Minecraft UHC but the more mobs you KILL, the more POWERFUL you become.

Joylandi 12-Sen, 2020
Minecraft UHC but the more mobs you KILL, the more POWERFUL you become.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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  • Hi

  • people in 2021 hearing mark robert is gonna be the 46th president: TAKE IT BACK

  • This is the best intro

  • UHC=idea Ummm maybe you could do the more blocks u place u get op items

  • he should make a sheild every time

  • TapL do be kinda vibing do


  • How did he know I was eating a burrito bowl

  • Poor animals :-(

  • rahill INSANE

  • whats the mod called

  • "Wood is good" noice poem

  • do yall know wisp???

  • BREAKING NEWS: tapl is arrested for animal cruelty

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  • u know i was happy when u didnt kill the wolf but then oh f you Tapl i looooooooooooooooooove dogs sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i dont know how to explain my love to them but like c'mon u didnt have to do that like c'mon dude u cant do that to the poor dog, like i know this is minecraft and just a game but i am really sad i literally made an upside down smile but then tried to make it a straight line but took me a few seconds to do so, SO YOU SEE (try to watch a video of dhar mann) i got really sad when u did that..........(OUT OF NOWHERE) Tapl im still rly sad about the whole wolf/dog thing but u should make that one of the intros in a video it will be soooooo long i wont want to always sKiP tO tHe EnD oF tHe ViDeO. ;) :D:D:D::D:D::D:D::D::D:D hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Somebody found a zombie spawner loooool

  • Scenarioooo

  • in this UHC only kill or be kill

  • قیافت شبیح دیوساست

  • Face reveal...

  • Can u tell me how you make your severs

  • y a y

  • We wAnt more UHC VIDS

  • Me - watching TapL for a long time Also Me - Forgetting to subscribe Me again - Killing myself for not subbing

  • Me: taking about bread 🍞 while watching. Him:BREAD 🍞 MAN👨!!!!!!!!! ,I don't know why I said that? Me: WHAT HOW

  • Yooooo You almost Die Half Life Bruh

  • I Just Subcribe to you

  • Talp Hello

  • tapl i hate you for killing do dog you r mean

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  • Give me a app for skin tapl

  • did TapL get iron from ZOMBIES!?: 7:31

  • Anyone see when he was at the Spawned that one of the zombies dropped iron

  • How do I join these uhc games

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  • Hello

  • legit why u eve stop fighting cwas have a chance to kill the guy that u die form hew was so low and u run away

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  • Just look for a spawner. Walks into spawner next second

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  • I have an uhc Idea its "Minecraft but sugar cane drops op items"

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  • UHC idea: Minecraft UHC but when you kill someone, the lot is randomized by other people. I know I’m a bit late xd.

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  • Lol i was in this minecraft UHC 😂

  • he wouldn't have had such a problem if he had just camped the spawner


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  • And another one does Another one does another one bites the 🦆 You won’t get this for a second.

  • m=am disliking for dat dog, YOU MONSTER

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  • Also, I saw the comment, ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Minecraft but u have silk touch

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  • Random person at 15% and keep fighting Tapl at %80 screaming like banshee

  • Tnt

  • You need to get pet dogs to fight for you

  • Wen he said ohh I said fallow me ha

  • 1.48 there is someone walking

  • Man, your gameplay can be used as CIA interrogation technique