Stanionis vs DeLoach FULL FIGHT: November 4, 2020 - PBC on FS1

Joylandi 15-Dek, 2020
2016 Lithuanian Olympian Eimantas Stanionis improves to 11-0 (8 KOs) following his ninth-round knockout victory over Justin DeLoach in their scheduled 10-round welterweight bout, live on FS1 from Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.
Rising unbeaten welterweight Eimantas Stanionis (11-0, 8 KOs) delivered a ninth-round TKO victory over Justin DeLoach (19-5, 10 KOs)Wednesday night in the main event of FS1 PBC Fight Night and on FOX Deportes from Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

In the early rounds, DeLoach had some success moving around the ring and by being the busier fighter against the patient Stanionis. The 2016 Lithuanian Olympian Stanionis continued to push forward and stay in the face of DeLoach, slowly finding a place to land left hooks and numerous body shots.

In round seven, Stanionis broke through with a combination straight right hand followed by a left hook to the head that staggered DeLoach. Stanionis was able to capitalize on the moment and continued to punish DeLoach, who was able to hold enough to make it through the round.

Stanionis finished the fading DeLoach in round nine, hitting him with a left hook to the head and body shot combo that put DeLoach on the canvas midway through the round. After rising from a second knockdown moments later, DeLoach was swarmed by Stanionis until referee Ray Corona stopped the bout 2:53 into the ninth round. Stanionis was the more accurate fighter according to CompuBox, landing 29% to DeLoach's 20% while besting him in total punches landed with a 124 to 118 mark.
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  • labai labai gerai,grazu ziuret.

  • Same golovkin

  • \While watching this fight I decided to make some coffee. So I paused at 15:39 and suddenly I noticed bottom line under the names saying "Stanionis lost in round of 16" What's that supposed to mean ? Is this some kind of a joke or technical error ? Perhaps one of your technical staff members decided to troll a little or maybe I just don't get it ? Eimantas is one of the best fighters from Lithuania so seing that kind of misleading labes kind of pisses me off. Can someone explain it to me ?

  • This fighter Eimantas Stanionis is a "BADDDDD MANN",this is the third fight i've seen of Stanionis he's a machine,a monster with great technique,i'll be looking for more of his fights because he's a "WICKED" fighter,Emmett aka Emilio***

  • 15:33 eyes :)

  • “Hook or overhand right...hook or overhand right”😂😂

  • STANIONIS smashing American boyz lol , unstoppable Beast ✊✊✊✊✊ LTU 🟨🟩🟥

  • No shawn porter, 10 fights is not enough, not for everyone..... for guys that had more then 100 fights in the amateurs yes, but for other guys no.

  • 5'8 is really small for 147, that's the height of a 135/140 pounder (even 130 sonetimes) and seeing as how he has so much muscle it obviously is not from him being naturally thick. This means he is small for the weight and even the skinny guys who are natural 147 lbrs will be harder hitters and take punches better, thats bad news for guys that are one dimensional pressure fighters. Hopefully he is not a one dimensional pressure fighter.

  • Staninions very impressive performance. Keep going man !

  • I don’t like Clark. They weren’t prepared for this fight he couldn’t even give him clean instructions to go by and take the win.

  • He needs to go to Eddy reynoso he will be Unstoppable

  • I am a simple latvian - i see lithuanian i press like! Stanionis is a fucking monster! Good job!

    • He's got a Golovkin type of style,, intelligent pressure. Hes just got to learn to cut off the ring more... this dudes gonna be a real problem though.

  • stanionis katulad ni Miguel cotto Ang galaw nya at saka magaling din idol kuyan dto sa pilipinas

  • Stanionis é o médio a ser batido ultimamente... vai dar trabalho aos atletas da categoria, com certeza.

  • Boxer for future

  • De loach

  • If Deloach is gonna carry his right hand there his gotta move his head more. It’s like he was looking to block the jab and not the descent left hook Stanionis had. Shot fighter though, Deloach.


  • Stanionis fights like GGG

  • they tried to rob Stanionis, DeLoach was landing more??? are you fucking serious?

  • Whoever was counting the punches was clearly on crack. they counted every blocked punch deloach threw

    • Ye thats insane man!! He wouldve lose if not tko.. stanionis have bad luck with refs,look hes olympic fights got scammed by refs so hard.

  • This guy needs that ol canelo and GGG sparing if he haven’t already..great future for this kid...

    • Could you imagine if Eddie Reynoso trained Stanionis instead of Freddie roach? 😮

  • Stanionis vs Spense Intresting one!

  • Another three fights this kid got some skills three more he will be ready for top shelf fighter.

  • Come on PBS, we don’t need that fake crowd cheer....this ain’t no Sitcom!

