Luke Bryan - Here's To The Farmer (Official Music Video)

Joylandi 9-Sen, 2016
The official music video for Luke Bryan's "Here's To The Farmer"
Talk about an uphill battle
2000 acres of beans and cattle
But he don't ever get rattled
He just goes 'til the sun goes down
Hydraulic fluid on his jeans
Red dye diesel and ten rows between
A cold one on the porch and a good nights of sleep
Y'all hold 'em up with me now
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Music video by Luke Bryan performing Here's To The Farmer. (C) 2016 Capitol Records Nashville


  • I am from India and I also farmer's family.i like this without we aren't alive

  • 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏💕💕💕💕💕

  • Cool

  • God Bless u Luke!!! A awesome song for the farmers! ❤❤

  • I am from india punjab, i am a son of a farmer, after completing aeronautical engineering i wanted to go into space, after some i realized what farmers really do, i came down on earth now i am a farmer and i am proud about it.

  • Hier's vir die Boer

  • I'll be listening to this song till I die.

  • Can I use some of you words in my song?

  • This one to all of them and I agree.

  • As I listen to "" rain on the scarecrow "" by John Mellencamp and thankful that we survived it, then this song came on my finder radio on my 4010 as I was runnin the field cultivator across my small farm a year ago. It made me reach between my feet and grab an ice cold beer outta my little cooler and put a big dang smile on my face. Lol. Thanks Luke!

  • I am a farmer I with covid it is hard

  • If it wasn't for them. We wouldn't be in survival mode

  • Im a cotton farmer in the ol west tx please pray for us for a better year

  • ❤❤❤❤ 👏👏👏👏



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  • City boy here born and raised in so cal. love this song hard working good people. thank you for what you do

  • Thank you Luke from all the ranchers and farmers in Snowville Utah

  • they need a vacation too , lol

  • Thank you for the song. The work of a farmer it's not easy but makes everyone happy. Me and my husband are farmers.

  • Great Song. The meaning is so universal and close to home. Thank you... #IndianFarmerProtest

  • love you man

  • Ive loved farming ever since I was born and always will. we need more people like u Luke

  • This song is so true!!! Love it!!! I was a farmers wife for years !!!

  • whats up luke

  • If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times, some of the best songwriters in the business are Country Songwriters. 1/27/2021.

  • I'm playing a gane called farm Together on the switch listening to this song haha thought it would be cool since I'm playing a farm game

  • Cows sound cute only when they hear bags of grain! The title of an unpublished song! Whencowssoundcute

  • I love this song ❤️🥰

  • This made me cry because recently people have been trespassing on our property releasing cattle this makes feel appreciated

  • Trump did so much for farmers

  • If we lose the farm we lose America. It’s that simple.

  • Produce farmers thank your commercial beekeepers. We take a beaten so you and me can still keep eaten.

  • real farmers do not play corn hole they play horse shoes

  • I love this song because we are farmers and we have 2000 acres ❤️❤️❤️🚜🚜🚜🚜

  • Nice

  • If you ate today, thank a farmer!!!!!!!!

