Try Guys Bake Pavlova WITH A Recipe

Joylandi 1-May, 2021
Surprise! Welcome to the debut of WITH a recipe! We were challenged to create the best version of Ned & Ariel's favorite recipe: Pavlova. It's just like without a recipe, but somehow more chaotic! Get the Pavlova recipe below and buy Ned & Ariel's cookbook today for more delectable treats:
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Uyen Kirshenbaum
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4 egg whites
1 cup granulated sugar
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, to
3 tangerines
2 navel oranges
1 ruby red grapefruit
1½ cups whipped cream (store bought or homemade, see
page xxx)
1 tablespoon honey
A handful of fresh basil or mint, to serve
1. Preheat the oven to 250°F.
2. In a large bowl, use a stand mixer or a hand mixer on high speed to beat eggs until frothy, being careful not to over mix, you don’t want it to look grainy. Add the sugar and lemon juice slowly, 1 tablespoon of sugar at a time, and continue to beat until it forms stiff peaks. Test it by pulling the whisk quickly up from the bowl and looking for a pointy, glossy top.
3. Spoon the beaten egg whites onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. Use a spoon or soft spatula to spread into a rough circle 9 inches in diameter. Bake until firm, about 1 hour. Allow to cool to room temperature in the oven with the door open.
4. Prepare the citrus by cutting off the rind and white pith so you can see the citrus flesh. Slice each fruit into ¼-inch-thick rounds.
5. To serve, transfer the cooled pavlova to a platter. Spread the whipped cream on top, leaving a 1-inch border around the edge. Arrange the citrus slices, drizzling with honey and garnishing with fresh basil or mint.
TIP: The meringue can be made ahead of time and
stored for up to 2 days.
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  • “This is gaping!” was my favorite part.

  • zach is so cute, my heart explodes when i see him defending himself in without a recipe

  • i now want to make a pavlova. not even to eat it. just to say i did better than adult men.

  • I wanna know out of these 4 dudes who would give the best haircut

  • I love this due to the fact that they have a recipe... but still completely screw it up.


  • Can we all agree that Eugene without a beard was a solid 8 but with one he’s skyrocketed to an 11!

  • I feel like this is just a more fun way for Ned to test how understandable is the cookbook

  • Based off of Zach’s responses, Ned and Ariel could sell a revised edition of their cookbook and call it “The Idiot-proof Edition.” At least a few people would get it just for the laughs.

  • Zach you're really fcking up the others pavlova bcs of that oven

  • Remember when you all tested your Testosterone levels, and you all scored lower than 70 yr old men. Bahahahahaha losers.

  • I'm getting some "Good Omens" vibes from the opening theme, and I love it

  • I kinda feel like they are critizing the book 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yay a New Zealand dessert!!

  • hahahaha this is so pleasant when you’re stoned. Bless.

  • i want ned to be my dad adopt me ned pls

  • Is it just me, or does Keith give off some mild “Tim Curry as Dr Frank-N-Furter” vibes at times?

  • Honestly I was hoping Wes would be a judge 🙁😂😂

  • Honestly the recipes in the book sound great, but the fact it's only in cups and farenheit is what prevents me from actually buy it.



  • Anyone mentioning how Zach made a good point that the recipe said for the oven door to be open, I would have opened it all the way tbh. It should’ve been more specific. Idk maybe me and Zach have the same way of thinking

  • loves throwing stuff in. And Keith is no matter what, Daddy’s Favorite.

  • Eugene lowkey making a trifle with a pavlova is peak boxing day snack vibes

  • I know it's all for fun and that's usually how I watch these episodes but this time, even with a recipe, Zach managed to mess up, and not only that he sabotaged the other guys' pavlova's as well by arguing about the oven door (opening and closing it exacerbated the problem)... and then he had the gall to blame the other guys for his failed pavlova

  • I'm living for Keith looking like a Minion the entire episode.

    • Looks delish and congrats on the cookbook. Vid Idea: pan for gold or gem hunt theres plenty of places & companies out of California to order dirt & rocks so you can look for i

  • Me to Zach's pavlova: I shall name thee....Palolva

  • why is no one commenting how keith looks like a minion

  • They did Eugene dirty, he should have won

  • 29:56 what is that piece called again?

  • this is the first time i saw eugene with a full beard mom pick me up im confused

  • 12:00 zach is so right it hurts. But his biggest point isn't the's the recipe. He's trying to explain that this recipe book is not a written well.

  • Right when I saw Zach adding the whole 3 eggs I know he fucked up already.. sorry Zach but it’s true edit: he fixed it nvm lol.. I swear if he wins lol

  • neds is my least favorite relationship

  • Eugene’s been looking like a lumberjack lately and I’m kinda for it, he be lookin good

  • They’re like literally all my comfort characters or what ever I can call them

  • As a new zealander, it's so funny to watch!

  • My gran taught me when I was 8. I still make pavlova often, but the day I learned is still one of the worst of my life 😂

  • As we progress further in time, the intros get more and more elaborate. Kinda miss the low budget intros lol

  • I can't believe it, Ned really fixed his spot on the top of the list now!

