Why did this brand NEW Airbus A320 CRASH during an airshow?! Air France flight 296

Joylandi 5-Fev, 2021
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On the 26th of June, 1988 a two day old Airbus A320 crashed in a spectacular way during an Airshow in Mulhouse-Habsheim airport outside of Basle, France.
Air France flight 296 was one of the first ever passenger flights with the new Airbus A320 and Air France had allowed it to take part in this air-show as part of a publicity day with the new aircraft.
During the fly-by at Habsheim airfield, the aircraft seemed unable to climb and ended up flying straight into the forrest on the far side of runway 34.
In this episode of "Air Accidents explained" I will dig deep into what happened on this day and why the aircraft seemed unable to follow the pilots commands.
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Below you will find the links to videos and sources used in this episode. Enjoy checking them out!
Final report: www.aviation-accidents.net/report-download.php?id=692
A320 Photo: @Andrew Thomas

A320 Photo: @Airbus Industrie

A320 Photo: @British Airways

A320 Photo: @National Air and Space Museum Archives

Crash Images: @B3A

00:00 - Intro
02:04 - Chapter 1: Overview
05:32 - Chapter 2: Safety Systems
08:36 - Chapter 3: Flight Crew/Preparations
12:27 - Chapter 4: Pre-Flight Brief
17:27 - Chapter 5: AF296 Takes Flight
25:22 - Chapter 6: The Incident
27:42 - Chapter 7: Final Report
30:18 - Other Crash Episodes
30:37 - Nord VPN Exclusive Offer
31:32 - Full Crash Simulation
34:23 - Outro


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    • Hi, While it was clearly the human factor that caused this accident, there is something that is not talked about a lot abroad: the juridic part was not pretty at all. Besides the reciprocal attacks between the pilots (accused of defamation) and the government (accused of corruption), something very wrong happened : The French civil aviation authority was accused of erasing a part of the records of the FDR. Indeed, according to the juridic report, the FDR and CVR were not recovered and sealed by the investigators but were taken by an official of the civil aviation authority during at least 10 days. They were given to the judges after and the authenticity of the data was thus unproven. And several seconds of recording before the crash were unavailable: the magnetic tape was cut then read outside of the FDR box. The extremities of the tape were damaged by the operation. Intentionally or not... it cannot be said. The administrative and technical investigation from the civil aviation authority didn't follow the procedures and destroyed evidences before the juridic investigation. So... not pretty at all.

    • @Arlys Veen It's not criticism it's extra information, how would he know the correct pronunciation if he never heard it or no one told him what it was?

    • @anonymous FYI he mis pronounces English words with an accent too and we don’t criticize him, I like to hear it...be cool!

    • pinned ad seems appropriate here. well done 👍

    • Man,youre awesome...i bet youre one of the best pilots in this world...i hate when someone shows off what he and his machine can do and fail and after that he claims that he isnt done anything wrong...why people can not be honest and say things how they really are...in this world honesty doesnt counts i think..everyones a liar :( sorry to be so pessimistic

  • Poor airmanship very poor. Sad.

  • Ok. Have been watching Mentour Pilot videos all day. I can fly a plane now 😂

  • This reflects in part on the post- Max crashes discussion of whether when Boeing was adding redundancy of connection of MCAS to AoA indicators; from being connected to only one existing to both (which should have been that way already); some argued that Boeing should be required to go to even more redundancy similar to the fly-by-wire Airbus system and have at least 3 AoA indicators. One reason Airbus has more AoA indicators (and redundancy in general) than Boeing is because since the A320 is more dependent on the plane to fly itself and less on pilot inputs as Boeing uses through more of a mix of technology and pilots, it is even more important that the data input to the flight control computer be accurate, such as when the computers override pilot input as described in this excellent Mentour Pilot article. So Airbus needs more redundancy BECAUSE of fly-by-wire. The amount now in the Max with the fix of MCAS should be enough and won’t expose Max flights to some of the problems the A320 has had. Examples include A320s not allowing sudden pull up near the ground by both pilots that fly-by-wire didn’t allow as part of stall protection, leading to several hard landings resulting in crashes; or a training A320 flight in instrument conditions where 2 of 3 instrument inputs agreed so the 3rd indicator’s input was rejected by the computer. Turned out the lone odd Indicator was right and the plane crashed. Each of the Boeing and Airbus systems have their advantages and disadvantages which is why the B737 family and A320 family, the first and second best selling airliners in history respectively, have comparable overall excellent safety records, all things considered.

