Stephen A. sounds off on KD, Kyrie and Steve Nash | First Take

Joylandi 21-Iyn, 2021
Stephen’s A-List of the top 5 reasons the Nets were eliminated:

Stephen A. sounds off on KD, Kyrie and Steve Nash | First Take
Stephen A. Smith, Magic Johnson and Max Kellerman debate the biggest reasons why the Brooklyn Nets were eliminated from the playoffs by the Milwaukee Bucks.

0:00 Magic Johnson says the Brooklyn Nets need better role players.
1:17 Stephen A. Smith asks Magic about Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving's mentality.
3:22 Max Kellerman explains what the Brooklyn Nets can do next season if the Big 3 is healthy.

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  • 0:00 Magic Johnson says the Brooklyn Nets need better role players. 1:17 Stephen A. Smith asks Magic about Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving's mentality. 3:22 Max Kellerman explains what the Brooklyn Nets can do next season if the Big 3 is healthy.

    • @tj a.k.a T-rebel What did you say? KD 2 championships with the Warriors, Giannis one with the Bucks. Whos is better? Cry now salty b.....

    • @Wavy_ Godd exactly! You need all the elements not just KD, Harden, Irving, Griffin, Harris, Deandre

    • @Nick Alcombedas championships are won by whoever is the healthiest team regardless of teamwork & everybody else, if your team isn’t healthy nothing you do matters

    • @Wavy_ Godd Nevermind , someone is needed to play for the USA Olympic team while Giannis competes for the title. Championships are won by teams which include players, coaches, medical staff, trainers, etc....

    • @Nick Alcombedas they didn’t play full healthy nets in either of those 2 games they won!

  • If Ty Lue coached the Nets then who coaches the Clippers ?🤔

  • Kaydie and kryrie

  • Magic came in SPEAKING FACTS! Kyrie knows KD gonna follow what he does. They were waaaaaaaaaaaay too nonchalant about the season and thought they would beat everyone without trying. They got humbled, and what's funny is that they're gonna be nonchalant next season as well 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Steve Nash has experience coaching now. KD and Kyrie have won. James Harden has plenty of experience in the playoffs. Story out of nothing

  • Magic is correct. Look at when golden state was a powerhouse. They had livingston and igudola tearing it up off the bench.

  • I hate the truth behind Max’s “ if you (magic) Jordan and bird were on a team, and me and molly were the other 2 players, you’d still win.”

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  • facts SAS! ty lue wouldve prevented harden and kyries injuries!!! amazing insight

  • It’s not on Steve Nash at the end of the day though? An injured Kyrie, a compromised Harden. Role players that disappeared in critical time in the playoffs.

    • Yeah Steve Nash wasn’t the best choice but I don’t think Ty Lue will make too much of a difference.

  • Trade Joe Harris to Portland for Robert Covington and Enes Kanter.

  • Magic Michael Larry + Max and Molly aren't winning a SINGLE game let alone a championship lmfao Max really makes you question how much he understands the game sometimes🤦🏾‍♂️

  • lol stephen a blaming nash because hes white.but he cant even blame doc rivers because hes black

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  • I wish Magic was an analyst on the regular


  • Moment of silence for the 3 black head coaches left in the playoffs.....

  • Stephen A knows nothing about basketball, guys at my sports bar know more than Stephen A

    • Since when is kyrie irving the best entertainer in the nba?? Cmon magic

  • Ummm...because Harden was on one leg and Kyrie was out, but yea Magic´s right when those guys go down you need players that can step up and contribute

  • To the person reading this; God has a plan trust the process❣️💫

  • Steph A is a b!tch

  • Has anybody other than me to notice that kyrie has won 1 playoff series since he came into the league if he didn't have lbj on his team. The year the creative went to the ECF he was hurt. He got a series win this year .

  • Right now, KD is better player than LBJ. But career-wise, KD is nowhere close to LBJ.

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  • Yeah Steve Nash wasn’t the best choice but I don’t think Ty Lue will make too much of a difference.

  • Well, I'm not a nets fan, but the rumors of kyrie getting the boot maker sense. He's a great player when he wants to be, but he is an awful human being in the locker room. He's cancer.

