Making Pinterest Worthy Mini Lunchbox Cakes !! * I'm obsessed *

Joylandi 16-Apr, 2021
Today we are making Pinterest worthy mini lunchbox cakes !!
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  • the tool she used for evening out the cake is supposed to be used standing up so it can be even lol thats why she struggled

  • Mia, you need to look up how you’re supposed to use your cake lever hahaha

  • Good job 🌸.

  • I would recommend you crumb coat first- just to help with the amount of crumbs that fly off. also since u layred them stick maybe 2 straws to help stabilize it.

  • Hi Mia! I love your videos! I noticed you had a bit of trouble with your baking and as a baker and someone who used to cater weddings and events I have some tips for you! if you were attempting to make buttercream: you used too little butter, and too much milk. The butter should have been whipped before the sugar was added. (it's like 1 cup butter to 4-6 cups powdered sugar with 1tbs milk and 1 tsp vanilla extract (use clear vanilla extract and vegetable shortening instead of butter if you want a white buttercream) The amount of powdered sugar you use determines how stiff the buttercream is going to be. If you were making icing for decorating, skip the butter and it's mostly a little bit of milk (or water) and a lot of powdered sugar and you just whip it up for a minimum of 10 minutes. Decorations made with this icing require 48 hours to dry before use and end up crispy and sugary. *To prevent sugar from flying everywhere you can wrap a damp towel around the bowl and mixer, covering both as you start to mix, that way it's all contained and you don't get a cloud of sugar in your face. for the cake leveler that you used: Hold by the handle and the feet of the cutter should be on the counter/whatever flat surface you are cutting your cake on. You adjust the wire to the height you want the cake to be and you "walk" the leveler through the cake keeping the feet in contact with the counter. chilling and freezing your cakes before frosting helps keep crumbs from getting in the frosting as you decorate. always start with a crumb coat before decorating- crumb coating is a thin layer of frosting around the cake to make sure the crumbs stay in one layer and don't contaminate the rest of the frosting while you decorate. When decorating a cake on paper or on a turntable, put a bit of frosting on the bottom of the cake and on the paper to make it stick so it doesn't move around while you're frosting it.

  • I love watching these type of videos ! You always do such a good job and inspired me to make a video similar on my channel 💕

  • Hi! I am absolutely obsessed with baking! For frosting there is a tool called a bench scraper that works very well! It is very similar to the blue/teal tool you used! The major difference it it normally has a very precise tip that is very clean in cake!Then to make it easier to fill the piping bag, put it in a cup. I love you videos and have been a HUGE fan for a long time!

  • Loved this video and the piano music was PERFECT!

  • As a baker, this video hurt my heart, LOL!

  • I died when she used the level wrong hahagag

  • It's the different backsplash for me

  • FROSTING or icing

  • Very good video, I loved watching. Feel free to do more baking,

  • Mia : I know i probably shouldnt be using a box cake I know you guys are booing rn no one : Not a single soul : Me : chillin with 15 boxes of box brownies

  • Mia has the best attitude and energy when she tries new things it gives me so much joy!

  • You can put a little bit of frosting on the lazy susan (turning cake plate)to keep your cake in place....

  • So cute. Now I want cake 🤩😋

  • Is there anything Mia Maples can't do?

  • Misting the frosting as you are smoothing it will help it smoothen better but good job 👍

  • Definitely trying this ! Don't worry I use box cake too but instead of oil use milk. My family says it taste better 😋

  • I have that same turntable and I use a cake circle bigger than the cake to decorate because it has divers and stuff

  • You need more butter !

  • Mia: *buys spring form pans* Also Mia:*doesn’t use the springs when removing the cake*

  • Why is she making an icing for a cake?...

  • To get icing to spread in a consistent way warming it to at least room temperature or even a little bit warmer tends to work really well for a nice soft coding

  • omg, i love them... my birthday is coming up and I wanna do them, they are sooo cute... You could have cut the bigger piece into two, that would have made them three pretty even pieces. ily

  • Just watch Life Love and Sugar videos.. they are fast and you will get a lot of ideas quickly. But you did really great though for a first time! My other fav channel if you want easy from scratch cooking is Sugar Spun Run. She also quickly explains with alot of great tips and secrets. PS: Many people do what's called a crumb coating of a thin layer of frosting to catch the crumbs before adding the real they usually frost sides first and top last.

