Joylandi 20-Iyl, 2021
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Hope you have a great day!


  • Yeah… please move to CO. Your careers are already dead

  • What the hell!? Post the next one right now!!!

  • What casino is this ?!

  • I left Texas for Colorado almost a year ago, and I adore being here. Colorado is the best state.

  • Ryland please let Shane know I absolutely love love you guys BOTH and I finally just bought his palette and gloss! You both always make me smile love your fan from Michigan. ❤️❤️💚 Grandma is seriously a gangster she is adorable 💖

  • I just wanted to say this. I thought your grandmas mask was the coolest thing lol. I need one! My ears be hurting!

  • 5/5 on the hotel fo sho

  • Moving to Hell period

  • Why not get a small vacation place that way you can have a place in both l.A. and Colorado? Rent it out for extra income if you don’t use it as often

  • Umm doesn’t Shane get to be near his family or is everything about Ryland

  • What about Shane's mom? Will she remain in LA?

  • How tf are you gonna come back and not address ANYTHING. No one cares about you moving we care about your freaking accountability.

  • How about Shane’s mom? Ryland trying to be closer to his family but how about Shane’s family?

  • I miss Shane’s videos so much I watch ryland so I can get to see them both I love Shane I wish he could feel comfortable to post videos again he’s such a genuine human ugh miss you Shane!! I have you merch and makeup I hope to see you doing videos again soon! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I miss shane so much. Although all that negative things that was on the Internet made him look like a wrong one I still love him. I hope he comes back and doesn't change to what people say is the right way to act. Just be yourself shane.and keep your grass cut short because you can easily spot the snakes much easier.

  • Can Shane just go away???

  • I really enjoyed visiting Colorado. Would love more time to explore the geology. *Hey, I don't get all the one-time use of plastics in the US. Can't you bring your own, on brand, cup to coffee places? Drinks are cheaper when you do where I live.*

  • Shane come back we Miss you none of us are perfect and as long as you changed from racist ways we forgive u come back

  • The way Shane said tv on ahhhh sooo adorable

  • i dunno Morgan’s mom seems annoyed by her interruptions sorry i noticed

  • shane i also suffer from self deprecating humor everyone around me feels u comfortable

  • I love Colorado SO much 🥺🥰

  • still waiting on that apology to trayv0n martins family

  • Wtf shane looks so healthy😳

    • what he does to cats must keep him really fit

  • Kinda sad cause shane said this is his dream house and he can't imagine ever moving he was so happy when he first moved 🥲

    • he's a millionaire i think he'll get over it

  • Ion know how to feel abt dis

    • things the cats of Colorado are thinking

  • Move to Hebron

  • Is shane sick or something

    • oh id definitely say so

  • Shane’s look healthy :)

  • colorado is a great state i grew up here and I'm never leaving

  • I hope you find a house you like in Colorado!! But I’m kinda worried about Shane’s mom, she doing okay? We haven’t seen her lately either… I hope your happier now, Shane!!! Happy Belated Birthday Shane and Ryland’s Mom!!

    • she offered to drive him to a chi1ds house when shane told her he thought the k1d wanted to " f-ck " him ( shane's words ) so im sure she wont mind making the drive

  • How would the PODCAST WORK??????

  • Honestly I love this for them and their family. ♥️♥️♥️

  • I've counted 6 TV's in that hotel room so far......WTF. I wanna go stay at it now. LOL

  • I need the next video nowwww 😭🤣😭🤣

  • Love your family so adorable and your nan 🥰

  • With Casinos the house always wins! Xxxxxx

  • Somone must have put a O to many when ordering TV`s and the order not being able for return :P

  • is trinity and Morgan still friends ?:( i haven’t seen her in any videos since Morgan is moving to Colorado 🥲

  • As someone who moved from California to Colorado, it was the best decision I have ever made! So much cleaner, lovelier energy!

  • Village In looks like Dennys! :P Is that offensive?

  • I just love your grandma! :D

  • Miss you Shane 🧡

    • he k1ssed a chi1d....


    • the cats in Colorado are shaking

  • I love Shane so much!!

    • he k1ssed a 12 year o1d........

  • morgannnnnnnnnnnnn

  • did you guys take the rv to colorado?? im so curious if that all worked with the doggos

  • Tell Shane he is loved & missed 💖💖💖

    • ma'am he k1ssed a whole chi1d and texted another that he was going to " b1ow " them, he is not missed

    • mmmmmmmm no he’s not HAHAHAHAHA

    • No, he’s really not

  • I would rate them 10 stars if they have room service🥰

  • Shane was the first youtuber i watched when i was just 12. Now at 22 im so happy to see him filming again with ryland 🥺 i will always love shane regardless of the hate he gets ❤️

  • Shane, your comeback is NOT welcome. Stay off the internet.

  • Can’t wait to see the next blog of the home! & as always I love that you get Shane in your videos! Good to see that you guys are doing well !! 💕✨

  • LA is so over-everything...

  • Shane! Oh Shane I love you!!!!!!❤️😘💕 is

    • he k1ssed a chi1d......

  • I understand that Ryland wants to move closer to his family, but wont shane then move from his?

    • as long as he has access to k1ds and cats im sure he wont mind

  • Why does Morgan look so hot in braids and a bass pro shop hat?

  • Being near your family is great

  • Stop wearing masks.. they do nothing but break out your face. Let people see your beautiful smiling face. It's good for your soul and the souls around you. That's how we as humans connect.

