the ark. The train was the transportation to the ark.


  • Dope vid

  • I’m also loving the show! So much potential!

  • I heard screen crush and I was like wait I’m on the wrong channel?

  • Maybe a reach but I think when Syvie beats up the guards at the start of the ep infront of the door was from the film Time Cop with Van Dam

  • Don’t think the whole events with moon is real, someone messing with someone’s mind I’m just not sure who.

  • I was floored when Loki seemed to have empathy for the brainwashed TVA agents

  • Yours and Screen Crush's Ryan Areys back and forth banter is awesome. Keep it comin boys. Lol

    • My theory is this. Loki has the time stone for sure, he reversed the building falling which was also done in dr strange movie. He is also toying with the lady Loki by finding

  • "An exclusive that we stole" was the line that got me to laugh out loud this time. :D

  • Thanks so much for the video! I definitely enjoyed this episode, and can't wait to see the next! :D

  • I definitly like the old Loki theory. Sounds plausable and interesting

  • Loki may dismantle the TVA in this series, hence the dr strange movie being called multiverse of madness because order was destroyed.

    • DVDs are no longer a prize, they're a burden but cool tho

  • I think this episode was the best so far

  • I couldn’t follow the episode it’s just poorly written god awful episode

  • I actually feel like the whole show has generally been exposition. Which I wondering what the point will be in the end?? Also, if the TVA saves Loki & Silvi then I’m going to be disappointed. Literally leaving them would accomplish their goal… Anyways I feel like this is the third show that fans have been excited about “the many ways the MCU can be built up more” but they just haven’t done it. In fact, they’ve “killed off” all 3 of their most popular villains. The 3 with the most depth. Idk maybe I’m being too critical, but I don’t see many people bringing up the ways they’ve been consistently missing the mark 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • I theorize this live-action version of (SYLVIE) might be introduced as biological daughter of an alternate version of LOKI, and I theorize that she hated her biological father LOKI allot, and to add I theorize that despite her hating her father she found his name quite useful most of the time to use in her travels.

  • the bisexual coming out (kind of) and the TVA agents being variants were the only points of interest of this filler episode - with a loki possibly wielding a time stone maybe? they should have asked Dr Who how to do fun & entertaining banter when traveling time & space; the duo in this episode started as 5th grade kids and ended as boring drunks, the attempt at character development in between came up a bit lame and bland. Space cops fight with swords, axes & batons when a nameless old lady in a trailer has a blaster???? suuure

  • Really didn't get that much information on Lady Loki as there could've been. When Loki was asking about her he quickly made it about himself. To describe Loki I think he's more of an Anti-Villian.

  • What do you think about the part when she tells him how she manipulates the minds of others? What if she‘s doing that with Loki to manipulate him and to get information or access to the TVA?

  • This episode gave me Total Recall vibes.

  • Okay I got a theory, I reckon the sticks that they use to get rid of the variants really just wipe their mind and turn them into the police people

  • being even more cavalier than usual.

  • maybe kang is the time keepers. Or... the time keepers are kang!

    • What if she is Miss Minutes?? It's a stretch but fun to speculate. Who is taking the pictures of Loki and LL (Lady Loki) in the end credits of episode 3??

  • My theory is this. Loki has the time stone for sure, he reversed the building falling which was also done in dr strange movie. He is also toying with the lady Loki by finding information cause he knows that there is someone else or something pushing her to take down the TVA. Besides I think this will all lead up to old man Loki trying to take down Kang the Conquerer.

  • Is anyone else seeing the time traveling postman as a allusion to the movie the lakehouse?

  • I believe Sylvie is also the child in the church in the first episode. Also, I'm pretty sure he did some time travel shenanigans when Sylvie was asleep. I have to wonder if he palmed the time stone, or if the temp pad being low on battery might have been a Loki illusion.

  • Luke wilson is awful . Didnt like his performance as an actor .

  • Kinda nit picking here but I think Loki and Sylie were on a MOON of the planet Lamentis called Lamentis-1 that collided with the planet Lamentis and the moon was destroyed. Not the other way around.

    • Syvlie: You idiot. This is Lamentis-1. Loki: I don't know what that means. Sylive: The moon that planet is about to crash into and destroy.

  • DVDs are no longer a prize, they're a burden but cool tho

  • If the Loki in Endgame escaped and the TVA erased that timeline, does that mean that the part where they go further back in time in the movie is not part of the Sacret Timeline and half of Endgame is basically an erased timeline?

  • The beginning was great! Lol

  • I totally agree that Marvel has already begun the process of setting up the all too powerful Kang to be the next big bad on tier with the Mad Titan. Because of all the small hints being thrown out there and of course with time travel and his 31st century level tech hes gonna be a major problem for the good guys. From what I read about the actor cast as Kang we're in for a treat.

  • Another public comment should raise your status with the algorithm. I hope it pays better. Now, what about that prize?

  • Dude that beginning 😂😂😂😂

  • The hilt of Sylvie's sword looks like the head of a wolf, like Fenrir.

  • This would be the perfect way for Marvel to redo The Hulk movie and do it right

  • Only the rich being allowed on the boat reminded me of the Titanic which only had a few survivors for that reason.

  • Wanda also altered Agatha's memories in WandaVision

  • What if she is Miss Minutes?? It's a stretch but fun to speculate. Who is taking the pictures of Loki and LL (Lady Loki) in the end credits of episode 3??

