Micro Pelton Turbine

Joylandi 17-Fev, 2021
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  • That whack of Integza was so smooth

  • Keep stroking the algorithms folks - by commenting. Wonderful content, from an old fellow Brit :)

  • Hey man, amazing as usual!! Had a question; what are you using for the animations with water etc? is it blender? Im looking for a quick tool to do these kinds of things. Keep it up!

  • What software you used to make the animation?

  • Hey Tom! It's always enlighting to watch your videos. Loved this one specially. I believe the efficiency of your air turbine can be still increased. What of the turbine and the feeding nozzle is placed within an casing, to avoid the loss of air pressure when the air hits the propeller. And with an opening behind the air can exit from the turbine assembly.

  • Awesome work, look forward to the air powered heli!

  • Nice work Tom!

  • Maybe a Turbine like a turbo works better

  • Hi Tom, have you seen this box wing design from Jetoteras - eg. uzfire.info/camera/video/l4i8fGiN0K6ZZ2Y ?

  • Have you tried using a pneumatic actuator to accelerate the blade with less air? Just like a PDI in electric motors in drones

  • I think the reason why the turbine has more thrust than just the nozzle is due to the fact that the turbine powers a propeller. The propeller moves more overall air than just the nozzle. Basically it's the same reason why turbofans, especially the high bypass turbofans, are more efficient than turbojets.

  • did you try printing ridges on the inside of the 'bucket' ?

  • You should make an opposed piston engine if you like to focus on efficiency, engineering explained has a great video explaining how it works.

  • Sir can you use solar panels. Pls.

  • Genius design for the turbine! Love it!

  • If thats a liter and a half bottle, don't forget to add the extra 20g of air at 10ish bar.

  • Elon Musk has a job offer

  • Anyone else read the title as Micro Penis turbine?

  • nozzle only vs turbine... its all about surface area

  • Guess on why the turbine is more efficient The jet only produces peak thrust right next to the nozzle but as soon as it leaves the nozzle it dissipates in all direction and so it effectivly never stops and uses up all its energy While the turbine uses it at its peak thrust and uses a propeller which is much more efficient at low speed and volume

  • Hook this up to a trompe for hella cool hydro power.

  • The higher effect comes from the prop acting on a larger volume of air Until you hit supersonic the prop will be more efficient

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  • try countersunk hardwear on everything

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  • Congratulations, you just re-invented impedance matching lol. Anyhow, without going into how energy transfer functions work, the optimum energy transfer occurs when the loaded RPM is exactly 1/2 the unloaded RPM.

  • For nozzle-only you would need to design the appropriate bell to allow the air to expand to atmospheric pressure. Then you'd have to resolve the issue of changing pressure. Literally rocket science without the fun explosives at that point.

  • What you could try is add weight to the outside part of the turbine, make it a kind of flywheel. It may help conserving kinetic energy, and reducing vibrations.

  • We've gone into making a model turboprop!

  • Not flying it... dissapointed

  • this is amazing !

  • Oh thats why the spoon does that

  • the wheel has more power cuz there is not the same resistance to the nozzle tip placed into thin air, place the tip of the air nozzle the same distance off the ground as you place the tip away from the turbine wheel then measure its force, resistance its the equivalent of a high pressure fire hose, direct it horizontally 3ft off off the ground and it eventually arcs and drops to the ground right? welp, stand in the water streams path right before it arcs towards the ground or falls off, maybe you can stand still without it pushing you out of the way? now exit the stream and walk closer to the source say 3 ft from the tip, enter the stream, you will feel the power of the stream is a whole lot more than at the other end.. why is that? if you cannot figure it out then let go of the fire hose and watch what happens, it flies all over right? resistance, as in there is none holding it still, like he has the air nozzle anchored to the arm..resistance works both ways, the air coming out of the nozzle, and the turbine the stream of air hits.. one is static resistance and the other is dynamic resistance, in your second scenario there is no static resistance to push the nozzle connected to the arm. so just like the water, the pressure eventually fizzles out and has no power and falls to the ground, or ENERGY however static to static should create more force as there is less loss right? if not rig the air nozzle tip away from a solid static wall so its the same distance away form your wheel, rig a sensor and measure the force it takes to hold the tip in place on the arm blowing on the wall 1/4" away, as in does it take the same force to hold the nozzle in place if it is blowing on a wall 1/4" as it does blowing on a wheel 1/4" away? you should be able to feel it in your hand, in fact the faster the wheel spins the less force it takes to hold the nozzle in place, no? I do like the data for the two types of turbines, clearly the enclosed wheel is grabbing more air or is more resistant.. also like how kinetic energy increases with the prop, pretty good stuff mate

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  • Ever try CO2 cartridges.

  • Hahaha dude 0:43 alone is enough to make me subscribe

  • You could create a change in design to the outlet nozzle, directing the air into the buckets and utilise more air into the bucket.

  • what about something like the dyson air multiplier + the nozzle instead of a fan?

  • Very inspiring! My doughter will love your ideas.....

  • Him: This. Me: Build it. Fail. Build again. Fail. Build once more. Fail. Quit.

  • KiwiCo needs to stop with those scripted ass ads. I'm starting to not like these types of videos.

  • Oh, so this is like how a torque converter works! Maybe you could make a video about those sometime?

  • Wouldn't enclosing the turbine in a shroud make it more efficient? More like apump than a turbine?

  • Tom Stanton is trying hard, I like this. Subscribed.

  • This is why I love engineering

  • So what would happen if you made a another turbine and flipped it and put it on the bottom of the other one?

  • Good work, and well explained. Thanks, Tom.

  • Can you please make an airplane with that?!? , whats the point if you dont do it?!?

