What Parallel Worlds Might Look Like

Joylandi 7-Iyl, 2020
But have you ever wondered what parallel worlds might look like? Yes, the existence of parallel universes has not yet been proven, but why we can't have some fun in the meanwhile? Let's imagine that there's a way to travel between universes in the multiverse. Or maybe that a glitch in the matrix happened and traveling to parallel universes became possible.
The theory of multiple or parallel universes is one that blurs the line between scientific reality and science fiction. It’s a pretty huge topic of debate in the scientific community, with big names on both sides. This is the idea that everything you thought you ever knew - our planet, the solar system, our galaxy, all the other stars and galaxies out there as far as our fancy telescopes can see - it’s just one itsy bitsy piece of a really giant puzzle!
😽 Btw, guys, we don't know if there are cats in parallel worlds but there are a few cats hidden in this video. Can you spot them all? 😽
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