‘Why Ugly People Can't Be Powerful' ft. Eboni K. Williams Ep. 2 Official Clip | ZIWE | SHOWTIME

Joylandi 16-May, 2021
Ziwe ponders societal beauty standards with Eboni K. Williams.

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Writer, comedian and performer, Ziwe, brings her singular, riotously funny, no-holds-barred brand to SHOWTIME with her new eponymous late-night variety show, ZIWE.


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    • 🤔 Eboni ! I thought you were a smart woman how can you endorse Kamala Harris when she’s not fit to be vice president and Joe Biden is too senile to run the country. You are going to find this out over the next year and wish President Trump was back in the White House.

  • I don't know what was going on. But the editing was superb.

  • My first time seeing Ziwe. Iike you a lot!

  • This is brilliant lmaaaao

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • How did they know that I needed this video in my life!!! 😆 🤣 😂

  • OK i LOVE Eboni for this....so fun to watch! LOL

  • Most irritating chick on T.V ever! She shouldn't be on a reality show.. stick to news , blah blah .. and while you're at it maybe try to learn a thing or two from Candace Owens.

  • This show is my brain

  • what did I just watch

  • “These seems like a lot of trauma we’re unpaaccckkking” 👀….I died 🤣

  • Her little face she makes at 0:05 is so cute lol I keep replaying

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ha kinda loved this ❤️

  • Eboni is so full of herself. Ugly people can't be powerful?? Tell that to Margaret Thatcher, Charles II of Spain, or Princess Ljubica of Serbia to name a few. UGH. Eboni is sooooooo f'ing exhausting.

  • Eeewww! She dated east Asia guys.

  • The bingo was relatable

  • This is brilliant 😂

  • The title is a lie. Many of the most powerful people in the world both men, and women are physically ugly, and have a lot of power, and influence over the world. On a personal level, you can be an inwardly powerful individual who happens to suffer from physical deformities. This was a lesson I learned in my late teen years that stayed with me. During that time my excema suddenly flared up on my face. I had patches, peeling skin, and cracks on my face. I noticed that other people would treat me different because of my appearance, despite the fact that I was the same person, and realized how stupid, and pointless that was. It was a difficult time for me cuz I was extremely self conscious about my appearance, and the world is superficial. But once I accepted that this was how I'd look until I found a treatment that worked, and decided that I was going to live my life regardless, and not care if I was physically ugly, I experienced so much freedom. Breaking the hold that society's valuation of you has over mind, and soul is so freeing. It allowed me to grow tremendously. Made me bolder, know myself more, and explore things I'm actually interested in. The excema on my face eventually cleared up. I enjoy, and appreciate my, and others physical beauty, but I'm not scared, of not being physically beautiful, of getting in an accident and becoming scarred, losing my hair due to illness, etc. Because I know I can live a full life, and be a powerful human being without those things.

  • Would you smash is that a normal question a woman would ask about another woman 0:54

  • Love the dynamics of how this episode came out. Corky, educational and empowering 💕

  • Found this show on Showtime. It’s a riot. Very underrated. FWIW, Eboni is slamming hot.

  • "I'm not a regular mom im a cool mom" Eboni K Williams

    • Yeah, Eboni has had some challenges lately! She’s on a therapy tour for sure. Aside from the obvious she’s very down to earth.

  • I love this show just discovered it and now I am addicted

  • WTF is this I died laughing lol

  • Loved this Ebon and Ziwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Did she say she was a virgin or that she had an aversion? Asking for a friend

  • I’m just discovering this Ziwe person and she’s fantastic. Eboni K. Williams is ALWAYS a joy to watch.

    • Me too! Where have I been this whole time!?

  • Wow

  • People who call others ugly are insecure and ugly on the inside. Besides the older you get the uglier you become. You can buy all the dentures and Boob jobs you want. That's why it's important to meditate and love yourself, there's always going to be hate, embrace the love, and it keeps you healthy and mentally strong. ❤️

  • Eboni definitely isn’t beige

  • This was hilarious. We needed more

  • Jay z is very Powerful and most Women say he is Ugly

  • 1990's Halle, not " Skeletor " looking Halle. She turned into her white mom as she aged

  • Umm 1990's Sella Hyek. Not " square headed, ole Selma Hyek

  • This show is funny

  • Man Eboni is the best & really down to earth I love her!!!

  • This was hilarious.

  • Not feeling that eboni chick. Ziwe is 🔥

  • You two are great. I love the playfulness of this interview 🙌😍

  • Kid Rock? He has a bi-racial child by his ex who was black.

    • @Nd O You are going overboard here. I'm not a Trump fan but when has Kid said anything that was racist?

