Sapnap Teaches Dream's Sister Bedwars...

Joylandi 9-Iyn, 2021
Sapnap Teaches Dream's Sister Bedwars... This was super funny! Sapnap and friends taught Dream's sister how to play Bedwars!

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We tried to teach a total Minecraft noob how to play Bedwars! This Minecraft noob was not just a random person though, it was @Dream s SISTER! This was honestly a lot of fun and there were tons of laughs along the way! I hope to do something like this again!


  • Keep this in your brain and tell everyone I am pretty sure Tommy and it has more subscribers than everyone except dream

  • See grave stone *innocently writes drista pjs coffin*

  • 13:25 So it means that Drista's dead ?

  • Drist skin reminds me of mine


  • i have hypixel too :>

  • SapnapLIVE is better than dreams UZfire channel, change my mind

  • If I trick u can I get pined? Read more


  • please someone do George and Drista screams mashup

  • Anyone want Dream vs Drista?

  • smellynap

  • Dream's sister ❌ Drista ✅

  • he say sO fUnNy lol

  • 666 subs sus

  • 666 subscribes


  • Ah yes "666k" subscribers.. Btw congrats.

  • 666k subscribers

  • Bruh subs are 666k

  • smellynap

  • Drista’s scream is so OP

  • 2:46 drista!

  • Sapnap i think you should not shake your mouse while pvpeing because “you’re aim” nvm

  • Yol sapnap congrats on that 666k subs man

  • sapnap, when will you start with face cam again. i really miss that:)

  • quackity: Am Gonna Make Your Last Day Dream: Sam Dream: SAM!

  • Deam her sister is cute

  • drista makes this 1000000x more funnier

  • Sapnap smells

  • *screaming*


  • The dream house must be very chaotic

  • Dream Sis Must be Cute

  • eeeee

  • Smellnap lol

  • does Drista live with them or it's just a visit?

  • Wait are they like in the same room? Lol it sounds like sapnap is there next to her

  • Drista can either be your friend or your enemy but you don’t want her as your enemy. *Befriend drista*

  • R other Americans rlly that bully? Sapnap is not smelly Karl!

  • Hahaha the absolute SAS!! 🔥🔥🔥 drista is to much!! 😂😂😂

  • I wish there were more drista video

  • Fun fact : drista's skins is actually mikuu xD

  • Sapnap her name is Sam not drista

  • Sapnap don’t you dare say bad words to my favorite UZfirer Karl jacobs mk 😂


  • Drista is an icon

  • 9:33 drista racecar bed confermed

  • There's nobody gonna talk about drista skin its hatsune miku

  • I've been shipping drista and sapnap until I searched drista's age...... oml sorry new subscriber here

  • 8:18

  • Sap nap and dream live together

  • Didn’t she say she hates Sapnap in Tommy’s video???????

  • WE NEED MORE DRISTA VIDEOSSSSS Where has she been all this time?

  • 78% not sub lol XD

  • Wait if they only have 1 headphones does that mean drista and sapnap saw eachother faces like he saw drista or is it because dream lives with snapmap and drista just visits daily??

    • drista was on sapnap's and dream's house when this vid was recorded, they were together in person

  • drista: "that was rude!" me: but that was point of the game =( and be nice bc they was trying to teach u = (

  • sooooooooooooo you and karl.......

  • This duo is everything

  • This has nothing to do with this videos but Sapnaps skin in the video is a person from aphmaus my street series 🥸🤌🏼 (first round you can see)

  • you could have asked purpled

  • Wait are you with her? In this video


  • Karl is too funny

  • 9:07 i half expect drista to go "I dont like governments or kingdoms..."

  • You cant play bed wars

  • Title:sapnap teaches drista how to play bedwars Me: why is it in third person

  • Super sain drista

  • half of this video is drista screaming

  • Don’t order merch because you won’t get it or a response

  • You shuild have let’s techno blade help you lol

  • Something she need to learn is to have no mercy

  • Dristas scream is bacically georges.

  • Why would sapnap teach anyone if he sux lol

  • Wait why did i just realized that drista and sapnap are playing on the same pc. I feel stupid now. Also i like how dream is always sleeping through this shit

  • im sow confuesd bc drista is using sapnas acc and sapnap shud now drista

  • Bro the title is so sus💀

  • Can’t wait till dream george and sapnap all meet up and when they do they should live together and George should meet drista and his mother in law 😏

  • okay so coming here after seeing technoblade's bedwars vids is kind of... a bummer XD

  • Why did it take me so long to realize that Sapnap and Drista were in the same room XD

  • Sap nap i have a hack if yup speed bridgh do it not behind only in front place it in front is easyer is i was by you kill show you it if i can

  • Wait- did drista come over?

  • The stale tom-tom revealingly polish because t-shirt disappointedly telephone pro a fragile trombone. disgusted, innocent act

  • Well I'm crack at bw


  • karl: hello?, Yo sapnap sucks right. drista: yeah. still karl TRUUUUEEE. more karl: dose he smell bad. drista: yeah. even more karl or is it just even he's at my house? even drista no its here to. KARL:okay its here to okay sweet! DRISTA:its just all the time. epic karl: thats what i thought x2

  • I love drista haha she has a famous minecraft brother and she knows nothing

  • wow imagine drista joining kinoko kingdom before asking quackity

  • Drista is like nice but also she's a savagee she was yelling at somebody that's 11 years older 😂😂😂😂

  • Hey can someone tell me why everyone dislike the funny video??

  • Hey sapnap congratulations on winning the mrbeast tag video

  • Heyy

  • When she went ahhhhhh I just had to laugh

  • Haha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • He tried to be in the same team as her and her bed

  • Sapnap literally knows what Drista looks like Irl

  • Why did i read '' teaches '' in the title as '' touches ''-

  • When is Dream gonna post

  • Wait, so Drista and Sapnap were sitting next to eachother?

  • Is no one gonna talk about how sapnap said "oh he's the one that tortured your brother"*shows clip" dream:SAM!!