State of the Role: Revealing our Super Top Secret Project!

Joylandi 10-Iyn, 2021
Marisha Ray, Matthew Mercer, and Travis Willingham reveal a secret project we've been hard at work on...

Exandria Unlimited airs on Thursdays at 7pm Pacific beginning June 24th at and , with rebroadcasts at 12am Pacific and 9am Pacific on Twitch. VOD is available immediately for Critical Role’s Twitch channel subscribers and will be available at at 12pm Pacific the following Monday. Audio from Exandria Unlimited will be available the following Thursday on the Critical Role podcast network (Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and more).

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  • i'm so far behind in C2 that this is just the worst foreplay/torture, but in the best way i wish i wouldn't get points of exhaustion cuz i literally wouldn't sleep for month or two to catch up just so i can see this before C3 starts but "Life needs things to live" and one of them is unfortunately sleep

  • Low key, I like this version better then EU actual opening 😅 but thats just me

  • When you realize that Marisha was full on was wearing an EXU shirt on the 2nd to last stream of Campaign 2. A full week and a half before they revealed this project. Clever clever girl.

  • Please bring back Will Wheaton and Table Top. Loved watching him teach games and play them with friends. It would be great to include the Darrington Press games but also highlight new table tops games as well.

    • @SadPanda I know that but as they are friends with Will, maybe they bring a show LIKE Table Top to Critical Role and have him host it.

    • Table Top was a Geek and Sundry show. Critical Role, the company, had nothing to do with it.

  • Everyone else: Wow I can't wait for this dope mini-campaign this is going to be awesome! Me at about 5 and half minutes in: AYE YO YOUR NECKLACE IS STABBING YOUR THROAT CHILL!

  • I was hesitant at hearing Matt wasn't the DM but after watching the whole video, and seeing everyone express so much excitement I have to admit...I'm amped.

  • Ahhh, I'm so behind. Must catch up, got 10 ep. Of campaign 2 to finish yet.

  • I'm always happy to see Matt getting a break inbetween campaigns. Granted, because he's doing so much work for other CR projects AND prepping C3, it's never quite enough of a break, but still. Personally, I wouldn't mind a full-on year of oneshots and minicampaigns before C3 starts. More stuff like Undeadwood - it had the perfect length and amazing production (and apparently was their toughest project yet).

  • explorers guide the wildmount was honestly the best gift Matt have given. Never had such a fun time DMing honestly, to this day the best campaign our group has ever had.

  • the group of players, characters, and the new dm are great, im looking forward to watching.

  • only 8 episodes? thats so disappointing, i was really hoping the new group would do a full campaign. ill still enjoy the rest of the episodes for it though

  • The Exandria unlimited teaser is more epic than any fu**ing marvel trailer these days. IT GIVES ME CHILLS!!! I can't belive how emotional i get just hearing Aabria say "... and just as many storytellers to tell them."

  • Robbie needs to be a permanent member of Critical Role. He's built for this game.

  • A 12 minute video for an announcement that could've been done in 2 minutes, lol. I know they said this one is only going to be 8 episodes, but I wonder if they're using this to test the waters to introduce more of this kind of stuff, so they can give Matt and the cast breaks from regular Crit Role more often.

    • Well it's called Exandria unlimited, so yeah, it's probably going to be a miniseries done with different DMs etc once or twice a year

  • Aabria seems like a really cool DM, she appears to be really fun and her smile is really infectious.

  • What I would give to be a fly on the wall when Matt was telling Aabria all the juicy critical role secrets so she could adequately fuck with the players

  • Robby.... Sam Riegel's long lost twin?!?!

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  • It's almost here!!!


  • Aabria?! Hell yeah! Very interested!

  • Wow guys nice video making 🤗🤗🤗

  • Matt's giving off such a Medivh vibe with his current look, it's great.

  • So excited!

  • I hope I'm not the only Brazilian that is thrilled they are cluelessly calling this new show EXU. I'm so happy right now.

  • Part I: $$$ Part II CR 2: TNG, also, "This'll shut Polygon up", Part III of course there will be $ea$on 3, lol

  • Pf2e

  • uhm, actually ALL of the new cast look so cool!

  • The new GM looks as lovely as she appears to be awesome. I MUST WATCH!