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  • We not gonna talk about how the GM traded away the depth for Harden

  • What "Karma" was she talking about?

  • 'Tyronn Lue messing around with best coach in the NBA' has got to be the stupidest thing I have heard in well over a year....

    • The way these teams have been playing, I would say it could be true by default, because most of these coaches are garbage.

  • KD Getting to much hype and he lost the series 🤫..

  • Since when is kyrie irving the best entertainer in the nba?? Cmon magic

    • Fo real. There are a. Plethora of comment threads that say they watch basketball for Steph Curry. Opposing teams cheer for Steph Curry.

  • Magic Bird and Jordan is not same as Nets Big 3. Maybe they score less (a big maybe) but they would be much much much better defensively.

  • i know magic is an all time great and everything, but i think he's wrong. look how close the nets were to winning and Harden wasnt even 50% healthy and no Khyrie at all. if all three were healthy i dont believe it would have been as competitive, IMO

  • Omg molly stfu!! Like he wasn’t even talking to you

  • Two years In a roll and got knock out , they try too buy a chip and so far It's not work , they forgot leadership , LBJ and them let this one go by too rest and their coming back next year and LBJ can get 2 more chips and pass the ball or 3 more , facts , plus he's won a chip for every team he's been on , he will win 2/3 more then go back too his home team and play a roll on the team a year and give It up.


  • Stop it with this T Lue talk

  • KD knows how to win chips? yeah sure just join a 73 win team & you're straight

  • Their stars will always get injured if they dont move the ball, this team is deep but you need ball movement and not hero ball to consistently stay healthy

  • Knicks

  • Go Magic Johnson. 💚🤍

  • Go Brooklyn Nets. 🖤🤍🏀🗽

  • Magic actually played basketball.

  • Nets thought that it can buy a championship. How did that work out? Nutcase Kyrie will only play when he's not busy reflecting on racism or partying without a mask. Goodluck with that.

  • Molly should not be in the show. She knows nothing. Smh.

  • Steve nash doesnt make adjustment when needed. He got out coached in game 7 and thats why they lost. He stuck with harris who was terrible , he played KD too many minutes and KD had nothing left in the tank in the overtime. What happen to shamet? jeff green game 7 barley got minutes. Nash is not a defensive minded coach and has no idea how to become one.

  • There's no such thing as karma...but you do reap what you sow.

  • If I remember correctly Stephen A. had something to say about the Warriors deciding on an inexperienced Steve Kerr and we all saw how that worked out. I'm not gonna knock the Nets because they saw something special in Steve Nash.

  • Defense wins championships.

  • bruh nets got it hands down whenever two of the the three is healthy. harden was limited to what he could do. so kd did what he could but theres no problem with role players. harris griffin green all played amazing. now if all three superstars are healthy, omg!

  • Really powerful opening segment from Magic lol. Can we please get commentary that is somewhat intelligent?

  • They are not in the playoffs because KD can not carry

  • Stephen a Smith talks like he can run his mouth about anyone in sports with no backlash and he criticse other player for no good reason

  • I have nothing against the nets but im glad they lost. As soon as they acquired kd kyrie and harden the media began overhyping them had em down as nba champions and were d riding them like crazy.

  • Nets ain’t winning the championship in 2022 either. They’ve been exposed

  • Karma btw

  • Best entertainer in Irving

  • Kyrie and KD did not have to carry their teams to the championship. LeBron carried Kyrie. All Kyrie had to do was hit that big shot. He wasn't the leader of the team. That was Lebron. He did most of the work while Kyrie was along for the ride and he hit that shot. Lebron did everything else. KD on the other hand join a team that just won a ring very recently. They had a very established team with Curry, Klay, Dryamond and also couch Kerr. He didn't have to come in and make anything. He just came along for the ride. Sure KD played great but he was never the leader. Now KD and Kyrie want to do it on there own and doing it on your own is completely different. They though all you had to do was show up and the ring was theres. Turns out its not that easy. And this mentality that they don't need a coach really says it all about why they lost. Sure they won before but this time it's different. This time they are the ones in charge. They aren't just going along with the ride. And both KD and Kyrie aren't leaders. Especially Kyrie who has shown time and time again how much of a pre-modana locker room cancer he is.