  • "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't let you do that..." -Hal, 2001

  • I'm of the camp that believes the pilot should have the final word with flight control surfaces. However, in this case having that feature would not have helped with this egregious pilot error.

  • About 20 months after this incident, another Fly-by-Wire flight met a tragic end in Bangalore (India) on 14 February 1990. The ill-fated equipment was A320-231 serving the Indian Airlines Flight 605 from Mumbai to Bangalore. The plane touched down a few hundred metres too early and hit the uneven grounds just outside the perimeter fence of Bangalore Airport. 146 passengers and crew were on board. 92 of them died (I do not recall the exact breakdown). I have vivid recollections of this incident because I narrowly missed boarding this ill-fated flight (flew a day earlier).

  • UNBELIEVABLE what this flight crew (Captain especially) did. With passengers on board. Unbelievable.

  • Incredible so much survived thank goodness

  • Good channel 👍👌

  • The alpha protection didn't work to counteract F.O. Bonin on flight 447, unfortunately.

  • It seems as though if they had even 5 seconds more, this crash would not have happened which is tragic.

  • There is absolutely nothing cool about fly or drive by wire. That's why the world sucks these days. Fuel injection, solid state guitar amps... All that shit makes the world not what it used to be. There was no need to change all that.

  • Excellent

  • The pilot should’ve been prosecuted again for his hubris, unbelievable and his over confidence continues didn’t learn his lesson

  • Perfect for an airshow: the plane was designed to fail under those conditions, and Lo, it did as it was designed to do, in front of a mass audience!

  • It seems like some serious accidents are due to the side-sticks lack of feedback. I can see why Boeing kept the traditional yoke.

  • Så Fly-By-Wire i flygplan är ungefär samma sak som servostyrning i bilar. Ballt. ^^

  • Excellent narrative. I love this sort of stuff.

  • The Ladies: “Seems nice enough, I wonder if he’s single?” The Ladies: “Well...umm. Well we know now, don’t we.”

  • When has low and slow ever been a good idea for a stunt WITH PASSENGERS? So dangerous 😱 6 months in jail wasn’t enough.

  • Awesome .... explanation .... so much detail but with very simple words.....

  • That was so unfortunate. It seems to me that that landing area was not understood and totally misjudged by the Sponsors of the Event. There was Clearly not enough landing room for such a big plane. Non-planning, I believed caused the death of the. Victims. It is so sad that 2 of them were children, the woman who tried to save them is a true Angel. Rest in Peace.🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀

  • So they wanted to show off and they fucked it up

  • I always thought the plane was empty apart from the crew.

  • I was nearly on that flight. As it was, I was stuck in a traffic jam and missed it. I was annoyed at the time, but I regard it as fortunate now.

  • Stalls: disruption/loss of lift. All airfoil surfaces can stall. Not just wings but the blades In turbines as well. Just a tidbit.

  • What a sad outcome. But what a great documentary of this event. My compliments Mentour for this presentation.

  • a little girl died trapped because of her seatbelt.. and her mother? brother? why didnt they die with her? how can they leave knowing she is still trapped inside?

  • so the girl died because her seatbelt trapped her on the chair? cruel death.. i rather die not wearing a seatbelt than wearing one that has the chance to trap me inside a burning aircraft.

  • again fools without proper understanding of plan every scenario. Its simple

  • In every professional Field there is the 6 P's Rule. Piss Poor Planning results in Piss poor Performance. These pilots were way to cocky and the results showed. Sad stuff that lives were lost.

  • 340knts at 100 feet? The over speed klacker goes off at 250 knots lol

  • Excellent again

  • How about a video on the Concorde crash at CDG...that signaled the end of Concorde commercial service from France?

    • @Mentour Pilot By the way, I was living in Washington DC on that winter day when Air Florida hit the 14th street bridge...I was sure the authorities would close National Airport...it was (and it) so close to the Capitol, the Mall, the Washington Monument. Have you ever come in on the Potomac approach? Breathtaking with that low, sharp right turn at the end and a not-very-long runway on which to stop!

    • Yes, it’s on the list 🙂

  • I just started to watch this channel it’s great, but this one got me in the feelings.

  • Would this have happened if it were a B737?

    • @Francois Tombe In the flight condition the aircraft was in, pulling the nose any higher than it was would have resultet in an immediate crash. Also the engines need several seconds from idle before they start to really generate thrust. You can't beat physics. The moment they reached that low altitude with that low speed and that nose up attitude they were doomed to crash.

