Tucker reads 'angry' parent's letter to 'woke' private school

Joylandi 19-Apr, 2021
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host asks how long we will pretend these schools are impressive. #FoxNews #Tucker
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  • God is punishing the evil leftist tyrants. Their controlled cities are murdering them and their children. You voted for this and IT’S ON YOU. YOU ARE KILLING PEOPLE WITH YOU VOTE FOR EVIL

  • Poor tuckems mad he can’t be openly racist like the “good ol days”

  • Where can i find the letter??

  • This also applies to public schools. Pull your children out if possible. Shut the school system down

  • Wow

  • You have to know the board Doesn’t care in the least

  • I am bot “woke “ that’s just a word for lost your mind, no common sense and just plain evil

  • I'm Asian. I used to think America was heaven. Thank god I wasn't born there. I feel so sorry for you all....

  • We're already ahead of you. We have the system you fear in Australia.....

  • We are Doomed

  • You've never met a racist like a liberal trying to end racism

  • That letter is incredibly moving. It's so concise and to the point. I absolutely love it and wouldn't change a thing.

  • Parents of the children at these schools need to gather and tell the school to stop trying to divide their children. Division in math, not people.

  • Only white men think that the current structure of the country is ok. You're white, you never seen the racist behavior in the first place, stop pretending it doesn't exist anymore. This letter is propaganda for white folk.

  • where can i read the full version? does anyone know?

  • this thing should be not allowed to call itself "school".


  • I wish this letter could be shared with every parent everywhere.

  • This letter is true. Being born black is not a disability to me. Of course they won't respond. They know it's all true


  • So true, thankfully the Republicans are beginning to all out elite schools and are not afraid to attack wealthy corporations when they insist on states who use their power to curtail voting rights. Elite Schools and corporate America, what is happening to the Republican Party.?

  • When there was forced Busing in the South You said I don't live in the South. When there was forced Busing in the North You said My Child dosnt go to Public Schools. When White Males were degenerated in Curriculum You said My Child is a Girl. Now its Your Turn.

  • And why aren’t ALL the parents walking out!

  • People are brainwashed it's that simple. There's a small percent of humans that apparently are not brainwashable. Ignorance is bliss, sometimes I think it would be easier to be a humanoid meathead. In the conspiracy Community these people are called NPCs.

  • Only a truly ignorant person would toss that letter aside and not get how valuable every word is to American's right now!

    • we all know the truth, she didnt know how to respond to that burn because she's a sheep

  • Awesome.

  • I’m liberal leaning but woke culture is dumb

  • TucKKKer KKKarlson is not a journalist nor news.

  • Go after these schools! Get this "woke" democrat BS OUT!

  • 1984 George Orwell- 2021 USA George Orwell

  • yt is GAIFER redirecting me from something I like to Fox News. I like Tucker. But fucvk the ctrollllolololed opposizzle.

  • You know the difference between God and a college professor? God doesn't think He's a college professor!

  • The father was absolutely right up to the point where he pretends systemic racism no longer exists in the US...that is very naive. If you do not recognise a problem you will never solve it.

  • Please respond to Jim Acosta BS factory and bury that Jerk for good!

  • What does woke mean?

  • Thanks for the picture of the WITCH

  • WAY TO GO DAD!! 🇺🇸 💪🏼

  • We haven't had systemic racism in the country since 1960s? Really? And this coming out of the mouth of a white supremacist on fox, no surprise there. Republicans let their racism, bigotry, sexism, and hatred define them over the last four years, and now the racists just have to deal with it.

  • welcome to a world where left is the social elite.

  • Why are white people afraid of saying "black"?

  • Can I read the full letter somewhere?

  • yeah if children being taught CRT make it to administration someone is going to invade

  • But it's not just this country, it's happening in many countries. Look at Australia (not that it exists anyway, but still 😉).

  • It’s so true, if we let this woke snowflake society to overtake the principles that we have lived by for generations, then the country is lost. It sickens me to think that children that are growing up through this pathetic attempt to ‘save’ the world where a woke snowflake society is just confusing them. Me and my wife decided when we got together that we didn’t want children, I’m now glad I never did have.

  • I printed and framed this letter! Its a masterpiece of decency, honesty and humanity!

  • Where can the entire letter be found, as mentioned at 3:45?

  • Dumb mouth breathing twerp

  • Marry me Tucker! (I jest. I am happily married...) I love it. What you bring to the table for us to watch is absolutely spot on... and you have a wonderful way of comically hacking away at the complete and utter LIES presented by a multitude of different venues. You are my absolute favorite! Keep up the good (and honest) work, Mr. Carlson. Thank you for the refreshing truth in reports given to the public!

  • It's not a racism epidemic it's a drug addiction epidemic

  • The last 30 years have produced SOME of the worst teachers and professors ever in rhis United States

  • Cults are on the rise again

  • The school scam will continue until enough people fight against it.

  • Tucker is doing a tremendous job this year

  • So where do you go to see the full letter??

  • This letter should be posted and reposted everyday to every sociial media page to get this mans words out to the world. IT IS THAT GOOD..

  • "I have a dream...." MLK - OOPS! Time to wake up and get woke! Your thoughts?

  • Eloquent and impassioned arguments have long been the mark of mightier men.

  • White becoming the new blk lol

  • Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud to see his name and legacy are indestructible by critical race theory and the deep anti empowerment movement of social justice.

  • Liberals rule BIG TECH and control the message on the Internet. You Conservative dinosaurs better get out of the Reagan era or you're doomed in modern America.

  • OISE Delenda Est

  • Jesus died for your sins! Repent!

  • The leaders of the country are supposed to be smarter, at least than me.....

  • Addicted to outrage...

