What if Minecraft was real life?

Joylandi 5-Dek, 2020
What if pressing only one key could change your life forever and make it much easier? If we were in Minecraft, everything would be possible! Too hard to live? Too many tasks, deadlines, school classes are tedious, and you just can’t go on like this? Change your life mode to somewhat less challenging - just press Escape! Adjust your life difficulty choosing peaceful, easy, normal, or even hard for those who like it tough.
If your teacher is as hostile as a green and white pixelated creeper, choose the peaceful mode - monsters don’t spawn there. As for appearance, no more worries about pimples! Now that you’re pixelated, nobody’s gonna ever notice them. You look the same every day, your haircut, even if you hate it and can’t wait for your hair to grow, never changes, unless you change the skins. You can’t grow or lose some pounds. What else would be different if Minecraft was real life?
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  • How much time do you spend gaming a day?

    • He is right, To make portal we only need 8 obsidian

    • you need alot more than that!

    • 3 to 4 hours maybe sometimes 4 to 5

    • 2 hours, ni spending more time on studies like 6 hours

    • I spend 200 hours on my iPad gaming

  • Bright Side: What if minecraft was in real in real life? Me: My time has come🤣

  • wait a second 4:57

  • That’s not how you build a nether portal

  • BRIGHT SIDE: It's absolutely safe!!! *Wither hanging out in the background*

  • Beds explode in the nether and you need 14 blocks for a nether portal

    • Gravel is affected by Physics and water won't save you if it's in a cauldron

  • The animation in the facen is so f***** weird

  • 7:31 why is there a polar bear and a panda in a mountain biome

  • you cant sleep in the nether

  • you demonstrated how blocks dont fall using gravel

  • Activate the cheats. Its better.

  • Bright side video is awesome

  • And also the minecarts theres no rails

  • Ummmm what about the portal?

  • Feel like another one about Minecraft the letter I kind of play Minecraft you don't want to the middle ones and I couldn't try to put

  • BRIGHT SIDE have you ever played minecraft before? because you need atleast 10 obsidian to make a portal if you don't include the cornors.

  • But it takes at least 10 obsidian for a nether portal tho

  • You actually need 14 blocks of obsidian to make a nether portal.

    • these are the ways of making a nether portal. ⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛

    • or 10

  • The minimum of creating a nether portal is actually 10 blocks

  • You can't sleep in the nether

  • E

  • Trust me, this would be awesome!

  • Dun dun dun dun Dun dun dun dun

  • "The blocks will float in the air" Uses gravel

  • As a veteran minecraft player this is so inaccurate

  • He make a 1x1 portal,that is impossible in minecraft

  • Amerika:brigth side Indonesia:sisi terang

  • netherite?

  • Bruh what is these animation bruh

  • U don't use 8 blocks to build a nether portal...u need atleast 10 ok?

  • The nether portal tho haja😂😂

  • u need 10 obsidian for 1 portal

  • that's not how u make a nether portal

  • Ddddd.

  • Loki craft review

  • me: oh i will never click survival i am creative

  • Wana really feel that? Just play minecraft VR

  • if our world is just like minecraft if we see dream hil just do some speed run

  • U need 12 or 16 oby to make a nether portal

  • Or a netherite pic


  • I love mine craft!!!!!!!!!

  • 4:48 no BRIGHT SIDE you need 14 blocks of obsidian to make a nether portal

  • I am feeling of being in Minecraft

  • 4:53 minecraft gamers be like: am i a joke to you?

  • 0%

  • It’s not 8 blocks of obsidian to make a nether portal

  • 4:59 ACTTULY no you need 16

  • iron ingot , gold ingot , diamond ingot

  • YOU NEED 10 OR 12 BLOCKS OF OBSIDIAN!!!!!! NOT 8!!!!!

  • Me:listening to okay multiple times

  • you need 10 to 14 blocks of obsidian to make a nether portal

  • 6:50 bro they litteraly showed gravel, one of the two only blocks that have gravity

  • Mistakes in this video according minecraft in comments with timings and everything,⬇️

    • 8:03 That's all mistakes that I found.

