Why Haven’t We Seen Hyperinflation?

Joylandi 28-Yan, 2021
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Me and Peter Schiff go deep into inflation, hyperinflation, the federal reserve, and more!
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Coming straight from the Federal Reserve, we started this period with around 4 trillion US Dollars in the system. One year later, that number is at 6.7 trillion dollars. Meaning that over 40% of all US dollars were printed in just the last 12 months. And from the looks of it, no one seems to be in a rush to slow things down. And strangely enough, we haven’t seen much inflation for everyday goods like gas and food? Prices definitely haven’t gone up anywhere near 40%?. Where’s the inflation?
The reason why we haven’t seen inflation is because the amount of money being printed is only one of the factors that contributes to inflation
To get inflation, here’s everything you need:
1. Industrial Output: how much “stuff” an economy makes
2. Employment
Too much employment leads to employers fighting over workers, which leads to higher wages, which leads to higher prices
3. The Money Supply: the main topic of this video and probably the easiest to understand
More money when an economy is producing the same amount or less stuff equals higher prices
And 4. If money is exchanging hands, and if so, how fast is it exchanging hands, or the Velocity of Money
And in our case right now, the money supply has shot up a ridiculous amount, but the other factors have been keeping inflation down
Industrial Output: It’s been down from businesses not being able to operate, which means less stuff. But there’s also less demand from you and I to buy those things.
Employment has also definitely taken a hit. And with less employment comes lower wages, which means lower prices. Not inflation.
And the Velocity of Money. It’s pretty slow for everyone with all the uncertainty in the air. People don’t want to spend a lot of money right now if they don’t know if they’re gonna be able to find a job or keep their job
But you know what they are gonna spend it on? The things that only go up! Like Tesla stock, every other stock, real estate, and Bitcoin!
But instead of calling it inflation, we call it the stock market rally, the real estate boom, crypto’s time to shine or the great crypto bubble depending on who you ask.
Should the money printer keep going brr? Can the money printer keep going brrr?
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    • You are misrepresenting MMT, probably because so many partially informed people are attempting to teach it. There is a caution involved concerning inflation unless you tax out the excess as needed.

    • 1-2 months for stimulus. 0 % interest rates keep all other things in check

    • for those of you that are the Lord gods flock (lions on the land) or for wanting to be.. i'll bring us out of the exiled servitude too the corrupt nations we were scattered into, so bringing us back under his rule over us (separated) facebook.com/groups/564121650373359/ (virtual meeting place) the best way to describe the UK/US/EU/ISRAHELL (iniquity nations). is that it is a ship (corporation) the establishment are the crew officials (iniquity spirits) and the voters (human employees/slaves) are its rowers.. the rowers that play up, end up getting put in the holding cell (jail time) and the non-voters (rebels) are the rats scurrying around on their ship getting exterminated where they can get them I'm the man going around this corporate ship, looking to take those worthy enough (equitable spirits) off of that ship and sail our own righteous ship instead this righteous ship (to which the lord will give us) will sail with our Lord god watching over us and policing ourselves as we should in his eyes (today’s writings are not originals but they do still contain some top-notch commandments that i hands down before the Lord agree with) not only from within the ship.. but from outside vessels looking to sink our ship or even capture it (all within a motionless enclosed pressured level plane world) however, instead of it being called a ship... it'll be a kingdom on the land surrounded by nations (other vessels) uzfire.info/camera/video/drLElneq1Jd9mKk proverbs 14 2Whoever walks in uprightness fears the LORD, but he who is devious in his ways despises him. 11The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the upright will flourish. 28In a multitude of people is the glory of a king, but without people, a prince is ruined. May the Lord god bless those of us (house of israel) and not all

    • Eat a giant bag of hot dog you communist.

  • Fiat currency is disaster, sooner or later.

  • Its almost as if money is just a made up concept and the only thing which matter are resources and having the biggest military on earth...

  • You don’t see hyper inflation because a lot of the currency is in circulation in the other economies. US gains tangible wealth in exchange for printing money. Say the US prints a billion dollars and buys something tangible like gold, the US had a billion dollars worth of gold and the other economy has paper money. Who came out on top? The US economy sees no effects of the money sent to other economies and benefits from the goods that comeback in return.

