NEW Among Us EVIL iPHONE ROLE?! (Funny Mod)

Joylandi 21-Iyl, 2021
Today @Zud plays with the NEW EVIL iPHONE ROLE in Among Us! Watch me and the gang play this funny Among Us mod, and make sure to watch until my Imposter round to see how I play as THE EVIL iPHONE ROLE in Among Us!

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  • i love the mods you play i love everyones vids

  • This is pretty funny and cool

  • Zud Zud Zud

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  • 6:45 what is happening 🤣🤣🤣

  • idea evil android crewmate ability: they can find charger to charge their ability they can use airplane mode they can steal battery 50/50 either victim will survive or die they can hack someone but it dosent kill atlast they can move faster activating battery saver they can call someone imposter ability: they can hack and destroy their files and victim will die they can disable a charger they will know but crew will no and if onee guy try to charge they die after charger will become safe they can do airplane mode but landing on someone will break thier screen for 1 round and controls will be backward they can use blue tooth to spy others they can facotary reset someone as kill button they can play snake game where they have to collect android symbol if someone has less points they will fall and break to death they can move faster they can steal battery but they have bar true or false activating true with only 100% death they can call someone at last they can let 2 crew or themselvves in battle of a cable attach you have to click aim button to get more power i hope this will added

  • I want to download it

  • hey zud i love you video dude is so awesome not lie

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  • I love Him so much he the reason I decided to make my own channel to be able to grind

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  • Your thumbnails might get stolen by cheapo Chinese “kids” websites

  • Dead game

  • Is the game free?

  • I’d rather be an iPad than an iPhone

  • One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🎈

  • lookums swore wa

  • This guy is just unnecessary acting dumb or just super incompetent...

  • Slogo mad

  • Zud: why did you teleport me?!?!? Ssundee: mwuahahaha because I can!!!!

  • how is amogus still a thing again

  • This is the ultimate cringe that I have ever seen. Please, I ask you to delete this and never make any content like this ever again.

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  • I have a mod idea the Soccer Player He can put 2 players into a mini game on a soccer net and the imposter is the goal keeper who ever scores 3 goals first wins and the other die The soccer player can kill by kicking a soccer ball at a player He can teleport by kicking the ball where ever he wants around the map and teleports there The soccer player can give a player a 50-50 yellow card or red card if it lands on the red card they die if it land on the yellow card they still live The soccer player can also shoot the ball (snipe the ball from across the map) at a player Tell me what you guys think. I hope they make this mod cuz I really like soccer. And I've thought of this mod forever

  • How you get mode

  • I make trash beatd

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  • From iphone to ipad lol

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  • LOL im watching this on my iphone 12

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  • among us is kinda dead

  • Me who uses an Android:

  • Ian literally call zud and zud is right there

  • Thanks to Kate dislike 👎

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  • My mind keeps being read 🤯🤯🤯

  • Ooo

  • What am I watching

  • Love your laugh, man.

  • Ssundee haha🤣

  • Your friends good 💖

  • When the second round you begin the evil iPhone

  • The second round here became the evil

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  • Wall-e And Eva roll please :D:D:D


  • This is pretty funny and cool

  • the mitchells vs the mongus

  • Lookumz:gonna go Zud:Im done with this game my face is so red right now

  • Zud please make a among us of the flash

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  • Doo a dum mode


  • V

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  • I have motorola

  • it reminds me of the main antagonist in the Mitchells VS The Machines movie- *any other young people know that movie?* 👍

  • Zombie

  • hi

  • This is pretty funny and cool at the same time 💯💯💯💯💯

  • zud almost rage quited

  • Wow, they’re running out of ideas.

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  • El nombre del movimiento se llamaba 666

  • Encontré esto pero yo lo que veo un animalito sí o no

  • That's a butt because he didn't trusted ssundee you should really probably going to trust people zud people always broke the game

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  • Firk you ssundee

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  • Zud: imma big boy Me: YOUR AN IPAD

  • balls

  • Whens ssunde gonna make a vid about this my brother wants to know

    • Also he watch this he loved this

  • among us died so many months ago and its cringe

  • If you’re reading this relax the muscles in your face ✌🏻

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  • I love the part where they called each other to tell them to come

  • Among us is dead dummy

    • It is and they’re getting on trending for this like what

  • zud: rip siglis me: tryna figure out how sigils went on another phone lol