Return to FNAF World - Scott's GONE MAD!

Joylandi 19-May, 2016
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FNAF World Update 2 is finally out and with it comes a whole new list of characters for our roster. I can't wait to play as Purple Guy! Also, it seems Scott has gone right off the deep end.
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Thanks to David Keller for allowing us use of his sound FX:


  • It was kinda annoying watching mat repeatedly walk past the very obvious path in the bubble wall 😔

  • It pained me when Mat checked every wall except for the one with a cupcake

    • And then said he already checked it 😔

  • Not that hard to figure out but I realized the 6 graves next to purple guy is in reference to the six kids he killed

  • He swore tho

  • “Ill have you know that fan would be nowhere if it wasn’t for us”

  • “This is the water on mars”

  • “Hot cheese in spaaaacceee!”-Matpat 2016

  • Well we only have to wait 9 years to see if scott actually releases fnaf 57 freddy in space in 2030 XD if he did that would be so meta

  • “Dont trust jason’s judgement on anything”-Matpat 2016

  • Steph:Mathews having a case of the mondays Matpat:NO IM NOT!

  • Chica's Magic Rainbow? More like Chica's Sassy Rainbow.

  • He has not And fnaf world is 2019’s news

  • I recognize the rainbows your voice as the leader of the glitter force squad watch one episode of it and you will understand.

  • 46:38 My favorite quote from MatPat ever

  • Steph's hair looks so pretty in this stream, aweeee!

  • I love that through the "You Won't Get Tired Of My Voice, Will You" thing, MatPat is laughing and Stephanie looks horrified

  • Mat: Casually Walks through a tree and doesn't even notice

  • 23:12 Hey JJ you’re really going to take that sphere of gun switching to your face- and you look so happy too- dO yOu nEeD hElP

  • 27:00

  • When she said like a little peashooter it gave me PvZ flashabacks

  • "then Freddy vs Bonnie, the beginning of the fnaf cinematic universe." " Wait no the cinematic universe starts this fall by warner brothers." Oh boy

  • I love when the rainbow called him a dumbass 😅

  • Sassy rainbow is Jimmy Neutron, by the way.

  • #ShutUpRainbow

  • for myself because I like to binge watch > vid starts at 3:50ish

  • #madpat

  • The most frustrating part of this is Matt trying not to swear. Just say it!

  • pansexual rainbow B)

  • Man when the rainbow called you a dumbass I was like HUH?!?! a curse in a fnaf game! Unheard of. But people cursing while playing em VERY HEARD OF

  • The decorous firewall historically slap because icicle supply trick beneath a damp north. ill-informed, massive picture

  • Ooh watching them skip by that false wall FOUR TIMES was brutal in FNaF 57

    • Yeah, especially since there was CLEARLY a room back there

  • I just love how it puts Phantom marionette and underneath it says. Put it back in the box! It's hilarious to me

  • Is it me or does w.foxy sound like The guy in the secuity breach Trailer

  • 1:48:49

  • 18:08 Foxy fighters more like sonic adventure dx/sonic adventure 1

  • Oh to go back and tell them: “No, that’s Henry. He helped Afton make the animatronics, and his daughter is haunting the puppet.” The theorists: who-what-from the books???

  • Wait I’m just watching Fnaf world for the first time and I realized, in Fnaf 57 it shows some of the “next games” and we’ve actually heard of some of them 1: Cupcake Takes Manhattan In Scotts reddit post about his scrapped movie scripts he talks about a Plushies take Manhattan, and if I’m correct this might’ve been around the time he was writing or written that one 2: Breakfast at Chica’s The killer chica with a heart of gold could be read as the Yandere Chica from UCN

  • I find the fence.... offensive! *Lone drum*

  • Idk foxy.exe was actually scary

  • Life on mars ay he predicted the future it's happening it's starting to ...... MAKE SENSE

  • "I thought we played this game already" MatPat:"INITIAITE MENTAL BREAKDOWN?" > YES NO

  • "You won't get tired of my voice will you?" UCN is a referance to this then, right? Or do I have it backwards?

  • The thing I hate the most in FNaF World is wither Freddy. He looks drunk.

