Joylandi 14-Apr, 2021
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Written and Directed by Alex Bale
Production Assistant William O'Neil II
Internet City's reaction: uzfire.info/camera/video/l3mVnWJp1daja4M
Chris Wilson's reaction: uzfire.info/camera/video/o27QhKagkp2Cd6U
All clips used fall under fair use.
0:00 - Intro
2:51 - Mrs. Puff's Dark Past
8:33 - The Insanity of Mrs. Puff
18:10 - The Mastermind
27:13 - Ending


  • Help support the channel by going to nordvpn.com/alexbale or using code ALEXBALE and get 70% off NordVPN! Only $3.56/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE

  • This kinda scared me lol

  • want to be friends?

  • want to be friends?

  • want to be friends

  • Its the humans they or keeping SpongeBob with Mrs puff


  • last night i feel asleep while watching this and for the entire day i thought i made up this theory in my dream

  • This show is Quite a disturbing show to be honest.

  • crypto nwo sent me here

    • Same here

  • SpongeBob is dark and I never realized it

  • @Internet city

  • Mrs puff is a psychopath and I loved this vid

  • I did like mrs puff but now I'm terrified

  • These writers go as deep as the ocean

  • That “Distracts authorities with balloon animals” line in the newspaper blew my mind...

  • Thank you 😊 for teaching me so much ❤️

  • The way I’m scared of spongebob now🧍‍♀️‼️

  • Free Mrs Puff

  • What if Richard was the person that mrs puff failed so many times in the past and he got embarrassed because everybody will make fun of him so he is making mrs puff life hell since he got those jobs

  • So I'm curious, when mrs. puff goes to jail and sponge bob talks to her through the window, why does sponge bob call the warden a her? i know its minor but doesn't that change the whole mastermind part of the video?

  • frst dark past 2 the insanity 3 the mastermind and last the ending

  • Yas! This checks out. I agree.

  • 2:50 8:35 18:11 27:16

  • by master mind at 22:43 she said without spongbob!

  • Mrs puff and Richard dated, she dumped him and is now making sure she never finds a true love

  • This is insane!😐

  • I thought this whole thing was just random things I didn't know that Mrs puffs was this messed up


  • But that’s all just a theory a GAME THEORY

  • Pizza time pizza is not a cult

  • I thought I was the only person throughout my childhood that notice the infinite loop picture of Ms Puff on the wall! 😧

  • Crypto sent me 😘

  • POV your from tiktok

  • How this is crazy for real

  • I also have another conspiracy I think that the warden was the original student that MS. Puff gave a drivers licence pre-maturely and the only reason he's doing this is that when he was getting tought he was consumed by his rage but he hides it but you might question let me tell you why. maybe he always failing the tests like spongebob and he's always tired of studying cause he memorised everything but he still can't drive remember in the series we have never seen him drive :] and so he takes his rage to MS. Puff for giving him a licence or I can mix both your theory with mine and say while he was experience the thrill of driving he accidentally killed his son but he dint see his son could have ran to the streets while he was driving and you would decline this theory by saying if he knows what to do in paper it should be easier in reality right? no its much harder than it looks just like reality really is and so he blames MS. Puff for he is failure and he is getting revenge by torturing his former teacher. BUT ITS JUST A THEORY, A FILM THEORY GOOD THEORY! and also you might question why is he mad at MS. Puff because he ket his emotions play because he couldn't control the thrill of a car and the more he was using it the more dangerous he got it all added up now because if it what like you said she would rather not get any friends not go to parties and also he wouldn't let MS. Puff with dangerous weapons because like you said in the episode long pants it Was all an episode in MS. Puffs head right? plus the warden already hates her a lot so why even bother letting her have weapons right? exactly. and that concludes my theory

  • new conspiracy what if the person she gave the license too was the one who destroyed new kelp and was sent to prison and wanted to get revenge

  • This is too good lol I can’t stop laughing but also gasping

  • Wait!! Through This Whole Half-Hour Video I Noticed That This Guy Is A Detective! 🕵️‍♀️ Good Work New Subscriber!! 😉

  • Damn you're like a real life anime character that solves mysteries. I mean HOW can a normal human being decode all that?

