Snow in Jura Tempest ❄ ~ Slime Diaries | Tensura Nikki Episode 10 | Snow in the City of Monsters

Joylandi 8-Iyn, 2021
"Dear diary... I got reincarnated as a slime."

Even in another world, lives aren't always on the line. There's plenty of work to be done, from feeding the community and forging the items the community needs; as well as plenty of play ...and hijinks throughout! Join Rimuru and friends as they kick back and enjoy their daily lives.

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  • shuna is millim's mom

  • Ending Song in this video?

  • The goblin kids must protect no matter what happened Except on the goblin slayer Goblin’s baby I don’t care slaughter them all

  • Look at those sweet little green beans. Did they really deserve to be attacked and murdered?

  • 幼少期のシオンかわいいな 紫肌オーガだった頃の皆が好きなワイ。 誰とも結ばれないなら人肌色にならなくてよかったよな、、、

  • The goblin kid and geld have the same kape

  • Benimaru sounds dead inside


  • Yo!

  • EDの時にいるのが博麗霊夢だよね?

  • Watching those innocent smile of the little goblin, and human who attacking and killing them. Makes me wonder who is the real monster


  • I love the fact the Goblin Girl and Geld have matching scarves

  • Rimuru is old man

  • 0:46 when huskies missed the snow much

  • 2:18 For some reason, this is different to how it was when I gone to New York during winter. No Rioters, no Cleaners, no Rikers, no LMB, no Rogues, no blizzards, and no Hunters. Just warmful moments and happiness.

  • imagine if the enemy hurt that child infront of Geld.. what will gonna happen...

    • Let's just say they wished they were dead and if the corrosion skill doesn't work, then becoming a punching bag would suffice

    • They learn to fear the anger of a kind man... And it's gonna be bloody

  • In Tensura dairies thats goblin so adorabel But in Goblin slayer hhahah thats will fucked up

  • 1:36 柴先生の書くゲルドは本編よりかっこいい

  • I got the outro

  • I think geld took his time torturing that one otherworlder because some of the kids were victims in the attack.

    • I not sure but at least in manga I believe even kids were attacked

    • I've been working really hard not to think of that.

    • It became personal for him I think because of what the outworlder did to the female outworlder. Reminded him of what happened during the orc invasion

  • First Song name pls

  • As much as love the adorable Hobgoblin kids, kid Shion is cute as well😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • 1:49 もうゲルド様はセリフ禁止にして貰えませんかね!? …いちいち号泣しちゃうんだよ!

    • この時は誰一人 ファルムス王国と言う猛吹雪が来るとは知らなかった・・・

    • 転スラ日記見てから今まで見てきた全アニメキャラの中でゲルドがお気に入りになってしまった…

  • Rimuru living a life that I imagined for long long 🥺

  • Can someone plz get me the song at 2:11

  • wait the goblin slayer va is the same with zegion lmaooo f those goblin

  • “Winter will not come to this town, I will not let it” God I love that Orc King

    • It actually makes sense why Geld would be cautious about winter if you remember how his people where forced to act as soldier to another demon lord after he saved them from an intense famine , since winter is when food is at its scarcest it probably reminds Geld of the famine albeit he wouldn't despise it since the orcs are now safe .

    • Yeah, true heart

  • 新雪をモフると気持ちいいよねぇ(*´ω`*)✨ 気がつくとめっちゃ寒いけど・・・😨

  • 子ホブゴと子ハイオたち可愛すぎる抱きしめたい

  • そりゃあ、そのスライム。中身オッサンですし😂

  • Geld and that Goblin Loli might share a spinoff one day?

  • I swear if I find out that little,cute and adorable goblin girl was one of the goblins that was killed by the otherworlders, I will riot!

    • @sakurai0325 umnnn.. hate to break this to you. Actually, there are kids killed in the attack. Shion was killed protecting one, and a few was unable to be saved because the otherworlders doesn't see them as kids, but just an NPC. iirc, around a dozen kids or so was killed. And during resurrection, their wishes are ones that are very strong, that Great Sage gives them abilities that they wishes for. A bit of spoiler about their abilities: They wishes to be strong and unkillable and they gain the immortal ability, as they will keep on being revived if they're killed, as long as their core souls aren't damaged badly.

