When Referees Lose Their Cool

Joylandi 21-Okt, 2020
In today's video, we will take a look at ten moments where the referee loses their cool.

Referees vs Fighters: uzfire.info/camera/video/i7Daf6qtxdZ4fG4

Narrator: Tysmithvoice
Researcher/Writer: Mathewthewrtiter
Video Editor: BrutalTV

Music: artlist.io
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  • One refferi hiting Andi hig wtf

  • 10:17 beat them then school them lol

  • 1:37 when the crowd gets an extra show

  • Turns out the referees has a better level than the figther.

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  • It's kinda funny how he had to mention in the second clip that the fighter was Iranian, like... Tf does that have to do with anything 🤣

  • uzfire.info/camera/video/pIWbanOXsMpznYc

  • "near naked choke"

  • I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEE combat sports but fuck is it heart breaking to watch someone who doesn't know where he is anymore after getting sent to the the nether realm.

  • 5:58 Is that Bruce Lee LoL

  • One rule in sport, never ever do you disrespect a ref

  • near naked??? i love it lol

  • 9:37 The "Near Naked Choke"... I nearly died XD

  • 5:56 from boxing to wwe wrestling real quick

  • Pisses me off seeing people other than the ref and fighters in the ring. Except if help is needed by the ref

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  • that first guy is a menace to the game. Doesn't belong in the ring. Coward afraid of losing a fair fight. Mad respect for the ref!!

  • It's for that I prefer my gun !! Coz nobody refuse to lose when I shoot !! BOOM BOOM = SILENCE FOR LIFE ;-)

  • It's not surprising that combat sports attract a lot of violent psychos! They should have some way of screening these losers out before these matches.

  • Las personas tóxicas que rodean hay que saber llevarlas y manejarlas... puede haber momentos en los que te desborda la situación. Una noche, en las fiestas del pueblo de mi padre, hará unos 13 años, en una peña estaba con el gordo nazi y uno chuleta que jugaba a fútbol con éste y mi hermano. Se le ocurrió llamarme, al chuleta, por el mote que le ponían a mi hermano y me le volvi, le increpé por haberme confundido. Volviendo al baile con el gordo noté cómo me pasaba un puño por delante y mi reacción fue esquivarlo. El gordo reaccionó como si le fuese a devolver con varios puñetazos y haciendo como que me esquivaba, cuando la verdad es que ni me molesté en responder con su mismo acto. Son gente tóxica que se lo pasan bien porque ven que no se les ríe nadie. Viven en este mundo atemorizando, intimidando pero sin ver nada a no ser que les digan lo que pasa.

    • Ya sabéis lo que pienso de los chuletas... éste era el que se había liado con una chica de buen ver del pueblo y lo tenían en un altar... sin llegar a promocionarle.

    • A gente igual que esta les he escuchado decirles, a las que quieren y no dejan llegar a algo, que a las que llegan a algo son a las que más se las ríen y que no se preocupen. Siempre van diciendo lo que quieren escuchar las demás, dependiendo de cual es la situación circunstancial de cada una.

    • Siempre están:"porque eres muy bueno...". Ya podéis imaginar que por suerte lo estoy diciendo las palabras acertadas o me doy cuenta de la falsedad de la gente. Solo decir que cada uno se defiende a su manera o da o permite dar lo que piensa que es más correcto. Cada uno debe saber defenderse aunque hay organismos de ayuda a los débiles que les hacen pensar que se pueden imponer a cualquiera.

    • Juntarse con ese tipo de gente es degradarse como personas porque te obligan a claudicar a cambio de su presencia. Además de que es el marido de una que me enrollé y ahora profesora... ya sabéis que a las profes le juntan lo peor de cada casa para mantener vigilados sus movimientos.

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  • When you loose to the referee lol

  • It's important to remember weight classifications don't apply to referees.

  • Auto God Mode for referee

  • Watch that Sydney fight in 0.25 speed. The referee pulls back, gets a left upper cut followed by a over hand right directly to the guys face

  • That first ref is a boss

  • haha the figher at the end is like wtf is happening.

  • Holy crap when the first guy got slammed to the ground, that was the most satisfying thing ever

  • a surprise attack on a tired opponent focused on his opponent so cool it's a pity to talk :(

  • 3:11 filmed by Beavis & Butthead!