  • Kind of answered your own question in this video and accidentally gave a great argument for current monetary policy...When you have massive unemployment in a recession the last thing you want is runaway DEFLATION. Take a look at the Great Depression if you want to see what that looks like. Basically if you have a depressed economy and the value of money is increasing (I.e.lower prices) this just encourages sitting in money in savings, not investing, not purchasing because you get more bang for your buck the next day. This kills demand even further, decreases the velocity of money, and causes more layoffs, more deflation and so on and so on...The point of “printing money” really expanding the money supply through expansionary monetary policy is to avoid deflation and encourage spending/investment. And this process goes the same way in reverse when the economy is booming and inflation becomes a problem. In sum, Peter Schiff is just a gold bug loon that nobody listens too anymore 👍

  • All this because some idiots forgot what the gold was for!!!!

  • Why is because "it's not the right time" but it's comming, wonder if crypto has something to do with it 🧐

  • because we're fighting deflation, duh

  • And our money is basically extortion

  • Probably went to globalists .

  • America's economic is backed by the largest military in the world. We will be ok, if not we will just take your shit.

  • At the 20 minute mark, probably the only cogent(?) argument against modern economic policy by describing a scenario where printing money becomes a permanent, regular source of funds for profligate spending... which is contrary to how the Fed now uses this tool which is to mainly to prevent economic adverse events. But, there is a flaw in the argument... looking only at the consumer of services who since is "given" money has not contributed to the economic productivity. This flawed argument ignores the fact that today our primary measuring stick of national productivity (GDP) is largely based on produced services and is no longer based on making widgets. This was done to reflect the US economy changing from an industrial economy to a services based economy (The guy who provides you a service but doesn't actually make your washing machine is a big part of today's economy). By todays measurements of economic activity, by simply giving the indigent and indolent the means to spend (and not simply stuff in savings accounts like the wealthy), a substantial contribution is made to enable to service providers more opportunities to transact and make money, increasing economic velocity and health.

  • if debt is canceled, money can be destructed, but it's only possible if all the world do it

  • People shit on Peter schiff but you can learn a lot from him...whether you completely believe in his conclusions is another matter but the guy is very knowledgeable

  • US Dollar is worthless until accepted and changed to foreign goods and investment. Because other countries accept it without any security. US is cheating the world by controlling most of their banks and stocks. US dollar won't collapse unless foreign countries stop accepting it.

  • maybe the Big banks could repay the 4 trillion they received after 2008

  • Hedge fund manager saying people getting money for doing nothing is inflationary, priceless.

  • When he talks about consumers not contributing to the production of goods and services he uses a bad example. Unemployed consumers do not hold a candle to the amount of consumption made by banks, certain investors, and insurance companies. I wonder what percent of purchase power this country has is owned by the unemployed and what percent is owned by wall street and banks? I am not talking about regular investing or lending in a free market....

  • "...extra money always ends up on consumer prices; it's like the final resting place for inflation..." Inflation's final resting place these last 25 years has been with the structurally unemployed. And much of the 2 trillion will be used to service private household debt, which is not a consumer good; it's a consumer expense.

  • The best beautiful bit of being a soverign nation is that you can, and do, create money. There's no inflation because the new dollars in circulation should have been in circulation long ago. And it's usually WAGE INCREASES that are responsible for kicking inflation upwards, and these dollar handouts are NOT wages.

  • Did the Government pass a law compelling everyone to own a cell phone? This is the essence of the power/authority to print money. Neither you nor I can print money. If we do, government laws will be enforced to prevent/incarcerate us from doing so. Look at the taxes that the government has attached to your cell phone bill. To fund things deemed appropriate, the government leeches on to things that we do without compulsion and bleeds them dry. They have decreed what is appropriate to spend our tax money. When they exceed the tax money available in the USA case, they just print more money.

  • Because America is not a banana republic.

  • I recommend that 🇺🇸 must invest in wheelbarrows. Came in handy in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 to carry cash to get 🥪. Next perchance might just ⚖ money by the pound. 😉

  • I'm pretty sure Weimar Germany was formed after the war as it was ruled by Wilhelm 2 during the war. Still loved the video

  • I like how Peter Schiff talks about being a "productive member of society" while living from his billions

    • He has a point tho money is supposed to represent a good or service you produced to society when money stops representing that it becomes valueless and hyperinflation starts

  • @5:35 Wait a minute...

