Luke Bryan - I Don't Want This Night To End (Official Music Video)

Joylandi 8-Noy, 2011
The official music video for Luke Bryan's "I Don't Want This Night To End"
Girl, I know I don't know you
But your pretty little eyes so blue
Are pulling me in like the moon on your skin
I'm so glad you trusted me, this light up on this dusty sea
And let your hair down, and get outta town
Got the stars comin' out
Over my hood
And all I know now
Is it's going good
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Music video by Luke Bryan performing I Don't Want This Night To End. (P) (C) 2011 Capitol Records Nashville. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Capitol Records Nashville, 3322 West End Avenue, 11th Floor, Nashville, TN 37203


  • No good for me

  • 2021 still bumping

  • Good stuff man. I remember this playing on the bus everyday when I was in like 1st grade

  • This song makes me want to be young and fall in love again.

  • Back when he first got there

  • Lord I absolutely love this moon lol it’s the perfect song for me

  • Definitely sounds really good

  • Any one 2021 if you are a legand if you find this comment you are a true country boy or country girl hah

  • The one lesson Luke has Taught me is to spend as much time as you can with her

    • @AKS_Gizmo thank you that means alot

    • @Joey Bevins I’m sorry for your loss

    • @Chuck Chambers my guy I have a life my wife died a month ago with cancer and this was her favorite song so please think before you comment

  • I just spent thirty minutes finding this song Bc my mom used to always play this song and it was one of my favorites

  • I love this song

  • Going up into the top of a barn to play basketball and not have sex. Why is luke bryan so wholesome?

  • This man has a very unique voice...his songs r very hard to sing perfectly

  • I change my mind, I don't like luke bryan anymore

  • 2021 still loving this song

  • Me and my dad are a huge fan of your songs we love you mine and my mom's dad they went to the concert to see you they love you one day we are one day my dad to take me to concert right now I am listening to your song I Love It

  • This is real music

  • I’m quite sure I’m stationed at Jbsa

  • I’m quite sure the continuation wasn’t supposed too happen till my San Antonio born kids and I’m quite sure I’m supposed too be in the you tube video. Abilene.

  • I love ❤️ this song .. kicks butt .

    • Thanks a lot dear for choosing to listen to my music.i really appreciate you.

  • 💖🌈

  • love you

  • I 💖 this song!!!

    • Thanks a lot dear for choosing to listen to my music.i really appreciate you.

  • I dont like 80% of country music. Then again i grew up playing with merle haggards kids back stage and gew up back stage of country music. And this is one damm good band since the strangers

  • Love like yours so pure I wouldn't want anything with you end. 😌💓

  • No racist shit but I feel like I am the only Mexican listening to this song lol

  • I‘m a 32 year old woman from Germany and I discovered this song yesterday. I‘ve never heard any song of Luke Bryan before. Well... I hear this song over and over again since yesterday! I love the melody, I love the beat and I freaking love the message!!! I may like Country now as a German 🙈👌🏻

    • Like it all, Anni! Variety is the spice of life as is countries, cultures, people - this thing called Life!

  • Luke Bryan is trash


  • This is song it stuck in my head it is the best song he has ever made other than what makes you country

  • This song got me loving country music. And have been loving every moment listening to all country has to offer. Don’t care about the haters. These people can sing and absolutely no auto tune. Just pure country soul. Love you luke.

  • Luke's voice is cooler than a cold beer in a hot summer

  • One of my favorites

  • Best song for those late night country bonfires and lake night swims

  • Luke don’t be a damn SIMP. There are hoes in every zip code.

  • Me and my ex boyfriend loved this song when we were together. but on a scale of 1to10 I would say a 9.

    • Dump him and grow up Probably you to start with , can't never be satisfied. You want to be a whining floozy the rest of your life ?

  • Sapd Mathew Anz isn’t as stupid as BGS44 thinks he is none of these songs are for my cousin.

  • Wow so good

  • Too continue this song it takes my all Texas born kids including my self good thing I made it too Washington DC in the 9th grade In Marching Band busted on tv in San Antonio sitting by Ashley Rossman.

  • thats where my 4th child got his first name from bryan

  • best song thank luke bryan i love all your music i grew up with them all and im 48years old

  • Ok no sounds


  • Hi Luke I am Hugo can you please have a cosset in New Zealand 🦆🐗🦌🐖🦃🦝🐇🏹🎣🐠🐟

  • Who will listen to this in March 2021 ?! You are a legend 💕

  • I hope one day she can see her worth.

  • This is my favorite song

  • I'm Canadian

  • much LOVE Kimmyssong

    • Thanks a lot dear for choosing to listen to my music.i really appreciate you.

  • Luke, Lookin So damn Haawwtt !!