  • WARRIORS made KD what he is now.. and he will NEVER be as great as he was in OAKLAND... nuff said...

  • A better head coach would have gotten them to the conference finals and buy more time for Harden to get healthy. They missed a big game in game 4. Chance to go up 3-1. KDs final plays weren’t written up.

  • Stephen A....Why was you at them high schools and colleges boi??

  • Molly STFU

  • KD always looking for the easy way

  • When is ESPN seriously going to get rid of these three clowns! They have zero clue what they are talking

  • Why isn't Magic on this show more often? ESPN needs to hire this guy cause he is so good at making his argument, communicating, and delivering. Give this guy his own show.

  • Idk ever since Steve Nash got hired to be the head coach SAS seems to have a vendetta against him and the nets

  • Imagine Magic, MJ and Larry playing 3-on-3 against Max SAS and Molly

  • Never understood the term "to know something like the back of your hand"? I don't even know the back of my hand cause I never look at it & have no reason to lol 😂

  • Without two of his top three players the Nets pushed the HEALTHY bucks to 7. You gotta attribute some of that to coaching. SAS needs to give credit where it’s due

  • Didn’t GSW win in 2015 with a Head Coach who was working for Yahoo! Sports before he was hired with no previous coaching experience?

  • Magic has good points but the truth is that the Nets role players were pretty decent. Blake Griffin and Jeff Green played well all series, and even Bruce Brown and Landry Shamet had their moments. Yeah Joe Harris kinda went MIA but still, the Nets have a good enough bench to win a championship with a healthy Big 3.

  • I’m not sure why Stephen A. keeps saying how Ty Lue would have been a better fit than Steve Nash, it doesn’t take a genius to see that kyrie was coached by Ty Lue and left. Kyrie obviously doesn’t want to play for him or he wouldn’t have left Cleveland.

  • Lol why are they talking Ty Lue is a basketball god 🤣🤣

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  • Stephen A said alot of nothing...

  • Would he have said that if they hired Chauncey billups who had no experience on any level before hired by the clippers? I do agree Nash was thrown in before ready

  • Ben Simmons for Kyrie Irving

  • Stephen A. still sore about Steve Nash skipping the line ahead of other, in his eyes, more deserving black coaches.

  • I’m give Ty Lue his roses. I thought he was avg and LeBron was the reason but he a good coach str8 up can’t even hate.

  • Yall cut that wayy too short

  • Steve Nash exposed as a coach. Coaching absolutely plays a major factor in the playoffs.

  • Y’all Got this Wrong an Clearly Your Underestimating The Milwaukee Bucs who Dismantled Miami the Eastern Conference Champs!!

  • Why do we listen to someone that was a great player but a sorry front office person. Smh

  • Love the title: the best part of Stephen A. is with the sound off.

  • James Harden got them to the playoffs while they were resting and missing games. Even though KD had a great offensive game, he didn't know when to pass the ball in the last moments. 0-6 in OT because they expected him to shoot. That is the difference between him and LBJ. He would have looked to make the correct play. Not be a hero.

  • Where dwinwiddie???

  • Well James Harden, you left the Rockets cause you wanted to win a championship. Looks like you have to wait for next season.

  • Maybe Molly.. not you Max…

  • so doc rivers gets pass on flunking his Lob City, Kahwi Clips, and 76ers? but nash is at fault and wholly to blame on the loss of the nets?

  • " i believe... that Ben Simmons... is one jumpshot away from being LeBron James " -Stephen A.

  • Ain’t no D that’s why they lost

  • MAX is just Stupid. Why is he on the show?

  • The better team won Just cause you got better players don’t mean you’re the better TEAM. KD came to BK try to build that super team when they really should’ve got role players they honestly fucked up gettin rid of Jarret Allen.

  • Steve Nash didnt play Greene that was a stupid move KD been better than Lebron what is Magic smoking.

  • Steve Nash can't coach he never made any effective adjustments to help his team he needs to be a assistant coach first

  • ty lue best coach?????????????? they smoking what

  • Shout out to Max for challenging Magics perspective on basketball but SHUT UP!'re smart to side with him.

  • Who cares about

  • Lool what's this Ty Lue b.s