    • I think none of the goblin kids got killed because Gabiru's crew protected them when the riot started.

    • @Random Geek not really its posible and yet imposible... those who died are just lucky because of the barier... thier soul cant escape..

    • @numaTruehome 100 which makes all the scene with Geld and that dude across LN, manga and anime all the more satisfying. Especially the manga version.

    • @qwertyuiop I’m very protective of children

  • Yo, isn't that Reimu in the outro?

  • May only question how come we never see orc kids or dire wolf pup? Like I get why we don't see the kids of the other major factions that make up the city there is actually a universe explanation even though it's not explicitly said. *Edit* just the last episode and there where finially orc kids they were two cute little piglets still no pups though

    • At this point in the LN, the Orc population is just starting to bounce back from starvation and extinction; with the current generation evolving to High Orc (and Geld being Orc Lord/Disaster). They'll be Orc kiddies soon, thanks to the efforts by Geld making sure nobody starves.

    • There are pups, but I don't know if it's ever shown

    • I suspect the orc kids are coming. At this point, the orcs have been part of the community for about a year and maybe they were not having a lot of children while they were on their rampage. So, most of the orc children may be too young to be out playing with the goblin children. Wait -I just realized - in the episode where Milim first appears, she does see an orc father and son returning home to "Mom" after a day working with Geld. So, the orc kids are there.

  • that little goblin girl that dresses like Geld...doesn't she feel cold?

  • This goblin almost like spirit save point in nioh game.

  • Damm souei secretly make his own onsen at his house

    • Well, it's not like he said that he can't do that. He just said that he can't do it on every home in Tempest without running into some major problems.

    • Souka was probably peeping last time he used the public one

  • I love Geld.

  • 2:04 bruuuh

  • Man I always love the babysitter Geld parts

    • Geld still values his comrades, especially in that scene just before he starts turning Shogo into a punching bag when the cowardly bastard killed Kirara to gain the survivor ability and it nothing except fuel Geld’s fury.

    • He shines better in this spin off than in the main series, shows more of his regret, determination to make right by people and his caring personality due to past pains. While in the main one it highlights his skills and power more

  • It's winter, but no one is cold, for their heart is warm. I swear, the episodes are becoming more and more wholesome

    • @Zheng Wen Yu yes it's a shame but they already confirmed that there will be only 12 episodes

    • @Cash l8nk that’s a shame, though there’s more in the manga version, so stay tune for another season of this I guess

    • Unfortunately there are only two episodes left then then second part of the second season of That time I got reincarnated as a slime will air

  • Those Goblin kids are just too adorable.

  • May you please provide the link for the outro music? It's pretty dope and I can't find it despite searching "mind reader". P.S. I know some of you folks may assume it's from "Kastomarin" or Narmin something but it's definitely not.

    • Kiddpatek- Mind reader, also in times like these, u can always use shazam, helps greatly :)

    • Search "mind reader Kris Matterz"

  • Geld is so wholesome

  • it really warms the heart

  • The song in the outro is pretty good but it's not the link in the description

  • Are your videos getting monetize ?

  • Are those baby hobgoblins or regular adult goblins?

    • Hold hon goblins. Their offspring are born the same, they don’t need to evolve into what they already are

    • They are children

  • Goblin slayer: why are the goblin so cute?

    • @Darkness 1128 this is in my dreams too bro but it well not happed because of that rapis goblins in his world fuck theme and there child

    • If Goblin Slayer lived in Rimuru's world, I think he would have become a happy farmer/adventurer live in a simple home with his still alive sister and probably having his childhood friend as a wife. Its even better if he lived in Jura Tempest.

    • More like, Goblin Slayer: These are not goblins... They are green children.

    • Rimruru: because of me so you can’t kill them and they are good ones real deal ones except for the not cute one you can slay them

  • 0:58 That benimaru laugh tho haha