  • I love Mia she brings a smile to my face every time she uploads new videos 😌💕

  • watching Mia move a cake is the most stressful thing ever

  • Omg the way she made the icing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Meanwhile me, being an avid baker, cringing so hard wanting to teach you what and how to do this . . .for starters ALWAYS FOLLOW THE RECIPE baking is an edible version of grade school chemistry, also the leveler you can adjust the height of the wire and place the feet along your counter or cake table or whatever and get perfectly level cuts, to prevent the cake from wobbling around put a small amount maybe quarter sized for these cakes in between the bottom layer and the surface of the turntable then proceed to add 'icing' (frosting) and layers, also frosting decorations can be piped onto parchment paper and frozen then transferred onto the cake which allows a lot of wiggle room for multiple attempts

  • It pained me to watch her cut the cake with the wire like that 😬😭😬😭

  • Mia not knowing how to use a cake leveler has got me DYING laughing

  • Drink every time Mia says so... All jokes aside you did an amazing job 👏

  • The hard butter in the frosting though "should I be melting this?" 😂

  • I will never get used to “pass-ta” 😂

  • More baking video plzzzz!!!!!

  • My favorite cake was the purple, the club one looks like under the sea with a bunch of either barnacles or seashells and a tip is to frost the cakes with white first and when you cut them to flip the piece over so it doesn't crumble.

  • And the cakes were never seen again..

  • I’m sure these have all been said. But crumb coat will make your cake look so much better. Crumb coat then refrigerate or freeze then put your smooth icing over it. Cake leveler was used wrong lol google it. And butter cream. My recipe: 1 cup butter 1 cup shortening 8 cups powdered sugar 2 tbs vanilla mix in a stand mixer then 1tbs at a time of heavy cream until you get to the consistency you like

    • Also those blue bags are so hard to work with. Get a non stretchy bag


  • The things you used to pick up the cakes are ment for icing

  • USE A PIPING BAG!!!!!!!! trust me. it will make your life easier when filling a layered cake.

  • I’m by no means a “professional” baker, BUT! I do have a couple tips! Firstly, if you don’t want bits of cake popping through your frosting, you want to do what is called a crumb coat. A light layer of frosting, let it set in the fridge, and then apply more frosting after, like.. 20 minutes. Secondly, to fill the piping bags, it’s easier to place the bag in a cup and then fill them from there so you don’t have to hold it and fill at the same time! Third, when frosting the cake, ( if you want to leave it on the cake stand ) put a bit of parchment around the edges of the cake and pull away once done frosting. It’ll make it easier to keep a “clean” look! And fourth, the tool you were using to cut the cakes is actually meant to be held upright. Though you can really use it however you wish, it’s meant to be held like that specifically to make even layers! All you do is pull it along the counter while moving it in a sawing motion! Additionally, and this is really just a personal preference, but I would have done the cakes in three layers with frosting in between each! It’ll evenly disperse the frosting on the inside of the cake so you aren’t getting too much in one bite at the bottom/top and will also even out the cake a bit better while maintaining the same height! I hope these help with your next baking adventure! These cakes were absolutely adorable and I actually really want to make some of my own, now! 😁

  • "you know its not about the journey....or maybe it is." -mia

  • Peep the Ben & Jerry's cloud cake stock photo 👀

  • Mia, I can bake a cake from scratch but, I do love baking box cakes too hahahaha

  • plsss do more cake making videos or baking videos i enjoyed this sm

  • Here's a hack- freeze your cakes before icing and rouble sided tape the bottom of the cake to your turntable!

  • She is trying to make frosting and that is how you make icing if you wants butter cream she needs to use a butter cream recipe

  • i love this cake making video. please bake moreeeee i love it pleasseee

  • Italian meringue buttercream is what they use not regular

  • to avoid your came from flying while icing, but a bit of the icing on the stand and then put your cake over it.

  • Miaa Mia 😅😄😶.... I guess it's because of my OCD, (after not mixing the eggs separately) I couldn't watch the rest after the cutting with the wire part 😂😫.... those cutting tools are meant to help you cut the cake evenly, and use it vertically not horizontally

  • The thing you used used to cut the cake stand it up on the bench and the wire moves up and down it to create the layers. It’s easier to crumb coat then stick it in the freezer/fridge then decorate that way it will come straight off the turn table. We used to use cake boards and if you want it to stick a little bit to the turntable you can use nonstick mat or just a blob of icing

  • whoever got them, I'm sure you made their day.