  • I feel like white people could never understand what it’s like to be called any of the countless derogatory names they’ve given other ethnicities for decades. To be in an interracial relationship and feel the piercing hatred of peoples eyes and head shakes when we go out to eat, walk down the street or go shopping. To hear people talk about how shameful it is that our children are mixed. To be a minority passed up for a job you are more qualified for for a white person you have to train on the job you already know and have been doing for years without the title or salary that comes with it. Where does any one get off trying to tell a minority they didn’t experience their experiences? Not to say all white people are racists, but there are very many, very noticeably on the daily, that make life as a minority difficult. I am grateful white people don’t have to face the challenges of their browner fellow Americans but at the same time, is it really so wrong to expect compassion and empathy when the oppression is so blatantly obvious throughout our country’s history?

    • @keirekcharm Dude I live in the deep south, there's no prejudice left here, honestly there's more up in NY

    • @GW Busch we can’t succeed on our own merits in a lot of places. That’s the point. You ever lived in the South? Being blind to the prejudices people face is just as bad as being prejudiced.

    • They aren't teaching compassion and empathy. They are teaching hated. They don't think you can succeed on your own merits...

  • Tucker only has a BA in History according to Wiki.

  • Woke oh now they playing with that word

  • Owens and Tatum 2024

  • Americas racist history will be hard to shake. Racist country and everyone around the world can see it.

  • fantastic letter but the broken education system wont listen as they don't care

  • Does anyone have a link to the full document?

  • The whole school system needs redesigning. School didnt teach me how to fend for myself, it didnt prepare me for bills and mortgages or anything useful like that. But it did teach me all angles of a triangle equal 180.

  • The letter isn't brilliant because it's OBVIOUS

  • I wouldn't be able to be that polite if it were my kid...

  • Again liberals' are the biggest racist in our country!

  • Liberals are the real racist always have been really no argument there if your not woke to it yet..another thing conservative oppress other ppl in equal other ways there is an equal balance to keep the ppl from a revolution..they know exactly what every steriotype will do and when ..you can see there baby steps if you realize that..they work together to control the ppl..they are rich and powerful..the only ppl the common ppl can trust is each other and if we did that we could go back to a nice world but ppl are so ignorant that its not going to happen

  • The brainwashing of our countries children starts in grades k-12 by teachers brainwashed by leftist universities. Then these kids go on to university to be more brainwashed and go into tech, journalism etc. The roots of the problem run deep and have been going on for 100’s of years. It’s only gotten so bad in the last few years people are starting to rebel. My son Went to Reed college in Portland. A notoriously leftist school. He majored in Math but was so brainwashed we don’t even talk anymore. They took my son from me with their leftist cultish brainwashing. Be careful parents it will happen to your kids too.

  • i love this

  • Somebody needs to make a political cartoon depicting the Democrats taking a giant poop on MLK's dream for that is exactly what they are doing!

  • Please remember that giving other people access to high quality education doesn't take anything away from you. Affording minorities the same rights many of us already enjoy isn't racist. I say this as someone who grew up in Baltimore and only had a good education my final two years because of access to a magnet school in a better area. I went on to serve in the military and received the Chancellor's Award for Merit at Penn State.

  • When I studied first year Economics, my professor described market forces as people voting for their favourite products and services with the dollars in their pocket. He called them dollar votes. I always think about this concept when I hear the expression "get woke, go broke". Sensible people at some point will stop supporting businesses, and in this case schools, that don't provide value to them. The Breaerly School won't change until enough parents follow this gentlemen's lead and withdraw their daughters (and dollar votes) from the school.

  • I can't relate to this letter's writer or recipient. Must have been a slow news day.

  • The more racism is brought up it appears, the stronger it gets!

  • !, ! ! !

  • Tucker straight up about to impeach Biden by himself.

  • Love you Tucker..the truth prevails..and our children in Canada are learning same curriculum at school..worried I have 4 grandkids in school

  • God Bless these parents ! 🙏🏼

  • Amen 🙏 Keep Politics Out of Schools!! Disgusting

  • Maybe we should abolish private schools to stop this?

  • Did you notice that in the words on the screen it said against black Americans but Tucker said African-Americans who's bending to woke culture Tucker

    • It's just being polite

  • i didn't expect that to be so well written

  • “There is no such thing as systemic racism” *Slowly looks towards the justice system* 👀

    • @svgPhoenix LOL I serve on 6 nonprofit boards, work fulltime in hospital administration, run a biotech startup, and am pursuing my doctorate. I also have six kids... kinda the opposite of lazy.

    • So your solution is to teach people to be even more racist than you think they already are??

    • @Joe V then just address what little you do have time for, because anyone who has time to read and reply to youtube comments has time to criticize that letter. Lazy bum.

    • Yeah, his take is full of strawman comments and a narrative that eliminates so many variables that it is impossible to even begin to address it without spending more time than I have.

  • What language do these Marxists understand? Let's speak that, and watch how fast these cowards change their tune.

  • Thank god I'm a centrist 😂

  • Trump supporters are dumb PERIOT

    • @Robert M sis what?

    • @Owen 👌

    • @Robert M this is what i'm talking about USE GRAMMAR CORRECTLY

    • @Owen You do you brother

    • @Robert M well sissie i do PERIOT

  • I’m sure af not impressed

  • There's just one race, the human race. The differences we see are just alleles.

  • Things are proving to be extremely cyclical, even in society. As the quality of life increases, people hunt for more things to be upset about. The unfortunate reality is that, the way things are currently headed, we're going to hit a critical point and snap back centuries in civil rights based on gender and race, it's only a matter of time. If we don't stop this hatred and violence, falsely inflating the specter of bigotry to insane proportions, the survivors will actively resist equality for several generations to come.

  • As Ken Ham likes to say. There is no black and white. Just different shades of brown.

  • Lol