    • The engines were spooling up. A pull up would have increased height at the cost of speed. Having gained a few meters, enough to clear the trees, the craft could have levelled off and accelerated enough to maintain height. With any rise blocked by the flight control computer, a crash into the trees was a certainty. A 737 under the same circumstance would at least have had a chance of survival. The Airbus control system made escape impossible.

    • Not in the same way, but it would have resultet in an accident regardless. The Flight Control Computer of the A320 basically prevented the nose from rising any further because it would have resulted in an immediat stall. In a 737 you have no stall protection, so the aircraft would have stalled and probably crashed onto the grass runway.

  • Perfectly good aircraft doing exactly what it was asked. Heart goes out to the two children and the hero that tried to rescue them.

  • Cheesus Christ, this series reached a crazy high quality. Feels like watching a BBC dokumentary, just without all the filler and recycled cgi footage.

  • The knotty afternoon temporarily lighten because sleet behaviorally collect athwart a yielding sofa. maniacal, abortive thrill

  • 2 frogs with a frail in the cockpit 🙄 what could possibly go wrong etc...

  • This is NOT the type of airplane of that time...

  • Have you covered MH370? If so what is the link? I cannot find your coverage of this flight. Thank you

  • Just recently started to watch your channel, and find it absolutely brilliant, you are so easy to listen to. "Ok" 😀

  • Oh no oh no! That one! If its not was so tragic, it would have been comic. Human bravado and stupidity, not flybywire! Poor people! And I pity the plane, so fine, so new! That captain had to pay from his pension rest of his life.

  • Did everyone forget there were passengers on this flight?

  • A great-aunt of mine was at this air-show, i was in Basel at the time and all i was told is: a pilot wanted to show off and flew too low graced some trees and crashed. I didn't know it was such a big airplane and had passenger on board (well, i was still in primary school at the time). Thank you to shed some light on this accident. Also, i really appreciate that you do those videos with 100 times more information and no focus on maximal drama in the half duration than all those "professional documentations" you see on TV.

  • Great analysis! I'd rather listen to you explaining this as opposed to watching Air Crash Investigation.

  • That passengers were on board this experimental flight should have been banded. But still amazing that so many survived this crash.

  • Obviously this guy has never her heard of alpha and omega which means person in charge maybe its different in airplanes but normally people call it alpha when they are talking about the person in charge in talks about alpha and omega in the Bible but I guess there's a confusion

  • I just find this channel. Very well done

  • EuroAirport Basel Freiburg Mulhouse is my home airport 🙈😊

  • it is really surprising how experienced pilots assume huge engines on a huge plane will react faster then a fighter jet. On that speed and altitude even fighter jets are few that could recover; unless is something extremely maneuverable and powerful he is not getting out from that. After seeing a movie about NASA loosing an experimental plane due to pitot tube being frozen, I had a discution about experienced pilots making mistakes that no fly sim enthusiast makes after a decent number of hours, and many agree that the sim training is really underrated. In aviation training, you practice different procedures, but the pilot never just fool around with the sim to get a good feel on how plane react on limit situations. NASA pilot never correlate the fact he has no authority on the stick with the fact he was on idle and dropped like a rock, a mistake that no kid with 100+ hours in any fly sim does. I think pilots really lack sim time.

  • This was very interesting and I learned a lot about how planes actually fly by seeing what NOT to do. The "angle of attack" is something I had heard about but I never knew what it meant. Thanks again for posting this.

  • Thank you Mentour Pilot for reviewing this accident ! It triggered my desire to re-read "AIRBUS L'Assassin habite à l'Elysée", by Norbert Jacquet, ex-747 captain at AF (ISBN 2-84144-009-5). The book presents another view on the official story. The investigating judge in charge of the case, Germain Sengelin, requested the DGAC (Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile, the french FAA) to deliver as exhibits the CVR and FDR, recovered on the day of the accident. The DGAC refused to comply. The judge had to send in the police to retrieve the recorders. Many days had passed before Justice could examine the data. Several seconds of the FDR recordings were missing : the important 10 seconds between "thrust levers idle" and "thrust levers full toga", just before the crash. The story is about a software glitch (aircraft in landing mode ??), allegedly covered-up by an official "human error conclusion" to avoid the catastrophic consequences on the aviation market. Cover-up in which even President Mitterand was involved. Hence the bold title of the book. Truth or controversy ? Anyway, a well documented reading, showing troublesome facts and shedding a different light on the official conclusions. An interesting book, even almost 33 years after the event on 26 June 1988.

