Sold out every day! The hamburger that won the 1st place in the US Best Burger Awards 3 times!

Joylandi 30-Apr, 2021
Sold out every day! The hamburger that won the 1st place in the US Best Burger Awards 3 times!

🔴💰 Price
엘더 클래식(Elder classic) KRW 11,000 / USD 9.88
더블 엘더 클래식(Double elder classic) KRW 14,000 / USD 12.58
엘더 밸리 버거(Elder belly burger) KRW 13,500 / USD 12.13
뉴클래식(New classic) KRW 11,000 / USD 9.88
치킨 산도(Chicken sando) KRW 9,500 / USD 8.53
감자튀김(French fries) KRW 6,000 / USD 5.39
어니언링(Onion rings) KRW 7,000 / USD 6.29

🔴📌 Location
📍서울 성동구 서울숲2길 40-7 1층 엘더버거🇰🇷
40-7, Seoulsup 2-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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  • Dogs meet???

  • No doubt,,,best Burger of d World.

  • hummmmm .... miammmm !!!!!

  • Es ist nämlich auch Schwein, was so gut behandelt werden muss ☆

  • Wow the attention to detail is top knotch 5 star , can anyone comment on how much is it to buy 1 burger? Holy hell it just looks so good, makes me think is it too expensive for me? edit: oh nvm i just saw the price, wooooooowwwww i can afford that. I think i can pay that for 1 burger.

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  • i always wonder why they bother using gloves, when they keep using them even when they are dirty. i'd rather see hands, at least you know they wash them when its dirty.

  • Браво!!!

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  • My father-in-law would puke if you tried to get him to eat this. He likes his patties cooked for an hour on the grill. As burnt and dry as humanly possible. Ketchup mustard. That’s it. 🤢🤮

  • I gotta stop watching these late at night.

  • I've never seen onion rings look like art before 🤤

  • High quality ingredients makes good food who would have thought? Hopefully this weird trend catches on with the rest of the world. 😜✌🏽

  • thanks for subscribe me💐💞

  • Remember kids... No matter how good you are at something... There's an 9 year old Asian out there doing it better for half the price 🤣👏

  • whole lotta spongebob stuff.

  • 🙂🙂 👏👏👏👏👍 💚💥

  • Everything looked good untill I saw they didn't make the mayonnaise by them self

  • :( ... Now I want one !


  • something about the asmr meet grinding shots kinda scared me

  • Time for 3 McDonald’s Big Mac meals

  • uhhhh why would you add diarrhea on it?

  • Aşırı iyi ya

  • Что-то на русском.

  • Booking my flight right damn now!!! And the cherry on top for me, it was all prepared while wearing gloves, can barely watch these other asstard chefs using their bare hands!

  • Ya me dió hambre... 😥

  • i knew i wasnt a crazy person for mixing my sauces in burgers

  • 9:35 ..... 8=D

  • Do you really think that raw onion in burgers is normal?

  • Then when the camera shuts off they start unloading the store bought stuff "okay we got to get these orders out guys".

  • This is the burger not that overpriced MC shit they serve...

  • I wanna eatt


  • Kirkland plastic wrap? In Seoul???

  • I would happily give up a nice morning BJ to try this burger all hot and fresh!

  • This burger receives more love than what my wife gives me....snuffs...

  • That one sad onion that fell

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  • One day, when this madness ends. I will find you.... And I will eat that burger.

  • That chicken samwich is absurd

  • This burger puts most American burgers to shame. They HAND MAKE EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH...from the bread, bacon, pattie, ketchup, to even growing the veggies in the freaken restaurant!!!!

  • damn i just watched this high as a kite , now feed me

  • Meanwhile at Burger King...

  • You lost me with the rings mine are better. That also is not bacon.....sorry I'm American and snobby lol

    • that is bacon... he just cut it short ways rather than long ways, wtf are you talking about

  • Thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you.

  • not gonna lie, I was very disappointed to see they used industrial ketchup. I thought the tomatoes cooked in the oven were the first step of making the homemade version of it

    • are you angry they used industrial flour too instead of grinding and treating the wheat themselves? youve gotta draw the line somewhere

  • How does a restaurant in Korea get a 'US Best Burger Award'?