  • hahaha just: *bonk*

  • Please, don't go with the STEAM bullshit. It's STEM and the A isn't in there for a reason.

  • Brill vid, explained simply enough that I actually understand all of it! Thanks 👍🏻

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  • Would you consider trying the turbine shape of a turbo charger?

  • This is the type of content that keeps me up till 1-2am 😅

  • Super visual

  • Water turbines are usually in a housing(ie. turbos). You put the housing on your turbine.:)

  • Poor integza getting bonked

  • Amazing work!

  • What if you put a converging diverging nozzle on the simple compressed air jet?

  • Maby it will get more efficient if you move or make a little roof over the nosel. The wind from the propeller might me detecting the pressurised air downwards and miss the preferd location

  • The turbine is more efficient than just the stream of air for the same reason a boat with a sail is more efficient than a boat without one.

  • Instead of trying to fit an air bottle why not make the body of the helicopter your air bottle you should be able to mold one just like they do to put in cars you can literally make the body of the helicopter to hold the air put some legs on it and put some stickers on it and I bet you you can probably make a 4L helicopter which will give you approximately more than 3 minutes of flight you can make a feeling nozzle right underneath the aircraft or you can make a custom bottom piece with legs to hold all the electronics so basically everything for the electronics would be on the bottom a bottle molded in the shape of a helicopter you'll have all that tail section as well for air and then you're mechanism mounted right on top oh and use a 4 blade system

  • I build small engines as a hobby and I use compressed air to operate them. I have found using a caged small brass spur gear is quite effective with a tiny outlet and high-pressure air running a worm gear against a helically-cut down-gear.

  • bro what is ur education qualification

  • at 01:25 you explained that the pelton bucket is more effective because it not just stops the water in its tracks (like the flat wall does) but redirects the water back, resulting in additional momentum. but then later on (in the context of the gear ratios) you mention that the turbine is most effective when the water expelled from the bucket has no backward momentum left. why at this point isnt this the same as the flat wall approach? in both cases the water gave all its momentum to the bucket and just „falls down“, doesn‘t it?

    • Because the curved blades return the momentum backwards if the optimum turbine load is selected, the working fluid air (or water) leaves the turbine almost without energy. This means all the energy is transferred to the turbine blades. Tom explained this. A flat wall will spill some of the energy to the sides, some of the energy will be lost.

  • Oh integza.....nobody cares about pulse engines! 😂😂😂

  • I'm guessing the nozzle is less efficient for the same reason rockets have nozzles - the air spreads out in all directions which results in a lot of the propulsion being not useful (basically every direction the air is flowing in that isn't straight has some sort of wasted force)

  • Hey Tom, I just wanted to say, every time I see a new video by you I get soo excited! Thanks for all the great content my friend! :)

  • boo he didnt even do anything the whole video. lol.

  • I don't care much about planes and that stuff, but the statistical process to find the optimal design is what made me subscribe.

  • is it more efficient cause your trading velocity for volume?

  • Now use a pressure washer, just add water to the air.

  • Use a Tesla turbine as the engine.

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  • Mate, I love your channel. Nice scientific engineering, nice explaining and video. Keep it that way. 👍 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • Sorry, no offense, but I like your accent too.... „pressu of eehhh, changing ratio of geeeez...“ 👍 Nice refreshing accent. I like

  • Thats so amazing, i love your tech!

  • Hey!! Great vid!!

  • I almost pooped myself because I didn't want to pause this video, is so interesting.

  • The concept can be improved not only by improved blade shape, but also the way the nozzle is shaped. Could look up a steam turbine for ideas since I don't remember exactly how it works.

  • SO I wonder , while watching the Weight, if instead of the soft drink bottle, would Soda Bulbs (Co2 Cartridges), make any difference in Duration & Speed, Just a Thought ...

    • @soinhu foitu Experimentation is always cool, just the results sometimes are not, but here it is!! ..

    • This vid so cool !?

  • I am wondering if a bladeless propulsion system would be more efficient: uzfire.info/camera/video/l4i8fGiN0K6ZZ2Y Would like to see Tom do a project with this interesting design:)

  • The Pelton Turbine is a bit more complicated if I'm not mistaken. These turbines are used in hydroelectric powerplants. The form of the bucket also considers the fact that it's attached to a rotor - the goal is for the water to leave the turbine with almost zero speed.

  • Basically, speen

  • I feel like you should be patenting this stuff.

  • Fun fact: If my parents watched a Tom Stanton video, they would doubtless wish they had used protection 48 years ago! Best wishes and much admiration from a fellow ginger-maker, but thankfully in my field of 'engineering', looking at the pictures is more important than reading the words! 🏆⚒️🇬🇧

  • Hey. What kind fo CNC machine you use for your aluminium?

  • Please try a rotary air engine

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  • Hah, Micro Pelon Turbine

  • Mabey use a casing to incase the turbine to reduce the amount of wasted air?

  • cap gear? 5:31

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    • So impressive you "m"d it twice. Good point, well made. Old uk duffer here :)

  • the nozle doesnt have much to push against, newtonian physics.

  • instead of a round exhaust port on your nozzle .... maybe an equal size slit to maximize air stream contact and greater control of splinting the stream may allow for greater transfer of energy and may mitigate loss.

  • I am glued to your videos man. Not even a mechanical engineer. But the analysis you do is very interesting. Can you do a Collab with hacksmith

  • Hi Tom Look out when cutting Oriented Strand Board (OSB board - the timber used in the test rig). The glue is rather toxic. I felt unwell for a week after lining my workshop with that stuff.

  • By the way I’m a huge fan. Your videos are awesome, & your animations are next level!