    • His a🅥ailability is on ωhatsapp +1* 4* 2* 5* 2* 2* 3* 4* 0* 4* 3

  • I don't think anyone in finance has a worse track record than Peter Schiff. Austrian economists are as much economists as scientologists are scientists. They are both religions, just based off different science fiction authors.

  • I want a job D:

  • This is the same mentality that brought deflation in 1930-1931 in USA and western Europe. It wrecked the economies for years. In Europe we're below 1% inflation. In france we're close to 0,5% which is borderline deflation, despite huge gouvernment spending all over. Look at the actual numbers of economies. If you don't help ppl in this crisis, you won't have industries to come back to.

  • apparently Jake has never heard of petrodollars. Accounts for the whereabouts of many dollars.

  • As these dollars get printed in the gazillions what happens to gold and silver!

  • One thing this video DOESN'T address is that inflation in a vacuum is very bad, but inflation when every other country is inflated isn't as deadly. I don't know what I am talking about, but I recently heard that and thought it made some sense.

  • Stop biying palm oil please orgutan

  • Your videos are so well made and actually entertaining

  • Buy Bitcoin.

    • His a🅥ailability is on ωhatsapp +1* 4* 2* 5* 2* 2* 3* 4* 0* 4* 3

  • If you dont cant watch the whole video 12:01

  • I will stop complaining about our Indian Rupee now.

  • Look my friend the only two reasons why we hasn't inflation are: 1- The rest of countrys in the world uses the US dollar as reserve currency, especially thirld world countrys. In the US when people have fear the rush to buy gold, in the thirld world they rush to buy dollars. 2-All the money will eventually go to the mega corporations and 1 % rich, we are a country of adicted consumers, we generally don't save money, as we make it we spend it, we can't build tides of liquidity to triger a hiperinflation, by other part the mega corporations are greed and love money for the love of money, so once they have the big cash they rush to send it outside tve US yo tax heavens and literraly burry it in that places so bucks can't reach again the US Market.

  • They are talking about money printing been a bad thing, yep it is, it’s a really bad idea, but it’s the least worst option. Think about that for a while. Where would we be now without the printing, where would the market and confidence be after COVID. And schiffs a fool.

  • please do me a favor and pronounce, "Weimar" with a, "V."

  • 4:33 -> the city of Vukovar, Croatia. Nov.18, 1991. Hundreds of Croatian captives were killed (butchered, without any court decision) in a farm and many thousands of captives moved into concentration camps to Serbia (that time it was Yugoslawia). I don't like to talk about that war but I don't understand why you (@Jake Tran) use that sad pictures for a clip about the inflation.

  • I don’t like the part insinuating that there’s a bunch of money going to people not doing any work if anything the US is still the reserve currency of the which is really what allows us to constantly print also Americans are facing a market full of cheap Chinese,Indian and Mexican goods and with no wage increases and the immense wealth concentration at the top. If you give a poor person 100 dollars they spend it. But also we have an economy that has incentivized debt to the point where the government(run by lobbyist agenda)steps in to insure it gets paid which can be packaged into CDOs and sold all over the world.

  • Wow what took UZfire so long to recommend your videos to me! Excellent content. Hope your subscribers go Brrrr

  • U don't understand 👀👀 We want to destroy current economic system to establish new digital economy system.👀👀 We are preparing to pay with War for that Digital Economy System. Understand now why we do that!

  • People are already too poor for hyperinflation.

  • The US government does not print money.....a private business that has never been audited does....with stock holders that receive dividends ???? Its called The Federal Reserve. Our elected officials are subservient to The Fed. Alan Greenspan said it "No agency of the federal government can over rule the Federal Reserve" With capitalism If you are not voting for who prints the money and who they give it to......?You might as well be voting for Prom Queen

  • It took a wheel barrel of money to buy some bread. Someone's life savings normally, and bad thing is, they could take what it took to buy the bread yesterday, and be off by millions the following day.

  • Nothings ever going to change unless those in charge die and those next in charge with the same mindset die as well. We need to completely redo the u.s government

  • Makes me glad to work a trade. Skilled labor always has value

  • peter is an intelligent individual. but him down playing bitcoin so that his gold bag can pump is just degenerate as fuck

    • I am 99% sure he secretly holds a lot of bitcoin. A person that advocates his points would be silly not to see value in bitcoin. As far as I know bitcoin is even an accepted payment form on his gold website.

