Whatever You Build Using 3D Pens, I’ll Pay For! | ZHC Crafts

Joylandi 18-Iyn, 2021
I literally paid for whatever they made using a 3D pen!

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  • I am sobscribe’r but Im Danish so i cant get anny things😭😭😭😭

  • Zach:the loser is gonna do 100 math problem Everyone:what Michelle:yay math

  • Hi

  • Why they dont built a super car or jetliner

  • when i was 8 i had to do 100 math problemes in 5 minutes! i hate school

  • Hold up Gabe from Mr Beast!

  • When u say that I am giving away I pad u just give it to people living beside u u never gave it to me in India and never called me😭😭

  • Zac: the losers has too do 100 punishment Michelle: hehe boii......

  • Unrelated but Jesus loves yall Have an amazing day

  • iwant to vote for viv

  • Zach said bad ass

  • I love you

  • Poor McKenzie she get bad luck

  • 🌈 reymbo hair color

  • It’s not that bad

  • I done 200 hundred math problems at 2nd grade

  • Izzy's was my favorite. Great job everyone

  • "Its 3am *in the morning* and i'm really tired."

  • i would draw a tesla bc i want one badly :(

  • Hi

  • I'm a fan I am subed to you please I want to win

  • I think izzy should have won

  • I feel like Kenz’s art was really gooood 😕

  • can give me iphone:)

  • Jazz

  • Oh that’s gonna be all right for me i’ve done 100 math questions on one Page before

  • The laptop was by far the best, then the raptor fossil. They all were cool but those two were my favourites.

  • I love you all sooooooooooooooooooo much I watch you all the time ☺️💕

  • Hi iam a subscriber from India😀

  • Are you sure you didn't tell them to not make McKenzie win ? cuz shers was amazing a computer is trash competed to a Dino

  • Jezz and izzy- the cutest Viv- most talented Jake and kenz- the cute couple Michelle- cute and silly

  • I whant to go there it looks fun but i Live in the phillipines

  • i love your videos keep it up i want a phone because i want it to my mother

  • 9:08 that looks like a nightmare creature...(me:jake what have you made?)

  • U

  • If i was doning that with the 3d pen i want to get a rolecoaster

  • i an unsubscribed because you said cuss words

  • I really wanted Michael to win because the pig she made was really cute! And I wanted her to get a pet pig in real life :3

  • Jake:dubs only Also jake:lose

  • I think when he saw MrBeast he started copying

  • Zach: if you lose you have to do 100 math problems Everyone: ughhhhh Michelle: yayyyy

  • Get him to 4 million

  • Awesome

  • McKenzie's 3D Art was the best

  • Viv viv viv viv viv viv viv

  • Viv

  • i,ll do it

  • Ooo math

  • Izzy spent like 20 hours on hers and she didn’t win it was better then the spidy laptop

  • When I was in school I had to do that daily

  • When I was in squad do that

  • I love you zach you my best youtuber

  • mckenzie

  • Is my mom

  • The best one at artvi

  • Lol Kenzie and Jake hate eachother with a passion

  • Love your show so much

  • Michelle's face when Zach said 100 math problems was like, I got this.

  • I SUBD

  • Making me buy a 3D pen

  • Wow can you give me a computer and a PS five

  • Nice Viv

  • Oof Mckenzie

  • Viv's is kinda nice

  • Aw cute Jaz

  • Michelle's is so cool too and Izzys rocks

  • Kenzie's is so cool

  • WHAT???????? Are you kidding me????????? The dinosaur fossil was the best thing that was made!!!!!!! How can you disqualify that PRECIOUS PIECE OF ART???????????!!!!

  • Why McKenzie it was sooo gooood

  • 13 inches 🙃

  • Zhc should make a Minecraft channel and do art with blocks

  • Teachers be like 100 math problems is that how my students feel :me yes I don’t like you

  • BC to tell you come on Monday at the stupid Mackenzies was the best of the bottle Leslie our 3-D pen

  • Super

  • i mean good job on not saying the f word

  • jake good job on saying f word and doing 100 burpies lol

  • It's like McKenzie stupid no a fence she continuously picking paper I still love u tho

    • You can't even spell no offence and you're calling someone stupid

  • Jake I meant

  • Zach why does jack never win

  • I'm a Filipino hahahahahah ganda

  • Zack:in 5 years : Painting the hole universe

  • . He said bad a** zhc!

  • :-:

  • done

  • I liked jaz,s and Michelle’s

  • You guys are the best UZfirers

  • all I have to say is WOW you guys are amazing artists!!!

  • Viv YES I new you where going to win that thing looked sooo good she Even did those Colours at the top of the computer like that new laptop

  • Realy wanted Michelle to get a pig 😖😫😣😔😣😢😖😫😩🥺☹️

  • I’d build a priv jet it’s a lot of. Money💀✌🏻😬

  • I think I should win that lap top ....because I'm new sub's here ..😂


  • I have been 100 math things and thousand times

  • I wish I was in this challenge and I lost so I can do math I love math so much

  • I subscribe on UZfire

  • I can do it today bro 😎 lol lol 😝

  • Aww I wish I did those math problems 😔

  • I

  • Wow 😲 your videos ZHC are super cool

  • Izzy is bored from floorida* so she wants to fly