Russell Jr vs Nyambayar FULL FIGHT: February 8, 2020 | PBC on SHOWTIME

Joylandi 8-Fev, 2021
WBC Featherweight World Champion Gary Russell Jr. successfully defended his title by winning a unanimous decision over mandatory challenger Tugstsogt Nyambayar live on SHOWTIME Saturday night in a Premier Boxing Champions event from PPL Center in Allentown, Pa. Russell won by the scores of 118-110, 117-111 and 116-112.
Russell (31-1, 18 KOs) made the fifth defense of his 126-pound crown by piling up rounds early, winning the first three frames on all three cards and out landing Nyambayar in the first four rounds according to the PunchStat Report.
"We put the work in every day in the gym,” said Russell. “I'm a perfectionist. We knew we had a very tough opponent and I knew he was going to bring his physical best. He had everything to gain and nothing to lose. We just focused and showed I'm one of the longest reigning champions for a reason.
"The difference was ring generalship, hand speed and boxing IQ. He only had 11 pro fights, of course he was an Olympic silver medalist, but he only had those 11 pro fights. I've had over 30 and I think my experience was enough to overcome and win this fight.”
Nyambayar (11-1, 9 KOs) significantly picked up his punch output in the second half of the fight, but believed that he waited too long for Russell to come to him.
"It wasn't my night,” said Nyambayar. “He was the better man tonight. I didn't do my work the way I was supposed to. He is a great champion who fought a great fight. I made a mistake by waiting for him during the fight. I'd love the rematch if I can get it.”
The 31-year-old Russell is part of one of boxing’s premier fighting families as he is trained by his father Gary Sr. and brother Gary Allan. Earlier in the night, Gary Jr. worked the corner for his younger brothers, unbeaten super lightweight Gary Antuanne and undefeated bantamweight Antonio, who both posted convincing victories. For Russell, who has held the WBC 126-pound crown since 2015, he plans to stay sharp in the gym and move up in weight in order to land a fight against another big name.
"We never take a day off,” said Russell. “I'll probably be back in the gym next week. We'll keep our wheels turning and stay sharp. If we have to move up in weight for these top fighters to feel like they have an advantage and take the fight, then we'll do it."
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  • 520 20 yeah Gary!

  • You should never listen to the broadcasters they always avoid the punches of the person whom their network doesn’t support. Nyambiyar took the fight especially in the last 4 rounds.

  • Oscar valdez le parte la madre a gary rusell

  • Loma rematch anyone?

  • GR definitely won but the scorecard is absurd. This fight clearly shows judging in boxing is biased and heavily influenced by one sided view. The most of the jabs of GR were punching air. The fight scorecard should have been closer than fucking 118-110. It should be more like 115- 113. Mauro Ranallo favors GR with bias

  • lol "mongolian warriors gonna knock you out" shout out to the guy with all the pride for his country

  • Russel b level champ

  • After that entrance iam ready to fight

  • I 75 5

  • Shotout to Mr. Gary Russell Jr. and the whole Russell family Batman Salute homie ✌

  • Great ring walk, a lot of punches thrown, although grj won i didn't understand his second half game plan😳😳😳

  • He need to see money man

  • What a fight!

  • Lets make Navarrete vs Gary Russell Jr. ASAP (Unification Fight for the WBO and WBC championships), Navarrete vs Leo Santa Cruz (Unification Fight for WBO and WBA championships), or Navarrete vs either the winner of Lara/Warrington or Kid Galahad (For the unification WBO, IBF, and Ring Magazine). Let’s hope these fights happen in the future 🔥. Who you got winning? And why?



  • Fight was never close

    • 115 -113 or 116 - 112

  • No mask

  • Gary don't help to promote his fight I must this ,thanx UZfire no mask thou

  • that was a knockdown it's clearly shows it clipped the side of his chin , but Mongolians suck at boxing I can't believe they had the largest empire on earth

    • What empire has to do with boxing. Idiocy at its finest.

  • Boring fight no wounder Abel Sanchez sad black boxers fight s are boring

  • Nobody sad nothing about the judge 118to 100

    • Judging sucks

    • Thats just ridiculous

  • That entrance was legendary 🔥

  • Damn i missed this one. GRJr is my nigga. time to roll up.

  • Russell got nothing in the sport of boxing

  • Boring fights

  • i miss pauly at ringside

  • Tsw5

  • That was the most boring fight ever

  • Dis Fool fight once every 3 years

  • The Mongol could've won the fight if he'd led with the right hand more.

  • That Mongol was tough, Joe!

  • Poor performance by Gary,

  • When is tank going to fight somebody cause he keeps fighting little guys

  • Them girls bad in the entrance especially dark one He shorter than them so its weird

  • Gary aint ready for Crawford

  • Opinion changed, Gary you my boy, but don't eff with Tank plz.

  • I dont think tank will ever fight this dude becuz its a waist of time no money and his style is trash if you ask me he fights bumz,just think if he fought tank are you nuts tanks would be his ass and then he wanted to fight crawford and then duck young haney like wtf he trash

  • Russell needs to be more active !! I want to see him fight more !! Is the music entrance of Nyambayar from the Yu ? Great Mongolian group !!

  • Russell needs to be more active !! I want to see him fight more !!

  • Russell lacks power. He also is limited. And, he's boring after a couple of rounds. He's not going to be one of the greats.

  • Waiting for the second fight 🔥

  • Is there a rematch scheduled betweennthese two?

  • Gary not ready for Tank or Devin or Teo

  • I want to see Gary Russell Jr. fight Naoya Inoue at 126lb.....

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥This is the type of Boxing that makes the 🌏 go round, this bout saved the sport!

  • Russell can't go up in weight he's too short with short arms.

