Shampoo is a Lie (for me...and maybe for you too??)

Joylandi 30-Apr, 2021
Why I haven't washed my hair in 5 years
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  • so I usually make videos about maps and international stuff but as you all can see lately i've been diving into all sorts of different topics (NFTs, icecream makers, shampoo). The reality is that I make my videos based on what is genuinely fascinating me at any moment. I'm glad you are all here along with me on this wild ride of trying to understand how things work. lots more stuff to come! -Johnny

    • Im a mechanic, i need something to clean the motor oil and mud from my hair, but you clearly dont have that problem ;)

    • I've been not using shampoo for a year. And yeah it's working

    • @Richard V. WTF, all the people I know shower themselves everyday. I don't know where do you get this information but I can totally deny it.

    • @XCL4M4t10N yeah but most of you dont shower everyday though. 😉

    • I'm from Spain and I wash my hair every single day of the week, and all the people I know do the same. WTF...

  • stress can lead to dandruff

  • Yuck

  • So true. I stopped washing my hair 10 years ago and as soon as I did I only had good hair days. Then I started doing it again occasionally and my head got super isssue and hair got worse looking

  • This is True! And I can confirmed!

  • But then what do you do ? Never wash it ?? Doesn't it smell ? That's why I wash my hair every 4-5 days or else it's gonna start smelling like hair scalp

  • Would you like to make a video about the Palestine Israel conflict

  • I’ve got shoulder length hair, very dark and thick, with the same waves and curls as my mom’s hair. Fellow guys have asked to touch my hair. Women have stroked my hair and smelled it. I only shampoo once a week *if* I work in filthy conditions. Otherwise I shampoo once every two weeks. EDIT: oh yeah, and my Cherokee cousin had dandruff as a teenager. So his mom made him use anti-dandruff shampoo... which caused him to develop extra dandruff, which was chunky. For years. Until my cousin stopped using anti-dandruff shampoo, at which point his dandruff cleared up in short order.

  • Cold Water Keep me Clean

  • I can't believe you made a video about SHAMPOO ...

  • I tried to drop shampooing but my hair got SO DISGUSTING on the third day that I gave up

  • Its the same with theeth, if u dont eat shit

  • That's one major thing I've noticed about American media, Americans and in the past 10 years or so lots of Europeans (because people here in the EU started consuming more American media) that if you don't shower literally every day and use soap and use shampoo, that you're just a dirty filthy sack of grease I shower every third day on average, and the days I do It more often is when I'm either covered in dust/dirt from work or sweat And even then I don't even use shampoo and soap that much because it's not even needed.

  • I havent shampoo'd since pandemic kicked off....i can't believe how normal my hair has been. Amazing video because once I realized my hair was fine without shampoo....I felt LIED too

  • Thank you for sharing.

  • I had all my hair trimmed, but left 3 mm. No wash required every morning. Just water it and rub dry on the towel. No dandruff and I feel comfortable.

  • Not for black people 👎👎👎

  • Also never use any chemicals on my body. Have the best hair you can imagine.

  • This isn't only the hair product companies. Washing your skin with soap strips the natural oils creating most of the problems people have which leads them to buy more products.

  • Imagine getting a shampoo add during this video...

  • The Shampoo is just a chemical, The lists other things. Let me show you a list of those things that are also chemicals. The oil Your hair. The dust. The pollen. You.

  • I had no dandruff but that itchiness, drove me crazy. Switched to ph neutral shampoo and its gone, hair looks and feels great also. I use sebamed every day shampoo, worth every cent.

  • i have some news for you..that is political... even if you dont think it is.. i suggest u study its menaing an drealize it is about how we go about things in society so....

  • As usual, Frank Zappa is the one to turn to for guidance. From the lyrics of "plastic people": Fine little girl She waits for me She’s as plastic As she can be She paints her face With plastic goo And wrecks her hair With some shampoo

  • Had a friend tell me that he hadn't shampoo'd his hair in well over 3 years a while back and recommended just rinsing thoroughly with cold water. And I've been doing just that for just almost a year now and my hair has never been better!

  • for the past year, ive gradualy been showering less and less. my skin has never been healtier and i smell less, my hair takes longer to oil up and i have less acnee but the acnee part is mainly because i drasticaly reduced my cow milk consumption despite it being my favorite drink.

  • 4:45 hi from Italy, can confirm Even tho, we still make a big fuss about washing our hair often with various types of shampoo

  • How will I remove dirt from my hair now?

  • Should I wash using baking soda and after rinsing with water should I clean with towel or let it dry?

  • no thanks.. hair roots become greasy and kinda painful to comb.. i wash my hair twice a week.. we live in 21st century..and hygiene is important

  • So what do you do to your hair, just wet it? Do you still use hair gel?

