Minecraft, But You Can Go Inside Any Mob...

Joylandi 16-Iyn, 2021
Minecraft, But You Can Go Inside Any Mob...

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In todays Minecraft's Challenge... Using custom ender pearls, we can go inside any mob! This means you can go inside an iron golem, pig, creeper, ender dragon, and more! Inside every mob there are custom items, weapons, and armor. Some mobs can be dangerous, containing custom modded TNT, evil mobs, and more. Can we survive going inside every mob? Like and subscribe to help us get Trending #1! Let's do this!

IP - bionic.games


  • 19:04 HAHA just look outside

  • Please tell me the mod or add-on whatever it is

  • 2:39 bro the cow just sayd ok and you kill him

  • I didn't know your mom was a mob? Do I have this mod enabled in real life. Lmao

  • The title kinda sus

  • Ö

  • Jajjaj

  • Ender dragon should have bigbelly

  • Imagine if you have a op bosses can you also get inside ot

  • How did he get out of the mobs is the question? Did he fall to the void? Probably not cause he said that he doesn’t know what will happen

  • I said cobblrestone once

  • What if you teleport into the mini one inside the original one

  • or brain

  • the piece of brain makes that pink pearl

  • Cow essense, likely like they replace cow armor with leather

  • What is name of the mod bionic I am a fan

  • 9:20 flip the ingredients bonc

  • Iron shield

  • plz stop saying hold up wait a minute

  • bionic is super annoying

  • Do u use screen recorder for the vids? I’m just wondering

  • Not there can really be a dream inside of george

  • Cool

  • the cow is cannibal

  • 19:08 lol😂

  • How did he get out?

  • P

  • Imagine going insa

  • Dude u did not go to the gaoldoms butt u did it in the other side

  • E

  • You could use it on: the wither, the dragon and the wStorm

  • “What the balls”

  • “On the blaze’s cheese sticks “

  • “Oh my nuts”

  • You have a 230IQ bro what the same the shield the heck😂😂

  • I would like custom mobs to go inside and I would like one to see what’s inside

  • Imagine going inside the wither

  • Okay

  • 1:04 "i kinda like the baldionic mod" What baldonic mod?

  • How do you get off out

  • Wait a second what if you went inside an animal then when you see the animal inside the animal why don't you teleport inside the animal

  • 7:51 YOU SHOT HIS PP!!!

  • Try another player

  • You summoned manoy

  • I think you can craft the Brain Pearl with the brain piece '-' pls heart me

  • Can you do part 2

  • Bro go inside the ender dragon

  • "I'm gonna be able to go inside of you in a second"

  • How do you get out of the animals

  • He is so sweaty while doing parkour

  • Bro u where suppose to gin in the ender dragon !! I wanted to see how the ender dragon looks like inside😓😓😓😓

  • Have you ever tried getting a sword for once

  • I like how bionic say hold up wait a minute

  • Bionic If You Want More Pearls Use The Brain Stuff And Put It In Crafting Table With Normal Ender Pearls!Im Friends With The Creator Of This Mod.

  • Where is my baldonic #bionicshaveyourhead

  • dude please go inside a ender dragon in bonc please please please please please

  • To be fair I have seen a baby zombie on a chicken

  • Nymenymenoy

  • 13:54 Enderman cant breathe 😳

  • Imagine u can craft a braincell

  • 5:40 bionic has never noticed that when he throwed a egg, it hatched 4 chickens

  • hi

  • hi

  • uzfire.info/camera/video/Za3Bop2FspOnmmo

  • It’s all fun in games till he finds your mom

  • Stop saying oh my god

  • Saying oh my god set saying oh my god oh

  • How about you go inside the engine find the ender dragon and go inside him

  • 19:30 xd

  • “You can go inside any mob” the image of the hot creeper girl flashing through my head

  • 7:51 "let's shoot him in his butt" Iron golem: *turns around* Also iron golem: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-

  • Imagine going inside a wither

  • Bionic: Creeper Me: WTF yo, you could go inside a wither or the ender dragon! You gone, nuts man !!

  • I was scrolling through my recommended page, and all I see is "Minecraft but I can go inside every mob", and I paused, the going on to say "sus".

  • 4 Famous Catchprases: "Poop pickaxe" "Live, Laff, Loaf." "Heh, pretty good!" "Ugh!"

  • I didn't know that chickens can fly lol😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂 my life has been a lie mind blown😂😂😂😂😂

  • 3:52it broke but doesnt drop and he use cheat to get it

  • hey bionic do you care about there tv?

  • Before i forgot while watching ima pres the like 👌

  • bruh why does he always say “what the nuts” kinda weird

  • Giant fat baby zombie on chicken

  • Wow I love your videos

  • Sword ⚔️

  • I’m kidding I don’t have the MOD

  • I’ll go inside the ender dragon that will be insane

  • "What is up with this TNT? I have seen this bef-" Tiny Creeper: "Hello, there."

  • Bionic: LETS SHOOT IT IM HIS BUTT Iron golem: imma turn around Bionic: *throws it* Iron golem: AgHHHhHhHh

  • Wait the only chance of getting a chicken in a egg is 1 in 1000000

  • Dont use God's name in vain like saying "OMG" it's sin. And it's bad

  • Why does he always pretend that he doesn't know a thing

  • bot

  • how he get out the mobs?

  • I think that block u left on the statue is an amethyst block


  • Sus man

  • 0:59 Hamamayameya

  • I like how bionic uses super mario galaxy music

  • This is literally a ripoff of logdotzips old series and he didn’t even credit him :/ sigh these new you tubers annoy me

  • 19:04 the mountans

  • I love how the build at the start with the pearls is from a tutorial lol