  • Can we talk about how beautiful/healthy/stunning/happy Eugene looks?!?!

  • Looks delish and congrats on the cookbook. Vid Idea: pan for gold or gem hunt theres plenty of places & companies out of California to order dirt & rocks so you can look for it from home if you dont want to hike. Could also get a laugh watching you guys trying to open geodes (e.g. Eugene w/ a coconut) & potential to teach state mining history, act like like kooky gold prospectors.

    • Additional use of the dirt a mud pie competition & pie fight

  • I hate cooking and cookbooks but i love you guys. Still don't want a another cookbook that i won't use cos i am a garbage human. Still love there marriage! Your so much happier than, me don't need my money.

  • I an Australian personally never had a citirus pavalova. Normally other fruits so I like the way eugune did his

  • Im not an alcoholic type of person but hahahhha why do I smell alcohol in my room... nice work eugene haha!

  • This was a ROUGH episode for Zach lol

  • did no one notice Zach, Eugene and Keith arguing at 11.20 about how wide the 'open' and 'ajar' oven is lol.

  • 💚

  • No one should ever listen to Zach when it comes to cooking, including Zach.

  • Eugune looking straighter than the other 3 combined

  • eugene you should make alcohol with gochujang and some texas shit in it.

  • Let's be real: it's not that hard a recipe. I imagine Matt just shaking his head at them.

  • I cant stop laughing at pavlovo

  • You’re supposed to leave it in the oven overnight, oven off, door closed. Then add cream and fruits.

  • Every Australian home chef can make this without a recipe.

  • Also every Australian has cooked this with their mum at some point.


  • As an Australian I am offended by the original recipe toppings

  • From an Aussie who was brought up with pavlova- it should stay in the oven overnight without opening the oven. The next day take it out. It WONT CRACK AT ALL


  • Zach needs recipes to be written like a schematic

  • Aussie & Kiwi joined the chat

  • I’m sorry $30 dollars for cookies on her website?

  • The kiwi classic

  • well for me i think Eugene won overall, but technique wise keith won.

  • Pavlova is my favorite thing to make!!! Such a perfect dessert! They did a good job for never baking one before! They’re definitely tricky.

  • Keith: PAV-VULVA!

  • My favorite part is the segment where they were arguing about the oven door being open HAHAHHA

  • “Use very little sugar” says the voice over as Eugene dumps a bucket of sugar into his whipped cream

  • This is such a good way to proofread a cookbook and see if the instructions are tryguys proof 🤣


  • wow now that the best cook is out of the competition predicting the results is even harder

    • I knew we all already know it... but man Eugene is one good looking guy 😍

  • The tension in this video is crazy hahaha

  • Keith talks about raisins more than any person ever

  • i love these vids bc it’s always the person who knows how to make the dish talking abt the mistakes someone can make and then it immediately cuts to at least one of them making the mistake

  • Me: Eugene can't get hotter Eugene: grows a beard

  • Who else thinks the try guys should play magic the gathering against a pro? I know I do

  • Why do Ned and his wife seem so boring!

  • Re-release the cookbook with markups done by the other guys to the recipes (ex: slightly ajar).

  • :D

  • Ariel cutting the citrus 😱 terrifying

  • Keith: there wasn’t enough time to Rewhip the cream! Whip cream takes like 2 seconds what? 😂

  • i love eugene’s facial hair

  • 11:20 just when i thought i couldn't relate to zach anymore...i stare at recipes forever before i can actually process what they're saying

  • It’s a sugar egg patty with some fruit? Aiight😳

  • Get rid of Eugene. Ugh

  • I knew we all already know it... but man Eugene is one good looking guy 😍

  • Weren't the key steps like mix and add slowly IN THE RECIPE?

  • I love the try guys and have watched them since buzzfeed- it makes me so sad that every video ends up feeling like a promo. I wish they would just put a pop up at the end of the video or mention it at the beginning as clearly an add and move on. Fans will support their ventures without the shameless “hidden” plugs every two seconds in every video

  • I love the shots of Eugene pouring litres of alcohol in the food, staring dead in the camera.

  • this is eugene’s dilf era

  • I feel like Eugene purposely tries to lose

  • Alternate title: Ned and Ariel idiot proofing their recipes

  • seems like the recipiece need some more dummy proofing

  • ngl i'm over Eugene and hisalcohol obsession. It's no longer cute

  • In Australia you can buy a product called pavlova magic which contains a powder and a recipe on a small paper. You just add the right amount of sugar and water and whisk and it makes a pavlova base.

  • Pls less Ned and Ariel... I usually love this show. sry not sry. 😢

  • Eugene made cheese and I'm here for it

  • How incompetent can Zach be at how many things?

  • My fav series

  • Keith did NOT just compare his turducken of a berry to a healthy, exciting relationship. There is nothing healthy about the relationship between the fruits in the turducken berry.