  • I'm love this series...loki is definitely a fan favorite and one of my favorites as well.. but I'm sure the whole TVA is a fraud..it gives me the "Wizard of Oz" vibes.. the fake wizard is actually just a lil old man..I think the TVA is just brainwashing their workers and creating their own narrative about the timeline

  • "Mischief" pronounced as "MIS-chiff" not "MIS-chief"

    • I can’t believe we’re in 2021 and there’s still people who don’t know words are pronounced differently in different parts of the world

  • this is an Exclusive - that we stole..... Credit is given where due so i'm ok with it

  • This week's episode wasn't as great buy love Loki and always watchin your breakdowns. Thanks man

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  • You're a lowkey buff nerd with a beautiful wife/girlfriend 🙌🏾Well done mate ... you won.

  • My guess is that the TVA gets destroyed in the season finale and Doctor Strange has to deal with the fallout

  • A lot of us expected Mephisto but got white vision,won't be making that mistake again, Probably old man Cap that's running the TVA😂 j/k old man Loki...hmmm old man cap (and cue smart hulk "Time travel")🤣

  • So what was the point of dr strange protecting the time stone by all costs if they just use them as paperweights in the TVA?

  • Loving the banter between screencrush and Heavy spoilers😂

  • sorry but agatha was very much NOT in the last episode. that may have been a small homage to wandavision but it was NOT agatha harkness. also, loki did not take the time stone; it clearly clunked back into the drawer after he picked it up. we have seen him do similar telekinesis stuff: the roomba in the roxxcart (you could make a case for him using the timestone but the next one is before he became a variant) and when he was in the cell on asgard and he made the furniture go all over the place with his mind.

  • I honestly liked a lot this episode

  • Loving the show!

  • Great breakdown. Got me to subscribe. :)

  • this was my favorite episode so far!

  • Anyone else thought the postman she was referencing was a nod to WandaVision and the random Postman that popped up every once in a while?

  • You got me...

  • Loki episode 3 was short

  • I know folks are relating the train journey to the Snowpiercer series but there was also a film before that which starred Chris Evans!

  • 10:28 I respect your humor 😂🤣

  • Could she be frigga ?

  • I just loved the colour theme of this episode, and maybe even the whole show yet, its beautiful and suiting regarding the character Loki

  • Loki landing on and breaking the tem-pad reminded me of Miles breaking the goober in Into the Spiderverse. :P

  • Him and his girlfriend is night and day lol

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  • Loki fucks one Horse and all of a Sudden he's Gay. Nevermind his literal wife and children, plus his Mistresses.

  • Loki episode season 1 episode 1 Loki took the green infinity stone and held it... really think he put it back? Still has it and used it to knock that falling building back up with it. And will use it to save all that ppl on that planet. Yes the ppl loki even said all these ppl will die.. the whole planet will be saved and the TVA will go nuts!! All imo of course lol 🙃🤐🤫

  • Just realised the opening music (when different fonts of Loki are rolling) is based on A Clockwork Orange

  • Does anyone talk about how they turned loki into a clown. That the show is boring. Why is there no comment on its slow pacing, lack of action. It is a comic book property? These r things that need to be discussed. According to google trends this show is loosing interest and viewers 3 weeks in a row

  • I only thumbs uped the video cuz your gf is legit! I thought people that make these type of videos would be virgins but you proved me very wrong! Good for you!

  • "The postman" could possibly be a reference to the postman from Wandavision... the one that seemed to "know everthing."

  • The latest Loki "Featurette" shows Silvie being brought in to the TVA through one of those yellow(ish) doorways, with a Time Collar strapped around her neck by Minutemen when she was a VERY young girl. (Probably between 8 and 10 years old, or so.) It's extremely brief, but unmistakable. She's clearly shown being introduced to the TVA at a very young age, why she was unaware her magic would be ineffective there is another question entirely.👍 👼

  • Haha I saw somebody called you that in the comments underneath the last Loki "Featurette" video lol way to make it META as F 😂👍

  • Dude, your GF is fine. Congrats

  • 7:48 "If there's any person in this universe who would go out with himself, may be Loki" I thought this after episode 2, and you said it like it was a joke. Imagine knowing you are smarter than everyone else and you want a partner in life who can keep up with you. I see nothing wrong with "hooking up" with an infinitely different version of yourself.

  • No mephisto 😏🤣 this channel made me love Marvel so much more. I've never read a comic but after watch you pal I just might

  • What? They have a whole month now. When did that happen?

  • I cant wait to see where they take this!

  • Lady loki is asgaurdian God.. n she still says 'jeez'.. why? She's not human or Christian.

  • Can the postman be the postman from Wandavision, who looked like an important character, but who's real importance was never revealed!

  • I feel like now that they work together the WILL come very close to taking the TVA down or maybe succeeding but! I feel like the time keepers or kang will show for the finale to shut them down and get rid of these versions of the characters!

  • I had to subscribe for the stress you put your back through for some of these reaches.

  • Loki: anti-hero. nuff said.

  • "Time codes will be linked below" Yeah, but time codes work differently here in the TVA.

  • I don't know why but I think agent mobius is the villain in plain sight. In Wanda vision Agnes was hiding to them too and secondly as far as we know all the agents and workers in tva were varients. Might be mobius created a nexus event once and now his memories are coming back and wants to achieve which he could not achie back then !!

  • In the credits of episode 2 the jet ski mag is called “wake”

  • Now Loki on the other hand I love. I just wish these series would run longer