  • Chinese or Italian? 😂😂😂I love them already

  • I'm so excited to see Aabria as DM! Her narrative telephone story was enrapturing in its one quick spiel, and her energy is just so fun. 😊 I can't wait to see what she does with this.

  • What I would give to be a fly on the wall when Matt was telling Aabria all the juicy critical role secrets so she could adequately fuck with the players

  • OHHHH! I love it when Matt gets to play a character

  • We call it the Pandamnit


    • Finally I'll get to watch Campaign 3 as it comes out! No more binging lmao 😂

  • Will the Tal'Doria campaign book ever be reprinted?

  • Yes I'm so happy

  • But, what about critical role land

  • Awesome! I love seeing Matt as a player, he's so much fun to watch. Loved seeing what he did with his different characters in Dimension 20.

  • What I would give to be a fly on the wall when Matt was telling Aabria all the juicy critical role secrets so she could adequately fuck with the players

  • Pass!!

  • Whew... I gotta get up on C2. Only done like 10 eps

  • It premiers on my birthday!!

  • I want to watch this but I'm still catching up on Campaign 2. Is this Spoiler Safe?

    • My money is on Matt playing a Changeling Bard with the Actor Feat and the Charlatan background. That man cannot be limited to one persona!

  • Better than E3

  • Matt playing with that figurine 😂😂

  • I'm still trying to finish campaign 2...... episode 73....... going throigh 2-3 episodes a day while at work. Might actually finish in time for campaign 3!!!!

  • Matt won't be a DM Me: *Cries...* Matt will instead be a PC Me: *...with happiness*

  • We've had 2 players cross class into a paladin and a third toy with the idea. Think someone will finally bite the bullet and start a paly at level 1 in campaign 3?

  • Finally I'll get to watch Campaign 3 as it comes out! No more binging lmao 😂

  • Since california has raised its restrictions.....I hope they return to the table very soon

  • 10 / 3 / 10

  • It’s like walking through your first orgasm

  • Yeah! It's nice they have all that content and more on the way, when I'm halfway on the campaign 1 😅 Might as well cancel my Netflix subscription, as this show will easily keep me occupied for the next couple of years 👌 Now would it make any sense to watch ExU at this point, or should I finish campaign 1 first?

  • only 8 episodes of this?

  • I wish they would open the donate mode when they are live on youtube.

  • AABRIA IS KILLING IT!!! She's also taking over as the DM so that Brennan can play over on Dimension 20!

  • My money is on Matt playing a Changeling Bard with the Actor Feat and the Charlatan background. That man cannot be limited to one persona!

  • Where is the animated tv show?

  • Can't wait for the MMORPG game to be announced.

  • I'll tell you what my super top secret project is. Not crapping my pants. I ate some Wendy's yesterday and it very much wants to turn into a butt geyser. It's like they decided to compete with Taco Bell.

  • I'm wondering, has no Brazilian critter made a comment on the chosen abbreviation "Exu"?

  • i feel out of the loop because i'm not caught up. but what's going on with travis, laura and talesin for this?

    • And Sam. They aren't in this miniseries is all, Just like not everyone is in all the oneshots and the undeadwood miniseries That would be way too many players

  • This looks really exciting, but I've got to ask, is EXU really... limited to just 8 episodes?

  • Im still wondering if we are ever going to get the M9 meets VM from the LOVM kickstarter?

  • This is one of those “ totally natural, we’re just chatting, no scripts here” ads that really misses the mark

  • Aimee talking about her first 'how do you want to do this' reminded me of just how epic mine was. Here I was, a level 5 glass-jawed wizard, we were fighting a multi-colored dragon hybrid. Near death, it grabbed me in its mouth and burrowed underground. When it was my turn, the DM warned me that using a spell requiring verbal components would make it harder for me to dig myself out before suffocating, and that it was possible the dragon would surface again before I KO'd. I said "fuck it," and cast lightning bolt down its gullet, killing him. Three miraculously successful constitution saves later, I rose from out of the grassy fields like the undead, and casually said to my mates, "Hey, I finished it off. You want its scales or anything, dig it up yourself!"

  • I wont lie, I am nervous about EXU, mainly because I have a hard time sometimes getting used to new people, but I will do my best to get past my issues to try them out. Can't wait for the 3rd campaign, thanks for all of the wonderful times

  • I knew the moment the campaign was announced, the DM was going to be a minority female. Heh.