  • So do you put anything in your hair to style it?

  • I only wash my hair once a week. I wash my bangs twice a week though 😉

  • Soap is a lie too. That's why I always use pure organic pork fat mixed with lye, breast milk and a lil vanilla..

  • I have curly hair, I dont know how mine would react

  • I stopped using soap 2 years ago including shampoo.

  • My hair is dry but I have dandruff from years So what would you guys recomend for me??

  • Glad you made a video like this. I haven't used shampoo in YEARS and my hair has never been better. When I started years ago I started getting hair compliments from just about everyone, men and women! I'll do a baking soda and apple cider vinegar wash rarely but other than that, you don't really need shampoo. My hair doesn't even get greasy anymore!

  • I'm in my mid sixties. Over the decades when I would run out of shampoo for any number of reasons and I would use hand soap my scalp and face would get real itchy ( I have a beard ). Also very flacky. As soon as I started using shampoo again everything cleared up. Now when I was a kid I just used soap all the time and never had any problems. So things changed as I got older. It really does matter if you have normally dry or oily skin. Not rocket science.

  • I don’t use shampoo on a regular basis. I rinse my hair and scrub it very good. I use shampoo once every 2 weeks and that’s right after I get my hair cut. My hair is very healthy. No oily or greasy. My hair doesn’t smell.

  • I have thick really curly hair which goes frizzy if shampooed I haven't used such products since 2003 never looked back

  • Gross

  • This applies not just to haircare - toothpaste and mouthwash alters the microbiome of your mouth, increasing cavities. Using soapy/antibacterial facial/body cleaners makes your skin produce more oils, alters the PH of the skin (making it more vunerable to funghi) and again alters the microbiome. Shower with lukewarm water, use as little soap as possible. Brush and floss your teeth, but don't use toothpaste or mouthwash.

  • So You are not using Shampoo, but somehow you wash your head? Only water or what?

  • just imagine the smell of his hair

  • I've used bar soap (usually Ivory) since 1984. I was at Navy boot camp and Ivory left less residue on the shower walls to have to clean off before inspections.

  • Question begs: do you use your bath soap to wash your hair?

  • I think same goes for showering and bathing in general (the body’s natural oils) btw where are all the women in this convo 👀😁

  • Does the grease make your hair heavy? How it’s lob-sided kind of bugs me, I keep noticing your hair. Is it just me?

  • Johnny! Idk if you’ll see this but you should totally do a video on the lumber prices this year compared to last few.

  • i didnt get it right, should we wash our hair with just water?


  • so basically, we should try to wash our hair only with water?

  • In India,people make paste of henna leaves and put it on their scalp for 2-3 hours and wash it away,if you do this for a month or two,black shiny strong hairs will start to come out like a magic.

  • Man I live in Spain and I shampoo my hair like 5 or 6 times a week, where did you get your data?

  • Very good video! I used a lot of big name products and my hair was always oily. So I used more of that product. I stopped using them. I found a product that thickens my hair and doesn't cause my hair to be oily all the time. I stick to just a shampoo so my hair is clean because it does get nasty. I am working on only cleaning my hair a few times a week. Slowly ween myself off of shampoo entirely. Now, though, my hair is thickening and cleaner and not as oily.

  • dude said 5 years XD i Dont use shampoo at all. There are other safer ways to clean your hair not with all these products they market to you and say will make u better. Killls 99.9% of germs. Did you know germs also have beneficial factors. people here " I dont wash my hair with shampoo" and just go crazy xD

  • Me too, buddy. Me too.

  • what do you wash your hair with then? its weird but sometimes i use soap

  • Anyway, apparently rubbing vinegar into your scalp will eliminate dandruff.

  • Can you talk about Palestine and Israel not a shampoo

  • I got a Head & Shoulders ad while watching this video, how ironic.

  • How do you wash your hair when you use pomade?

  • *HAVE YOU EVER SMELLED SOMEONE WHO HASNT SHOWERED OR SHAMPOOED?* This video missed the main point which is smell. If you work or live with other people, you cannot avoid looking or smelling presentable. People will dislike your smell and avoid standing near you. People will judge hygiene by smell. Period.

  • I literally got one of those manscaped ads while watching this and I specifically heard the words "you need this product" and kinda laughed at how ironic that is

  • Really interesting. You should have included how do you wash it then. How frequently? You only use water every time? I’d like to learn more. Most people will say “if I don’t shampoo every day my hair is super oily”, but most likely you need to give it time to adjust and break the cycle.

    • @wnnalis cioov def easier to save with no hair

    • Jeff Bezos saved on shampooing and started Amazon with that money

  • I'm currently on 2 nd week of no shampoo , oh man thank you, my hair has never been this great since my days in the military boot camp where i did not have access to hair products, It worked for me , my hair is not greasy , and i live in semi dry mediterranean area .

