The Mysterious Death of George Reeves

Joylandi 18-Iyn, 2021
A Hollywood actor is found dead - was it suicide or murder? Make sure to leave your questions for our Post Mortem episode in the comments!


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  • Make sure to leave your questions for our Post Mortem episode down below!

    • were reeves’s fingerprints on the gun? because if the gun was oiled and no fingerprints were on the gun, suicide seems rather unlikely

    • What do you think that boy felt when George Reeves got shot?

    • hotdaga when.

    • Tjrjejejenwhehtgu3uesujdjt

    • I kinda believe that it's an orge gone wrong. So my question is if they were able to check for any sexual fluids?

  • What if the boy with the gun was it to see if he was bulletproof without anyone else in the room


  • Did he say final season... i must have misheard that🤨

  • Who makes a joke like that about their fiance?

  • Yeah sorry, I just don't buy the suicide story if there's no suicide note. I'm not saying it's not possible, I don't think Bourdain left one either. I'm just saying that this dude was woken up by his friends and then decided to strip naked and shoot himself? Nah dude, I just don't buy it.

  • 4:59 SUS

  • Series finalé?!?! No!!! Love you guys!

  • Therapist: Ryan with a katana can’t hurt you Ryan with a katana: *i t c a n*

  • Wait…. If he had a revolver, why was there a bullet she’ll under his body?

  • Shane and Ryan are to Buzzfeed , as Ryan George is to Screen Rant. Both properties are sinkholes without those guys.

  • what if Georges fiance abused or beat the crap out of by lemmon his fiance because they took to long from the dinner or whatever just a theory.

  • Whats with the get up, Shane?

  • I refuse this as the last season. DO YOU HEAR ME!

  • Buzzfeed about to lose half their subs just after the season ends

  • Hey genuine question, why is it unsolved still, if the girl confessed to the crime ?

  • What if shaq wanted you to sleep with his girlfriend/fiance/wife?

  • That little boy who tried to shoot him earlier wanted to test his theory again and snuck out unnoticed 😮

  • Do MLK please #184

  • Do buzzfeed ww2 mysteries 🙏🏻

  • happy to see tou guysss backkk

  • 15:38 Ryan: Did you bug my house Shane: **proceeds to have a mysterious look on his face**

  • We’ve all been soaked in blood on our living room floor cover in shattered glass and cuts while your wife is screaming in fear(my profile is exactly like my expression)

  • NOooo I love watching you guys! Why are you ending it?

  • How can the bullet case end up under you if you shoot yourself?

  • Guys you missed the opportunity to talk about two massive cases that are never talked about. The Bible John murders and The Hammersmith Nude Murders. But still thank you for all of the great content 👏🙏🙌❤ you guys rule, gonna miss ya 😞

  • Jesus loves whoever reads this ❤️😁

  • hetero guys really have the worst sense of humor huh

  • Useless information !

  • Ya'll are makin Someone's death into a joke i wished I could give You 2 thumbs down but I'll settle for 1

    • How are they making this into a joke they are explaining the situation and giving there opinion.

  • thought this show will break the record of longest-running show in UZfire and etc whew, failed.

  • plot twist: it was the boy who brought a gun and tried to shoot him before

  • 7:56 I have panic attack meds and a former friend just poured half of them into her jacket pocket and I made her empty them. So, I can confirm, Shane. It is *Absolutely Thrilling* the tell someone to get out of your home.

  • Is it just me or does Shane and ryans skin look, like, creepily smooth?


  • I think George went downstairs in a robe to yell at the guests, went upstairs, disrobed, and shot himself. Furthermore, ironically, that "boring" explanation is more intriguing to me than him being murdered.

  • Could you please do the case of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers in Panama 2014? Thanks

  • “Bergara never misses ...except when he hunts ghosts.” Loving the burn 😂

  • Lemmon is horrible for joking something like that..


  • And if Eddie had done it behind Toni's back she would probably shoot him that woman was crazy about George Reeves Leonore just wanted the attention that came with Marrying the famous "Superman". Eddie would win favor with Toni by killing George Reeves No she would not be happy with him doing that even if he thought he was doing it defending her honor or whatever she would be livid with him is what people have said about her she called him The Boy for crying outloud she by all accounts adored him she was heartbroken when he ended it she wasn't in a rage from all I have heard but that is just my gut feeling that she did not do it she still loved and wanted him around her



  • Why would it be an accident if she shot him rage is not accidental

  • that's not true he went up to bed she had a party he did not like it and they had a fight about it I think she shot him because he had a fit about the party in his house when he was trying to sleep

  • 4:40 Thats really what Superman would say

  • Hey that’s my last name

  • Why steal the Schnauzer?!?!?!?! 😭😭😭 poor thing

  • I agree with Ryan about possibly having someone that there could be someone could be in the closet. That makes a bit of sense, maybe they could of snuck in when the owners of the house and could of snuck into the house.

  • Bad police work

  • Do you suppose Reeves' could have leaned on to the gun, like the way someone leans to the side and puts their head in their hand, while their elbow rests on their thigh? If the blast from the gun was powerful enough, it could have knocked him backwards onto the bed. then his hand could have slumped between his legs where he dropped the gun. the "lean in" theory could explain the blood spatter in juxtaposition with his body on the bed. the only thing I can't figure out is how the shell casing got behind and underneath him. Do those things pop off? What is the projection arc like? EDIT: I just watched another YT vid about how Lugers work, and I think my theory holds water. Those shells pop right off the top with consider force, and the blast is certainly enough to knock a man backwards.

