They ADDED the NAILGUN and it's better than actual bullets (SEASON 4)

Joylandi 16-Iyn, 2021


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  • Tropy system should only attack things with heat so is the nail gun hot?


  • If you’re reading this Jesus Christ loves you and He will never leave you alone 💛💛💛

  • I guess he "nailed" that 😂

  • Coldwar is just a Copy OF modern Warfare 2019

  • My enemy’s shoot back for some odd reason???

  • I don’t think it going to be meda - faze jeb 2021

  • It's fun as hell but only 30 rounds

  • "There's no way this things actually good" Funniest joke of all time

  • When Jev talked about everpowered he talked about the overpower in warzone he dipected the future

  • this aged like milk

  • so its basically the spike gun from halo

  • Your welcome

  • I'm level 104

  • “ no possible way this thing is gonna be good” that aged like milk

  • Didn't age well

  • Bro wtf this battle pass is insane

  • Jesus assault rifles are not called ars

  • Jev: is scavenger not working for me? Ah yes because normal soldiers carry around nails specifically for nail guns

  • Fun fact: Steel nails would penetrate body armor better than Lead bullets because Lead is weaker than Steel but the Military (atleast America's) uses Full Metal Jacket bullets made for shooting through body armor and shit so in fact Steel nails are better than Lead bullets but since MW and CW have all the characters with a military background or are considered terrorists and should have FMJ

  • As a student that came out of a construction class where we used all sorts of tools I can confidently say... that’s not how nail guns work

  • Nail guns cannot be shot like this

  • The NAIL GUN IS MY NEW FAVORITE!!!! It destroys everyone so fast it is even unfair! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️👾🔥

  • bro. imagine you're at war, fighting idk saudi arabia, then some fuck on your squad pulls out a nailgun and kills 10 enemy soldiers in *seconds*

  • 0I

  • Y’all remember the bo3 nail gun?

  • There's no air compressor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is stupid AF!

  • Bruh! I haven't watched Jev in so long. Does he still do his crazy rages? i watched him come up with FaZe then I started University and couldn't really watch him.

  • i havent used this in wz yet.Does anyone know the ammo type it takes?

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    • I am the only other person Thts gonna see this comment buddy this is 2 week old video with tons of comments better luck on a newer on bud

  • Damn this game when down hill...

  • I've never seen a nail gun reload like that. Normally you just feed a stripper clip of nail guns through the magazine

  • 8:16 he just saw the future

  • Oh man this guy most def hasn’t used this in warzone

    • And wym “this guy” Tf

    • It was 2 weeks ago bro

  • Subsonic objects are shot out by trophies

  • NICE!

  • Do face off 6v6 easy kills

  • I'm one bad OP added pay to win pack from quitting CoD for good. Thus saying, I'll be quitting tomorrow more then likely.

  • Dual wield wouldve been nice

  • Challenge accepted rust

  • The accurate freckle topically admire because authority regrettably rain as a blue colony. rainy, depressed burn

  • I got the nail gun without even noticing i had it in my load out in the special in secondary

  • Nail gun or Amp?

  • 3:33 SIMP

  • 2:46 AR doesn’t stand for assault rifle.

  • “They added the needler into cod and no one batted an eye”

  • I’m working out as I watch this

  • Video starts at 6:40

  • I love the nailgun and it's overpowering

    • G fuel is bad for you and y'all still drink it

  • holy fuck it's been a couple weeks since I've watched a vid and you have a fucking mane now. okay jason i see u ;).


  • how are you previewing the emotes and finishing moves? I thought they took that out of the game. Can someone please help?

  • Did they add any more to the story mode with these updates?

  • you look like you collect funko pops for a living and rant about communism on reddit

  • “It’s kinda cute” Also a nail gun covered in blood

  • How did you get your cutscenes and emotes to look so good?

  • What ever they done to the game btw I hate guns dont work now a nail gun is better

  • Highschool of the dead roleplay time...

  • im getting it for the meme

  • This gun can actually take killstreaks down pretty easily too. At least for now.

  • Imagine using a gun and getting merked by a nail gun

  • how do you do hard core on cold war

  • 0:14 sounds familiar, remember 20 years ago, in New York when some planes hit the towers?

    • 00:50 is that a voice change when he says "secure the site"? 😂😂

  • G fuel is bad for you and y'all still drink it

  • Challenge accepted: shave and record it

  • Bo3 all over again with the nails

  • Did the people who make the nail gun for call of duty Cold war not see the laser beam video like did they just like not see the laser beam nail gun video and if you don't know what I'm talking about just go to laser beam nail gun shooting and that's all you have to do but did they just like not watch that video cuz in that video he pretty much missed all of his shots so this is nail gun shouldn't have even been in the game.......... But hey that's just a theory a ga-

  • Cod now rust

  • Why is that guy from toy story working at nasa. Last i seen him he was in a chicken suit chasing buzzlightyear an woody across the state.

  • This gun can actually take killstreaks down pretty easily too. At least for now.

  • Challenge accepted: take a day off and relax

  • Cod ghost 2

  • "no way anybody uses this in war zone unless it's broken" - nail gun just says, be gone **** to armor

    • The mg82 is literally just the ameli from advanced warfare 😂. Damn COD just gets lazier and lazier.

  • Damn it’s taken cod this long to get a nail gun and yet battlefield did it 6 year ago

  • Mg 82 everyone who plays siege : omg that’s the gun that maestro has!

  • 5:28, how does he take a drag on a cigar that hasn't been cut?!

  • Mg82 in warzone is the epitome of Cancer

  • 00:50 is that a voice change when he says "secure the site"? 😂😂

  • The IT guy looks like Lester😂

  • Yeah on PS4 I got on and I was like dam am I on PC sheeeeesh

  • this game is soooo special, I like it

  • My controller fuckin died yesterday while I was playing

    • and?

  • "So I'm gonna go buy the bundle" Is a quote for quitters. Didnt even check the zombies requirements.

  • I used a staplegun the other day and thought I was gonna die if I was shot

  • Oh how wrong he is about it’s power in warzone

  • pack a punch in zombies shit gets 90 in a clip....its crazy good

  • It’s time to nail people

  • The mg82 is literally just the ameli from advanced warfare 😂. Damn COD just gets lazier and lazier.

  • Hey everyone I make call of duty videos please check me out if you have some time thanks everyone have an awesome day 😁

  • The mg82 is broken

  • “More herts will never hurt” well I mean if you have a lot of something

  • It's a mix between a finish gun and a stick nailer lol

  • I got bonked In warzone with it lol

  • wait are YOU telling ME that THEY ADDED the brand NEW NAILGUN into CALL OF DUTY SEASON 4. dang bro that is EPIC and im very excited

  • "more HZ with never hurt"

  • Yo that’s gun is crazy

  • Run into requis lately?

  • Challenge accepted: unlock dark aether

  • *bo3 flashbacks*

  • C58 is essentially the Maverick from COD Ghosts