Why Kung Fu Panda is a Perfect Trilogy

Joylandi 31-Avg, 2019
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Meme voice 1: uzfire.info
Meme voice 2: uzfire.info
MICHELLE - THE BOTTOM: uzfire.info/camera/video/anGTkpl5ytVjhK0
Tai Lung is not a real villain theory: www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/9pge23/in_kung_fu_panda_tai_lung_the_villain_was_never/
Kung Fu Panda 3 isn't the last: collider.com/kung-fu-panda-3-4-jennifer-yu-nelson-melissa-cobb-alessandro-carloni-interview/
Animal fighting styles in Kung Fu: www.shaolin-wahnam-wien.at/kungfu-5-tiere-1-en.php
Reddit analysis: www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/4gfc2k/kung_fu_panda_as_a_series_has_no_right_being_as/
Character stills by pasteloween


  • 18:52 Because it’s Oogway. The guy’s shady.

  • 0:16 This was the moment Cosmo lost his right to critiquing films

  • I'm still shock Po doesn't realize he was a adopted by a duck!

  • Never knew Jack Black was in this movies, wouldn't have ever imagined he had such an important role either.


  • 10:41

  • 14:56 That's the first tine I hear this in english. In German he says "No, wounds heel, stupid"

  • Well i think LOTR is kinda better than kung-fu panda interms of trilogy i agree almost everythink you said i really like this francise

  • Alotofpeople are talking about how great this film is (which it is) but I'm still stumped on Angelina Jolie being tigress

  • I have lots of hatred for dark skinned people

  • Kung fu panda is godly

  • "Which one? They're all talking." 😂😂😂

  • This video about a trilogy is 33 minutes and 33 seconds long

  • Too long and boring video.

  • Kung fu panda: Body Kung fu panda 2: Mind Kung fu panda 3: Spirit

  • 5:15 oh god why didnt she say POetry

  • POV: *Heavy Breathing* 0:39

  • Original Star Wars trilogy, empire strikes back second movie in the series to be made and also the best one

  • The Akuma theme was a nice touch

  • My first thought about the 3rd movie villain was "oh a God of War 1 Kratos, OH SHIT A KRATOS"

  • its just storytelling done right

  • Anyone else notice the paper mario music in the background?

  • anyone else drawing parallels between the po/tai lung fight and the grey prince zote fight? clumsy and still kicks your ass?

  • Legends of awesomeness was amazing aswell

  • Kung Fu Panda Trilogy is a perfect trilogy that even thus videi have a perfect 33:33

  • Say what you will I think Kai was all bark and no bite, I hate the blades on chains and loincloth because it was copy/pasted straight from god of war and then his character plot was weak

  • Thank you for making this exactly 33:33.

  • mmmmmh monke

  • 3:26 I'm sorry but the delivery of "Fin... *WILL BE **_LEG_* " is too perfect-

  • My favorite thing about Kung Fu Panda 2 is the relationship between Po and Tigris, and Po's mission to finding Inner Peace. The most emotional movie I have ever seen for sure!

  • Kung fu panda is a success better than all movie trilogy

  • i love kung fu panda

  • Kung fu panda trilogy is one of....my top ....10 movie trilogies every. Live action and animated

  • 13:46 OH YEAH he plaued as reznov in call of duty world at war

  • 1:00 HA LMAO

  • 4:06 Cosmo: And thats no accident Also Cosmo: *shows the scene where Oogway first says "There are no accidents"* Me: Bruh

  • Kungfu panda 1 and 2 were perfect 3 however....cmon even a cheetah goes slower than the pace of that movie it's a decent movie but the execution was just disappointing after 1 and 2

  • Why is no one talking about how the video is 33 minutes and 33 seconds long?

  • Bro I watch all the movies I can not explain how the nostalgia hit hard

  • "There are no accidents" Oogway

  • I loved how goofy Lord Shin was. From practicing his intro to the Dragon Warrior to being annoyed by the fortune teller, I liked how they made him a bit fussy over the little things.

  • Damn I just realised that kung fu panda 2 was probably inspired by Avatar The Last Airbender. Fire Lord tried to kill all the Airbenders↔️Shen tried to kill all the pandas.🤯🤯🤯

  • i love how in your living up to prior villains segments all that Shen needs is: *gary oldmand as a peacock*

  • Po could be a pretty good POet...

  • How to train you dragon also deserves this time imo

  • you skipped sherk forever after

  • I thought it would be memes all 33 minuts at one point

  • Man, I guess I need to watch the second and third one, I never actually managed to get to them

  • Kung Fu Panda 4 should be Po's fight against an actual dragon warrior(i.e a real dragon), defeating it to save all of China.

  • What about the tv series?

  • The answer is simple: pandas

  • 3:14 My mom recorded The adventures of the panda warrior on tv I deleted it a few seconds later

  • Super satisfying that the video length about a trilogy was 33:33

  • This sounds like the perfect essay

  • It’s hard to make a perfect trilogy. Star Wars original trilogy: hard, but not impossible.

