The Only PERFECT Overpowered Antagonist - Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)

Joylandi 7-Apr, 2019
The PERFECT Chaotic Neutral Overpowered Antagonist - Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls... Y'all should watch Gravity Falls... Bill is probably one of my favorite antagonists of all time... and i relate to him... scary...
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Bill Cipher thumbnail art by: JanikHelbig?s=09
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  • The eye of providence... the demiurge. He is the mind of everyone and experiences everything through us. The only way to defeat him is to return him to the Pleroma whence he came.

  • S T A N L E E

  • What do you mean “someone get this on Netflix”??? It was already on Hulu when you made this video and now it’s on Disney+ too

  • People that call themselves chaotic neutral make me want to grab onto them and throw *both* of us out of a tenth story window.

  • What if someone made a deal with Bill where they said “I want to have all the power that you have, forever, and become the king of the entire multiverse”

  • Ah the old Avatar. I miss it a lot actually.

  • disney anime gravity falls. ¿¿¿bill cipher, ✌🏻??? 2021

  • the reason why Bill just didnt end his enemys, is a reason I like to call "solving a dumb problem stupidly is worth twice the fun"

  • Gravity Falls would be fun as a Doom Game, especially the Weirdmageddon

  • The incantation Gideon says to summon Bill for the first time isn't "play this backwards" it's "backwards message"

  • wait you said theres a code and there are letters of the pyramid on the dollar bill, someone deCIPER that

  • I’m convinced King from Owl House is Bill’s reincarnation

  • And now Bill-Cipher is either a Bird, an Axolotl or a Cubone~

  • Who will win in Bill Cypher vs Sosuke Aizen.

  • You... think Bill is chaotic neutral? He's the essence of chaos for sure, but... neutral? Neutral?? No. Bill is 100% chaotic evil dude, like, neutral doesn't care if other people suffer, Bill lives to see other people suffer.

  • Thanos: Wait, a dorito is better than me?

  • Random kind of observation and possibility. Bill is very much self aware. Bill talks about being from a 2D world, and watching the show myself I giggled to myself about how he’s actually 2D no matter what part of the gravity falls universe he is. It’s entirely possible a possible huge goal or maybe even backup plan was to escape that fictional universe in order to escape to OUR WORLD which-IS FREAKING COOL AND IDC WHAT ANYBODY SAYS THIS IS MY PERSONAL HEADCANNON!!! CAUSE LIKE- IF ANYBODY IS SELF AWARE ITS BILL CIPHER!!! “A different form, a different time” We can say that this form is the statue. And again Idc if this is wrong It probably is But it makes his character super cool and it’s my personal headcannon Because yes

  • Rip Vera Lynn who died at the super ripe age of 103 Maybe we’ll meet again

  • you don't know the rest of us, do you?

  • He's coming.... A different place... A different time

    • I think he reincarnated as king from the owl house

  • He is god in last 3 ep.

  • Very underrated series

  • Everyone: *talking about the cipher wheel* the blue outline of bill cipher:

  • I love how bill is a fun villain, making jokes all the time, but when he gets serious he’s fucking _scary._

  • Well... not only. We have another *one* . *Nox* . Noximilien Xellor. From Wakfu. He is very good too. I think he's a perfect antogonist.

  • Bill Cipher did actually survive according to Gravity Fall’s creator as he is a outerversal primordial being

  • Bill Cipher is so OP and Chaotic that he showed up in Fallout The Frontier as a Easter Egg

  • One problem with your theory on Bill being alive Bill wouldn’t come back himself because Stan killed bill not the memory gun and if Bill did come back it would just be a memory not the real thing and he wouldn’t be able to do anything he just be a memory nothing more nothing less

    • Your second Thery on bill being alive is actually possible the first one no

  • If he came to Our Earth I would give him my body. I like Chaos

  • 9:41 why did you show anime girls here lmao

  • As a god of destruction I am also a chaotic neutral, only cause im lazy

    • And honestly I watched the 1st episode the end of the intro thing I instantly knew the dude in it was the antagonist but before I knew his name I called him in my head "Illuminati guy"

  • Hope youve been enjoying The Owl House

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  • If the all-seeing eye is on the back of the bill, does that mean Bill's backside is his frontside?

  • can he beat goku tho?

  • We could make a deal with him that would be his doom: Asking for omnipotency, with the price of Bill being able to control you while you sleep (he would be omnipotent, I doubt he would refuse). After he shakes your hand, you destroy him with your omnipotency. Actual five head

  • Bill knows ford can collapse the barrier, but bill also knows that ford knows how to defeat bill so bill shouldve killed him

  • I have a question in sock opera episode bill sticks forks on dippers arms, so he's masochist? RIGHT??