  • Farmers do deserve a lot of respect fr

  • I’d love to send a sincere and heartfelt thank you to one of my VERY best friends as a youth growing up in the mountains, to Mrs Valerie Dillingham for writing this and I couldn’t agree with you more Val; please trust I love and respect you sis and that will never CHANGE:💝 Miss Valerie, AKA (My bestie for LIFE!) YOU ARE THE EPITOME OF WHAT A GOOD STRONG CHRISTIAN FRIEND IS; ALL THAT BEING SAID, THE POSITIVE INFLUENCES YOU AND YOUR MOTHER IN LAW, MRS Martha Dillingham, HAVE HAD ON ME OUR PRICELESS: 💴 THANK YOU GOD ALMIGHTY FOR PUTTING THESE STRONG CHRISTIAN WARRIORS IN MY LIFE PATH: *Prayers for RESPECT, THANK YOU JESUS; AMEN!🙏✌️❤️😎 #AmeistersCoCommandersInCHRIST®️🟡🟣🟢🔝 “ATTENTION PEOPLE!‼️ WE ARE A LOT better than what we have allowed ourselves as a society to become! We should have more compassion for others, we should be able to see more than our own opinion without resorting to mean, cruel remarks. We shouldn’t just see right and left! We should uplift the good, honest police officers that protect us (Yes! Bad exists in all groups so I’m not saying there aren’t some bad apples in the bunch) BUT....AND, THAT’S A BIG BUT AND I CANNOT LIE!🎵 *PLEASE CONTINUE TO READ THIS POST AND GODSPEED‼️✅ We are Gods people and we are better than this! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS all came from a simple scroll on Facebook:🤢🤮🤢 I came home to have a quick lunch before heading back out to work, and thought let me scroll Facebook for a quick second. To see what’s going on with my family/friends and such, I don’t know why I thought that would be a good idea!🤯 The first post I see is someone bashing someone else’s opinions, then a Facebook post of someone complaining about employees not wearing masks at a local business.🤢 (Jesus take the whole damn vehicle, this worlds done lost their ever loving MIND!🤬) And, goodness the comments were almost unbelievable:😳 *Thats a big understatement y’all❗️ It went from a simple health concern to Trump supporters don’t wear masks to all kinds of crazy comments even some calling people stupid, crazy, scared to die even though they believed in God; and, then bashing people if they weren’t from #NORTHCAROLINA yet they were here to visit.💙 I mean why should we expect anything different right?!?!🤔 It’s on the news, hate is everywhere, our own government is at TERRIBLE odds. The mentality of people these days seems to be, if you don’t think like me then I can’t like you! It’s sad.🥺😥🥺😥😳 Just simply sad!!!😰 We really are better than this! Or maybe I’m wrong?!?!🤔 Maybe this is what we have become???!!🥵 (Sadly y’all, we’re in the end of days; but God can & will help to fix our demise IF WE TRUST & OBEY HIM more than WE HAVE.) WHAT we all need MORE OF IS GOD. BECAUSE GOD IS PATIENT, KIND; WELL, HE IS LOVE:💟✝️🔯 WE ALL need compassion and to stay POSITIVE and, SHINE IN HIS GORGEOUS LIGHT MORE TOGETHER as CHRISTIANS;💓 UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL! MOST DEFINITELY we all need prayer, and to team up with honor, respect; understanding, INTEGRITY AND DIGNITY:💯 This virus and this election has us ALL stir crazy, BUT WE CAN ALSO USE THIS TO OUR ADVANTAGES AND BEAT THE DEVILS IN OUR OWN LIVES IN THE PROCESS GOOD PEOPLE! And, just for the record, I wear my mask every time that I am in public or at work for the protection of others; myself and my family! And, yes I am a REPUBLICAN! (Duh, BIG RED TRUCK!🚒🚒🚒 🙄) So who I support doesn’t determine if I wear a mask or not! Anyway people be kind....just KIND! 😢🙏🏻✌️❤️” Thanks y’all for listening and allowing me to spread my positive MESSAGES AND NOT THE DISEASE! Respectfully yours; -Mrs Valerie Dillingham I, Mrs Ainsley Erin Mangin wholeheartedly approve & LOVE this God sent messages & I pray that my friends/families with share; along with utilize some of it positively!😎 THANKS AGAIN Y’ALL FOR LISTENING AND ALLOWING MY GOOD TEAM OF PEOPLE TO POSITIVELY HELP THOSE IN NEED! #AmeisterSaturday🅰️ #AmeisterKentucky💙 #UnitedWeStandDividedWeFall #Trump2020🙏✌️❤️😎 #AmeistersArmy™️ #GodsArmy☝️ #OPSHELLSHOCK™️ #SaluteToService❤️🤍💙 #PrayersForRecovery🛐 #ThankYouGod #ThankYouALL😇 #Amen #ARC1BAW7🆎 #AmeisterDillingham™️ ⚡️ #TCB ⚡️ #AmeisterElvis #PolkSaladAinsley😜 #AmeisterMangin™️ #AmeisterNorthCarolina🐏 #AmeisterTennessee🍊 #MakeMarriageGreatAgain💋 #AinsleyAndValerieForPOTUS®️ #MakeGodGREATAGAIN🙏🙏🙏 #AmeisterGoldenRuleLuke631💛 #AmeisterAmericaINC🇺🇸

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  • #+5”

  • Farmer Pride!