    • Schiff is just a pump and dump merchant, UZfire is full of them.

  • What is it with American productions and having to wait forever before you actually address the question in your title?

  • Because 40% of all the old bills were taken Out of service too. Net effect zero.

  • Not really worth the trends.co stuff. Check out reviews on reddit. Value for money isn't there


  • Since the Bretton Woods system is a thing of the past, neoclassical economics are obsolet to explain world. You know that politicians/economics/influencer don't have any arguments for their BS anymore, the moment they suddenly turn into comparative psychology experts and/or use fear mongering. How about interviewing real comparative psychologists and ask what they have to say about "human nature"?

  • got worst under trump? Thats mostly likely a Kappa bias,since he's not president obviously.

  • No inflation because people are not expending much.

  • 21 minutes into the video is when the first and only mention of the Federal Reserve is made. It’s not the governments money. It’s the Federal Reserves money. And oh geez, what are those interest rates meant to prevent?

  • We are borrowing from the the Fed not printing our own money

  • Jesus christ stop saying "brrrrrrrrrrrrr." It's so fucking cringy I want to rip your fucking vocal cords out

  • you got it wrong bro, the government is not the issuer/the creator of money. the banks and the fed are....and they are not the government...otherwise who would the national debt be owed to....how do you have 400k subs and you got the most basic thing wrong...

  • Because the market is controlled by people who benefit from its abuse. The US $ should have collapsed ages ago.

  • Corporate subsidization and doctored employment statistics.

  • Because printing money has never caused hyperinflation, is the answer to your question. You're own guests spiel even basically explains why, back handedly. He correctly asserts that hyperinflation is basically always associated with a restriction in supply of basic goods and services, which then leads to price increases, which the government desperately attempts to counter by printing more and more money exponentially. Notice the problem here that the printing is a RESPONSE to a general restriction of basic goods and services and spiraling prices not a CAUSE. The reason there has been no hyperinflation is because unlike in all cases where it actually occurs there has been no underlying fundamental collapse of the US economy that would restrict the supply of consumer goods in a meaningful way to drive it. He keeps insisting there will be a restriction of supply in goods and services, but utterly fails to articulate any reason why it would occur. If it doesn't, and there seems no rational method by which it can, then hyperinflation will not occur.

  • When he started to explain inflation I was aware he was ignorant enough and spouting bull shit.

  • Put God first, for he will never let you down. Preps can be destroyed, so always have money to move to a safer state of country before the crap hits the fan. uzfire.info/camera/video/jKPMqqKBmbJ_nX8 This is an excellent video, and thank you so much.

  • gotta be honest i've only ever seen numbers this large in cookie clicker games

  • There's a weird angle in this whole video. Decided to watch this video. But it's just too obvious...

  • Weimar republic happened after, not before the war. They pretty much inhereted the conciquences. Also, Yugoslavia was created in 1918/21, not in the wake of WW2

  • Are we going to starve?

  • Okay, so... The Weimar Republic didn't come into being until AFTER World War I. But that's not when I decided to stop watching. I stopped watching after "Treaty of VersailleSSSS".

  • Okuns law or some shit

  • hmm, giving money to people creates demand for goods, keeps people in jobs and possibly create jobs, thereby providing goods. In the short/ medium term this would soften the blow of a downturn and reduce its effect in the the short/medium and long run. They did this in Australia during the GFC and it worked, they avoided recession (they did have strong mining exports that propped them up too though, so it isn't completely clear cut). Printing money in the short term in Keynesian fashion, makes sense and there is evidence that it works.

  • People dont understand how the national debt will effect inflation. We are told by "experts" it has no influence. Anyone who actually believes it doesnt is extremely lost. The way you combat inflation?? Go learn about the trade deals Trump created along with the renegotiations that took place with NAFTA. You have to create jobs, independence, and commodity. Bidens administration (Pelosi) is doing the opposite. They cut 10 of 1000s of jobs in the first week with a signatures. Cut oil industry further while also sending support to help build European oil lines. He already broke a handful of promises and instead of his supporters just admitting all of these people are evil assholes, they pretend it's not happening and mock Cruiz for taking a trip.

  • Not the US, Not Germano but Spain, the Worlds super mega ultra inflation...

  • Sorry Jake, you know nothing. That's not the answer.