  • maybe 2020 was the earth version of weirdmageddon...

  • 14:12 fucking scared me holy shit

  • So Bill is the more child friendly great old one

  • Bro I go from lawfull good to chaotic evil il be like sir this a NO smoking area to seeing a teacher that gave me d getting jumped and getting a few kicks in lol

  • Bill is chaotic evil.

  • Did I mention he killed time itself I don't think it needed saying -Nux

  • Only? You better just mean in children's cartoon or I will commit several war crimes

    • I guess the conclusion to this particular character that I'm talking about isn't amazing


  • 0:53 well it's a good thing you relate to him and not related to him because he killed all of his family and destroyed his dimension

  • the message gideon reads in his incantation is actually "backwards message" repeated... well, backwards. not "play this backwards" same idea but as a fan of the series I get really pricky about specificities lol I love the video though and it's convinced me to rewatch the series

  • why didn't he talk about the "he's in my wallet" that's written in the journal

  • Im offended he didn’t call Bill a dorito with an eye.

  • “Chaotic neutral” you fell Into the trope... he’s 100% chaotic evil. He literally wants to destroy the world. He destroyed his own dimension in his backstory. It doesn’t matter what his reasoning is behind it. It’s his method.

  • Is it just me our does it sound like there’s a cat meowing at around 7:00

  • "James Patterson" totally not the person who wrote some of my favorite books in the world hmmmmmm

  • The OG Illuminati (Bavarian Illuminati) was pretty good

  • Gravity Falls is such an amazing show.

  • Oh no, he relates to The fancy triangle.

  • I’d let Bill into my mind to watch him get lost in there just like the dozens of eldritch who have entered my mindscape and haven’t been able to come out

  • Pokemon playing in the background intensives

  • I actually think bill is lawful evil. He gets people to sign contracts and abides by them, but uses cons, wordplay, and just straight up loophole exploitation to break or bend them.

  • Griffith

  • my ringtone is the gravity falls theme song and i thought someone was calling me this whole video

  • Am I the only person who thinks that the bird that landed on his hand could have Bill in its head?


  • When I first clicked on this video, I thought it was Game Theory, due to the thumbnail style.

  • bill cipher isnt a demon he's beyond that an eldritch being even

  • bill cipher is ego

  • Wasn’t the triangle shaped gun able to kill him but then Ford missed.

  • Eat your heart out wh40k.

  • Anyone who doesn't identify themselves as Good in alignment is admitting they're not a good person. I don't understand how you can do that without shame unless you're a sociopath.

  • Maybe there could one day be a live action sequel to Gravity Falls in our universe.

  • 13:21 Is that.... I shouldn't

  • Wait, i thought i clicked on to a film theory video...

  • Thank you love cipher “buy gold buy”

  • 3:03... is that an Eva reference? XD

  • Black hat: Pathetic

  • man you talk like an asshole

  • buy whatever with however

  • Now there’s king- bills copy (owl house)

  • The only problem I have with the ending of Gravity Falls is that Bill himself says, "I see everything!" So why did he not know what Stan and Ford were planning?

  • I loved deciphering the codes in Gravity Falls


  • fuck because someone shook his hand 2020 and 2021 is weirdmageddon

  • red x nice

  • 0:10 I like your Hatty Hatterson impression

  • Bill ciper was just sitting in one place not being able to enjoy anything for 3 million years. That's why he loss all of his emotions for others I geuss. Still hate him

  • 14:12 - Is it odd that I find Nux with _white_ sclerae somehow more jarring than anything else in these three seconds?

  • my mans sounds like jelloapocalypse

  • 2020 was weirdmagedin

  • That’s right Discord and Sol, gtfo. The throne belongs to the Illuminati meat dorito. :)

  • Did you know Bill made a deal with Stanley Kubrick to help him film the moon landing? At least, according to Journal 3.

  • There is a cut scene from mableland were dipper snaps cool dippers neck

  • I clicked on this video by accident

  • Bill "I see everything" Proceeds to not see stan and ford change clothes

  • devilman crybaby wants to know your location.

  • Bill lives

  • mad respect to Disney channel for ending the show when its time was up and not propping up its corpse with uninspired filler for multiple seasons (yes I am talking abt fairly odd parents)

  • Plot twist, Bill is nux trying to tell everyone how powerful he is

  • and now we think he's king to redeem himself

  • I havnt even watched this show but I’m so interested in the theories behind it.

  • He's chaotic evil, but he pretends to be chaotic neutral while he's still bound by his own limitations that stops him from fully manifesting in 3D space.

    • This is restrictions not limitations, Bill doesn't have limits on his powers, but he still have restrictions