  • The Sukhoi Superjet demonstration flight crash in Indonesia looks very similar. The plane was going too low and crashed into the mountain and the pilots were unable to "dodge" it when they finally noticed the obstacle. Interestingly enough, the Superjet is also a "fly by wire" design. I'm wondering if that contributed to such an outcome and could it have been more maneuverable with "standard" flight controls. Unfortunately, the Sukhoi demonstration flights organizers did not learn from the Air France 296 case and the plane was full of passengers.

  • As you know about a year ago now, north of Seattlr was the first demo flight of a commercial airliner *multiengine of course( that is totally ELECTRIC! Might want to consider doing an episode on electric aircraft -- especially for commercial operations.

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  • Hi... how about Saudi and Kazakh mid air collision...

  • It seems crazy to attempt this with the landing gear down! Would they have cleared the trees if the landing gear was up?

    • @Serious Cat I was thinking if there was less drag then they would have been able to gain some altitude. Probably no time to get the gear up once they realized what was happening.

    • Probably not. It was said on the video that the branches of the trees stopped the engines.

  • hello! i am loving your videos. I have a request, in 2013 a plane crashed near the Laos Cambodian border, I never found out why, do you know? thank you!

  • RIP the three who’s lives were taken. 😰

  • There's apparently evidence that the CVR and FDR were tampered with, 4 seconds of the most crucial part of the CVR was supposedly deleted...

  • Imagine getting this cynical fate: Every single one survives, zero fatalities after the crash... but only you (and some random other passenger) cannot open the seatbelt after the crash.... and no knives or tools like scissors are allowed in the cabin to cut it open and therefore no one can help. Running back in the cabin trying to pry the deformed steel locking mechanism open with the bare hands does not work while the smoke is getting thicker by the seconds.

  • RIP

  • because they think they're smart

  • I remember this well air France blamed the new technology but as everyone can see it was a reckless act with no regard for the safety of everybody on board,

  • who is the woman that went back in for the kids? She a fucking hero

    • Or she took a suicidal risk not knowing how fast both scorching air or smoke inhalation will incapacitate you. Everyone can imagine standing next to a campfire and having the smoke come his way. Then imagine not being able to step aside. A fire in an enclosed space is probably much worse. It'd be more sad but understandable if one of them was her child.

  • they couldnt see the forest because the trees were in the way

  • It's good to watch an assessment of what actually happened and the reasons why, really informative.

  • Could you do a video on the Air France A330 that crashed in the Atlantic?

  • It actually really difficult to research this flight due to the time that has gone and the language barrier. There are still some things that were never properly explained to my liking. Firstly several independent witnesses testified that the blackboxes presented were not the ones they saw removed from the crash site, this include a reporter and police officer. Secondly the voice recording is missing 4-5 seconds - something that was only figured out years later when a recording of ATC that day was found. Apparently the captains story (he wrote a whole book eventually) and some physical evidence was enough to convince other aviation authorities that a cover up took place. The captain ended up flying 737's for years after the crash in Australia without incident.

  • Aircroft lol

  • After learning many things about this accident, that were not presented in such fluid and detailed manner in other media presentations, I still have some questions.- -Why the crew allowed the situation to develop until it was unrecoverable? In particular, why was the plan not carried out at the very moment they were flying over the aerodrome... As I understand it, the Captain instructed his First Oficer ( or was he a second captain?) "to take charge of the Throttles" in order to conserve the aircraft trimmed to fly at the desired AoA, at the necessary speed and planned height. Supossedly, the captain was going to "steer" the aircraft by flying it manually and therefore, he asked his F.O. or "pilot non-flying" to MANAGE the throttles during the low fly-by. The problem with having two captains on the same cockpit, is that the usual roles are altered, both behaving or ATTEMPTING TO ACT like a single man with split dual personalities, unless there is a marked difference in seniority and age, both are going to conflict the other one under the pressure of an inminent disaster, ie: both will tend to react as if both were the "pilot in command". Apparently, the First Officer "Captain" became too worried before the final moments, overly distracted with the outside view, probably assumed he was in a "instructor" kind of role, and he probably adopted a "Oh Oh" kind of reaction, getting in a distraction, hesitating between "distracting the flying captain, or acting as a proper second airman and pushing for TOGA. It seems that having two captains with too similar seniorities, age and experience in the same cockpit is a recipe for disaster. Look at the TAM-3054 flight at Sao Paulo accident, where the second captain did nothing to correct the wrong Reverse Thrust setting, and kept contemplating outside for all the lenght of the runway until they crashed on the building. In this other A320 crash in France, the F.O. kept looking outside instead of doing what was agreed previously: to keep the Throttles as to maintain height above terrain at all times! If my impression is correct, the second captain acting (or NOT ACTING at all) as a coordinated member of the crew, is as guilty or more than the pilot flying. In an emernency, it is the duty of the pilot supervising the pilot flying to act as needed to correct the pilot flying errors. Apparently, he did nothing other that expressing a vague worry about the point of no return. if assigned to manage the throttles, then he failed completely. If anyone has a better information, please comment.

