Joylandi 20-Iyl, 2021
NBA 2K22 released A LOT of news about the 2K22 city, neighborhood, gameplay, mycareer story + MORE and I"m talking about it all here in this video.


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  • Dribblers getting punished again😂😅😂 I cant wait..

    • Good y’all fucking need be punished

    • Change your jumpshot on 2K😐😐😐

    • @Lc Viital fuck locks

    • @ALMIGHTY_TINO these guys with pure locks talking about they great defenders. You better be with over 25 defensive badges

    • @BuddyDem again as in another 2k game where dribbling is trash tf is sum wrong with your brain ? goofy 😂😂😂

  • Where Ronny at I need him to say sun so I have a person to blame the game on

  • The brim… bend it just a bit, let it work with the skull my guy

  • It would be cool if they put the team USA on this year's 2k22 I like that 💯🔥

  • I literally didn’t even buy the game this year

  • The game garbage This video garbage You garbage Take2 interactive is garbage

  • Why does this player base only care about realism when it comes to bigs? 1s should be able to spam dribble moves but as if Giannis, Kat, KD and Bron don’t exist, you can’t be big and fast.

  • That seasons sounds like what they've been doing with the show. Where what you do actually can affect your online, RTTS and DD.

  • Why is the series X still called "next gen".. isnt it the "current gen"? since release . and "current gen" is Last gen since series x launched?

  • New content for current gen

  • Do you know if you can play online with your buddy at the same house, same console, same team! Against other people. That used to be the best in my opinion

  • Current gen

  • I don’t see why PC doesn’t get next gen features? But who really plays 2K on PC anyways

  • The full whites better be gone

  • Instead of spending money in 2k21 next gen, I would have been better off trying to make a s’more while burning a $100 bill. They literally stole my money

  • Gotta be honest, the whole "you can be a rapper or a fashion icon" thing sounds like a waste of game space they could be using to make the actual basketball playing parts more fun

  • Rip the jordan my court from 16

  • I want to have next-gen on pc

  • Just wanted to say that Jesus loves you & died for ur sins. 🤍 Build a relationship with Him while you still have time! ✝️ promise you won’t regret it🙏🏾

  • This game will suck because I’m of micro transactions I’m sure a lot of more interesting things will be overlooked so that my career can be super monetized rip my nba and my gm, lowest expectation here

  • They do this every year

  • So to get next gen features I have to buy a new Xbox and not use my pc sounds about right

  • Who bought agents “spam” merch

  • Oops sorry I’m just too busy playing mlb the show rn

  • Rookie ville was easy it was in and out

  • Is it gon be crossplay?!

  • Thank you. Less story, more RPG

  • Don’t be fooled by 2k. Every year they say “this is one of our most revolutionary 2k yet” blah blah blah. This game gunna be shitty once again. 2ks never gunna be the same. The game is ass

  • 2K is responsible for borderlands, they got the rpg element covered

  • I think the game would be best without any badges. This would make everyone have to have skills and not just good because they been playing the game longer.

  • Bro liiit we have the same hat

  • Next gen not coming to PC this year :((( 😢

  • Remove Reverse Contact dunks.

  • I refuse to buy another 2k until I'm fortune they didn't mess up another game

  • Quest system? Suuuuure... Quest giver: I need you to bring me these specific shoes.... Goes to get shoes - 10k vc price tag.

  • As a guy that really only plays MyLeague..."WTF"

  • People still support this money grab of a franchise? Dummies getting ripped off every year lmao. We already know they flat out lies to their fan base about features in upcoming games. Release broken games every year ( but quick to fix those vc glitches) and y'all still on your knees, mouth wide open, just waiting to be fed the next bullshit game.

  • I don't believe any of this game play crap. It's going to be the same garbage. This "skill based" stuff will be nothing.

  • You give me 2014 faze rain type vibes

  • The reason why 2k is trash now is because you guys worry about my court, park, and player. Its too much arcade style now. Thats all their focus now and that takes away the other modes and realism in the game

  • Been a here tho

  • Hopefully on 2k22 myplayer will actually catch the ball instead of bouncing off my hands when I try to intercept the ball when the other team passes it. So tired of the ball bouncing off my hands and then out of bounds

  • Lol nobody play 2k anymore.

  • All y'all gonna do is call it (2k22) trash and say 21 was better and then call 20 a classic game.....same cycle EVERY YEAR

  • Bruh what are you talking about. Next Gen 2k21 looked horrendous the graphics seemed like they weren’t finished rendering the entire time

  • So it’s still gon be trash lol

  • Timing dunks?👁_👁👀

  • Fix the jumpshot. I have 98 threes and only make 50% online

  • Well hopefully they actually let us do the interviews on the current gen this time to build team chemistry

  • My last 2k was 19, hopefully 22 will be good again

  • 2 way sharp here I come 💕

  • Why does the Cruise Ship for Current Gen actually sound more fun than the NPC filled City on Next-Gen?

