Rich Brian Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

Joylandi 5-Fev, 2020
Rich Brian visits the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to make chicken parmesan with Carla Music. Can he follow along using verbal instructions only?
Check out the recipe here:
At Pietro’s, the cooks deep fry the chicken cutlets in a large, wide skillet, which allows the oil to come up to temperature very quickly and stay there once the cutlet is added. Smart, but potentially messy (it’s a lot of oil!). If you have a Dutch oven with high sides, that will minimize splatter-we’d feel rotten if you got burned.

Rich Brian will be performing at Head in The Clouds Music & Arts Festival Indonesia on March 7, 2020 at JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta. Additionally, he will be performing at Coachella 2020.

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Rich Brian Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


  • Luckies I've been burned in the eyes

  • Now i want How to Basic to keep up with a professional chef.

  • the cheese difference tho lol

  • I would love to see Emma Chamberlain do this!!

  • 2:46 confused metric system user

  • Rich Chigga

  • I love how Carla and Brian are complete opposites when it comes to estimating the amounts that they put. Like Carla added so much salt while Brian was just like baby salt bae. And the cheese part!! HAHAHAHA Carla wasn't kidding on the cheese.

  • 5:18 LMAO 💀

  • the virgo energy he radiates in this energy is kinda endearing

  • I can’t get enough of this back to back series! I love it

  • Never heard of him but he seems very sweet

  • He was awesome save for the moment he placed the freshly breaded yet still raw chicken directly on to his cooling rack then putting his cooked chicken on the same place to add both the marinara and cheese. It could be just me being salmonella paranoid.

  • The cautious flax taxonomically pull because brush simplistically radiate qua a educated ketchup. flimsy, confused sidecar

  • What a nice guy


  • He needs a new hair style

  • Anybody catch him cross contaminate the raw chicken with the cooked chicken?

  • It's me falling in love with Brian for the way he treating his flat meat like his baby. Treat your food like your own baby, APPROVED.

  • Recipes are too easy, too many positive comments. The polar opposite of competitive American cooking shows. Why can't people balance a challenging, non-toxic environment??

  • I don't know why but I have a feeling that Carla should just have let Brian do it in his own way before comparing the result in the end. Yes, it's gonna be a competition. I'm sure Brian will still nail it.

  • “Don’t flip the torch all the way upside down” while she proceeds to turn it upside down 😂

  • You can tell Carla is a true italian based on how much cheese she used

  • Imagine you make a steak video and rich Brian’s starts commenting

  • Lol. He realized need more cheese 😄

  • 10:02 Oil splatter, Brian : "It's always crazy how that never hit my eye, it's always close" Google : The eyes has protecting by an angel

  • They should do a video with mr bean on other side

  • it's not just his english, the way he describe what he sees & does is something else.

  • i’m having a rich brian cooking marathon

  • I love him 💝💕

  • That breville burner is 1.5k...

  • are they talking about oil splattering or facials.....

  • Do danny gonzalez!

  • brian looks like a really good dude who is just passionate about cooking

  • Imagine joji.. Uh nevermind 😂

  • Don't invert it, she says.. before immediately inverting it

  • i gotta say......kid can cook

  • He's rich but also well mannered. Asian.

  • okay....... rap and cooking is so related lmao

  • she said don't hold the torch upside down also her : 15:57

  • Rich brian:can i touch the bread crumb? Me. :statisfaying

  • He should go to mythical kitchen

  • his face at 2:18 ಥ‿ಥ

  • Hey remember that time a bunch of chefs at ba quit because they weren't offered equal pay? And remember all those getting screwed were non-white?

  • Rudimentary cooking.

  • Yes he is freakingly cute

  • Start at 3:15 and close your eyes 🤭

  • The communication was on point.

  • Brian is so well mannered, then there's Markiplier, just roasting her lmao, though he did say he was just joking he's always like that

  • 3:55 pu- pus- *_PUTHY_*

  • Pro Chef : So, first thing you may notice the raw chicken. Brian : picked up the knife and look around

  • 3:42 sure it looks like a heart

  • "i just love going to the grocery store and the whole process" where can we find a guy like this

  • My boi brian looks like he's having a hard time to be out of his usual character.He act like kinda polite around the people that he's not used to hang with,especially with older person or people he's just met..

  • I really like him

  • Aguanten las milanesas wachooo

  • I study english major but his american english accent is way better than me

  • 3 eggs for 1 piece of chicken? My mama would spank you BA

  • 'you cant trust what you see on youtube' 'yeah, totally, thats insane' WELL WHAT AM I DOING HERE THEN

  • props to Rich Brian for not laughing at the chicken breast

  • Lol I'm watching this and I just said chicken katsu the same time as Carla

  • *hot oil burns his eye* "I'm good"

  • Wow rich brian english talk or listening so well. Even the teacher talking so fast. Brian still understand. I hope you will more and more succesed, and your song will heard by entire world. I HOPEEE BRIAN WILL MORE POPULAR.

  • 15:21his little oh no ...cute

  • he reminds me of zach herron LOL

  • Carla: don't hold the torch parallel to the floor proceeds to do that exact thing

  • So cute!

  • 4:31 rich Brian begins to beat his meat. Sorry I had to make the joke

  • no one. rich brian: mixes stuff with two hands at 2:06

  • Chef: “dont hold the torch past parallel” Also chef: holds the torch past parallel

  • 2:18 What's up with the faceee?!!! omg hahaha

  • "don't keep it parallel to the floor" also her: 15:00

  • Can we get Joji or Niki here?

  • Ive had hot oil splash my eye ball before while frying something 😅

  • Someone should count the the amount of times he said “okay”

  • The irony that he literally learnt how to make AyAm GePrEkk MOzArelLa in NYC's Test Kitchen 😭

  • this is why i love brian LMAO he’s husband material

  • aw he's so nice

  • I got hot oil directly in my eyeball at my old job cooking lol, slow eyelids Ig

  • He's cute. Too cute.

  • Get Joji

  • patiently watching on repeat in quarantine while waiting for more brian+BA content :)

  • Rich Brian always say enggak 🤣

  • Microwaved bread and now on the test kitchen

  • Wow ..persis sama ...bener2bdah ni bang brian..kerren

  • his fried chicken never tasted like anything bc look how little salt he used compared to her. lol :p also the way he grated the cheese the second time :'( such a dangerous episodeeeeee. no rappers were harmed during filming.


  • THE WAY he was holding the cheese grater

  • Am I the only one who found the way he was grating the cheese so cute

  • Great instincts.. as he holds the grate by the sides and not the handle HAHAAH

  • Am I the only one that’s tired of the “we do it every night” dishes ad


  • "I'm trying my best not to say beating my meat" I'm so dead HAHA

  • There is no such thing as "over cheese" right HAHAH

  • you cant trust things you see on youtube.where am i

  • He is so charismatic

  • the ending is akward af

  • Carla:dont flip the sears it all Also Carla: flips the torch thing

  • I was kinda shocked he used the Tongs to bring over the final product over to the plate ( cross contamination) But then i realised he used his hands to dip the raw chicken into the pot

  • Adorbs

  • the chemistry between both of them was like a mother and her son. she compliment him over and over while he waiting for her instruction. it kinda sweet i might say. and i just realized that rich brian has really great comedic timing.