The Rise and Fall of Regular Show: What Happened?

Joylandi 30-Yan, 2020
Use my link to get a 30-day ad-free trial of VRV Premium! When we think about Cartoon Network in the 2010s, it's very hard not to mention Regular Show. It's one of the most well-received cartoons of the previous decade. Between the 80s nostalgia, art style, characters and mature focus, what happened to Regular Show?
Editor of the Exposition (First Part): Rust - darusttv
Editor of the Rise: Tooter - tooterpYT
Editor of the Arcs: Lea - LeaC_Official
Writer/Research Help: ToonGrin - toongrin

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  • Use my link to get a 30-day ad-free trial of VRV Premium! Timestamps Exposition - 0:00 The Pilot - 12:34 The Rise - 17:51 Mordecai - 23:04 Rigby - 29:09 Skips - 35:43 Benson - 40:04 Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost - 51:51 Mordecai's Love Arc - 58:32 Thomas - 1:08:29 The Dome & Rigby High School Arcs (Season 7) - 1:14:56 The Fall - 1:24:56 Regular Show: In Space (Season 8) - 1:34:06 A Regular Epic Final Battle (Series Finale) - 1:44:20 FAQ Why is this video so short? Of all of the Rise and Fall videos I've done, this covers 8 seasons, 200+ episodes, the main characters (and Thomas), arcs and season 8's Regular Show: In Space. I'm usually used to doing 2-3 seasons. Did you edit this by yourself? No. Editor of the Exposition (First Part): Rust - Editor of the Rise: Tooter - Editor of the Arcs: Lea - Terror Tales? Regular Show: The Movie? The ducks arc? :( The former two, can still be covered in a separate video. I had to cut things for deadlines + this video already took more than two months. You know who else ____? Your mom.

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    • I know this is a year old but I’m fucking livid with you. I go there and make an account, I search up Adventure Time. Nothing. I search up Misadventures of Flaojack. Nothing. I search up Chowder. Nothing. Don’t fucking lie to us you piece of furry shit.

    • @Jobe_Seed wow I feel bad

    • His new series is pretty good , check it out

  • YOOOOOOOO HE WENT TO THE COLLEGE I WENT TO, College of Sequoias is located in Visalia California

  • Mordecai was born in my hometown

  • “Get back to work!” -Gum-ball Machine

  • There was no fall it was always amazing

  • 1:27 a m o r g o s

  • Eh I don’t agree with your evaluation of season 7

  • Muscle man is the only human form in that park besides him looking lile a green zombie so its possible this is all in his head made up friends and has his close friend a ghost because that was most special to him... The gumball machine guy, blue ray bird.. Was all humans and those characters muscle man picture them as is possibly how he sees them or wat they died of... Maybe not dead maybe moved somewhere idk. Muscle man is in a trailor inside a park and probably takes acid imaging all this

  • You literally only explained the entire show episode by episode and never specified why the show was great or what happened to it other then it ended. Which was the obvious from the beginning

  • This video essay was a ride. Fantastic work.

  • I remember seeing the first episode, the power and telling myself, yep I'm in love

  • Man this show was my childhood during my early elementary years during that time I never understood what the timeline supposed to be lol, that time I don't even paid attention to character development I like pretty much everyone on that show. I think I stop watching completely when I'm almost at 5th grade, I completely moved to UZfire so I didn't even manage to watch the end of the series. Ahh what a time


  • A Bunch Of Baby Ducks Send Them To The Moon, Soda Machine That Doesnt Work Send It To The Moon.

  • me watching this and realising its been going on a while and then checking it to see I have an hour and a half left: oh no. my sleep schedule

  • My opinion is that it rose then fell then rose then ended

  • 1:03:59 *the funniest thing on cartoon network*

  • Okay but Tower Prep was amazing.

  • I just found your channel, I like it! Especially your regular show stuff, you got one more sub from me!

  • I watched the first episode of regular on tv I’m from the uk

  • I remember in 2016 when the finale aired, I genuinely cried that day, I miss this show so much

  • that intro made me forget this was about regular show it was so good.

  • Wait the show had a fall?

  • I agree until you get to criticisms about season 7. Maybe it's just because I've gone through similar situations presented the show show...?

  • This show is so nostalgic, and it’s kind of sad that many of my friends watched Adventure Time or Flapjack but never watched regular show. So I would just laugh on my own. So many people that I know missed out on this show.☹️

  • how does it fall when its populatiry never faded?

  • Destroy Build Destroy was awesome and nobody can change my mind

  • Regular show could easily go to adult swim and nobody would say nothing

  • Regular Show was (and still is) my favorite show of all time. i loved the sense of humor and every season was something new

  • Appreciate the effort for the Video

  • And Cartoon Network, apparently, decided that being entertaining, and having GOOD shows was no longer important. CN is as shitty as Nick & Komrade Disney, now. They've even ruined Adult Swim and Toonami. "PC", corporate shitbags.

  • The whole show was great except for the romantic drama, those parts would stop the show cold. Also I noticed you manipulated a few scenes to make the show seem worse, like when you said they went to space cause bensons crush even though they all got a message telling them to go back to the park.

  • Man the best cartoon network show ever

  • Brilliant show, benson is my favourite character

  • I thought he said the sponsor was Friv, I grew up with that.

  • Okay but Destroy Build Destroy was one of my favorites as a kid

  • We missed them

  • The rise and rise of Regular Show, why 2021 wont accept a “jolly good show” like this.


