The Worst Day Of My Life.

Joylandi 13-Iyn, 2021
Schlatt goes to the Logan Paul Fight and has a bad time.
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Edited by me, all by myself

Logan Paul brought his $100,000 dollar Pokemon Charizard Card to the fight. Floyd Mayweather brought Migos. And I brought Nothing. In this Schlatt Commentary Video, jschlatt talks about stuff including the Logan Paul vs. Mayweather boxing fight in Miami. What a nice place! I love Miami and the entire state of Florida. Maybe one day Schlatt will move to Florida and will wither away in peace in his timeshare. Kids if you want to know what society would be like if Jschlatt, Technoblade, and Fundy get kicked off the Dream SMP, book a ticket to Miami and Dont Come Back.


  • That is exactly what Florida is a bunch of old ppl

  • i wanna play doodle jump too

  • Me as a child in an arcade full of good, high quality games: 3:30

  • 0:30 As a Floridian, I work at a Yacht Club, right? Now, you’d think, “that’s a cool job, stereotypical, but cool” NO. ITS JUST RICH OLD PEOPLE WHO ARE TOO STINGY WITH THEIR MONEY TO GO TO ACTUAL RESTAURANTS

  • "did you see the lats on the guy?" *touches the traps*

  • you should fight KSI

  • i live in florida i hate it-

  • Do shlatt a favour and download rise of kingdoms so he can get more rich

  • You heard it here folks, Jschlatt is going out to fight women

  • 4:58 the look of concern on the lady behind him.

  • "i wanna play doodle jump"

  • Honestly, I think schlatt and Alexandria were doing other things that night.

  • 7:04 Jambo made the song 10x better

  • I feel like Schlage post only when he gets a sponser

  • i just realleyed u were 9 when i saw born ._.


  • *gasp* it makes me happy that someone i watch also plays doodle jump. best game ever

  • 7:07 is my favorite part of this entire video 💀

  • conor

  • 0:46

  • Why was there a woman walking behind schlatt?

    • alexandra botez Twitch streamer

  • I watched the fight illegally and still wanted a refund

  • What the fuck when did Charlie show up???

  • You look like my uncle.

  • As a Floridan myself, I can confirm this hell hole is blistering hot and we are 80% old people.

    • as a fellow floridian, i can also confirm

  • The girl in the back at 4:50

    • alexandra botez Twitch streamer

  • Cant agree with floyd being the greatest but sure

  • Shlatt what’s your pronouns?

  • I thought I had seen enough ads for rise of kingdoms.

  • nice


  • Who's amaranth?

  • did anyone notice he didn’t smile before the ad

  • No ad never watch jk i downlaoded the game its really fun

  • Bruh do you know swedish

  • I watched this for ksi-...

  • the ones who disliked are mc stans

  • Fight the geico gecko That would literally be fucking awesome and you know it my man.

  • 4:37

  • hot take Floyd is the greatest runner of all time

  • The last videos just.... Best day of my life! Few weeks later Worst day of my life

  • Damn, everybody in Rise of Kingdoms look like they all skipped leg day

  • ur telling me schlatt 0:30

  • i thought that girl was gonna put schlatt in a headlock 4:32

  • Truly disgusting that some “fighters” would do such a horrible thing.

  • I thought there was an ad when he said the sponsor😂

  • Who is the girl in your back round

    • alexandra botez Twitch streamer

    • Female

  • To be honest I am a fan of fighting and Floyd is a serious contestant for greatest of all time. 50-0. He is an incredible fighter and for those who know a lot about fighting and boxing in particular know that he is incredible. Logan Paul right was wack though. Floyd definitely could have won If we wanted to, but he’s Floyd money mayweather for a reason.

  • Shut up

  • Whos ready for Jake Paul v Mike Tyson

  • Schlatt and Alex botez was so wholesome

  • 3:33 me too shlatt me too

  • he didnt do the smile with the wallet. is he ok??

  • What a weird thumbnail

  • Me who lives in Florida: It’s all true, It’s alllll true **cries**

  • you made me remember what logan paul is

  • Jambo

  • Wait is that alexandra botez in the short clip

  • HOOYAAAH!!!!!!!

  • So no one else is curious as to why Alex and schlatt are at the Floyd fight but not on a date to Costco?

  • Schlatt; I’m gonna fight people who aren’t boxers like women Me; Women can be boxers tho

  • A wild Jambo appears!

  • *screams shit outloud*

  • E

  • I know a worse state... Detroit -a floridian or something

  • Where are my Florida peeps at

  • no ad smile, feels bad

  • I'm the happiest person alive rn because i just figured out the dream smp was made a day after my bday

    • that is entirely unrelated

  • I’m shitting

  • SOUP

  • What did you expect and why did you actually expect anything

  • Sponsor pov: rip off clash of clans

  • Dislike, not enough Jambo. Schlatt, or whoever you really are. We, we the PEOPLE. Demand jambo, riots will break out Schlatt. The choice is yours.

  • Okay the old man part discusts me, an underaged girl

  • Bruh you growed so much!!

  • I wAnNa PlAy DoUdLe JuMp

  • hey wanna collab

  • 4:32 Has anyone seen Alexandra Botez in the background?

    • her and her sister were invited by cash app

  • The implication is not that God is waiting in the room God's waiting room memes it is the room where people wait before they meet with God you wouldn't expect to find a doctor waiting to meet with you in there on waiting room

  • What is wrong with the like, 2k people who disliked this video? Why are there so many of them.

  • i wanna play doodle jump

  • Is that the renowned Hunger Games actor Charlie?

  • Lol was the girl in the background when he was talking about the fight like... a friend cuz she was loving his explanation

  • This is the greatest boxing match of all time

  • are we not gonna talk about how many facts jambo was spittin?

  • Dude I want to go back to Miami so bad I used to live there

  • How many cuts did you need to make this video?

  • “I wanna play doodle jump” -schlatt 2021

  • 3:11 Floyd proceeds to block all of the punches

  • 7:44 I think Floyd Mayweather did that too.

  • I live in Florida and it's not "that" bad

  • Not sure about mayweather being the best boxer of all time but he is one of the best the very best title is up for debate still

  • “Florida is just a bunch of old people” Dream:...

    • Could dream be secretly be 56...guess we’ll never know.


  • When schlatt was being gay i just keep look at that lady in the back dying of laughter dude is a very funny man

  • "I would just right women" -jschlatt 2021

  • Yea florida kinda sucks ngl, idk why yall come here for summer cuz its hot as balls

  • Why is no one talking about the rise of kingdoms add Just why

  • you know it's bad when he doesn't do the famous smile before an ad

  • apologize. i want to watch your videos without feeling guilty about giving you money and views. i know i’m doing so right now but please just a sorry for my actions is all for me.