Skyblock: The Great Potato War

Joylandi 13-Noy, 2019
absolutely obliterating my career by going on hiatus for a month just to ruin one guy's day specifically
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  • So hows that armor going?

  • I.... have only watched this video 13 times...

  • Potato

  • Omg these clickbait titles... This was barely a war lol, he didn't even fight back. XD

  • F

  • 1:01

  • 1:40

  • Potato war 1: 242k potatoes per day Potato war 3: 410k potatoes per hour

  • Squid vs pig

  • pog

  • *”I can’t go that long without uploading my fans will murder me”* AGGRESSIVELY COUGHS

  • Who the hell keeps watching this like me?

  • This is where the saga started.

  • Thank you for the serotonin your the funniest shit I've ever watched

  • Lol im a squid kid is mad

  • I've seen Irish famines with more potatoes than this farm - Technoblade 2019

  • Technoblade before : "107 days, I CAN'T GO WITHOUT UPLOADING THAT LONG, MY FANS WILL MURDER ME" Technoblade Now : ...

  • 2:36 Technoblade : "my last hidden weapon is the farming crystal" Me looking away scooping mashed potatoes into my mouth : "hol up, what ? a farming pistol ???!"

  • Look link

  • "but if Hypixel has taught me anything is that if you have a problem the answer is slavery" Me with a villager breeder, a villager infector, a "trading" post, an iron farm, and an automatic villager powered crop farm : "I think you mean minecraft in general"

  • "I've seen Irish potato famines with more potatoes then this" I died here-

  • Techno: I'm not that competitive Also techno:


  • Sun zuuuuuu

  • 1122 80-319

  • I know that squid kid is a friend of DanTDM AKA you didn't take everything from him when you took the number one spot he has an SMP with DanTDM

  • Kids are sucks lol 😂

  • techno eats bacon :techno realizes he ate pigs: ...........

  • 15:31 Technoblade"alright im going to the hub" CAUGHT IN 4K

  • communist techno

  • This was so re-watchable

  • And your fans will not murder u techno

  • Techno where have u been man i miss u so much man😊☺ no techno im not gonna murder u

  • the jerry's have multiplied so much there are more jerry's than the amount of potatoes techno has collected

  • Us irish lads are proud of you

  • Why is jerome aweriwer

  • 0:45 the moment when it all went down hill for squid kid


  • He had painted the Mona Lisa... dispicable...

  • Sky Rock

  • I’ve seen Irish farms with more patatoes. LMAO

  • He should have called it the Patadome

  • Technoblade: this man is throwing away everything just to farm more potato’s Also Technoblade: *exists*

  • 3:45 Dude, you don't use *|__ Trigonometry* and the *Mass to Energy Equation* for *Slope Point Form*

    • The entire point of that part was for a joke. I mean, he wrote e=mc so I'm amazed you couldn't tell.

  • No me

  • F

  • Third time watching

  • I’m two years late :)

  • you know whats wierd is........ you can breed pigs with potatoes............................................

  • what a sad story.....

  • p

  • LMAO

  • Eee

  • I've still been coming back to rewatch this still awesome

  • What a potato

  • The answer is slavery -Technoblade

  • potatdome

  • can I eat the potatoes I am hungry.

  • P O T A T O


  • Jerry is everywhere he's always watching you no matter how much you struggle to get away from them

  • At the time stamp 8:44 I got up just to show my brother it

  • When you said hamster wheel I paused the video and ran around Because hamsters are my favorite animal and there is a hamster Wheel not that far from me, plus I have a pet hamster whatching this with a me

  • Imma beat you :3 now

  • After watching this i am never gonna eat potatos in real life 😖😖😖

  • This man wasted millions on potatoes nice!

  • 17:38 **scp music plays as people multiply** scp foundation: eh we have a keter level threat could cause an XK were just gonna ignore this

  • zero two give potato

  • I watched this video I subscribed

  • “How hard could it be”

  • Crazy to think last year about 3 months after this was posted I neglected it and had never watched technoblade

  • "This sign has the wrong number" -Technoblade

  • So this is the grear potato war i heard of

  • Comment for user engagement.

  • this is lol

  • 17:49 that noise cracked me up

  • Why is this so entertaining?

  • Some kid: Hey guys I became the #1 potato farmer :) Technoblade: *NO*

  • I love this- Ur now my fav UZfirer

  • How to make techno look like raw pork chop

  • yes

  • Im all your comand potato King

  • Why can I not stop watching this

  • Technoblade's slow descent into madness is the best character development I have ever seen

  • The potatoes should go directly to CHIPS YEA BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIii

  • World War 1= Potato War 1 later... Potato War 2 not World War 2

  • Are you suddenly getting old Techno videos recommended? Yeah me too

  • Fortunately i had 1,017 catalysts

  • Jerry

  • i like potato

  • Lol ur a potato master

  • "achieving what all skyblock players truly want.. to not have to play anymore" Bruh im ded XD

  • squid u fijsh why farm patoet????????!11!!!

  • I bet Jacksepticeye would be proud of your farm

    • Yepity yep yep yep.

  • potato

  • BRO THEY WERE 140K now there 50k!!!

  • I wonder how much money he made off the diamond spreading

  • 11:05 just for potatos

  • Techno what texturepack do you use? Btw you are amazing :DD

    • It's in the description.