  • The ending then they greets each other was so nice, two great fighters with a good attitude. Didziuojuosi Eimantu! 😊

    • Yee watched more than 100times😀 they said thank you for a fight and what more can u understand?

  • Stanionis dominated from the first bell. He did whatever he wanted and I think he may have ended deloachs career. This was more than a physical beatdown. When you throw everything you got at a man and he keeps walking thru it. It becomes a mental beat down as well. And those are the kinds of losses that make a man question his ability and his dedication going forward. What a boxing performance. This guy is going to be a situation for anyone he fights! He gained a fan with this performance.💪💪😜

  • Damn those jabs and left hooks! This guy's a future champion, im now a fan of Stanionis!

  • He usedthe clown DeLoach like personal pumching bag.E

  • DeLoach,where you forgat tje gansgter,you clown.

  • It ia a great fight !

  • Why he don’t catch the jab he got his hands low

  • Menghibur banget

  • Man I’m from Augusta ga , deloach needs to get a professional trainer , somebody who been to the big stage cuz man this ain’t it .. He keeps his hands down ALOT.. he’s off balance a lot he looks awkward & he doesn’t work the body enough. I support him but this just some constructive criticism no disrespect

  • He a legend

  • He is just a strong guy thats it. He dosent know how to box stanioniosn is a bad boxer.

    • @dr.quack Also - with one hand lol.

    • Stanionis beat dulorme UD

    • @hizkiahu_King_tenenbaum sounds like you are not confident what you say, whats your prediction?

    • @Viktoras Kacinskas we will see

    • @hizkiahu_King_tenenbaum ok next for Stanionis is Dulorme - skilled experianced boxer, what do you got? Dulorme will outbox Stanionis? Let’s come back after the fight...

  • damn,that dude got some sharp crisp punches!

  • Eastern Europe is in the game. Slavic warriors 💪🏻

    • @Filip You must be truly stupid or ignorant. The Balts or Baltic people (Lithuanian: baltai, Latvian: balti) are a group of Indo-European people primarily characterized as speakers of the Baltic languages. Nothing to do with slavs (slavic people).

    • @Deivis baltic is region , slavs are predominant tribes in eastern europe all the way to eastern germany.

    • @Filip russian troll ?

    • Lithuanians are Baltic not Slavs. Two different things

    • @20 20 his ancestors were, idk exactly about him but genetics is there. Whole eastern europe some nordic countries and even eastern germany is about 90% slavic. At least was, before mixing. There are some exceptions like Albania, Greece etc.

  • Stanionis KEEP GOING ! U have it ! LT small-big country !

  • never knew eimantas stanionis is in 147

  • Malacius!!!

  • Stanionis is an amazing fighter.

  • Deloach was to concerned about looking good than actually boxing. He has tremendous ability but he shouldn't be getting hit with three or four jabs straight. I can count the times he attempted a body shot with one hand. He needs to learn how to catch punches.

  • Velnys 😣 🤛😄

  • Never lost to anybody under 5'10!? U could only get someone as dumb as kenny porter jr to say that

  • The referee and the handler of Deloach are not stopping the fight before 9. What's wrong with you guys?

  • Does anyone know who the commentator is for this fight, who also is a boxer?

  • Great job sir stanionis! Fast, power, you are full package sir!

  • The accuracy 🤦🏾‍♂️🎯 and this ain’t no bum he fighting!!! Stanionis a problem and he humble💪🏾

  • Santionis has Freddy Roach as he's coach boy ol boy you know he's gonna be really good

    • He was sparring Miguel Cotto when Cotto was winding down his career. Roach said back then that Stanionis was going to be very good.

  • It’s not the same with no crowd

  • Deloch terrible corner. Told him to stay in the pocket in exchange when he was doing great boxing from the outside. You should stayed on the outside kept boxing . That was his only chance against this kid

  • The compubox tried to rob stanionis

  • Ya gotta get nervous when you see a fighter with Freddy Roach in the corner....

  • Both of them seem respectful nice to see

  • Boy that damn ref was on Deloach corner he gave Deloach so many chances its a good thing he finally stopped the fight it look to me that if it went to the cards the Stanionis guy would have lost on points i hate when the ref are partial to one guy

    • Yeah man, I also thought that Stanionis needs to get a KO to win this fight, cuz a lot of the judges are probably on their phones instead of watching the damn fight

  • He hit him in the shoulder and that shit looked like it hurt. Dang.

  • Shawn porter doesn't like people more educated than him. Whats has your other commentator's big grammar got to do with you? I definitely dislike your spirit. Your not a trustworthy individual, Mr. Porter.

  • Saunuolis!!!

  • After Shawn Porter's illustrious boxing career is over he should go full-time into broadcasting. He's excellent and insightful at analysing a fight while adding some humor and overall intellect. I'm a big fan of his boxing and becoming a fan of him as an announcer more and more.

