Transforming ALL of Minecraft - The ULTIMATE Survival World | Part 2

Joylandi 17-Iyn, 2021
Some people call me a madman... and I guess they're right. 100,000 LIKES for part 3 of the ULTIMATE survival world. My partner in crime @StephBlox has been helping loads with the planning, research, and writing the story for this project, so go show her some love and support for all of her hard work!


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Shaders: BSL

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Replay Mod
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Voxel Sniper
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  • Sup gamers! I know a lot of you have been waiting for this one! 😎 Remember to join the Discord if you have any questions about the world: Edit: okay we hit the like goal in just over 2 hours 😅 guess I better get building ⛏

  • But what about the nether and the end?

  • Hope Mojean add all of this

  • Trixy I have a question. How can your computer handle all this files?

  • after you finish the island like edit all of the videos together into one or make a playlist so I won't have to go scavenger mode triyng to find all videos

  • Can I get a map

  • Props to my guy for building a mosque (my place of worship as a Muslim) in the desert biome.. You also pronounced Mohammad Ali very well :) ~ ✨

  • the dessert village be looking like gerudo town XD

  • somebody copy the map in mineways, and make an animation about it

  • I literally just watched the first pirates of the Carribean lol

  • The only reason I'm watching this is because... I literally suck.

  • Vikings/Nordic/Celtic builds in Taiga? Perhaps Stonehenge for the church?

  • IT is is super cool!

  • Jungl

  • bro why his teeth so yellow and only his bottom teeth

  • Bro NEEDS to be hired by mojang

  • So you’re making people pay to access this map? You know the plant minecraft exist right? Their are hundreds of maps of this scale that anyone can download for free.

  • work with mojang

  • am I the only one to notice that this map looks similar to the amphibia map?

  • This shouldnt be in patreon we have waited for this so much and now its paid

  • Why don't ask mumbo to add redstone traps in the temple

  • Imagine if you were one of the 16,000,00 :did you count me?:

  • Are men allowed in geroudo town

  • Do it just do it don't let your dreams be dreams

  • God I cant wait to be able to play this map

  • MAKE PART 3!!

  • Cant believe he made all of this. Imagine teaming up with some crazy people and making a whole mod and story for this map. Keep up the crazy work man

  • Bro your are god builder

  • We want more

  • Your a God and Your gaving them A world

  • him: builds an insanely cool and epic pyramid me: wait... IS THAT A JO-

  • I kinda want to see an Asian style village with a Shinto or Buddhist shrine

  • 14:14 the wind and water dont aline

  • 14:08 The wind is blowing the sails. Also wind: moving the opposite way

  • You should make a sick bay in the snow so people don’t get frost bite

  • I'm sending this to anyone who says video games can't be art.

  • How's the Nether and End going to work? Because if the overworld is this extreme, the other dimensions may be dissappointing

  • Are you going to add the iron golems for the villages

  • Omg so cool 🤩

  • Botw is a great game to play if you just want a good time

  • DANGGGGG this guy is so talented mann

  • You are awesome man!

  • 0:43 you need to pay for a world 😠😠

  • 16:40 shrek

  • Like a mountain monastery in a jungle

  • You can use ancient debris to make palm trees

  • Im just gonna say i would pay 100 dollars for just one of these biomes alone

  • Is there gonna be a neither biome ?

  • I love the botw inspiration!!

  • Love these beautiful mosques ❣️

  • Imagine doing that without world edit😵🥴

  • Me: {on my way to conquer the epic and uncharted Mushroom Biome} Shrek: *W H A T A R E Y A D O I N ' I N M Y S W A A A A M P*

  • Omg I just had an idea that has nothing to do with this whatsoever Since we have horses and pig on the over world and those thing in the nether shouldn’t we have a water animal we can ride??

  • In the jungle I guess it could be cool with like a cannibal village or something?

  • u should make a jungle tree house

  • What shaders are these?

  • when i get this map im going to add some mods to it

  • I like masjid

  • Your very smart

  • My man be playing to much breathing wild game...

  • Jangle biome next pleese

  • 4:36 "Freeze! Where do you think you're going?! Not into town-that's for sure! No voe allowed. Off with you!"

  • For the worship places, maybe the St-Basil cathedral, from Russia ?

  • You should put iron golems in the villages

  • We need either Trixyblox Vs Grian or a team up between them XD

  • Will this cost money to play?

  • I wish it was free how is a kid gonna persuade there parent to pay 5 pounds to play on a Minecraft world :(

  • I hope I could play this but I also don’t because I suck at building

  • Trixy : “There is a mysterious ogre down in the swa-“ Me : “ SAY LESS”

  • you deserve more subs than dream, there, I said it

  • That mushroom swamp! ❤🍄

  • Oscar better be in Hermitcraft Season 8.Ik u guys are saying it’s different from hermitcraft,but I feel like his building style and personality would be a great addition to hermitcraft

  • Hindu temples

  • Trixy are you the to scale minecraft to earth irl thing?

  • You are truly an artist dude!

  • Mojang make this world generation and hire him

  • Hit 100k likes so I can give you the option to buy a minecraft map. Fuck you. I was with you til' you started yammering about like goals and patreon.

  • You have done an underground kingdom and a water empire in progres why don't you do fire and air too

  • 0:16 does he have a hat on or does he just have really weird hair?

  • Are the swamp and the mushroom biome mixed with each other

  • I hope Mojang will add this in Minecraft.

  • I literally thought he would just paste his already better desert pyramid from his other video but he made another one

  • the sand village is more like a town than a village hehe

  • He:Builds a mosque in the desert Village Me: Finnaly we Arab Muslims have got someone who cares about our religion

    • Yes I loved his masjid as a Pakistani Muslim I really questioned that he made it in a desert cuz ppl say Arabs live in the deserts and that ppl think all Arabs are Muslims

  • who would dislike this? just why?? this is like, epik. no need to hate

  • I love this map already. I can see myself exploring it when it’s ready. However I don’t feel like I will be building or actually playing in it as it has these great buildings and my poor medieval houses won’t fit in 😂 but I still appreciate all the work you do to complete this map

  • Bro this makes me cry

  • Templs

  • This man deserves 100 mill subs

  • This is the most oddly satisfying video I’ve ever seen.And I love it.

  • Pilliger as pirats

  • do the snowy mountain next pls!

  • The dislikes are just people who are jealous of your amazing skill

  • I for one would love to see the Sistine chapel… Took Michelangelo 4 years, how about you?

  • It's Minecraft...don't forget caves...


  • Snow

  • 16:34 Maybe... It is shrek's swamp???

  • Yoooo that mosque tho what do i love that tbh doing that with every religion like do it for jews too would be super cool i myself am muslim and i just love the mosque but i love if there is one for jewish people to not a mosque but i frogot what theirs was called 😂 oops but yeah so people don't feel left out. And that pyramide epic Edit: i was right part 3 no spoilers.