  • Monday Mathew strikes again 😭

  • Mathew is talking about the Witty Banter.

  • 1:07:23

  • Click The rainbow hate the rainbow

  • 30:17 did...did the rainbow just say ‘this is the reason no one calls you in the morning.’ *small pause* ‘Dumb*ss’??? I replayed that moment several times, and I’m pretty sure the rainbow’s calling Mat and Steph(mostly Mat cuz he’s playing the game)dumb*sses

  • I can't believe even Matpat can say "F YOU!" to a child when he gets mad at a game. LOL

  • Everyone says that even Scott wants to abandon FNaF world but I think people are still thinking references to something being made, and the game itself, refer to the game IRL and Scott. I don’t think it’s as meta as it seems. Because as Matt has shown in recent theories the game IS CONNECTED. I believe that the game is very important to the lore still. And what’s going on here is canonical, and the parts of a living breathing digital world


  • "That's the power of checking everything in the game!" (continuously walks past and doesn't check the hidden cupcake in the left wall)

  • Fnaf 57: Freddy in space is basically metroid or should I say meta-troid?

  • 1:19:25 that melody is the same as the fruity maze mini game from pizzeria simulator

  • Title: Return to FNAF World - Scott’s GONE MAD! MatPat: *REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!*

  • i like how mat got more frustrated by stephanie in the intro than he did during the rage game

  • Is no one gonna talk about how at 1:13:47 the dead kid character flashes to having colour and has blue eyes and a green shirt-

  • Is no one gonna talk about how at 1:13:47 the dead kid character flashes to having colour and has blue eyes and a green shirt-

  • 1:32:17 😐😳😱 chica' s highschool year's

  • How they tried to avoid the rainbow saying dumbass was just so funny

  • 39:00-34:00 this is where MAT got his ptsd

  • This rainbow makes cuphead look like a baby game xD

  • The characters are acctuly Halloween bonnie is just beating the game having at least one but less then 9 cupcakes afton is all cupcakes and the coffee is just no cupcakes

  • You won't get tired of watching this playlist again,will you?

  • WAITN IT ACALY SAID FREDY IN SPACE WOW and that game came out in 2018

  • the space Freddy minigame is like Freddy in space which is a game

  • i hate diarea butterfly's


  • play sonic adventures

  • iiiiiiiiiiiii

  • hi mat pat

  • hapy son day


  • f you rainbow


  • did genuinely no one hear the rainbow go "dumba**"

  • DYK: There is a secret passage from the beginning of the game to the Halloween update, you go to the left through some trees and down and there is a warp. you can get those characters from the start

  • 20:54 you wont get tired of my voice Will you

  • Did anyone else here toy chica cuss!?!

  • 1:31:03 Rewatching this series, realized this referencing one of the scrapped FNAF movie ideas! It's Plushies Take Manhattan (?) and you can find it on one of Scott's reddit posts.

  • I imagine Scott came home one day and just gathered his family and went, "Alright, so I need to record some new voice lines with you guys." And they're like, "Oh, what do you need?" And he's like, "I want to roast my players as hard as possible."

  • rainbow mini game = techno blades stream chat


  • 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😓😡😠😰

  • Declan

  • You won't get tired about telling people to reply to me with this comment will you?

  • ❤️ I love all ur channels

  • I feel old... :(

  • Next time matpat sees a rainbow he will never be the same.

  • Get away from the windmill it’s the fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • "Oh so *THAT'S* how it is? VOICES OFF YOU SAY! WELL NOW YOU'VE REALLY P*SSED ME OFF!" Rainbow 2016-2020

  • You now how some cereal 🥣 seys taste the rainbow 🌈 well no if it kills you

  • 1:00 Your right it did look stupid

  • 14:48 I’m now playing this with them at this point and after this scene the character I had popped up as the loading screen and made me laugh.


  • To be fully honest, I wish that fnaf world was continued.

  • I think Scott has gone insane


  • Did MatPat cuss at 39:26 or am I just hearing a bleep?

  • This is "Scott Makes Memes About His Own Franchise: Interactive Experience"