  • I know who did it. IT WAS BATMAN

  • The Petition to Keep Buzzfeed Unsolved Going is here:

  • ... when life give you Lemmons

  • Mannix: "You can f*** my wife, but don't f*** with my wife."

  • The Final Season :(

  • final season??? #bummer

  • Do the Villisca Iowa Ax murders!!! And a season 6. Call it the “Lost episodes.”

  • All of them are so suspicious, was the fiancé ever abusive to him? Could explain the bruises and her tantrums and the joking of suicide before he committed suicide?

  • I like how they put the suicide hotline at the start before Shane starts up and I wheezed

  • Lemon comments are so weird

  • Her name was Leonore Lemmon? She even had a comic book name

  • “At 1am on a Tuesday” made me chuckle for some reason 😂

  • No way, guys, you cannot leave us like that. You are my favorite crime and paranormal investigators. You are at the peak of your popularity, what with COVID-19 raging outside. We need you. I hope you will continue this series or a similar format on another channel

  • My family’s and I will never forget hacker for helping us generate cashapp money during this trying time we say a big thanks to Maskoffweb service for the amazing help

  • He could have leaned like that to shoot himself, I just pretended to do it with my hand and if I lean like that my hand is just above my crotch, which means, that the handgun could fall between my feet, after I pull the imaginary trigger. I don't have an explanation for the bullet casing, though, your animators didn't do a good job portraying the Luger, because the Luger is a magazine fed pistol and not a revolver and as we know revolvers usually don't eject casings when shot. Maybe it could have hit the wall and bounced off of it to fly under him just before he fell to the bed. Why would anyone shoot themselves in a such a leaned position? I have no idea, maybe he pointed the gun to the front of his face and then decided to face away from it or he just did it like that for no reason, he just acted on impulse, but I don't exclude the possibility he could have been "suicided" by someone else.

  • Ryan & Shane were literally the only reason I watched the disastrous channel that Buzzfeed is, I'm gonna miss this show. Guess who's binge watching these episodes again?

  • NOT THE FINAL SEASON :,((((((((

  • Still sad that George Reeves had to go at a young age. And he was clearly depressed too, at some point. I wish he could be saved from the alcoholism and the pressure of being in Hollywood.

  • Believe or not he got killed with cryptonyte

  • Seems like SUPERMAN wasn’t bulletproof. Interesting…

  • He was murdered!!!

  • 18:58

  • *cries*

  • I still don't understand why George Reeves was naked

  • george reeves’ toxic polycule

  • I can't stop laughing at Shane's "GET OUT OF MY HOME! GOOO!" 😂

  • Came here for the story instead Got annoyed

  • Everytime they say last season I get scared

  • you guys are the only good buzzfeed branch. 'preciate yall

  • missed it, but why is this the last season?

  • My theory is that the bloke that had no reason to be in the house on a Tuesday night was having an affair with Lemmon. The neighbours were there only there as an alibi and were distracted when Mannix fled the house. In theory the Mannixs and Lemmon would need to be colluding to kill the victim. Perhaps one of the Vesuvian tantrums that the soon to be wife threw was because she found out about the affair he was having with Mannix’s wife months ago and she didn’t like it. I also reckon that Reeves was going to sleep or perhaps take a shower, that’s why he was undressed. What do you guys think?

  • Why final season man

  • As odd as it seems for him to kill him self in such a weird position, isn’t it MORE odd for someone to murder him in that position??

  • What happened to y'all's hair

  • Now we have Keanu

  • As much as I love this show, it doesn't feel right anymore. I'll be on the Watcher channel with "Too Many Spirits," "Dish Granted," "Puppet History," and more quality content from Shane, Ryan and Steven.

  • Buzzfeed please hire a guy that's not from California to do your animations regarding guns and ammo because that was atrocious.

  • Who the flip decided it was okay to kill Superman? I guess they didn’t want someone to save people. They wanted attention.

  • Can you guys do a episode on watcher of you going to get tap dance lessons. It could be part of weird wonderful world

  • am only back cause of Ryan and Shane lol I already unsubbed

  • wait wait wait… final season ?

  • “What it feels like? Is that all that’s been holding you back? You might be a murderer” *shane proceeds to defend himself by describing a scenario in which he’d roll an old lady into a pool and leave*

  • I’d love a buzzfeed unsolved on sonny liston bc it’s even more interesting than this. Obviously unlikely but it would be so cool since almost any story is compelling as the death of sonny liston

  • Theory :- Aliens came to Earth around the time Reeves was cast as Superman. Somehow, they stumbled upon a television which had Superman on. Being Aliens, they couldn't understand what was going on and how a human could be so powerful. Immediately, they wished to eliminate their arch-nemesis on Earth who was the only human who could pose a threat to them.

  • they let the woman get away with murder

  • they let the woman get away with murder

  • Thé final season no

  • I love the "outta shape-in shape" actors back in the day. We are in so much better shape nowadays. There is nothing super about ol' George, he looked like my dad!

  • Scuze me? Final season? Does it feel good to finally start getting the weight of buzzfeed off your backs? I don't want this to be the last season :( you been carrying buzzfeed this whole time guys 🖤