  • I saw someone uploading this whole video to Tiktok and had to come and finish watching it

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo Noooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • You’re voice makes me sleep dang

  • why please don't ruin spongebob i been watiching spong bob my whole life and im still watch it

  • Make another one there my favorite vids right bow

  • That ending had some good high quality horror/suspense vibes. Awesome vid man, lots of stuff I never connected before. 🤙

  • I love this

  • thx for ruining my childhood

  • Omg god help me

  • do patrick

  • my guy can be a detective lmao

  • This episode is better than film theary

  • Sponge bob says”the warden will let you go early if you do her a favor” this was the only thing that say weird with me in the mastermind stage of the video this leaves a question about how bottom feeder could have been behind it all along or maybe he took his plans far enough to become the new warden of the prison

  • i don’t know how i got to a theory of a cartoon that i haven’t watched for 2-3 years but here i am

  • We need a Krabby Patty Formula conspiracy theory

  • So in one word she is crazy

  • Wow the Show is Darker than I thought

  • There’s a picture of mr. carbs that says ex

  • CryptoNWO sent me here, insane theory!


  • Spongebob company: "Makes a mistake" Alex bale: "This is serious"

  • Plankton theory?


  • Mrs. Puff really do be the main character tho. I think now we need a spin off show. I’m thinking Wanda Vision meets Mrs.Puff

  • I'm watching this at work 8 am and I'm so scared right now

  • I'm here from TikTok

  • I thought I was thinking deeply about this😭👏but👏 you went deeper 👍good job!!!

  • Have you watched all the spongebob movies? Maybe they might’ve had a clue or hit of what really happened to the attorney and why he hates mrs.puff

  • Is the end cutscene was the next theory?

  • You must do one about Mr.Krabs and the Krabby patty and if there made of crabs or not bc i dont have the time to do it myself

  • Wow, amazing

  • Oh shit omg OH SHIT OMG SHIT

  • Yo he know too much

  • I actually feel bad for Richard, i know hes evil but he lost a loved one, most likely his brother due to mrs puffs bad student

  • KryptoNWO sent me here

  • It was a dream (at when Spongebob got his license)

  • These theories are basically people overthinking cartoons made for kids

  • Mrs puff loves Mr krabes look in this 6:34

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  • You just ruined the way I watch sponge bob but the vids are entertaining so I don’t care

  • CryptoNWO brought me here 👍🏽🥰

  • This just ruined my whole childhood

  • If Richard wanted that court case to fail why didn't he give Spongebob an empty briefcase or put literally anything else in there? You come up with such an elaborate plan and don't consider that the idiot might be able to actually open the thing? Not discrediting the theory, just calling the guy an idiot. I mean, come on, cover your bases, man!

  • That picture of MrKrabs... and that love letter.. And Mrs.Puff's husband..?

  • Came from a tiktok video from user "stheories". They gave you credit but they are uploading your video part by part. No creative changes or anything just your entire work. Idk if they got your permission but I thought you should know as I'm not familiar with copy right and giving credit

  • i think that the “#4” in a glass bottle means that the next theory will be about the secret formula because it looks like the glass bottle that the secret formula is in. could be unrelated but he grabs meat out of the refrigerator so that is probably referring to the meat on the krabby patty? 🤔 also notice how the krusty krab didn’t blow up until spongebob started working there so maybe spongebob has something to do with that? OH GOD

  • This is amazing and I’m now going down a rabbit hole and watching your other spongebob ones 😂

  • New subscriber here! 🔥 🔥

  • alex ms puff cannot leave the city

  • Hi idk if you know this but someone is posting your entire video on tiktok! The user is @stheories

  • he or squdward 100%

  • Lmao I was like that’s it??? Ngl had me in the first half 😭😭😭

  • Matt Patt level theory right here. Props to you for crafting this amazing theory

  • It could also be that when Mrs. Puff was talking to the ice sculpture of spongebob, she was a actually going through one of those inside-her-head episodes.

  • whos here from tiktok?

  • Man ruined my childhood in 3 vids

  • Good stuff!! 👍👍

  • Or the green caracter that was in the same town as ms Puff Know her dark secret And He Force her to do it

  • great job dude. They can make a new movie out of this