  • was awesome up until the build. Too much condiments will ruin a burger

  • NO AVOCADO????????

  • The attention and care that goes into these burgers is mad, it’s almost mesmerising to watch

  • 13:01 see you in afterlife onionring u will always be remembered

  • Of course U.S. folks can consider it as the best burger... Sure it might taste good, but seriously: - overcooked steaks ?? (considering the fat in it, I guess it's eventually a good idea.........) - indus young cheddar cheese ?? - cocktail sauce ?? (made with indus ketchup, mayo, and U.S. mustard ???) Yet another popular overrated burger restaurant...

    • wtf are you talking about

  • Almost looks like in n out

  • The time and precision is amazing , however you must wait 3 hours for 5 burgers

    • not when they are constantly making them

  • Alguno está viendo esto mientras que se come una ensalada porque le sobran 17kg?

  • Love the fact that they're Korean! Respect!

  • I like hamburger

  • Wow! Never had a german shepard burger

  • ser marki ser, jakieś gówno

  • Too much sauce...but everything else was world changing. Imma make my buns from scratch and grind my own meat now lol

    • looked fine to me

  • And they’re so cheap!

  • Why would you take the chance on getting egg shell in your mix ? I guess for the video it looked cool to crack your eggs over the tim lol you make the mox in bowls to limit the chances of eggshell cracking a persons tooth

    • @ravenr_ lmao yeah that’s what would being 57 and cooking professionally have to do with anything ? That’s a chills comment and all cooks especially bakers know to never crack eggs over the mix , please explain what age and prepping food has to do with anything ??oh I get it your a child

    • are you like 5? most adults dont have trouble cracking eggs, especially those who do it for a living. This isnt amateur home cooking...

  • Krabypatty

  • fortunately I'm eating Pizza right now, so the crave is not that bad! What a piece of art...

  • way too big, who has such a big mouth? make it smaller pls !!!

    • just squeeze it...

  • Wow! Now that is a burger. I can taste the flavor through the screen

  • Ο χριστος κι η μανα του!!!! :Ο :Ο :Ο

  • Boringggggg man

  • is that ground Short Rib?

  • I am getting hungry!

  • Your video was nice to watch although I have to say that my burgers are better I would love to invite you over to have some it would be an honor to have you as well.

  • i would travel another country just to visit the restaurant itself:/

  • But they can't do mayo lol the only thing I would homemade

  • So the best burger in America is in South Korea !! Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Map gad videyo an map vale saliv mw tou !

  • I love Fast Food! ❤️

  • That was very cool lol ₩♡♡

  • In most of all those Food Videos and also in this, i never see People eating, what was just made. I would like to see more Peoples comments eating this things. Anyways those Burgers looking yummy :-) Wonder if a "normal" Burger of that costs 8 US$. If its good, why not :-)

  • От такой еды инфаркт можно получить!!

  • Viel zu viel technik, kann ned platz 1 sein.

  • Beer burgers 😩 🍻🍔

  • spongebob ?

  • Is spongebob making these?

  • Food looks good but this video was boring to watch.

  • one thing for sure is that they need a new freaking knife or fix it cuz it doesnt cut well at all

  • they dont produce the cheese themselves?! garbage

  • burgir

  • Everything looks great, except for the fries. As a belgian (home of the french fries) I am disgusted by the fact that they didn't double fry.

  • they just DESTROYED it with that much ketchup omg such an amazing process to just soak it with god damn ketchup :(

    • they make it the way people like it.

  • ai, ai

  • This was the best porn i've ever watched in my life.

  • I feel like I just watched a porno.

  • Ебануться!!! Шедевр!!

  • Everything was great until all that fucken sauce in the bread and ketchup. yuck. Wtf. Why so much. 🤮

    • i keep seeing people saying this, and i cant help but feel like you have just never assembled a burger before. It was an ok amount of sauce. I dont understand ordering it with only ketchup, but the quantity wasnt actually over the top

  • The bun is 1000 calories, the butter!