What Happens to Your Body When a Mosquito Bites You

Joylandi 17-Avg, 2019
Mosquitos can ruin a nice picnic in the park, camping out with your friends, even your own humble abode! They’re innumerable, and they come in swarms just about anywhere you go. They are the single worst thing about summer! Why do they have to bite, and why does it itch like crazy? It’s high time we got some answers!
Mosquitos are ancient critters thought to have evolved between 50 and 100 million years ago. And they proved to be a highly adaptable species. Except for Antarctica, they live on all continents in a variety of climates. There are about 3,000 different species of mosquitos all around the world. Btw, did you know that not all mosquitos suck blood? Only females drink blood, while male specimen feed solely on nectar. The good news is, you can tell the difference between the two!
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Why they are a miracle of nature 1:00
Mean female mosquitos 😖 1:55
A mosquito’s life 3:09
How do they find you? 4:17
How mosquitos suck blood (some of them have teeth! 😬) 6:22
Do they use anesthesia? Really? 7:00
Btw, why do they need blood? 8:05
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- You can tell the difference between the two! Male mosquitos are a bit smaller than females. And if you see one nearby with fancy-looking feathered antennae, don’t rush to smack it just yet - it’s a male and it won’t bite you no matter what.
- A mosquito’s lifespan is only about a month or two. Well, that’s for the females. The guys live a lot shorter: around 2 weeks.
- You shouldn’t have any standing water near your house if you don’t want a mosquito invasion!
- Contrary to popular belief, mosquitos don’t search for their prey looking for lights. To be fair, there aren’t many species that prefer human blood at all.
- They have a variety of methods, but they mostly use scent. More specifically, they’re sniffing for your body heat and the one thing every living breathing thing produces constantly: carbon dioxide, or CO2.
- Mosquitos can remember the scent of a particularly aggressive prey and avoid it completely for 24 hours. That means, if a mosquito tries to bite you and you decide to brush it off or swat at it, it’ll probably choose someone else to bite next!
- They stick not 1 but 6 needles in you! Some of those have razor-sharp teeth that cut through the skin.
- The mosquito injects its saliva immediately after it bites you. The saliva consists of more than 100 different components, most of which are these organic substances called enzymes.
- There are also other components used like a local anesthesia.
- Females need blood to develop eggs. More specifically, she needs loads of protein and iron, which blood happens to be rich in.
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