  • Thomas is sonic the hedgehog btw

  • I really just watched with just skipping about a minute or so

  • I still remember an episode of Dude What Would Happen where they built a hot tub car. Was pretty cool as a kid. Also Destroy Build Destroy

  • I’m going thru rewatching this series and my god this show is genius

  • I fuckin love flapjack


  • Season 8 kinda felt like Rick and Morty for a weird reason and pops felt like a Gohan

  • I slowed on the show when they started going to space and such, around the part with the giant ear peoples

  • I wonder how long of a "rise and fall of cartoon network" video would take. Cause I remember loving nearly every show that aired around the early to mid 2010's and then I see the crap they're making now and I'm in shock they're still in business

  • Ayo wtf the creator of regular show went to college in my hometown also it’s pronounced the college of the sa-coi-ahs not se cuoi ha

  • bruh it didnt die it just endes besides the creaters are making so much money‐

  • Miss this show so freaking much

  • i thought the thomas as a spy episode was the finale and i was totally fine with it

  • What do you mean fall

  • honestly im just glad they didnt stretch out the seasons and like spongebob. spongebob is now ass

  • This is diffrent the ones i know when the guy doesent get into a school he cuased a world war

  • I thought the show went downhill when Mordecai officially got into his ballistic relationships. The show seemed a lot better when it was just mainly focused on Mordecai and Rigby's bromance and the park gang friendship altogether, it sucked when it started focusing on Mordecai trying to solve or get better with his relationship issues with the chicks he likes. That's why I disliked both Margaret and CJ when they were with Mordecai, but I liked their characters better when they were all single; Rigby and Muscle Man seem to be the only guys in the show who can hold a steady relationship. I was fine with Eileen since she wasn't selfish or bitter like Mordecai's exes. I thought the peak of Regular Show was from when it first aired in 2010 to 2012. Everything after season 4 just seemed a little iffy, but some episodes in season 4 and above that focused on friendship with the park gang, and it was great. All the specials they nailed were amazing, even if they came from a season I didn't like! My favorites are the Thanksgiving Special and The Real Thomas. I think it was best for the show to end instead of having it go downhill, but nothing will beat the awesomeness the first few seasons had to offer. Regular Show, it's anything but!

  • FALL??????

  • ok, i may be in the minority here, but i kinda wanna see him do a video on bojack horseman. i know it’s not really the networks he covers, but i think it would be cool

  • So this guy basically dissects almost every episode for 2 hours dam

  • this shit wack

    • ong this video doesn't even show criticism lmao. hes just hating on it

  • Benson had his moments but was often a toxic boss.

  • No it was just raise

  • In my opinion Regular show doesn't have a single bad episode.

  • What the fuck I thought skip was some sort of gorilla or something

  • Man this show was huge for me in 11th & 12th grade ❤️🙌🏽 even my dad and sister appreciated it

  • can you read?

  • girls watch cartoons too...

  • What fall the fall isn’t reala

  • This show is my favorite show of all time. I re watch it at least 3 times a year

  • It never fell

  • You waste my time by seeing this

  • I'm glad I saw this in my Iranian war zone excuse for a recommended

  • Make sure to join us! The Orphanage wants you!

  • “Reminiscent of fanf” Chuck E. Cheese: am I a joke to you?

  • My dad called them mordeci and Crisby and told me not to be like them lil did he know min wage is like 15 dollars

  • Why do we have to see the furry animation on the side of all the scenes

    • @Levi Manley same, I left at 30 mins in. it just takes like half the screen like bro i came to see the video not your furry fetish

    • @B.J I literally couldn't finish the video

    • ikr aint no one want to see no god damn furry

    • thats what I'm saying smfh (shake my frickin head)

  • "aka let's start off with the rise"

  • High Five Ghost!!!

  • I mean regular show is great for a show being based off an animation of two guys taking acid.

  • I've been watching the show since it aired back in 2010 and for me the show went downhill around season 7 and I stopped caring when they went to space


  • Nothing it ended

  • Just set up the chairs

  • Does anyone remember Level Up from Cartoon Network?

  • Your channel deserves more recognition, the amount of research and own self revelation that you put into this video is insane

  • Research paper on the regular show

  • I took an 8th of shrooms 4 hours ago here’s how my night went. I binge watched 2 seasons of regular show laughing my ass off at pops random non sense. Looked up a best moments of pops. Basically rewatched 2 seasons of regular show condensed down into a pops compilation. Only to find this glorious rabbit hole of a video that I thought was 15 minutes long to only realize it’s an hour and 50 minutes long.

  • Id like to point out the training montage with Pops has a song from the band DragonForce in the background

  • on 8:06 i think he means the brand HE'S talking about not she's

  • Y'know who else uses VRV? MY MUM!

  • this show was beautiful in a whole it was in real life heart breaks Mordecai went thru so much and i know we see talking clouds and gumballs but watching this show made me realize somethings it’s more than about it’s characters and adventures it’s touching on real life situations this show is beautiful it never died it ended

  • Oh I remember when Cartoon Network never had cartoons on. I hated that lol

  • CN real was a dark time

  • Im high as fuck but this kinda interesting

  • Do an toejam and earl episode

  • Dont look at our crotches while we synchronize our watches

  • If quips is skips' cousin first cousin, how old is he ? Is quips immortal too ?

  • When talking about the episode with animatronics you mentioned FNAF as a reference when the episode was first.

  • Furry

  • who else got scared by that car so muhc like i did like omg i was havin nightmares n shit.