  • Imagine if a big gator gobbled them up after they jumped in that swamp 🐊

  • the title is I don't want this night to end but I don't want this song to end

  • If you are here in March 2021, I like your taste in music

  • Please

  • Help me

  • God damn

  • 2021?

  • I love your songs. ❤❤❤

  • ;

  • Luke a love song u are ma fan

  • Hey luke, how much you want to teach me a little about music, I want to be a country singer real bad and I’ve had an interesting life to write songs about. Ups and down. I see your heart buddy, I know you like to help people and see the miracles and good of this world. I’m just praying I hear back from you or someone like you...

    • Thank you so much dear for liking my post and for the good comments, I hope you never stop listening to my musics. If you don't mind, I would like to give you this chance to get to know a true fan like you better, you can send me a direct message on my phone contact +17177394420 and don't share my phone number to anyone🎶🎤🎸💯

  • Qyy65a

  • 1 of my favourite song

  • I remember the good ole days of my grandma picking me up and my little self getting in the car to listen to luke Bryan

  • . LLP

  • This song is still playing on the radio...

  • I love this song. I was actually reading a book series there and in the book they express how they feel by texting each other songs for the things they can't say to each other and this is one of them. For anyone interested in the book series it's Driven by K. Bromberg.

    • @Luke Bryan Most definitely a fan from day 1. Love Luke Bryan's music

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • H

  • I love this song

  • Hi this is Bonnie Foerstet from salt lake City Utah I am 77 years Young and I am a double amputee above the knees and legally blind but music is in my blood 🎶 I have followed you for years and I follow you on Instagram also everything you write and sing is so beautiful your words touched my heart each and every time I hear you, I have never been to a live concert in my entire life and I would truly love to see you someday you can't miss me I be the one in the front row in the pink wheelchair with the white cowboy hat on maybe you would miss me but sweetheart I would never miss you you're absolutely amazing when you were born God gave you such a great gift you are a fabulous singer a fabulous man a son a husband and a father and a friend of all but more than that you walk so proudly on this Earth there's been a lot of great Stars on this Earth Elvis was one of them and there were so many other Kenny Rogers The list can go on and on but you are so special I don't even know where to begin💜 I lived on this Earth a long time but you are absolutely amazing for who you are as a man not for who you are as an entertainer but that goes along without saying you are amazing for who you are as an entertainer I should say I guess I'm not putting it right the man comes before the entertainer is what I'm trying to say I hope you understand what I'm saying you're an amazing man and that comes before anything God bless you and your beautiful family and your mom she raised you right she raised you to be a kind man which you are someday I like to meet you and just sit and talk about life I like to talk about all the amazing things that you've been through I've been through a lot myself I have survived cancer six times and kidney failure so many times I've lost count but I live my life everyday I make memories that last a lifetime writing to you is one memory I will never forget I've written to you before I would love to meet you someday and have a picture taken or pictures. You're an amazing man God put you on this Earth for a reason you impacted so many lives your family is very lucky to have you I will close this note with all my love always Bonnie from salt lake City Utah stay healthy and well and keep on living the dream my cell number is 801-953-6268 if you're ever in salt lake City let me know I would love to see you in concert 💜 I would also like to get one of your t-shirts if that's possible when you are in concert 💜🤘🏍️🏳️‍🌈 I wish I could send you a picture of me so you could see who you're talking to 💜

  • ""~~~💙💞💖🤝... I'm here now!!!""

  • Fine 🎤🎶

  • 💕💕💕💕💕👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • A good person

  • If your hear now u are a legend

  • Great video Looking for a girlfriend 2021😘

  • 9 years later an I im still jealous that she got to chill like that with Luke Bryan 😖 👇2021 gang

  • 9 years later still listening to this

  • I ❤ your music

  • Me realizing the girl is from supercrossed

  • I fken love your music Luke Bryan

  • I love you luke. Every song that you produce and sing goes beyond platinum. All the continued success and love to your beautiful wife and children.🥰😇🐘😻💗

  • Here......Here.... Here.... I am.2021 🎉🎉🎉💖💖💖😘

  • 🧸🪄🎁

  • ❤❤❤❤ 👏👏👏👏

  • This song is as old as me

  • I want that kind of relationship ship why can't that kind of thing be real ?

  • R.I.P AB 🙏🥺😞😖😣😥Feb.2021

  • I love Bryan's songs

  • Aye im from the hood but aye i can listen to sum county too

  • 02 23 2021

  • This stuff is 🔥🔥

  • Wow! Luke is an AWESOME entertainer, and he is a SPECIAL and AWESOME, KIND person, also! I admire him greatly - always doing nice things for others! God bless, Brother Charles Pratt, O.H. (Brother Charlie) I subbed to this great channel!


  • Young Luke Combs brought me here

  • don't matter

  • that why i was married 31 yrs alot of fun everyday

  • I always listen ❤️💋

  • I love this song...