  • Aw who’s gonna tell Mia that’s not how you use a cake leveler 😂😌

  • I bake lots and been thinking of starting a UZfire channel about the treats I make but in hesitation. Anyways a tip I have is when you level your cakes flip them upside Down (dome/ rounded side on the bottom to help keep the top flat.😁 hope this helps you for next time Mia I love your videos. From Gracie your fellow Canadian AB friend❤️

  • Do a pt. 2 where you make a "real" cake! That frosting looks to die for 🤤 Use some flexible little baking spatulas to ice your cake. It'll go a lot smoother. 🍰🧁 Make a cake that says " Eat Me" like the cookies from Alice in wonderland

  • mia its best to take cakes like this out of the thing before cooling down😭😭

  • Me, a baker, watching mia make so many small mistakes that make this process harder and just wanting to get in the screen and help

  • You do not use the cutting tool like that. You can change the hight of the wire and use the table (or something else). If you put the ‘legs’ on the table and the wire is the right hight. You can just drag it. That way it is straight. It’s difficult to explain in text😅

  • “Practice doesn’t make perfect, or at least close to, or at least better than before” -Mia Maples 👏👏👏

  • You neeeeeeeddd to follow the instructions for the butter cream you need to whip some of the ingredients before you add anything else to it.

  • Im a baker and I love baking but I won't point out anything yourre doing wrong, only because I feel like everyone's gonna have at it before me & also because baking is kinda a lot like what you were doing; improvising until you get it closest to your idea. PLS DO MORE BAKING VIDEOS!! THAT WAS EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING & VEERY AESTHETIC

  • These cakes are SO cute. I started to hold my breath when you first transferred the cake to the parchment paper 😶

  • I'm not a baker, but I would have used a piping bag to put the icing on the cake, then smoothed it out with a spatula

  • Mia you are such a funny gal!

  • is anyone going to tell her...

  • The production quality says hi

  • I need you to go on nailed it

  • Best icing I've ever made: unsalted butter, whipped. Add powered sugar, whip with butter, add heavy cream 1 teaspoon at at time until desired consistency, pinch of salt, and vanilla.

  • i died a little inside when she used the cake leveler like that

  • Use hot water for the spatchula for easy spreading

  • this made me want box cake so bad so I'm going to go buy that like right now

  • The fact that she bought an entire cake tier cutting system and ended up using it the wrong way has me dead😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • More please!!

  • I loved this video, I would love to see more baking content! Maybe next time try the vanilla buttercream from the Sally’s baking addiction blog, it is a nice detailed recipe and works well every time 💕

  • Her hair is making me nervous like it's gonna bash into the cake frosting anytime lol


  • Please please please for the loveeee put your hair up omg. I spent the whole video worried about your hair dipping into the food. Alsooo plz tell me that tweezer was unused ahhhhh. But the cakes look really cute!!! I love the yellow one. 10/10 would watch more vids like this.

  • Mia, as a baker, you definitely had me internally screaming a few times. But you did so good! And you should definitely do more baking because it takes a lot of practice to get the hang of things

  • Watching her level the tops of the cakes was giving me so much anxiety she had it the wrong way 😭😭😭😭

  • Hi Mia when u cut the cake you go back and forth slowly to make it even. Also add a little icing at the bottom so it doesnt move around a lot and to get it smoother you use an icing spatula.

  • She used the leveller the wrong way.

  • profesh baker here: you did really good for your first time decorating cakes! those layers tho 😬

  • Mia nooo your suppose to make the string to the leveler higher and slide it on the plate to make it even

  • Little tip for cutting the cake on the same level, de cutter needs to be turned 90 degrees and lean on its 'paws' then you used it like some sort of a saw. Okay i don't know or this makes any sense, but you could watch a video about it :)

  • Well to start you were using the cake cutter wrong you’re supposed to stand it up not hold it on an angle and it’s always great to Aja cake when it’s frozen or cold

  • Put a little bit of buttercream/icing on parchment paper, put cake on it, it holds cake it place🤗🤗🤗, you can pipe letters and freeze them and then put on cake😊you did a great job..i love to bake it relaxes me!!

  • These cakes make me happy (:

  • Why is no one talking about the way she used the cake cutter? 😂

  • you have so many baking tools and ingredients wahhhhhhhh sana all

  • I find this the most fun

  • I love this video!!

  • Mia...that is not how you use a cake leveler😂

  • Not how you use a level lmao

  • Hi Mia, Here´s some pointers. 1.) NEVER Purchace Iceing the tops will be hard 2.) Do a crum coat then freeze it for 5 mins then do another layer 3.) get a off set spatula it helps 4.)NEVER LICK THE SPATULA WHEN YOUR USING IT!!!!! (ITS GROSS) P.s im a huge fan & baking fanatic and im thirteen

  • You are a beautiful mess, I love this fun video

  • Great work on your cute cakes!....why not use the frosting to make cookie an Oreo but your fave biscuits or cookies instead.... maybe make a frosting gingerbread man or woman?.?