    • 7:43 Steve is trapped inside the fence, lol.

    • 7:16 That's creative

    • 6:18 Why the blocks behind flowers on mountains are black?

    • 5:17 You don't need redstone torch to enchant you need lapis, Bright side also that's not how to make potions.

  • 4:57 that's illegal and how can you get in that anyway unless you are in Java just use trapdoor if you are in pocket or bedrock that's the wrong tutorial

  • Imagine fighting the ender dragon in real life

  • 100

  • you wake up today and mine, wake up the next day, you craft. lol that´s the 4. funniest joke i have ever heard. in minecraft there are millions of things you can do. it´s not just a survival game, it´s also sandbox and so much more. and i´m not just saying "and so much more" to exaggurate how cool it is, but like seirously, if survival isn´t your thing? maybe you can play other games ppl made using minecraft, or make them yourself! and if that doesn´t sound interesting, that´s just a tiny fragment of what "MINECRAFT" is. that was a commercial. i actually liked that line

  • Nice to know you play Minecraft!

  • 7:50 if it’s safe then why is there a with

  • I got a question how do you know how many hearts you have in minecraft?

  • “Like the nether and the overworld” Excuse me? I think you are already in the overworld. “At least eight blocks of it” This won’t work... “You can bring your bed with you” Yeah, that’s the best way to DIE “Zombie pigmen” 1.16 update: huh? Whats that?

  • Ummm random I guess

  • you cant sleep in the nedder

  • You would be cold in rlcraft or real life craft

  • Bright slide you dum dum enderman can teleport you friggin dum dum

  • 喇嘛がある人それぞれ、。

  • What players see cat. What creepers see gaint men with shotgun

  • Brught side : there is your portal ! Me: thats not how u make a nether portal..

  • Not 8 14 pieces of obsidian

  • 2009 me: hey friend there's a new game called minecraft! 2021 me: yo dude there's a new game of minecraft!

  • It's piglins now

  • to make a portal to the nether it needs 12 obsidian blocks,i didn't count it but is 2×2×4×4.Brightside-lakes a portal out of 8 blocks 😉 so he made a portal 3×3×3

  • you can usecreative mode and it will be more easier

  • What will we do if real life was roblox??????

  • Minecraft is fun plus the scary the living cape out of me

  • What!! in Minecraft you can't create a portal by 8 obsidian

  • Minecraft players

  • I play minecraft

  • you broke so many minecraft rules

  • what now you're in games?

  • 5:09 yea yea just you know, just sleep in bed in nether maybe even try sleeping in the End

  • 6:48 the funniest thing is that its gravel

  • 4:57 hmm yes porpool

  • The real 4D game

  • If Payback² is Real life, I can do some Gangster and Crimes in the City like Killing and injuring People and Shooting Some Cars.🚗🚗🚗💥

  • You can't sleep in the nether.

  • I never know brightside likes minecraft too!

  • Bruhhhhh 6:46 if you mine the bottom one the gravel will fall

  • 5:50 wait you can't mine bedrock so why void?

  • 4:55

  • 1x1 nether portal XD

  • 1:02 minecraft Jesse boy

  • he has no idea how minecraft works

  • 2:59 Not any

    • 7:26 ... Looks like i stumbled on a noobland

    • 6:48 Bad example of a block Gravel falls

    • 5:03 Sleeping in the nether=explosion

    • 4:53 Looks like you diddnt build a nether portal EVER you wouldnt fit in the portal And even if you could you need at least 10 Obsidian-⬛ Air-⬜ ⬜⬛⬛⬜ ⬛⬜⬜⬛ ⬛⬜⬜⬛ ⬛⬜⬜⬛ ⬜⬛⬛⬜

    • Like Not enchanted Golden apples

  • World will be a better place

  • Piggy:makes a nether portal And also roblox would NOT be happy AT ALL!

  • and wha gravel not fal haha

  • On minecraft I will like 1.17 update new mobs me tools new blocks

  • I’ve been dreaming about me in minecraft