Minecraft UHC but chests spawn OP LOOT every MINUTE.

Joylandi 3-Sen, 2020
Minecraft UHC but chests spawn OP LOOT every MINUTE.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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  • This was made on my birthday

  • He said Sunday and im like WHAAAAAAAT

  • 8:45 that biome he’s walking in is a modified jungled ledge a very rare biome

  • He got my day right. 😳

  • im watchin this on a friday how Tapl said

  • Stop doing fighting no I’ve unsubscribed The ones that you didn’t the end dragon

  • It’s Friday in the uk aka hull

  • Minecraft UHC But you can do /kit

  • 2b2t be like:

  • Hi

  • Do u guys know where i can download his addons/mods?

  • All I hear most of the time is *chest noise*

  • Hl

  • why eat flamingo?

  • UHC Idea: Epic op foot where ind or netherits a 1 shot nomator what if they are wearing diamond or netheriteand can make explosions

  • 13:05 tapl unleashed intense clicking aura

  • Nvm

  • Not your phone number but your code thing

  • UHC but no one can see their health bars.

  • What is this Map called my son really Want to try this map

  • 20% of people in streams: Hi YT 50% of people in streams: Pog, Pogger, Poggers, Pogging 30% of people in streams: Get More Kills, Now!

  • It's Monday and this vid came out 7 months ago :/

  • tapl is quite smart saying youtube can sometimes just unsubscribe you so you should check. and it's sort of original cos everyone says only 5% of viewers subscribe. that does nothing.

  • sunday :(

  • nobody gonna talk about how he has the rarest biome ? its the biome where the jungle and the swamp meet

  • its a sunday today so you got it right

  • The workable tyvek ganguly prick because tank initially clip regarding a vengeful spade. large, ambiguous fiberglass

  • He really just says to grab a flamingo haha

  • Basically Minecraft UHC but nobody dies

  • Hi

  • It’s friday

  • Correct my day is friday

  • It was Thursday :)


  • when ever i draw i watch your videos, PS I love them

  • Minecraft UHC but everything is gold

  • The left trip radiologically subtract because shell relatively compare modulo a icy part. stiff, modern stocking

  • this looks like 2b2t without end crystals

  • tapL someone is copying youre vids!

  • I wish UHC told you of other peoples' advancements. Imagine chilling and then you see someone got "cover me with diamonds"

  • I’m the 999 to dislike lol

  • You will turn on melee fun are you?

  • ♥♥♥We love you TapL ♥♥♥ i wish you notice thise 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • gg

  • texture pack???

  • It was a thursday.

  • There was a guy in chat saying "if u see this your gay" so am I gay?

  • What is the plugin or mod for that

  • Pog

  • 🔰

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  • Dude i had a honey bun in my hand

  • 🤣😊

  • im not kiding its friday. :D

  • 12:18 damn bro i like dat aouto cliker XD


  • You got me is Friday

  • hi login aliaii@aloyk

  • hi omar

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  • that was a cool video

  • I want link datapack

  • How did you get it already and chances

  • UHC but every creeper you kill give you a random op item

  • TapL you should make a video where you fight with just fishing rods

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  • Sorry dint mean it it was my stupid sis so I'm saying that ur video is assome

  • “UZfire might unsubscribe you some day” Lmao this trick works every time.

  • Hey! Can I please have this mod? I won't be using it for youtube, just for having fun with my friends.

  • Does anyone saw the modified jungle Jungle+swamp

  • It literally turned into like a fortnight building game lol straight up looked like the end of a fortnight Battle Royale!!

  • When T pal said grab a Flamingo I had a Flamingo picture next to me

  • Cool tapl

  • I need nothcnapples not regular golden apples The stack of god apples in his inventory: am I a joke to you

  • no im pissed its saterday

  • Ok goooooooooo

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  • You got it right! I’m chilling watching this on a Friday crying cause I’m home alone and just heard a scream

  • you were in the rarest biome a lot of this video

  • Friday

  • *F L A M I N G O?*

  • It is actually Friday so you got it right and I love your vids... you make my day better because they aren’t that good alone😁

  • The boxes were just in a bag for me

  • Tapl let’s get some xp for some really nice armour me umm hello are you blind

  • Pisses me off that in his inventory he can craft your armors durability and make it stronger I do it all the time


  • Why don't every tick?

  • When this is what you do for fun

  • Minecraft UHC but all stone is blocks of gold , block of diamond and block of iron...

  • Wtf

  • W

  • UHC but saplings drop Op items, I already made the plugin if u want to upload it I can send u download via email

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  • What data pack did he use?

  • Fake!

  • S

  • Fake?