  • I see what you did with the time of the video. 33:33 minutes

  • *Sees Dreamworks vending machine* Me: 3 Best Dreamworks Movies please! Alex: 0:59

  • Is it weird I kind of hated 3? My favorite moment in the entire series was that moment when Po does the cool water thing in 2. It was so emotional and somber. 3 kind of ruined it for me for reasons I can’t explain. Oh and I thought the Kung Fu fighting remix(?) was just cringe

  • You dare question his glorious majesty, shrek, for not being a perfect trilogy?? Blasphemous (bit old of a meme but can't stop myself)

  • Nah man that scene where po's mom hug him one last time really broke me when I was young and maybe up till this day.

  • i wnat a kung fu panda4 but im scared they might milk it

  • this movie is a meme and thats why i love it

  • Ive always said Shrek is hella overrated and Kung Fu Panda is Dreamwork's best animated franchise.

  • Yes, 33:33 minutes, perfect😌

  • In part 2 at 11:56 the ost that caught my attention was the one from avatar into the burning inferno.

  • The true pop culture highlights are ones that don’t try to reference ones from the past, but can make original moments so good it shapes pop culture as a whole. Spongebob Squarepants on its first 3 seasons didn’t get so popular by referencing movies, quotes, tv shows, and history that came before it. It got creative and designed its own world, with its own characters, and its own jokes that we all can recite to this day. This applies to Kung Fu Panda. The movies capture a world that is wonderfully unique with its characters, looks, and story that left an impact on my life in a really good way. When you have to resort to cheaply making pop culture references to the actually good stuff, it tells me you don’t have the strength to make something original and something worth remembering. I’m lookin at you Sing, Madagascar, Shark Tale, and basically all the Dr. Seuss live action movies.

  • "i see great evil in you, and thus won't let you have thing" "in order to prove im not evil and subsequently get the thing i will now murder dozens of people"

  • kung fu panda is very cash money

  • the reddit jokes really didn't add to the video

  • You forgot one meme: Hmmm monke

  • train the body, free the mind, harness the spirit

  • Bro U make a vid about the kung fu panda triology which was 33:33 long. Was that intentional ?

  • All the movies are good like damn its hard making sequels but Kung Fu Panda franchise nails them

  • 5:25 - Bro, you know Aladdin, right? Robin Williams?

  • You'll be shocked.. you can't do Kung Fu Panda today

  • Excuse me, that meme sequence almost killed me, I couldn't stop laughing

  • “Why Kung Fu Panda is a Perfect TRILOGY” and the video is 33:33

  • godam and i thought it was just about a funny panda

  • 0:11 I didn't find anything wrong with either the 3rd Shrek movie or the second Cars movie tbh, I liked them both

  • I agree, I was blown away on how good this trilogy was

  • bro the fing memes lol

  • The entire series of Kung Fu Panda is just good and the ending was amazing and epic in Kung Fu Panda 3.

  • Planes and Cars is My childhood

  • Fun Fact, I was born the same year the First Kung Fu Panda came out, as in 2008.

  • The meme part couldn't be any more redit cringey ass shit

  • my greatest enemy.... Stairs

  • Kung Fu Panda is my favorite anime

  • ok,,, but you know Shrek has a 4th movie... right?

  • Yeah but why does this need to be explained

  • Ok I will say it I love the fact this video is 33:33 long true trilogy format

  • Shein was the perfect example of you often meet your destiny on the road you take to avoid

  • "There are no mmmmmonke" - Master Accidents

  • Did he just say Cars 2 was bad?

  • The third KFP suffers the same thing as HTTYD's third entry. It's a bit predictable if you recognize the themes. But these are the conclusions the stories lead us to naturally. Once Po masters his skills and then achieves inner peace, the only thing left is how to bring that to others. Its the likely outcome. That's what makes Kai so fitting for the movie. He doesn't spread his vast knowledge. He consumes it. Its why the pandas were able to overwhelm Kai and made Kai a non threat until he came himself to fight. The pandas being themselves in the conflict was more than one person trying to consume it all

  • I can't believe you missed the advertising line "grab destiny by the dumplings"

  • 4:04 and that's no accidents, ah I see what you did there

  • the raimi trilogy: i'm gonna put some dirt in your eye

  • Wait a minute... If Kai the collector wanted the chi of the entire panda village, but PO gave it to him and blew him up with it once he went sniper saiyn.... Wouldn't Kai blow up and die either way? Whether he steals the panda villages chi or he is forced to have it, he still would have died either way... So The climax of Kung Fu Panda 3 would have Kai be thanos snapped because of chi either way. That is such a big plot hole I didn't notice until now.

  • Kung fu fighting is so iconic

  • Lord of the rings < kung fu panda