  • I know they don't have to, but it would be great if they did a 2nd battle Royale with the characters that didn't fight in the first battle royale

  • Found Critical Role right before COVID and watched every episode of campaign 1 &2 and all the one shots...Matt is like Stephen King to me the way he paints certain pictures and the happy fun ball is conceptually one of my favorite things they did...especially on Halloween with a full dive into the ball...I’m along for the ride for anything with you guys! Thank you for helping me be more creative and vicariously taking me through fantasy worlds and places I’d never thought my mind could imagine :)

  • So exciting!

  • I'm apprehensive (but then again, being autistic, I am that way about most change), BUT IM ALSO EXCITED!

  • I have been a huge fan of this channel for years and I'm so so so so so so so excited for this lineup. Like y'all have no idea

  • I can’t wait!!!

  • Love you guys!, plus eyes.

  • Petition to let Matt carry around his emotional support Arboleth mini everywhere and let it have its own camera during games

  • It's stunning to think that we're getting a new DM and a new campaign all in one, while it's sad to see the mighty nein go I can't wait for this to start

  • "... alright, Chinese or Italian?" Put it on T-Shirts

  • Long may they reign.

  • In that brief EXU title cinematic playing character quotes, I half-expected “hello, I’m Tiberius Stormborn” 🤣 that’s what happens when you have only watched the first 40 or so episodes of campaign 1 in all of CR.

  • Please give Ashley a simpler class than last time. Oh ... wait ...

  • Man I'm so behind T.T I'm only on episode 32. Hopefully I can catch up before Campaign 3 starts so I can finally watch live

  • Gonna miss the old crew, but I can't wait to meet the new guys as well!!! The into also looks killer!!!!!!!!!!

  • COME ON, GUYS! I STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED CAMPAIGN 2!!!! Jokes aside, I look forward to seeing this...when I get to it. lol

  • Does matt mercer have the will of D

  • You could say Ashley ... Adoras her....

  • Would be super interested if Aimee Carrero played a younger Lady Allura Vysoren and Ashley Johnson or Robbie Daymond played a a younger Lady Kima of Vord. Why are they called "Lady"? Where did the carpet come from? We know they have a deep relationship, but we know almost nothing about what adventures these characters had before season 1. Drake Thunderbrand, Sirus, Dohla, and Ghenn... but at 11:05 Travis Willingham says "30 years after".

  • I hope we get a campaign 2 Battle Royal like we did with camp 1 PLZZZZPLZZZPLZZZZZZ

    • @Beige Fedora it's Friday, but yes :)

    • @SharkGod2 Vox Machina x Mighty Nein One-Shot Friday, June 18th at 7pm Pacific on Twitch and UZfire - Rebroadcasts Saturday, June 19th at 12am and 9am Pacific on Twitch - VOD on UZfire Sunday, June 20th Legendary Exandrian heroes Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein face off in an epic TEAM DEATHMATCH! This one-shot was unlocked as part of The Legend of Vox Machina Kickstarter campaign. Who do you think will win?

    • @Beige Fedora REALLY?!?

    • aren't they doing a Vox Machina vs Mighty Nein Battle Royale this Thursday?

  • I don't believe I will be tagging along in this adventure,

  • I wonder if this is a good time to start warching critical role...

    • The best time to watch critical role is as early, and as often, as you can. There's a lot of good content out there to be found, and no sign of them stopping anytime soon.

    • its always a good time to start watching critical role ^-^

  • I wonder if this is how we get vox mochina and mighty nein together? Maybe gonna see everyone swapping in and out?

  • Yo uh Matt, you can take a bit of break dude, like seriously.

  • but what is Sam Riegel doing for the summer????

  • Well, this is probably an unpopular opinion but my getting into CR was for Matt's DMing. So time to unsub.

    • You're unsubbing because Matt isn't the DM in the miniseries? Did you unsub when undeadwood was released too then? And any one shot where he wasn't the DM? P.s. this isn't an airport you don't have to announce your departure

    • I mean he'll still DM Campaign 3,

    • Bye then no one will miss you

  • Robbie Daymond, playing a human necromancy wizard named Hubert

  • the Chair.

  • Omg Spectacular Spider-Man voice actor!

  • Life needs things to live

  • Where is my boi Sam :(