Sea of Thieves Season Two: Official Content Update Trailer

Joylandi 15-Apr, 2021
Plot a course for Sea of Thieves Season Two!
💀 New World Event: Fort of Fortune
📔 New Emissary Ledger Rewards
📦 Buyable Resource Crates
🗺 Emissary Trade Routes
💯 100 levels of rewards
🕵️‍♀️ Barrel Disguise Emote
💰 Pirate Emporium refresh
☠ And more!
Learn more about the fresh challenges and features awaiting bold buccaneers:
Exercise your Merchant Alliance-rivalling diligence by delving into the full release notes here:
00:00 - Sea of Thieves Season Two has arrived!
00:32 - Spend money, make money (maybe).
01:00 - New Fancy Emissary Rewards!
01:21 - The Fort of Fortune Beckons...
01:56 - Skeleton Captain purses
02:05 - 100 more levels of Renown and rewards!
02:24 - Sneaky shenanigans...
02:37 - Earn more with the Plunder Pass.
02:52 - Knife tricks and Dark Warsmiths in the Emporium.
03:11 - SET SAIL!
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  • when the entire point of the game is unlocking cosmetics but they put the cosmetics i want in a cash shop.....

  • Got banned for throwing 1 blunder bomb

  • wh yis there only one type of enemies

  • mobile lonch

  • Please for open crews, add a join crew in progress option!

  • Confused piravolta

  • WOW! More Skins and Emotes! That's definitely what SoT needs! Can't wait to slowly grind all that gold for the single end goal of buying more cosmetics

  • Remember when these commodities were actually worth something

  • unmute arena

  • With the announcement of there being no PVE mode I’m done. ✌️

  • I stopped playing this game when Season Pass was released

  • great game... i want a mmo version :D

  • Bruh, Rare is greedy, i mean 41€ for the whole dark warsmith bundle thing. Bruh its a lot cheaper on steam

  • Is the new fort going to stay after the season or is it getting removed cuz it's op and put the fotd out of business

  • Lovely season

  • This game is so slept on. Fav multiplayer since Destiny

  • Aye! Rare whats up with le new names?


  • When on PS4?

  • Is this really gonna be the biggest year?

  • E un bel gioco fatelo su ps4 e ps5

  • Fatelo!

  • Fatelo su ps4 e ps5

  • sad that they are just making battlepasses and cosmetics over actual content on a game that feels unfinished.

  • Now I actually found a skin a pass worth dropping money on. The skeleton costume and ship set is god tier

  • Seriously???? U call this a season update???? Where s the CONTENT???? stop doing useless cosmetics, work to new locations, new maps, new mechanics and new enemies. Really guys , this is ridicolous and frustrating.

  • It‘s great that you keep developing and adding new content. But what I think the game really misses is the feeling of a living world. It feels a lot like you‘re thrown into a setpiece. The game feels sterile in that terms that you cannot at all interact or change the world, f.e. no moving/walking, interacting npcs (no living market in Zelda games), no palms to be ripped down by your cannonballs, your ship doesn’t damage the dock when it crashes into it, a sunken enemy ship just disappears instead of becoming a sunken ship as the ones you can find randomly on the map. Honestly there is so much you can do what makes a lot more sense and a better game then rigging new animations or shuffling a „unlock chart“.

  • I loved this game when it first game out. I’m not coming back for cosmetics. I want to see improved gameplay and a end game.

  • Player: Yo Other player:what? Player:why can't I open this barrel? The barrel: its broken Player: oh ok.. wait That pirate was never seen again

  • The game on Steam is an absolute scam, nothing but 'Lavander beard' error messages.

  • I was wondering if there would ever be anymore sea events like the kraken and such so that sailing is more dangerous. Say like a hydra or a Whirlpool I think would be nice to add but then again I'm not the one making the game so I don't know how hard that would be so it was just a suggestion.


  • Please add modifiable ships.... let us create a ship, let us earn ship upgrades. There isn't anything to work for right now for people who don't care about cosmetics.

  • Please do something against server hoppers it is annoying and bad for the game. Please notice it. The server hoppers destroy the feeling

  • Merchant keeps on getting buffed, calm down rare. Merchant is now one of the best ways to make money and probs the best way of leveling up a faction (I think, lvl 75). Order of souls need a buff, ok.

