Luke Bryan - Huntin’, Fishin’, And Lovin’ Every Day (Official Music Video)

Joylandi 3-Apr, 2016
The official music video for Luke Bryan's "Huntin', Fishin', And Lovin' Every Day"
Woah, woah, mmm
If I could make a livin' walkin' in the woods
You could bet I'd be sittin' pretty good
High on a hill lookin' at a field downwind
If I could make a nickel off a turning 'em bass
Never worry about the price of gas
I'd be wheelin' and dealin' and sittin' there reelin' 'em in
A huntin', fishin', and lovin' every day
That's the prayer that a country boy prays
Thank God He made me this way
Huntin' and fishin' and lovin' every day
Early in the mornin' and late in the evenin'
I'm gettin' red dirt rich and Flint River pay
Huntin' and fishin' and lovin' every day
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Music video by Luke Bryan performing Huntin', Fishin' And Lovin' Every Day. (C) 2016 Capitol Records Nashville


  • Who is still listening to this in 2021? 👇

  • Nice song.

  • Love your songs Luke Brian

  • I love listening to a his song

  • I love it from france

  • I love kick the dust up that's my kind of night and every song!!!

  • 2021 anybody?

  • 👍👍😉🥰🎶🎵🎼💚📹

  • I have so much time waiting .. ready for mine workin my ass of just want to grow a yard full of steaks kiss my baby and fish on my days of wish my baby knew and would let me love his asphalt lovin ass why your music is so right right on que

  • Love this song and my son

  • Your my favorite country singer.I love your music.I am a big fan

  • No offense but this music is utter shit

  • I listened to this song in 201i7 and I'm still listening

  • Its a touchy melody

  • YEEEEEEHAAAAAWWWWWW this is the best song

  • We all wish we could live this life!

  • this deserves a million likes by 2022. Getting ready to go fishing now ;)

  • so apaixonada desse cantor top luke bryan😍😘

  • Yep that's what do you good country good

  • If it wasn't 4 good county music them youngins wouldn't kno what to do amen

  • Thats my jam

  • I loved my sister law. Terry hardagin

  • And I loved him

  • Your voice is so good like i can watch you everyday and naver get board this is so good if it is summer

  • Love this song so much

  • This is the anthem!!!Gotta play it Every time I’m up getting ready to reel em in.

  • I wish I could just go to one of Luke Bryan’s concerts with my beautiful girlfriend. It would be the ultimate dream of a lifetime.

  • He is just a normal guy who loves his family and just cause he is a famous country singer who knows how to sing which I love his voice , gosh I would love to actually meet him in person Luke Bryan when are you coming to Cleveland Ohio for a concert..

  • I love his smile

  • I love watching him on American idol

  • I could listen to Luke Bryan music every day I have every music CD he has out

  • Hi

  • 👨🏼‍🎓💙👩🏻‍🎓

  • Linda música me gusta mucho gracias perfectamente muy buena

  • Beati voi americani che siete molto patriottici....qua in Italia purtroppo non sarà mai così...😭😭😭😭bellissima canzone Dio ti benedica grandemente!!!

  • Love the Song ♥️💙

  • I remember when I was maybe 8 and my mom got upset because I was obsessed. Have a great day!

  • I loved you before I even heard you 4Rm Letty Castillo AkA Leticia

  • I love country

  • They run From East rochester

  • I love Bryan Luke work

  • Makes me think about my 1989 mercury 9.9 2 stroke on my 14ft jon boat🐟🐊⚓

  • "I'll be down here" right, I can't hear you over the sound of your private jet

  • I love this song

  • l like it

  • this is a really good song


  • 🌈👉❤ 🗽❤👈😎✌

  • Love his impression of Kermit the Frog in all of his songs.

  • Sittin on a field downwind.. ohh yeaa

  • oh ya every 1 loves fishing keep it up godbless

  • I’m sorry but Jason Aldean ruined the song by being in there.

  • Yo did you team up with duck dynasty!! 💪💪🤙🤙🤙🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Me to good song

  • I like this song

  • Can't believe you Cleatuses like this shit

  • This is me and my moms song

  • omg

  • hey girls

  • My friend always plays this while I'm at her house 🦗

  • Ironic that he sings about hunting, when he's anti gun.

    • Not all Guns, just assault rifles. They're used for hunting people, not game.

  • I don't like this song

  • four years ago today this video came out- i cant believe its been that long-

  • God%100 Devil%0

  • Watching from South Africa ❤

  • Yo we have spring

  • 🤔....😭.....🤭....🌯....🤪....😷.....🥶

  • The Grand Canyon is Not For Sale. God Bless AZ.

  • I want him or a clone.

  • 🤍

  • Can smell the cheese from here. 🤮

  • This gonna be my new them song everytime I go fishing, this song also makes me think of my grandpa who taught me how to fish he sure would've loved this song... Salute to you.. my grandpa was bamba boi that moved up north and in country part of buckeye state..

  • America needs to realize there are more people who live this lifestyle than the big city folk or politicians think. Imagine if they try to take these freedoms from us. God, guns, country. America.

  • I think id be doing a lot of something else everyday if that blonde was my partner......

  • Whats the obsession with freshwater bass in the USA?? You got pike and trout/salmon and im sure other decent freshwater fish too. I just dont see the obsession with bass. They look a bit like a larger version of perch ( Im from UK ). Im from Britain and love my game fishing. Cant beat dryfly fishing for wild trout.

  • My favorite song

  • The is is the. Profit sumr song. Iv w tck. This over sits. Iwus s a baby

  • The special drizzle prenatally invent because peace phylogentically fold within a roasted dash. fixed, future futuristic cause

  • contry music tells a story and all of it has ben part of my life sence i was born i loved it all

  • fishing

  • my friends are cool but they sit and play video games and im shooting them texts saying look at this this is my game and theres a picture of a fish a texas rig and a zebco

  • I grew up to him

  • your one of my favourite Artis

  • I love your music

  • I watch this 4 years ago About let's say I listen to him when I was a baby

  • what is this?

  • Where the have good person 's i wasn't born yet because to many back checker talking about gaito and them open the ass for Hollywood very a shame .now i'm Luke girl i'm going to take my chance and Country to much back checker's.🥰🎶🎤

  • Luck Brian

  • Luck Brian

  • i could say more thank you buddy your the dream

  • this song can change your life it has mine take the time its only one life go back to the way you were raised

  • Anyone see the baby hit it’s mouth

  • hi love you

  • Hi how are you doing today

  • Excellent music human being u inspire me everyday and the whole music world

  • Only fishing

  • My friend Logan g and me Ryan we love your song we watch we love it and I just want to say that you're a good singer better than me or try to sing the songs everyday

  • Your my favorite country singer

  • Thanks God for this songs like this one in 2021

  • hey luke bryan what up im going on my boat tommorrow lake barryessa and i will be catching bass but have you ever ate a bass i have and it tasted like nothing not going to lie i hate eating fish but i love bass and ive caught a 5 pound trout i have a pic but ive also rescued a 5 pound bass and revived it.