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  • I love how liberals cry that is farmers kill animals when they are eating them they are gonna die at some point

  • Love from Punjab, India (Long live Farmers brotherhood)

  • Im a country boy myself and if city people don't like the country they need to understand were the food comes from its called farmers I cant stand city people who say that I'm glad ima country boy.

  • It makes me sad because my hometown was a mainly agricultural town and now they’re putting up neighborhoods because these Cali people wanna move here and now it’s getting hard to find a job as a farm hand.

  • im a 12 yr old farmer and this song makes me think of my dad and the old man he works for i help my dad allt he time on a cattle farm and i wouldn't let anthing happen to that farm

  • I'm right they with you country till I die

  • Love u and your song s

  • hi

  • all his song are great

  • he is so great

  • Im watching this in school XD

  • Help our South African Famers, please, it is a. genocide. But these days it is not politically correct to object to murder if the victims are white. Say something, do something,. PLEASE

  • Farmers feed america

  • Love love love this one. What we run on, the farmers💚💚💚

  • My family owned a farm. This is relatable on so many levels.

    • @Randomness Only okay I will like to no you batter if you don’t mind

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    • @Randomness Only well that lovely hope you can do farming by yourself??

    • @Mary Angela yes

  • ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • This makes me think of my dad... He puts more hours in, in a day than most. Good bless all the farmers.

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  • hi a big fan l farm

  • My music. My America. Greetings fromGermany! 😀

  • My grandpa was awesome

  • I love the farm life im a dairy farmer not quite the same but still

  • 💋

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  • Thank you, Luke Bryan! This is the best song about farmers. I love it! From Vietnam.

  • I love everything about this song forever ❤💯🎸

  • 0% sexy girls 100% effort 100% workers

  • This song right on the money

  • I've always wanted to grow up on a farm that's why I'm going to save money to buy one

  • Trump 2020 you are not going to ban are cow farts

  • Sup, cool hand

  • As a farmer I know how important this song can seem to us luke knows what it takes

  • I love your songs

  • 🚜 We all would be nowhere without them!!!! 🌱

  • I love being a farmers wife but it isn’t easy at all! When my husband isn’t at work he’s either taking care of the cows or working on his side jobs! Living in the beautiful country is rewarding and eventually the cows will be bringing in income and food! He has worked for and bought the cows on his own, we are still building up!

  • I'm proud to be a farmer!! I'm a hog farmer and I work at a dairy and raise a cow!

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    • Wow that’s Lovely I will like to tell me more about you

  • God bless the farmers! Greetings from Germany!

  • T

    • Thanks for your love and support, I really appreciate it, your sweet words and kindly drop your number or Gmail and I promise to text you private ❤️.

  • I love your songs

  • Wao,,, luarbiasa,,, Kren Kren,,

  • This remind me of my great grandpa was a poor farm down in bricky's Arkansas

  • did is wath happend in holland...

  • Farmers are true heroes

  • Farmer & country are the best life

  • When I'm sad you make me happy


  • My husband is a farmer. Up before the sun. Home with the moon. Hard working man. Thank you all farmers for the extrodinairy work you all do.

  • Sweat, blood, tears and the love of dirt. You’re not a farmer if you haven’t experienced all of the above! Thanks for supporting farmers!

  • Great song Luke Bryan love your music

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  • Farmers are still working cause of this covid crap

  • I M A FARMER I LOVE THIS SONG CITY PEOPLE THINK food COMES FROM THE GROCERY STORE BUT COMES FROM FARMERS hell if there were no farmers there wouldn't be people cause what would you eat grass wtf

  • I’m glad a lot of people like farmers is it’s hard for us

  • Covid hasent stopped this farmer.

  • Hi! Good luck from polish farmer girl! All the best! love your music

  • Thank Luke! I love raised a farmers daughter! Born and raised here! Still here!!!! Wish everyone would stop thank a farmer! Great Song!

  • Thank you Luke Bryan for making this video for Farmers and hope brings us together 😇😇😇🇺🇸

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  • I listen to this track while driving a tractor, very well definitely

  • I love this song 2020

  • Finally a good old country song that's actually country and not country pop like everything is now

  • I love it how at 2:53 they used three Scissor lifts for the lights in the background