  • does anybody have a fix on sot when i try to get into sot i just get stuck on "loading supplies" can somebody plz help me:)

  • Add new guns

  • Is the highest tier mean emissary level five or being in the top 25% at the end of the season? I really want those ship cosmetics.


  • Release it on ps4

    • You do know SoT is from Rare whose parent company is Xbox Game Studios right? It means it’s going to be an exclusive to Xbox and Windows. It’s like asking for God of War or Spider-Man to be release on Xbox which we know Sony isn’t going to do that.

    • And ps5!!

  • Hearing about a "battlepass" from a friend, I had to check the video as I got kinda mad since you should not need to buy content in a game that you have to buy or purchased first, like cosmetics, really, you dont... unless its good dlc... continues the video "oh by the way" PREMIUM PASS.... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • Please add 120 FOV option.

  • Can some one make a video PC🖥️⌨️🖱️ vs xbox one, xbox x🎮 because it's seems pc players had plenty of advance with that speed it's looks so fast reload switch weapon, fire weapon, swing, fire harpoon, fire cannon if there is a difference (thanks sea of thieves for ruin console🎮 players pvp experience + who going to go to arena??? Knowing most the player are op because pc🖥️⌨️🖱️)

  • is this true?!?!?

    • It's concept art, so it's not confirmed for example the mermaid things, they have been teasing them since literally day 1. Sooo don't get too excited...

  • When are you guys adding Icelands in the North? ;D

  • Season doesn't fit this game

  • So basically season One with more emotes, SNORE

  • Can’t wait to start counting barrels on my ship every 10 minutes

  • Add enemy pirates, please 😒 Im tired of those damn skeletons.

  • Can you please give me a pirate legend stuff Creater

  • 🔥

  • 🧡

  • ❤️

  • They did the plunder pass right

  • Can we please get vote to kick in this game

  • ha absolutepixel just predicted the buying of crates of like storage crates

  • I love how see of thieves has a plunder pass but it is not a must to play the game.

  • Hey, hey rockstar! This is how you make a proper update to your loyal players can be a cool company!

  • Man I can’t wait to get chased for a half hour by a brig

  • epiccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

  • They should make some card games on board thr ship to play

  • We need another melee weapon

  • can you insiders please shut up yo?

    • @based chimp I agree,im not an insider But I do know you have to sign a non disclosure agreement(nda for short),and this just violates that.

    • @TomTheCat OSU you think im mad dont you?

    • :tf: you mad?

  • Seria legal se vocês adicionassem um novo tipo de bioma, por exemplo: Em uma parte do mapa tivesse Icebergs, água congelada, furações, ondas gigantes que pudessem afundar o navio, partes que não tivesse vento e o navio ficasse parado até o vento voltar, etc.. Também gostaria que adicionassem uma barra de fome e de cede, acho que isso causaria mais interesse nos jogadores para irem em busca de alimentos, e também daria uma experiência bem mais realista ! Bom isso foi apenas minha opinião ao jogo, se tiverem gostado comentem UP para que eles possam ver

  • I like the game, but I'm still missing something useful to do with the gold you earn. I mean it's nice to look badass but I see no purpose in grinding money for basically just skins, emotes etc. etc.

    • Now with resource crates, at least something useful has appeared

  • When are we gonna see more tall tales the story of flameheart is awesome

  • Fire skull? ☠️ 😎

  • Please some Story Updates or New Features for the Ships... Nobody needs cosmetics or buying Things at outposts

  • Not gonna lie, the resource crates for sale was what I was excited for.

  • Wish they'd decrease the skeleton spawn rate on islands, hate fishing or something and 7 of them spawn with like 2 gunpowders

  • Oh wow! Free rewards in a game that cost $80 you guys are just too generous.

  • No more skins


    • @TomTheCat OSU you could have made it believable but in a few weeks really no trailer no nothing I know it’s never coming to ps4 but a man can dream sadge

    • Okay I've contacted the rare hq, the ps4 port should be coming in a few weeks

  • Can you please add pvp and pve servers. I get it’s a pirate game but I absolutely HATE pvp. I just want to get on with my husband. Find some loot have fun and get off without rage quoting because a brig wanted an alliance and then LIED... look Rare. I love SOT but please... PLEASE add pve servers. That way players don’t get killed by other players. People that suck at the game can learn and then the pvp servers can do all the violence. Please Please Add pve servers.

