there will Never Ever be another cartoon like Spongebob Squarepants.

Joylandi 19-Sen, 2018
"Why must every eleven minutes of my life be filled with misery?"
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  • Before I get to the 11 minute mark I’ll say why I think it has stayed so popular, every character was important. Every character was so unique that and realistic with their quirks we could all relate in some way. As children, we were spongebob. Just a kid in a world of adults. Patrick was the goody friend or family meme we we all had who as an adult is a loser, but as a kid they are a role model of sorts. Mr Krabs was the boss we hated at a job we had at one point. But I think most of us still care now because of Squidward. As kids, we saw him as mean and selfish. As adults, we truly understand why squidward is the way he is. Because we are squidward. A soulful and passionate person who’s been suppressed and depressed by his surroundings. Just my thoughts. Back to the video.

    • Heeey I got it sort of right lol.

  • love this video

  • only avatar comes close in quality but its not even in the same dimension when it comes to how iconic it is

  • I was a Dexter kid myself.I still want to pick up my wrench and build a better world even if it's impossible i still have to try and fix it. for me as a kid, I was Dexter and an adult I am Stein from Soul Eater.

  • the world has not changed for the worse is complete BS. why be optimistic In a time of complete shit every moment of every day we see or world governing system prevented to dame the many and help the few. only to have the world crash down around us and be told it our fault for our lack of personal replicability. if we are all Squidward's then we live in a world ruled by Patrick Bateman's.

  • People in their twenties are still children.

  • take the cooool take the coool shoeshine

  • i am 23 and just bought a lego star destroyer, because fuck you i have my own money now and im gonna buy one of these that i always wished for as a kid

  • I don’t have any new shoe shine :(

  • Nobody’s gonna point out the Gran turismo 4 menu music?

  • This is one of the best or the best video I have ever seen

  • 0:37 Social Media Scroll Challenge 1:10 120 Golden Age Episodes • More air time than any show on Nickelodeon 😯 2:48 13 Billion in Revenue 5:30 The Simpsons 6:36 Milennials 8:00 Marine Biologist 8:36 The Humor Random, Zainy, Original 9:53 Who is the most important character in Spongebob? 11:29 Squidward 12:20 Two Modes of Living 14:52 Spongebob has the same life as Squidward 15:42 2 Opposing Forces, Blending Together 17:10 Character Swap 19:40 Decline of Spongebob 22:00 A Generation of Cynicism

  • I wish the people who are making all the new seasons could see this video.

  • ima be honest, i use to think the show was stupid. I liked other cartoons and yes I was like 4 or 5 when this stuff was in its peak popularity. Not only that but I only seen like 5 episodes. Spongebob was just annoying, even as a kid.

  • I'm amazed well much I can quote a cartoon I haven't actively watched since 2004.

  • Man who would have thought, that a cartoon like spongebob would hit so deep 💯💯

  • Every time I come back to this video, wow. This is one hell of a piece of art man!

  • Damn. you hurt so good

  • 9:00 Chowder is amazing, lol, I love Chowder, but those other ones I haven't really gotten into

  • The main thing I find so off-putting about cartoons nowadays are how boring and cringey the jokes are. Like the hilarious and witty humor from spongebob's first few seasons makes all of the new cartoons look like the biggest downgrade in history.

  • Rocket power pfff lol. I love some power puff girls but the sponge is 👑 king!

  • I remember way back when Phineas and Ferb just started airing. People were calling it the SpongeBob of Disney. Even if it’s not as good as old SpongeBob, I think it’s the only show I think has even come close to the type of humor SpongeBob had. It really felt like a rival to me. No doubt about it Phineas and Ferb was Disney Channel’s Spongebob and most popular, longest lasting show ever.

  • Spongebob's "new" form is childish, whereas in seasons 1-3, he was childlike.

  • Absolutely spot on

  • Do better

  • 15mims in sorry I'm tapping out just bad opinions... Not gonna dislike.. but should

  • My baby mama watched SpongeBob as a kid.. showed her Futurama and better shows.... My daughter doesn't like SpongeBob... SpongeBob is probably for unparented low iq people

  • the simpsons. thats all ill say

  • 17:10 I like how he censored God but not damn.

  • 12:44

  • Imagine when emplemon was watching the scene where SpongeBob was looking at Squidward from the window he suddenly shouted "I MADE A REVELATION"

  • This makes me think of how one's perception of who's in the right between Tom and Jerry changes as you grow older.

    • ya, you got a great point there. that why tom and jerry's cartoons hold up so well. I think is is also why so many kid are x man fans and so many adults are Cap fines. the way we see the world change with it our understanding of heroism.

