NEW *C4 DRONE* in Rainbow Six Siege (Operation Crimson Heist)

Joylandi 21-Fev, 2021
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  • Ah yes the floor is made out of flore

  • Watching this high af

  • Rip spawn

  • I don’t recognize custard with his new headset audio I missed the old one D:

  • he look like an anime character!

  • I ship nug and foo

  • enemy RCXD imbound

  • I got a McDonald’s ad at 6:36 and he...

  • Did anybody notice that fooya killed coconut brah

  • That time limit is dumb

  • Pearl Was 12?????

  • I feel like nug was flirting

  • In the first clip nug looks like the grandpa from up lol

  • why the does nug look like a lesbian with a platinum american express card

  • who else likes nugs older thumbnails.

  • Wait Lonnie is a boy

  • I already see the new op gonna have 2 bomb drones on its final nerf

  • 1:25 Duke Dennis : is all about the execution

  • We’ve wanted a explosive character for so long

  • Lonnie simps for fooya

  • This really didn’t show in the sub box huh?

  • Nugget looks like a white version of Jaden Smith

  • Nugs a bts singer

  • nugTOX

  • day 1 of asking nugget what his pc's specs are.

  • At 5:45 he kills two enemies with a c4 and it says 3v5 not 5v3..

  • A lil pre blow 😂😂😂🌬️

  • let's be real....we all thought he would be op but he seems okay

  • every time I look at you Nug your slowly turning more korean then the last time

  • Nug looks like an off brand Michael reeves.

  • R6 is just terrible now since lions release

  • 2:40 wait what is that final planting?

  • Where Flores from

  • I feel like this should’ve been a twitch or IQ rework Also I think they should’ve had different guns maybe one of Jackals or soem old gangster gun like an uzi look at him lol and he definitely should’ve had a revolver

  • 1:22 that's what she said

  • was that custard at the start?

  • spawntaneous overplays being a girl gamer too much

  • I dont like how they changed the countdown

  • Holy you have 4 of those?


  • Because of nuggets aim I realized that I just need teammates to get plat 1 cuz I already aim better lmao

  • hey nug i got your charm

  • The rightful cormorant orally trade because hood longitudinally post for a lush beach. striped, whole tiger

  • Nugget looks like majin buu but the fat version

  • Why do you look like a drug addict?

  • I loved this video

  • Damn I have t watched this dude for like two years lol.

  • This is a good video

  • imagine mozzie get the rcxd car

  • "Narcoleptic push pop" lol

  • me watching this video family friendly music plays* me:since when

  • Y

  • I got rickrolled on an ad

  • \ / 0 0 (___)

  • Lmao, ubisoft probably going to nerf him by removing 1 or 2 RC-XD

  • Legend says it the new op is gay

  • fooya and nug? ❤️

  • Why do I feel that Nugget stopped gaining subs when Dils stopped telling everyone to subscribe and like the video?

  • The new season dropped? I’m confused😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

  • HD-XD deployed

  • I like how the girl didn’t get the pre blow joke 😭😭

  • Hot wheels 2.0

  • In your desc, custard’s twitch is fooya’s

  • wait is that fooya from like Tk??

  • That lonnie clip @9:10 🤣🤣

  • Wow fooya made it over here

  • So basically if the rc-xd from b02 and hc-xd from b03 combined

  • Why is Nug hairs pink? What did I miss?

  • “I retract that statement or else I’m gonna be put in a crabby pattie jail”

  • Idk where are they. ???

  • Where’s the pack opening?? ITS AT 44K likes lmao

  • Ok

  • They’re ruining the game

  • Lol

  • “Blow it BLOW IT BLOW IT” Ah to early

  • Why didnt this get notified to me

  • pearl is 16 just looked it up so if you are in the UK it is ok but USA big nono.

  • Does the bomb act like a grenade or c4 and kills instantly

  • WHY DOES UBISOFT KEEP USING THE SAME GUNS THIS GAME IS SO GAY at this point. Like wtf can we get a new gun my Godddd

  • Is this siege or cod?

  • 6:19 song pls ?

  • Nice 👍 cut g

  • *sad athieno noises*

  • i know doing weird stuff is fun but PINKKKKKKKKKKKKK?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? you are better then this dude

  • Gotta love custard

  • That the player count sometimes isn’t on the right teamside is bugging the shit out of me

  • You should try a new game your good at r6 but r6 mad boring tho

  • The time font has been changed aye

  • Nug noooooo why u look better when u look normal

  • Just or did no one noticed they killed bruh

  • Lol nug you should make a video of nothing but kills from the new secondary weapon

  • foya killed coconoutbra and you guys dident even realiase it

  • Just played with you on the test servers as txv. Good to see you nugget had to come back and watch the video again

  • Imagine calling that a genuine idea lol

  • Noooooooo!!!! Looks nice

  • Xbox don’t got it

  • I can’t even sub lmao

  • Hello guys please tell me when the season is coming out I don’t know when it is

  • My man looking fresh like a korean 😎🥵🥵 keep the content train moving man!

  • Diego be a goat for calling nug a push pop