  • If that guy would have fault like that from the jump gary would have lost...

  • Davis will punish him. Boring fight start to finish on his end

  • King Tug good pressure, more jabs, especially to central torso. Central torso to liver. Good showing Mongolian warrior. Mr. Gary Russell Jr. I saw no major body work, no combos to the body. Good win, bro, but respectfully, kinda boring. Somebody's liver got 'touched' about the 4 or 5th round. Realtalk.

  • Gary has no chance with Stevenson nor tank nor Garcia

  • That fight was boring gervonta Davis will put Gary Russell to sleep ASAP💯

  • Al Bernstein is only there because he has Caucasian privilege Annabelle🐷

  • Al Bernstein is clueless know nothing about boxing somebody should put him in the ring in the gym let him do some sparring cos he talk a bag of shit FOOL

  • PBC on FOX TBE 🇺🇸💯

  • Magsayo vs russell soon..

  • Stay away from Davis

  • Pelea mas aburrida que la madre, con razon estos tipos nadie los ve.

  • No he didn't Coming to America lol he did that well done mr. Russell

  • Jr's entrance wouldve meant more against a name opponent lol

  • Gary hasn’t been in a real fight since Loma beat his ass he’s always wolfin and ducking tho🤦🏽‍♂️

    • You hit it right on the money Boston George.

    • @Jay Hendricks he needs to move up in weight he ain't got no real comp in this division Tank moved up and he younger if he really wants these dudes in the mean time he bullshiting the dice with bum fights.

    • Gary ain't ducking nobody they're ducking him

  • I hate it when these channels put up old fights and promo them like they are recent fuckin pisses me off

  • GRJ gets mad respect for that ring entrance

  • This is the Gary russel that’s wants to fight tank 🤣🤣😂 good luck

  • That was a good fight ! Gary started ⛽️ out from them body shots towards the end tho king tug def ain’t no bum

  • He beats this kid but it took alot out of him to do it in his next fight russell is nit going to be the same.

  • Nobody really likes russell his mouth is his worst enemy,not to mention he fights once a year.

  • Rematch.

  • Sheesh.... the one that starts on the right front is a goddess lmao

  • Great fighters fought more often and they didn't duck fights

  • GRjr sux because this is the only caliber he wants to fight an Loma made him look ordinary

  • GRjr sux because he he been champ for hella years an has fought no one. He ducks big fights. Now boxers don't wanna be a great they jus want to stack lil funds duck every one an retire at 40.

  • Gary​ boring Jr..

  • GRJ only needs to fight his mandatory, he’s playing it smart

  • This a GRJ fight so I'm keep it nice y'all fucking crazy if you think GRJ can beat Tank. Tank got speed to, only question I got is what Punch that GRJ got would keep Tank off his ass

  • Wow nice entrance 😂😂😂😂

  • That was a knockdown for sure in the first round

  • Boring as usual. Cur fear fighting.

  • Strippers? Lol.

  • I am officially a Gary Russell Jr fan, my man can box his ass off. If he can create just a little bit more pop I see nothing but great things in the future ,even though he's a future star...

  • Lost my respect for him after the ducking show he put on all 2020 never fought devin nor tank nor tank mind you this man called all of them out claimed that the contract devin Haney sent was fake idc how many fights he fights if he doesn’t make none of the moves he said he would just leave him on the duck list 🤬

  • Not sure how I missed this fight when it happened but ok

  • Fighting once a year ain it man

  • Too bad he ducked Haney


  • Wish I could see Gary vs shaqur Stevenson tank don't want tha smoke so I wouldn't mind seeing gary vs theo eighter

  • Boring fight, russel is a runner!!!

  • I thought that was al haymon

  • He could never beat Tank. Does have enough rocket fuel to hurt him, Tank is quicker and Gary gets hit to much. Tank sleeps him easy!

    • Gary Russel is faster than tank and he hardly takes loads of shot damn keep off the pipe fool

    • I want to see him fight shakur stevenson....that kid has skills

    • I was literally thinking the same thing Gary going to sleep and tank can easily make 126 as long as he start training camp early

    • Did you say Tank is quicker? You do know Gary Russell has the fastest hands in boxing. Lol But he doesn’t have power like Tank. Speak facts homie

    • the

  • Merp!

  • I like Gary but there’s know way he would beat tank

    • @Nick Baldonado there is a way but Gary ain’t doing it

    • @SilverStar don't have anything to do with being urban I know boxin, been in DA game ova 30yrs tank is freak of nature he can box , slug it out or just smooth knock you the fuckout. I been watching this young man since the amateurs you say overrated I say underrated by far the best in his class😎 and be on the lookout for shakur stevenson pure boxing genius future hall-of-famers 4sho💯

    • @Tyler Perry Shows Addicted Official Fans Shugbrown Leo was out of his prime , as swarmer( stylistically weak against a brawler like Tank) and to be frank not his proper weight class.

    • I think there is a way , to be frank Tank is a bit overrated by the more urban casual fans. He fights solely looking for the KO, and a cerebral fighter would and will take advantage of that.

    • I agree not enough power to keep tank from walking him down and finishing him late...good skills just not strong enough

  • Russell vs Stevenson will be a burner

  • Proud of you and Lil Gary my Brudda🤞🏾😁💫☮️

  • DcOrNuffin

  • P

  • Wow! One month prior to the Corona/COVID 19 lockdown. . .

  • Yo is nobody with masks in there...YESS is it finally over?

  • Gary Russell is a right handed southpaw

  • Idk about anyone else, but I for one am sick of Gary Russell Jr’s shit. Bro needs to fight more

    • Nobody wants to fight him they're ducking him

  • I hope the inactivity doesn't hurt GRJ career. He's surely a great boxer