  • wheres the why? just examples.

  • 1:30 those are not dollars

  • “Capitalism is a good economic system”

  • It can take 2 to 3 years for new equilibriums to fall into place. Hyperinflation doesn't happen all in one day. I'm definitely starting to notice inflation where I live. Gasoline is up 50% since Biden was elected. This alone is going to inflate prices across the board.

  • We haven't seen hyperinflation because the job loss matches the 40% .

  • Mispronunciation of "Versailles"

  • Printed money is just a small part of the total, it’s not really like the aggregate grew 40%

    • nah dude. it doesn’t mean literal cash only. It’s money introduced into the economy. There’s graphs that chart how much money exists in America over years. It’s jarring, the catapult over the last year

  • Drumpf cost you 4T while making 1B (for he's family)? ouch. you are not doing well. :/

  • Or they could just be issuing clean money and burning old.

  • wtf is this garbage? The Weimar Republic did not come about until after WW1. The German Empire did not even start WW1, and certainly didn't involved with the intention of "pludering its enemies". What a stupid channel. If you can't even research basic facts, how can I trust anything else you claim?

  • Inflation is much more a function of the velocity of money than it is the money supply

    • Will see how fast you can run with two bags of cash to buy a toilet paper during hyperinflation.

  • I’m sorry, are you saying percents?

  • Merge the fed and governments balance sheet..

  • Printing money is theft ...

  • They were not called Weimar Republic until after the war. Before that it was the German Reich.

  • Crypto and gold, bitches.

  • The real reason we havint seen any inflation is the fact that all dollar bills are lost under my couch cushion.

  • There is 4trillion in American currency and coins, the total market capitalization of the U.S. stock market is $50,808,508.7 million (12/31/2020), in 12/31/2000 15,108,448.0 million, that is 300% inflation, so you see 10 times the total amount of a physical currency has inflated the US stock market over the last 20 years. You may still be under the delusion that you are free and dwell in a free market economy, you do not, you worship the image of the beast, the faith based fiat currency the abomination(idol) which makes people desolate, you spend tens of thousands of hours of your life worshiping the faith based fiat currency, now the central banking religion creates the fiat currency by loaning it to whoever they want to do whatever the central banking religion wants them to do, thus your labor enables the satan worshiping central banking religion to do whatever they want upon the earth. In 1913 with the advent of the most recent denomination of the central banking religion a loaf of bread cost 3cents today a loaf of bread costs $1-$5, while in 1913 a farmer could grow enough wheat to feed 4 people for a year, now a farmer can grow enough wheat to feed 168 people for a year, thus there has been a 42 fold increase in productivty, and at least a 33 fold direct devaluation of the currency by direct theft of the value of the currency by the central banking religion, in reality the theft of the produce of Americans labors is more like 33x42=1386 fold, so basically in a 2000 hour work year you work about 2 hours for you and about 1998 hours for the central banking religion.

  • "40% of US dollars were printed in the last 10 months" Well great, now I cant use the fact that 90% of US banknotes have traces of cocaine anymore

    • @D-railed think about it like this; if all american dollar assets were to be liquidated by the holder, they would have to receive a real-world equivalence in value. The banks are required to give you your money if you ask for it in physical form

    • @D-railed every nominated bill of the american dollar is serialized for tracking and taxing purposes. So yes, while the money is mostly moved and used digitally, it also has a real-world counterpart sitting in a federal vault somewhere.

    • Similar amount of paper monopoly money in circulation, they didn't actually "print" that money, they are just adding zeros to someone's ledger.

    • Most of it's digital, so maybe that's still pretty accurate!

    • Give it a few months

  • Using the world as their laboratory for their economic experiments that always seem to fail. Crimes against humanity.

  • we have seen hyper inflation in some assets, stocks, houses, etc.

  • So cryptocurrency will be a better form of money than paper money is in the future?

  • Marx said that inflation is dependent on two things, the quantity of the medium of exchange, and the total value of products on the market. We've printed money but not increased the market value, so were going to have inflation. And of course the wealthy wont be hurt by this as they hold value not in the medium of exchange, but in use values, which will have a constant value. But the lay person will be hurt and then be forced to take on debt and pay these oligarchs back interest.

  • Hmmm, if only there was a german philosopher who described this issue, maybe even give it a catchy name like Das Kapital.