    • I get u dude, I really enjoy watching fights when hes commentating. He is a great person overall

  • Stanionis is the real deal!

  • Again to the haters of this guy, or maybe the fans of deloach.. hype has to start from something.. sometimes it's just hype, sometimes it's for real. What I know for sure is.. people don't hype about dudes that get knocked out.

  • Stanionis un scarfrowd tosh peopel

  • stanionis mega power!

  • Broooo this nigga stanionis look like Isaac frost😅 but raw af

  • look at that white guys back musles, every punch looks hard

  • Thid guy is a problem 😳

  • Stanionis #1

  • didn't realize stanionis had freddy roach in his corner until the end. stanionis is impressive and with a good team behind him i can see him getting some big fights soon!

  • That right hand Stanionis landed at 32:37 was nasty 😳

  • Deloach was pretty comfortable sitting on that canvas!!!!

  • Stanionis got a great jab.

  • Deloach had class. But Standionis is strong, methodical fighter, with a good defence. Great jab, and intelligence. Gonna be tough to beat🥊

  • Stanionis is like Joshua clotty this kid well be great to watch

  • Wow the best Stanionis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Did DeLoach’s coach tell him to attack that body? Buddy hands are too high. Attack his body and force him to drop his hands

    • Stanionis coach was Freddie Roach.dont underestimate coach roach and his team.they know more than you .just watch the fight closely.deloach head was open and once deloach protect his head,stanionis attack the body.

  • Wicked

  • youtube kyk taiiiii..... iklan tok !!! cuihhhh

  • Anybody else notice that Freddy roaches Parkinson’s is a lot less apparent ? I’m guessing he’s benefiting greatly from the acceleration of technology? But still he walks around like he barely has it. And his speech is much smoother and less fragmented.

  • I've been watching this Dude for some years now! Stanionis is DEF a CONTENDER!!!!

  • Excellent match for Stanionis. I felt this could have been finished sooner if he would have cut off the ring just a little better when he had him cornered. Still, I'm impressed.

  • Great potential keep it up

  • Hard puncher, good movement. If he keeps this up he's gonna be the new Canelo. Awesome fight! Very respectful afterwards as well.

    • @DTSRDC_28 yeah, I watched that fight, his punches are insanely strong. He was knocking out guys left and right.

    • Lmao pay attention people, these are the people that start hype trains lmao already talking to new Canelo and he is 12 fights in his career

    • @nestor aguirre Eumir Marcial i think his an olympian

    • @DTSRDC_28 whats his name?

    • Ive heard a Philippine Middleweight prospect who k.o Rosado on sparring is fighting his first pro fight tomorow on PBC i saw his video his freaking strong lefty he can easily make money to bet on him soon🤑

  • Deloach is number one bullshit 😂😂😂 kkkk....

  • Good fighter, utilizing pressure and power. What will hinder him when he fight top competition, will be his slow foot speed. He's a more schooled Marcos Maidana.

  • Watch this comment section fill up with "give Stanionis a title shot" but people are calling Black champs with belts already hype jobs lol I like this guy and his style and think he will go far but we need to level him up in opposition before starting the hype train. Deloach is not a massive win. Stanionis is what 11-0? Let's keep things in perspective.

    • @The D Hive no foo.. you are mad as fuck at the world bro.. knock that childish shit off bro and have a simple civil convo.

    • @The D Hive if you are offended so easily by my comment (which I don't think was any offensive) then you shouldnt go to comment sections.

    • @The D Hive wtf are you talking about dude. What is wrong with you xdd. Did you get hurt and now you writing "smart" comments to make yourself feel better and to look clever? Go and do something nice, not whining and making an elephant out of a fly.

    • @Darksheev 66 Again deflecting to avoid talking boxing. You're dismissed

    • "Simply stated facts" to a non existant sentence of mine. 👀 Am I offending you in any way? If that's right just say so and we'll stop "arguing".

  • Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • He's a blend of Sergey Derevyanchenko and Ivan Baranchyk.

    • More like GGG and Baranchyk. Chenko is quicker and throws more straight combos but all soviet bloc nations teach a similar style anyways

  • OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • I justin deloach watched him like 3 times vs gallimore vs banana vs some other guy now him

  • Deloach is useless 🤣

    • Useless I would love to see you in the ring. you wouldnt last a round. its always weak people like you who like to talk.

    • He normally fought at junior middleweight what made him think starving himself would make him take shots better 😥?

    • @Bookie Brown so you mean he is Amir Khan😂. A gust of wind will k.o. him💃

    • Deloach defensive style is not good for him and he doesn’t attack the body.

    • Deloach has boxing skills but no chin if tht makes sense