  • man o man! such a complex subject explained so easily! the man deserves the highest award for articulating the whole lexicon for common man to grasp easily

  • I just saw the pictures from the link you put in the description and I’m very surprised that many people survived. I’m glad they did but the condition of the plane after it crashed and the fire that broke out would make you think that it wasn’t possible.

  • I can't believe they allowed a plane to be fully loaded with passengers for an air show flight.

  • Pilot should have received jail time...going below the minimum by 70%....not knowing what runway....not knowing the airport before doing the maneuvers. Pure ego.

  • merci un journee je vous retour pour l´voir eh bien ce que vous le dit selon des accidents d´avoin

  • “Plan the flight then fly the plan” looks like it didn’t happen. There have been several mishaps at AF over the years, including this one, where there seemed to be a culture of never questioning the Captain’s actions at the time, and shows the need for the use of CRM, and empowering the crew to call out any dangerous situations. To quote one of the US Navy Safety Center’s “mishap of the week”: “If you think you are potentially doing something unsafe, you probably are”. Flying at 120 kt all across an airport lower than a telegraph pole with 136 souls on board qualifies...

  • Aloha Airlines Flight 243 (IATA: AQ243, ICAO: AAH243) was a scheduled Aloha Airlines flight between Hilo and Honolulu in Hawaii. On April 28, 1988, would really appreciate if you reviewed this accident.

    • @Mentour Pilot Thank you for replying. I'll check that one out.👍😎

    • I already have! Check the playlist. 🙂

  • It's ironic. Without alpha they may have gotten away

  • Arrogance coupled with showing off for the woman led to this outcome.

  • Until you mentioned the casualty count, it felt like 145 out of the 136 died

  • I could smell that diesel when they were pouring it. WoW such tough & scary conditions

  • So sad and yet also unnecessary.

  • I understood (maybe earlier reports), that the aircraft configuration was in landing mode, flaps, landing gear down etc and would not allow the power to be increased due to software settings for the landing phase.

    • That's wrong information. You can always make a "Go Around" which requires TOGA power and there's nothing to stop you doing that until the moment both main gears touched the ground and are compressed, which in this case clearly never happend. The thing is the CFM-56 engine is known to react sluggish if you let it fully spool down to idle. I know from some A320 pilots that they delibrately demand a little bit of thrust from the engines shortly before the final approach phase, so the engines will be more responsive in case they need power suddenly.

  • Hey is it just me or are they using MSFS2020 for the visuals .

