What Happened to Asteroid After It Wiped Out Dinosaurs

Joylandi 9-Apr, 2021
We all know that an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs long time ago. But what happed to It afterwards? Why can't we see parts of that asteroid in any museum?
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  • It's about the astroid that's why the Bermuda triangle happened-

  • How does he know all this

  • Asteroid found in human mind thinking that was really happen in past

  • This is a lie not a theory made to cover up evolution there was no word for dinosaurs years ago they called them dragons and they were around the same time men were in plenty of history books that they lied to us and call mythology

  • The asteroid is in your imagination sitting rent free....

  • Was there really an asteroid i mean sure some dinosaurs might have died but how can 1 asteroid affect all earth even if it was possible its pretty much buried from the environment


  • "oh, no... there's a giant asteroid heading for earth" I spit out my food on that one 🤣 I love the alternate scenario. Awesome video. Perfectly executed.

  • Everything that can happen in 66 million years ago can happen again!!!

  • How did the humans live and how are we here because dinosaurs where everywhere

  • 0:25 “the chicxulub incident, epic name right?”

  • 0:25 “the chicxulub incident, pretty cool right?”

  • Ok, quick question, why did the asteroid destroy every dinosaur, but didn't destroy the trees, wipe a couple of mountains or something?🙄

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  • How do they know what happened 66 million years ago and they got all that from debris and leftovers from a rock hiting Earth? 🌍🖐️👀 WHATEVER I have youtube I don't need to care

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  • poor dinosaurs rest in peace T -rex

  • i smell evolution theory of Darwin

  • Plot twist: it’s circling back around for round two

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  • I wonder what the flat earthers think...

  • Cave mem dident excist when dinosours diffrent era🐶

  • *The first "two birds with one stone"*

  • I feel so sad for the lost asteroid 😌.

  • Keep vacationing in Cancun. Really hard to listen to your half-info.

  • i feel like Einstein when wacthing this guy's vids

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  • So we’re talking about the thing that killed the dinosaurs... We should be talking about the dinos

  • The moon

  • Then gators and crocs survived all that

  • Bright side? seems more like dark side to me

  • Poor dinosaurs :(

  • First of all since the dinosaurs were many many years ago so rock can disintegrate so that probably know it is a tiny rock.

  • Imagine if it hit yellowstone

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  • the title shouldve been what happened to animals. effin waste of my 9 minutes of my life. thanks for nothing

  • How did the dinosaur get here? They just didn’t pop up out the ground.

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  • Noah's flood wiped out the dinosaurs

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  • It was a nuke

  • When team asteroid collided with earth when dinosaur existed the asteroid got rid of the half of Earth and that half became the moon the earth used to be 2x bigger then it is now...

  • Wow wow if these dinos died from a giant 800m rock then how do people see dinos on live sometimess

  • I thought dinosaurs where wiped out by another planet

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  • It destroyed so fast that it disappeared 🧐

  • But if the sun was destroyed then how is it “alive” now ?

  • 1:53 no your wrong youtube is more important

  • the meteoer bacamed boulders or mini rocks scatered araond thw world

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  • Wait! If the asteroid killed all dinosaurs why are other animals still alive?

  • Its buried deep under the ice have you guys not seen transformers?

  • If dinosaur died then how dodo survive And humans?

  • The asteroid did not crash on it was on land

  • That "Incident" is _STILL_ just a __THEORY__..!!! Too many people misunderstand this. There are NO _Facts_ to back it up. __THEORY__!!!

  • It's not pronounced chich cha loop it's pronounced chicks you lub

  • Even The Rock couldn't save the dinosaurs.

  • What if dinasours never existed because humans didn’t exist so how would we know?

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  • If this is how online class will be presented, i wont skip a second not listening

  • Why only dino? was dino lived only in one country ? Why lion, elephant and other animal still lives rn? Answer me plz..

  • but if dinosaurs were still here then the full earth was calld a ruined planet

  • they died by the great flood

  • Kid sees meteor in sky coming toward him: mom there is a drone coming to me. Meteor: “ John cena” are you sure about that ? “

  • Fun fact , still a theory 😆😆

  • I don't believe asteroid destroy the dinosaurs.

  • I want to know how humanity woukd have coped. Lets say we gained conciousness with the dinos. And we evolved maybe different. Maybe biggrr, more hair, and maybe with monkey feet to climb trees, but with our intelligence we have had since humans became humans. How would life had been. Its an interedting concept.

  • Right, Please help, I have a problem. I can't stay on the bright side because the asteroid is to bright for me to behold and so is your videos.

  • Nice dinosaur are gone before humans came😤

  • Maybe it crashed into the sea floor and tsunamis took it to land and sand covered it

  • I'm guessing it is at the bottom of the marina trench

  • funny that even though this channel has 40 million subscribers, tommyinnit (8 million subscribers) gets more likes on his videos

  • Not all dinausor die after asteroid impact Global flood is second one

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  • they removed it by breakingninto little rocks

  • That's just a theory

  • this is something my science teacher will put in the modules

  • I was questioning myself this while I was watching your planer videos

  • I think they got all this information from Lucy 😂 (if you've seen the movie)

  • It was interesting up until the narrator gave an “alternate history”. I lost interest after that but overall, this is one of the best channels on UZfire.

  • We're not sure if it was an asteroid there are many other thoughts and theories of what happened to them

  • right now at the start i think it was just dissolved as it hit

  • Yo imagine there is still a dinosaur egg and that egg hatches and they will come back and demolish humanity

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  • I never thought about it

  • If you think about it if the dinosaurs were never wiped out we wouldn't exist