  • WTF? 2:45 is staged, how is it here? You mean to tell me it is a match where the camera is 2 meters from the fighters? Plus you can obviously see that the punches and the kick do not connect

  • Referee is the boss battle at the end

  • Funny

  • Shake my Hands!

  • Did you really call a Rear Naked Choke a "Near Naked Choke" at 9:39 ? Hilarious, lol.

  • I enjoyed every part of this video job well done!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Liked and subscribed

  • Dat's tough, TWO L's cmon now you donezo

  • If you have an awful temper you shouldn’t Be in the ring

  • The entire 11min video should only be about 5mins But thanks to the short term memory editor, most of the clips are shown again and again...

  • What the hell referees are more skilled than fighters them selves

  • “Near naked choke”….bruhh, Rear!

  • Did i see that right, the opponent did a fkin finisher after the ref chockslam. HA

  • Me justa su canal

  • why can't you just play the entire video of each clip?

  • It’s like walking into a boxing school and challenging the coach

  • когда начнут биться с мечами ,топорами и палицей? очень будет интересно.

  • You can tell the 1st guy is named Axel

  • Can u imagine the embarrassment…losing 2 fights in one night…and live on t.v…..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Did they lose control or cool

  • I'm incredibly tired of the Tae Kwon Do video that's clearly being filmed and choreographed included in these lists. That's like using a Disney studio to claim we landed on the moon

  • Your brutal tv is more interesting..

  • 3:15 was a fake action from making a video.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bernie Hall. What a crooked chump. Then waits till there is alot of ppl in the ring. Then he decides to jump in. Gutless no honor whatsoever...

  • Awesome video

  • Then what about WWE referes 🤣

  • Hoy katulog na dha ayyg samok samok

  • Time to re-evaluate your life when you lose twice in one match, once by the referee.

  • Andy ~ peace

  • Good for the ref

  • Social cannibalism.

  • Cops can arrest fighters if they don't stop?

  • Ot’s funny when the referee made the guy lose 2 times in 1 fight 😂 Lost in 2 minutes! Then 30 seconds by the ref loll

  • Damn refree the most badass person in the world

  • Hey if your gonna hit a ref they should have the right to do what they have to do

  • 10:36 was wholesome

  • "Near" naked choke. Lol

  • Fighters who got owned by the third wheel

  • The title should be: A dillywhack on the old kisser hole.

  • There are a lot of people who should be in jail right now and people who fight the ref should get a life time ban from sportevents at all.

  • C'est du n'importe quoi le mec et k.o et il continue de le frapper il sont débile c'est tt. Peace

  • Proves it all fake....They cant fight when its actually a fight.... they get there butts handed to them

  • Ha saletés de perdant je déteste ls mauvaise perdant. Peace

  • some of these fighters are primitive neanderthals

  • 9:58 not a rear naked choke

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  • The one with karate is for a movie or something, it is staged

  • barbaric game and barbaric people.maniacs

  • G u h

  • Great video but it’s a little inaccurate isn’t it? Most of these refs didn’t lose their cool, they were just trying to keep the peace

  • This is so satisfying.

  • Alvin Aguilar RNC from the second video

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  • Nice video hehe

  • i saw one ref lose his cool the rest were acting accordingly... this video is ass and this narrator knows fuck all about fighting, couldnt tell the difference between a rear naked choke and his own butthole

  • Look at the crossmoon in my clips !!Jesus Christ's judgement day is coming very soon!!! Psalms 50 15. and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me." amen

  • Before watching this Search: strongest boxer After watching this Search: strongest boxer referees

  • Don't fuck with the refs they are absolute badasses

  • @4:45 this dude lost 2 fights in 15 seconds. LMFAO. Poor guy

  • WHY do people keep thinking that the "fight" at 2:48 is real?!

  • i love my dutch overeem.. if it aint dutch it aint much

  • cool

  • It’s called a rear naked choke not a near naked choke

  • uzfire.info/camera/video/aWjUg6FrrMmTiZk

  • Referre should give all violators permanent damage so they will never join ring anyone entire live..

  • Referees have a huge responsibility, a lot of circumstances put lives in the line, even their own.

  • 2:50 instant carma 😂

  • This is why i love referees

  • 5:59 near miss 🤣 imagine what that would of been like!