  • More worried for the next gen don’t play current gen no more

  • “Dribblers get punished every single year” lmao no they don’t. This year all you had to do was two moves, speed boost, quick stop, and you pretty much open every time. If anything, being a good defender gets punished because you have to deal with being screened all game long and dribblers don’t ever seem to get tired. They don’t get punished lol. They get rewarded for not being good.

    • I play great defense I kid you not I nerf dribblers but it consumes all my stamina eventually they get open and green no matter what

    • facts

    • Absolutely true

  • Why is ksi in the video?

  • When they gonna fix all these damn screens

  • Agent swear he a 2K dev

  • Big booty Davis in the building y’all!

  • So much bad acting in this video. I can’t even watch it.

  • I don't need quests in 2k. If I want to go questing I'll play WoW or New World, where that's actually their wheelhouse. I play 2k when I'm done with those games and just want to shoot some hoops.

  • Crazy that y’all dumbasses still buying 2k

  • nice v..

  • 2k is still a basketball game though right? 🤨

  • luv u bro

  • They not getting my $100 ever again, imma just sit back and watch the disappointment 😂

  • All dem talkies walky aint gonna do shiiit All the need now is rockstar. Smh

  • 2k is all about the money. They do not care what we think about the game. As long as they hype it up enough to get everyone to give it another chance and buy the next game thats all that matters. They will continue to cut corners and recycle until the community stops buying.

  • That’s what we need is a seasonal thing it will bring more people to the game

  • Same wording, different year. I'll believe it when I see it... Don't fall for it people.

  • Fuck an rgp element, I just wanna play basketball

  • If MyCareer met Grand theft Auto RPG style that would be dope

  • This is literally a basketball version of Suite Life on Deck

  • After all this drop…I better not hear y’all complain about 2k22 at all…play the game and shut up for real…I’m not trying to hear y’all say 2k22 trash ..21 was better

  • Boy ya Right Ian neva seen A Dev Company Drop 2 games at the same time literally

  • 2K Games and Rockstar are under the same parent company… I think it’s time for 2K to use their resources

  • I know you can’t answer but man When will pc be considered next gen that’s so stupid that it ain’t my pc is 3x how much and ps5 or new Xbox cost and can run more games better then them so wtf that makes no sence

  • The video last week “why does 2k22 look like 2k21” this video a few days later “2k22 is changing everything”

  • Y'all fall for the same shit every year geezus. They hype some new stuff and it sounds good, then the game comes out and everyone has fun for 2 months, then realizes how bad it is, and 2K does nothing to improve it.

  • I promise it's going to be another poor game, save your money.

  • Stop outta view green's and make shooting more balanced no reason for a 90 rated three point shooter missing wide open shots

  • Man 2k is so fuckin stupid now. Tgey call more charging calls than fouls lmao!

  • Ugh who cares… fuxk 2 k

  • I’m glad 2k21 was a copy paste because now 2k22 is amazing

  • Crazy that current gen not getting the same bs beach

  • 2k the next MMORPG

  • Bruh I look at your videos now and compared to years and years and years and years ago of videos. Great shid

  • He said do do

  • Maybe all the money they made in VC the past decade is finally getting put to good use, imma try and be optimistic

  • Still not buying it the games always shit😂😂😂😂😂 done wasting my time n money

  • Now were talking in Quest.

  • I hope park won't be big as 2k21. Shit was retarded. Who's trying to run for 5 minutes to get to rec? Like wtf. Fix the garbage ass servers and delays🥴

  • I wish i had the ps5

  • 2k says they add new dribbling CoMBoS every year and somehow dribbling gets more shit every single year lmfao

  • Yo 2K and basically every other game out there is controlled by satanists. Ive caught them rigging the game against me at times. Im too talented, and usually they cant stop me online. So they cheat. They do so many things to try to stop me. But I still manage to win most of the time. Im not gon lie, they have done some real bvllshit to me before on Battlefield and 2K. Ive made some videos trying to expose them, but they're satanists. What else you expect? They control the game console companies. They control the internet companies. So they can cheat and get away with it in a lot of different ways. It's bvllshit! Not fair! Im a legend out there to people who've seen my work online. They know wassup. I was on another level of gaming. I was doing cross overs on battlefield. Killing them with ease. I miss those days. When these satanists saw how much energy I was generating from my over the top gaming ability online? they knew they had to cheat to match my level. They just kept doing updates to slow me down in the games. Smh

  • I could’ve swore he uploaded a video last week sayin 2k don’t change shit and they waited till the last minute to show that trash ass shit

  • Game is still gonna be ass and is not gonna change. Even if there is change. The babies are gonna cry about it and it is going to go back to what it was.

  • I used to watch you like 3 years ago and this video popped up in my feed. You used to be fat as hell bro congrats