  • Excellent

  • I just seen the video for Turkish airlines 1951 - Now, to comprehend what I am about to express, you need to understand certain additional conditions which i now will describe as a general background. - MOISTURE PENETRATING INTO RADIOALTIMETER/EMITTER-RECEIVER- Moisture is bed craddle for fungi or 'hongos' or mold or mildew growth - when a material is exposed to open elements of the air and the climate in general. - This 'fungi' can develop even faster than one can think, when there are enclosed keeping a certain level of warmth, when compared to the immediate outside areas from where there are growing. - In essence there are the basic natural tools for the start of a case of contamination known as 'oxidation'. In any shape, form or way, once it begins to grab hold of any surface, it does expands, into corrosion of film protected aluminum surfaces, paints, enamels, insulation materials, electrical wires, electrical connectors, wood, fabric and even some plastics (depending on their composition). It is noteworthy to indicate here, that ANY and ALL oxidation deposited on a given electrical or electronic connection or electronic commanded surfaces, may not become immediately noticeable of fungi oxidation, nonetheless, it does changes the characteristics of the signal transmission, by starting to create fungi on the contact surfaces. Then, after about, 18 - 24 hours would begin to start be noticeable. By then the electrical or electronic signal, would be loaded with this contaminant, leading to a higher level of electrical or electronic resistance level than the one desired. YES, oxidation, means, increased resistance in any and all electrical or electronic circuits contacts and metallic surfaces. - Most of the electronics on flight 1951 are built with components which communicate one another through a net of metallic little legs, called 'leads' - These leads mounting on an electronic Printed Circuit Board or PCB, on either other metallic mounting pads and or plated through holes in which thety are organized for the sequence of commands from an input device. These 'leads' utilize a very small amount of current to conduct their normal operating function, and a bit of fungi or mildew would enable the next component to read a false and or modified or unwanted input signal increased by the fungi's generated oxidation. In some cases it may reverse the output reading, depending on surrounding temperature conditions. Most likely this is cause originally by changing environments in a relatively short time. An example of this changing environment would be like going from a warm weather, to a colder weather, and then back to warm weather, leading to the formation of condensation on metallic surfaces, even if there are not directly exposed. - This may veld.ry well explain the negative reading on the receiver from the radio altimeter. It is a possibility, however, i have seen this type of failure, in the field on flight simulators. ( From old days in Singer-Link) and the mid '80's Eaton radar manufacturer, coming back with failures from the field. Also an influential factor for fungi or mildew to be developed any where in aircraft is the type of water, utilized on the post washing cycle of newly completed electrical or electronic boards. - For example, the same PCB Board, manufactured in California, utilizing exact same processes and materials, with exception of the local used water utilized at high pressure in the finish post manufacture washing cycle ( to make the PCB Board look greatly attractive ) will begin to be corroded in about 36 months. It will start to begin to show oxidation on the contact leads mounting on the electronic board in about 36 months. - While the exact same process, with same materials, and chemicals, but with local water in Taipei, would begin to be corroded in about 18 months. When failure units, where submitted to the same exact failure analysis testing, it showed that corrosion would begin prior to 12 months. -NOt all waters in the world are created equal- some contain more pollutants ( measured in parts per millionth -ppm) than others, the same goes for acidity and other oxidation promotors. Also, any surfaces and contacts which are in contact with an electrical or electronic circuitry and have been exposed to weather changes, even though not extreme ones, are more prone or suciptable to collect moisture and humidity, in the same area of weather environment, like in a desert area, which will run pretty cold at a cloudy night, and pretty hot during the a sunny day. - Same effect, but quicker. So, in general, we need to keep affected systems, subsystems and or components, clean with an special mix cleaner. Sometimes even a mix of alcohol may clean that well, however it is quite important that the area in which the fungi is in intimate surface contact with the substrate of any surfaces, be completely dried up to declared finally absolutely cleaned. I think it may have been a contributor to the cause of the negative readings on the radio altimeter. Then again there were in the low countries, with sometimes, altitudes which are measured below sea levels. May be radio altimeters, do show this condition on depressions of the terrain below.

  • Pilot too overconfident.

  • Air France has an abysmal record of their pilot's ability to actually fly the airplane. The Captain has to live with what he did - it's enough.

  • Also the thrust of the engine is reduced when the plane flies slower.

  • This guy is so swedish

  • Loved the technical explanations!! Very impressive!

  • At 4:29, MP comments the Airbus 320 system will not permit a stall pitch, no matter how the pilot tries to over-rule the system. However, in the tragic loss of an Airbus 330, Air France Flight 447, the flight control system apparently did permit a pilot over-rule, because the aircraft is believed to have hit the Atlantic tail-first, in a full stall. (Yes, with the "STALL! STALL!" warning blaring in the cockpit, but a full-manual crash, nonetheless.)

  • That's incredible that everyone survived the initial explosion! I can't help but wonder how much brighter the tone of this video would've been had there been zero fatalities rather than three...

  • Thank you for doing a proper job on this video, this specific instance is the one thing Boeing “If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going” mouth breathers love to bring up without knowing it was pilot, not plane, error. Airbus has a safer record per million flight hours than Boeing, with the A340 being the safest aircraft out there.

  • I remember this accident. I can recall on the evening news.

  • y do u have to make the video 35 mins long bruh barely anyone wants to watch that when you say irrelevant things ppl can just google it u know

    • They CAN, yet no one does. That requires effort and reading very boring incident reports. Seems like you’re the only one with the problem.