Minecraft mobs after staying Inside for a year

Joylandi 18-Iyn, 2021
Check out these Mobs that stayed inside all year. They are hilarious!

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Today we're checking out Minecraft mobs after staying Inside for a year. These mobs are hilariously unique and drop special items to use. Check em out and let us know which one was your favorite! Was it the Enderman, villager, witch, creeper, there's so many to choose from! Let us know in the comments!

Minecraft mobs after staying Inside for a year


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  • 14:03 ENEMY ac-130 ABOVE *massive explosion*

  • Correct that's what turtles look like without there shell in which case it would hurt cuz its attached to their body and that's the whole body

  • Nkt idk

  • He said the p word

  • can I get a bo'oh'0'wa'er?

  • lol

  • id be da villager cause now i have a screen addiction

  • Lol iron golem is funny

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

  • a fattest enderman

  • At least u don’t disturb the villager Edit:I just played games

  • Tufiialgxk8

  • He’s a BEE-st

  • I love all of ur channels ❤️

  • Color

  • 5:38 me irl

  • Sorry I though I thought this was the episode when they were fat but they called he didn't make me stay at my house for a while but I did get to come out

  • These mobs are so fat

  • Watch you

  • Hungry

  • mom : is he full? Grandma : no, just give him more Me : 2:06

  • teacher: What did you do today? me: yes

  • I like how the rope texture is just the rope from terraria

  • *Headsets*

  • God the bees Are cute with there little headseats. :)

  • When i heard about the chips i think they are eating a lot of chips

  • A staying up till 5 am talking to friends around the world

  • The iron golem is so cursed but yet so funny but why I think it’s gone way too crazy because it’s not even lift the weight it’s just dancing 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣

  • When the heavy ENDER pearl made the mobs flat they looked like they were one of those bear rugs

  • U sound like Gray's still plays

  • Poor ender man

  • Ha ha Fat Ender man! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • gets an anime taco bell ad

  • Snaps* Mr.Pork I don't fill so good...

  • Watching vids um playing minecraft

  • 13:08 r/Bossfight

  • Me seeing the thumbnail: "IS THAT A FRICKIN PREGNANT ENDERMAN BRO?!?!" Me seeing the video: "It's just fat?"

  • Corona virus:that’s how we rule ;)

  • Yt

  • When you said what have you been doing in covid 19 well...you gonna freak out if I say it

  • Watching UZfire and watching your videos

  • You just jacked that turtle's shell.🤣

  • I ended up playing minecraft and slowly making new friends! Yeah.. friends... hEh.. *Silent cries in the corner intensifies*

  • In the words of Socksfor1 and MrBlaza that is An Ac 130

  • To the bee I only say bee a streamer.

  • Log dot zip you got nauseous from watching your own channel?

  • The mincraft turtle with out a shell is cursd

  • I thought the elder man on the thumbnail was pregnant-

  • YOU LOOK paralyzed when you saw the iron golem!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘💓💗💘💌💞💕💝💖

  • thicc** Boy XD

  • I'm technically being quarantined from school, because of summer break.

  • the bee is watching your channel

  • I find it funny that when the music cuts you can hear his computer running Computer go vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

  • Enderman looks like me on a daily basis :sob:

  • Tyler:Focus on me pussy cats! Ad right after:pg 18

  • Nothing

  • The sipsons

  • Turtles look dead without there shells because they're attached to it through the spine

  • Tyler: Ooh a village Iron golem: Hello like my dancing Tyler: meh I give it a 1 out of 10 Iron golem : *kills Tyler imminently*

  • be a skater

  • Your Mirch is disgusting

  • 1:07 he is buried half way

  • the bee is my favorite

  • 9:50- PigZa Minecraft :)

  • FD version of the sharks emoji

  • happy

  • UZfire

  • The Twitch chat is amazing

  • Lol

  • Thats what siencetists say “turtles are their shell” 1:03

  • vileger loves you'er channel

  • enerman!!!!?????

  • turtle?!

  • Me: there's already a turle helmet in the game but it's called scute helmet Mojang: we know Logdotzip: I know Me: wut

  • I wanna know 100% for the love of pregnant enderman what is this mod

  • Lol pregnant enderman

  • Turtle shells are part of their body, it protects their organs

  • yep

  • in the background of the creeper 1, I think there is an ocean monument

  • my size never changes i am made of metal

  • The twitch chat: the uwus have come in the chat, what’s the symbol after the blah blah blah rock me: what the hell is this chat about

  • "the bee became a streamer" that's just tubbo

  • Who made this

  • “You know what you do mentally unstable” Oh no “Iron golems” Oh

  • I like how he uses mineimator

  • Same as the day are you just playing video games

  • Watching

  • Fun fact: the original title was Minecraft mobs if they ate too much

  • bee streamer ? you talking about tubbo?


  • im just the bee

  • I am the same as the enderman except I am stuck in isolation

  • That thumbnail really struck us bro thats why we nauseate when we watch your channel our brains stop working our brains are hooked dont comment


  • Mobs: staying inside for a year, in tough shape. Me who never left my house even before COVID: pathetic.

  • I don't have any friends 👉👈😖

  • BEEcome