    • @Marty Mcflyy yeah I know. I uninstalled it. I’m tired of getting griefed by people. I just get spawn peaked on my own ship.

    • It wont happen

  • u guys have outdone yourselfs this season

  • Can you bring arena hotmics and text chat back. It drys up arena and if players don’t want to hear it hey can just mute it in settings.


  • Add third person

  • can we appreciate the reaper was named "Little Ned" while they have a reputation for being children

    • How so? Just curious. I've only come across competent ones

  • Can anybody explain to me, why my crew is a barrel?

  • What is the name of the song in the beginning?

  • This…. Is…… sick

  • zybraddddd !!! The game is calling

  • We must protect Little Ned at all costs.

  • This update definetly has some great things like the crates but again a lot of it is cosmetic. We just want more. More guns, different meele options like a dagger or an axe, more sea life (probably the most requested addition to the game), more ships. + Even the cosmetics that you add can be rather limiting. Why can't I wear a mask without having to wear an entire outfit, why can't I customize my internal ship design like the captain's quarters.

  • How're you suppose to use the ashen winds skull if the last boss drops it?

    • The skeleton captains every 3 waves sometimes drop maps to one.

  • bangers

  • Doubt dev would read any of these but season two blah season one was blah. The reskin of forts with same treasure already out tossed in lame. Understand wanted to bring back world battle for a fort that simple takes to dam long to even want to try it. Why don't we step up the pve like a skelly man of war that spawns random like skelly ships one that so tuff takes a really skilled crew to stand a chance. So you either have to form a alliance to to take it out or run for your life. Right now for me pvp only thing fun in the game but I would like something that pve that free roaming and can sink your ship like the kraken was before you nerfed it. The game getting dull and boring as everything is super easier on pve there no risk of being sunk by anything that is pve.

  • This update is great. The Merchant update is fantastic, along with the new emissary items, skeleton captain update, and especially the new Fort of Fortune. Also, the new Plunder Pass has SUPER nice items. But I wish the pass had more related items. For example, the blunderbuss skin is amazing, but it would be even better if there was a full weapon set to match with it. Overall, amazing update.

  • Is ist still worth to play it in 2021?

  • Dont mind me... Just here to sugest a new athena voyage

  • Sea of thieves coming to ps4?

  • So it's like a mobile game, you can pay for supplies to skip the time it takes to stock your ship...

    • @bombarded15 this WOULD be the case if you had to use doubloons,but this is just the standart currency?and its not like you are gonna get cursed cannonballs or chainshots throwables and that stuff,its just the bare minimum,lets be honest here,who has EVER actually finished eating 50 bananas?

    • @Karinne Calistro Mobile game: 5hrs remaining to complete barracks construction. Or pay 5 gems to instantly build it. SoT: Spend 15 minutes checking barrels on islands to get max ammo/food/wood. Or pay gold to instantly have full chests

    • Not seeing the connection here,mind to elaborate?

  • I think they should add Vikings that raid the sea of thieves and they will become a new enemy on their ships and on Viking camps. They would also have a boss

  • can you put you game free pls i want to play it

    • Or you know.....just buy it or pay for game pass....not difficult

  • add pve servers

  • We must protect Little Ned at all costs.

  • Please add Turkish language support.

  • Yay. Exactly what I wanted. More cosmetics. Smh

  • Some ideas for the next update: 1. more ocean life, like randomly generated coral reefs, and dolphins and schools of fish, whales, etc so the ocean doesnt look so bland underwater 2. more on the ocean life thing, deeper shipwrecks or mabye some tall tales and structures and treasure involving mermaids, like hostile mermaids, or mermaid cities, and some thing to use so you can dive deeper that doesnt really change the pirate theme too much (i dont have any ideas for what they could add) 3. card games on the ship 4. some more boarding options for boats, like harpoons could be used as tightropes or ziplines 5. different world events that arent combat, like a whale breaching, or in the near distance, a megalodon fighting a kraken, mabye a school of fish that will do fish stuff, etc

    • Yeh I agree and pirate legend hideout being able to sail in and out of. But they don't have infinite resources.