    • you sound exactly like a shane and rylan fan

    • @tired slvt Don't be mad. It sounds like you need to see a real life smile. 😁 Stop being afraid. It's okay to be happy.

    • @Krystle love & light You think you're doing something but you're not. Covid is real, millions have died because of it. Who's the one with their mine closed here again? You

    • @tired slvt oooh... the negativity around you is strong... bless your hearts. Maybe if you focused more on the light and get out of all that darkness you could see what's really going on in our world. Like I said earlier, where I'm at nobody is sick or fearful here... maybe our positive energy and vibration helps. We don't look down. Sending love too you with much high vibrations ❤ lose the hatred for yourself and others.. we could all use more love.

    • @Kurochan RIGHT 💀 talking about some "not around me" head ass. 😭😭

  • Please please do more of these vlogs woth shane in them 👨‍❤️‍👨

    • Shane looks so good!!! And I'm so happy for you guys I think it would be great for yall to be around family especially while trying to start yours!

  • why does it sound like every comment is a bot.😭

  • Remember there black face phase? I wonder how much they made. I do it every day for free…

  • I’m so happy too see Shane again especially cause I’ve been watching Shane sense I was five so that’s 7yrs he’s been a big part of my life and got me through dark times I’m so happy to see Shane and Ryland so happy together

    • @E Is_swaggy how is he a different person if he couldn't even mention the specific things he did in his faux apology? what work has he done to correct chi1d s-x exploitation that he took part in with his videos asking his little cousin for a lap dance? or the video where he k1sses a child on the l1ps? what work has he done for the b1ack community after he said trayv0n martin deserved to be ki11ed? you're saying he addresses it but he doesn't- he doesn't address any of these things by name. you're grateful for him getting you through dark times meanwhile he's the reason a lot of ppl went through dark times.

    • @Jane Doe Shane’s a different person now he regrets everything he did and has addressed it and has apologised you can’t hold on to a thing he did what 6-8 years ago? At least he addressed it some youtubers get in drama and brush it off like it’s nothing I grew up with Shane he pulled me out of some dark dark places and I’m forever greatful for him

    • he k1ssed a child....

  • And y'all should be reviewing suites

  • 4.75

  • Awww.... Do your egos not fit in that house?

    • i think a cell would suit them perfectly

  • I found the house on Zillow and toured the inside

  • Also guys don’t forget to hit a like and subscribe! Love you guys

  • noooooooooooo now I have to wait for the next vlog ToT I'm so beyond excited !!!!

  • okay paused again *currently telling my boyfriend we need to move to Colorado so I have the chance of running to our Queen Ryland in town* ToT

  • sorry I keep pausing and commenting but how DARE you not give us a "tell the people what your wearing today grandma shot" XD

  • Shane looks so good!!! And I'm so happy for you guys I think it would be great for yall to be around family especially while trying to start yours!

  • It's so great seeing Shane! 🤗

    • ma'am, he k1ssed a child

  • But like are we gunna get shane back we miss himmmm🤧

    • the guy who said trayv0n martin deserved to get sh0t? ew

  • Shane finally can have his pigs 🐷

    • he gets to see one everyday when he walks by a reflective surface

  • Please have Shane come back on his channel!

    • he kissed a chi1d so thats not happening

  • If I lived in the US I would move to Hawaii

  • So good to see you both! Love you

  • As much as I hate Ryland I’m glad I clicked and got to see Shane happy ❤️❤️❤️❤️ miss him on YT!!

    • he k1ssed a 12 year old....

  • Shane for president

    • he k1ssed enough k1ds so he might as well run for office

  • Shane I LOVE SEEING YOU!!!!!!! I hope you guys get out of LA. It’s freaking toxic there.

    • if its toxic it's becuz they're there

  • OMG SHANE IS IN THE VIDEO!!!!!! I literally teared up, I MISSED HIM! You guys are the bestest!

  • SPIRA LING. Yeah right back into the doughnuts.

  • Mom does not look 58!! Happy birthday 😍😍😍💕💕💕💕


  • Awww love the vlog and missed you so much Shane you look good btw!💕

    • he k1ssed a chi1d. . .

  • Are those Crumbl cookies? They fire 🔥

  • I'm living for your grandma's commentary

  • Omg I need the next vid asapppllpl

  • What’s the name of this hotel?

  • Why not have both houses in Colorado and Cali

  • i swear your mom and grandma remind me so much of my mom and grandma😂😂 they even look alike

  • “I’m full blown wherever I go.” Yesssss lol

  • Hey Ryland your grandmother definitely has the right idea for her mask!!! My Pharmacist made fun of me for “grandma glasses-ing” my mask 😷 😂 i got those things that you would normally put around your glasses so you can rest them over your neck when you’re not wearing them but they’re for your mask they’re all cotton and they clipped around your mask ear hook things!!

  • ah the “oh wait i don’t have a mask… do people still wear masks here? oh don’t worry i have two” conversation. universal

  • I love the idea of y’all being together as a family in Colorado. It’s a much better energy over there for y’all.

  • G MA REPRESENT also the matching lawn mowers that better be real - love ur fan from Canada

  • Literally have missed Shane so much it’s so nice to kinda be watching him again. 😭

    • really? the guy who k1ssed a k1d is who you're happy to see again . . . .