  • At 10:40 you say that you haven't washed your hair in 5 years. Is that with shampoo or in general? 🤔

    • Btw I've also decrease the amount of times I shampoo my hair and it is just fine. And not greasy like was in my 20s

  • I thought Better Help was the scandalized mental health operation? Isn't that right?

  • So what do you do to your hair, then? Do you wash it with just water? How often?

  • I use a 2in1 shampoo like once a week. No other hair products. Hair seems to like it.

  • So basically shampoo commercials are like some kind of psychological warfare to make us feel bad & need to fix it with the product... OR ELSE !

  • Not so Hairis anymore huh?

  • just wash your hair less frequently. not washing your hair (plus letting it grow and not brushing it) will give will something that resembles a dreadlock. There are people who have flees and wear helmets/are sweating from the scalp all day. some people suffer from symptoms, and need cleansing and remedy. conditioner is advertised as a supplement to shampoo but that's not criticised? its not necessary but people are encouraged by the shampoo companies to use it along with the pertinent shampoo of choice, if it works well for you, great. what about hair vitamins and the gels you're using? what about hair tonics? like you do an exfoliating with your face if you feel you need to strip something out. while you're at it why not denounce toothpaste and flossing, leg cream and mineral salts, after shave and sunscreen, deodorants and eyedrops. cause animals don't use it. and alcohol based hand sanitisers strip your hands from its natural oils too.

  • Wait... My grandma was right 🙄. Should I be more desi now🤔

  • Ok this interests me A LOT. But I have questions. What happens when you practically cant style your hair without product? Can you use pomedae and then just rinse it without shampoo? Will your hair be good and healthy then? Also what happens with active people who sweat a lot ( i play basketball 3 times a week). Can the non shampoo method provide clean and healthy hair?

  • I would still have felt greasy and dirty 50 years ago. Your very wrong about that.

  • You did not go into the detail on how you did not use shampoo? Just wash it with water or somehow else?

  • I know one does not need shampoo I've lived in England

  • Hey johnny hope all is good there at the Harris household. Just wanted to request you to do a video on India's recent covid crisis which has made it the worst affected country in the world. That's all. I love both of yours' content and hope to see more great content in the future.

  • I have very long hair and while I can’t stop washing by any means, once a week works perfectly for me

  • Jeff Bezos saved on shampooing and started Amazon with that money

  • "Human beings used to not wash their hair very much at all" Human hairs used to smell also..

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  • I haven't washed my hair in months and guess what? zero dandruff! I've had serious dandruff and an itchy scalp my whole life. This the only thing that helped it, not only that but rid the thing entirely. My hair hasn't looked better. Luckily It doesn't smell bad either haha. My friends think it's gross, but I've never been happier with my hair and scalp.

  • I think corona may have started from his scalp

  • I tried to stop shampoo and my hair got extremely greasy and dirty within two or so weeks. I also started losing hair at a faster than normal rate, though it could be that it was just the time of the year was coming when people tend to lose more hair (late fall). Still, I didn't want to risk continuing in that state for any longer, so I stopped after about or nearly a month without shampoo. For people with my hair type, I recommend shampooing as little as possible. Wash your hair every other day or every third day. If possible, try to gradually extend the duration between washing. Heck, maybe that's a better way to get off shampoo, a gradual approach. I might try it. The main reason why I wanted to stop was that my hair was only in a good condition for about 24h after washing it, but I didn't want to accelerate the oil cycle by washing everyday. In turn, I was put off from socialising on the extra days before washing my hair.

  • Lol I got an add for shampoo.

  • If u wash it with bull shit, it will shine like hell.

  • No problem iam bald as a coot

  • so what should I use instead of shampoo to clean my hair; soap or just water?

  • I never use soap on my face:except if I did mechanics or some dirty jobs. (Ok.. I wash my beard with soap!) I take at least a shower a day btw. I don't have any pimples. My skin is in good condition.(no wrinkles..any use of skin care products) So yeah: maybe we don't need so much products to be healthy and clean!

  • I literally never used conditioner growing up and my hair turned out fine.

  • Good soldiers fo follow orders . Kill that Jedi !

  • Well if you use these western toxic chemicals shampoos, it will not help you.

  • If I go like 4 days without washing and shampooing my hair it looks like it was dipped in cooking oil

  • So when will invade it?

  • Didnt know men do conditioners.

  • I wash my head with shampoo once a week even that is small application of it and every morning I just rinse my head with water to get birds nest out of it after sleep.

  • Was about to buy an expensive tea tree oil based shampoo. Watched this video, gonna try not shampooing.