  • Emplemon please do never ever ufc

  • Band geeks is iconic cause of the mayo instrument

  • I love this quote: spongebob is you when your young Squidward is you when your an adult

  • Sponge Bob is the most unique kind of cartoon and It’s really iconic and amazing

  • If this video has taught me anything, it’s that I should get a job at McDonald’s, say fuck the rules, and go get myself into some near death experiences outside of work, because I have realized that I’ve turned into a squidward 😭

  • No hood cartoon will ever touch Spongebob In the Hood. 😂💯

  • Spongebob SquarePants will forever be legendary. 🏆

  • "SpongeBob had managed to outshine all three" "Kids today certainly aren’t watching Mickey Mouse cartoons" Me: *Cries in 2013 Mickey Mouse shorts*

  • I thought the guy that shut the door in spongebobs face was the "chocolate guy". And the thing with him is he has some kind of eating disorder (hence, the chocolate addiction)

  • “Companies cannot figure out what we like because we don’t know what we like” - EmpLemon 2018

  • That gorillaz intro music

  • 4:49 "More relevant than any of them" *Disney has entered the chat*

  • who guesses mr. krabs before squidward, he literally lives right next to sponge bob

  • I'm glad to announce that as I'm posting this, The Spongebob Series turns 22 today with its premiere on this day, May 1st.! Happy B-Day Spongebob!

  • Taken a shot everytime he says Spongebob You'll be dead in the first 5 minutes

  • Spongebob's face on the window is so priceless though. I love how you kept showing it xD

  • Quality content

  • 17:11 😂 most hated fictional character they never brought him back 😂

  • I LITERALLY scrolled for less than 5 seconds on facebook to find a spongebob meme

  • In Indonesia, Facebook users often use SpongeBob template to make a meme. It's the most popular meme posts till now.

  • I think another way the show demonstrates that squidward is just as much of a protagonist as spongebob and patrick is the fact he is their neighbour too, and right in the middle of them

  • 17:11

  • There need to be more Never Evers.

  • sorry i just love the Gran Turismo 4 menu music used, thats my childhood

  • |:| Attack on Titan has entered the chat |:|

  • Band geeks has always been my favorite episode. I have a new found understanding about why now

  • there will Never Ever be another restaurant like The Krusty Krab from the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants.

  • 9:54 I'm gonna make a guess here and say it's Squidward. Because as a kid you relate to and view the show from the perspective of the wacky characters, but as an adult you shift to Squidward's perspective. Most shows don't have that "adult perspective" character, so with nobody to relate to adults stop watching. Spongebob is so enduring because growing up means gaining a new appreciation for the show (viewing it from Squidward's eyes), rather losing interest because you aren't in the sync with the wacky protag anymore.

  • At the end, you should be a therapist, because that was actually very motivational for me, and I can see that working in real life

  • Spongebob is a Camus Fan.

  • When you really think about it, Spongebob and Squidward are the perfect hero/villain dynamic that we all crave.

  • Dr. Suchdeche is a lil bitch

  • It’s a decade after I watched it

  • I loved the whole "be more like spongebob part" I too wish to go back to my Childhood... Back when I had creativity and an imagiation.

  • Why am I just now realizing the opening theme for this video is a midi version of Gorillaz "19-2000"?

  • Chris Jericho is the GOAT.!

  • "The world hasn't changed for the worse, your outlook has". Just checking in in 2021...

  • Me 26 minutes ago: "This is probably goona be some overly dramatic hog wash." Me now: "I'm not crying, you're crying."

  • :(

  • Quality Vid

  • Sponge Bob got Alzheimer's; at least he isn't the president.

  • I appreciate this video I've watched it like five times now and I still learn something new everytime I listen to it

  • The 8-bit 19-2000 fits so well

  • What a great vid, here’s a new sub

  • The newer episodes of soongebob is pure fucking cancer. They’re trying way too hard, the animation is childish, the contrast is like watching a fucking colorful popsicle popped in 3D pixels, and it’s just not funny..

  • I think you are wrong cause there will never ever have a cartoon like spongebop why u are asking well do you ever watched Gravity Falls u spongy fan

  • Holy shit, I just now realized that I have seen your ytp years ago

  • does anyone one else want to just jump i na ballpit after watching this?

  • IDeal bucket approves this video

  • Your videos are amazing

  • When your 14 and still have a spongebob poster

  • The fact that Patrick survived his life with products and furniture made from sand and spongebob that works without income😂

  • Best cartoon ever

  • Get the cool...

  • I do think it is important to admire spongebobs personality because he loves his life even if it’s not perfect. He can’t get his license and people don’t respect him (as you’ve mentioned) including his boss that he looks up to but he’s still got a smile; maybe that’s why he’s my favorite character

  • Ya know you’re right we never saw that jerk that hurt spongebobs feelings after that. I guess squidward gave him the hugest knockout ever

  • Love the Gran Turismo background music.... really chilled my mood

  • I love the Chris Jericho reference

  • I believe you were born in 1998 which make you a gen zer not a millennial. (Millennial is 1980 to 1996) ( gen zer is 1997- 2010)

  • This video is amazing and mind boggling I would never think of this. I have been watching Spongbob for 7+ years and it is still funny and I might never stop watching it and for me I love the first 5 seasons

  • Bro the ending argument about growing up is gonna make me run through a wall and stand and die on the hill of “I don’t care if I’m childish”😂

  • As I'm growing into an adult, I realise I'm still like spongebob, but have some parts of squidward part of me. I think being squidward on some level is a good thing, since we have to be mature at some level.

  • Still Spongebob.

  • *we will all soon obey Spongeism*

  • Am i the only one that hates this show?

  • At 0:30 I thought it said “a content amogus” 💀💀

  • Sponge Bob is the only show to make the most boring and depressing character (Squidward) one of the most loved characters by us humans. I don’t think in any other show someone’s fav character is just a depressed guy

  • Im actually part Eustace and part squidward