    • And he supports trump, a racist white supremacist, which makes him one too. Who cares if he has a black child ? He clearly doesnt care for blk ppl

  • men can be ugly and have power but women need to be pretty because men only listen to pretty women. ugly truth

  • There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING special about this chick .. he's a 6 out of 10 MAX . And her personality makes her a 3 .

  • Women will always be objectified. Many of them cash in on that and have careers. That's the reality. But not everyone can be pretty.

  • I dont know what im watching but I LIKE IT

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Interesting...


  • Eboni is not good looking. Too much fake stuff.

    • She damn sure ain't bad looking. Whats fake on her? Upgrade your glasses ASAP.

  • Why does Eboni have to mention on every showthat show that she is a lawyer Lawyers in the US are a dime a dozen. Is she that insecure? And yes she does come across as an angry insecure woman.

  • Barbara Jordan was probably the most powerful female (Black) not particularly beautiful but well respected and a better woman than Eboni will ever be.

    • Eboni would agree...idk y ur upset?

  • “Would you smash?” Lol I love you 😂😂💀

  • Someone, please explain this show to me. Is it a series of weird (I mean that in a good way) interviews?

  • Ziwe was low key giving non verbals..like all those men you mentioned wouldn't date me. Sad but true. Love this interview and Eboni

  • I just find Ziwe so attractive and I don't know what to do about it. Well I guess I'll just keep watching the show

  • she made me quit housewives of NYC. full of ego and VERY preachy. Uses her intelligence for "preaching" and "teaching". we are all the HUMAN race. Race baiting is so ugly, Miss thing.

  • I am completely infatuated with Ms. Williams🤩!!!

  • This was hilarious🤣🤣🤣

  • I’ve watched this so many times it’s so funny🤣

  • 🤔 Eboni ! I thought you were a smart woman how can you endorse Kamala Harris when she’s not fit to be vice president and Joe Biden is too senile to run the country. You are going to find this out over the next year and wish President Trump was back in the White House.

    • @RayoomTa KWT facts🔥

    • 🤔 David ! Eboni went to college at 16, received her juris doctorate degree became a lawyer, then a public defender specialized in family law ... your billionaire master wish he have 1 of her academic achievements & soon will be in prison 😎 so be smarter & beg for mercy, Eboni is a BEAST in court you gonna need her. Trump the billionaire stole your poor money last year for his campaign & Run, you deserve to be publicly humiliated .

  • You talk too much.

  • This show truly shines when the guests are as quick and responsive as Ziwe. Even when those guests are like Caroline Calloway.

  • Merry Christmas bitch! Took me tf out

  • What a great interview

  • So it's my opinion that the women in red is not attractive, but when I said that all these comments came in arguing with me about my opinion. No one realizes that the irony of this, is the women in red is saying ugly people can't be powerful.

  • Ridiculous superficiality

  • what b.s.

  • Wow, what is this wonderful show??

  • Lol I love them together. Their chemistry is great.

  • Wish I can like this 20 times ! This is amazing. The feeling of this show describes my sense of humor/ black power/ next topic vibes to a tee.

  • Then I guess eboni can’t be powerful


  • My new Favorite show....I love seeing someone like me with such a refreshing take on various topics. Plus, love the way she leads them to slaughter before they realize 😂😂😂

  • What is this and how can I watch more?

  • It was the editing for me 😂😂😂. WE NEED MORE WOODSIDE

  • Is there a full version of this?

  • Idk who Eboni is, but she seems shallow and a tad rooted in the yt standard of beauty she seems to embrace even though she says it caused trauma.

    • Yeah you need to do your research on Eboni K. Williams. She’s the real deal.

    • Eboni is the realest do your Google's

  • The editing a gives me Eric Andre vibes but much more elegant and family friendly.

  • Ziwe’s face at the end… “ya ok”

  • I don't agree when you are ugly inside you can't be pretty. Just look at trump. you ladies on the other hand are both beautiful.

  • Always liked Eboni

  • This show is so funny!


  • Mother Teresa is sacrosanct ❓I liked Eboni she was an entertaining guest

  • I can’t tell ifThis is more woke unfunny bullshit, or if the show is satirizing woke unfunny bullshit, and I think that’s the point.

  • this is almost a parody. I like this. a lot. who edits this?! 👏👏👏

  • This is the best show.

  • Not True - look at exhibit Orange, Donald "Bone Spur" Trump, that's pure ugly!

  • When people complain that if we go woke the we'll lose comedy I'm just sending them this show. This show could go so wrong and it's a testament to Ziwe, the writers, producers and everyone in production at how skilled they really are

  • This is kinda weird but funny. She's a great actress.

  • Oh God, the RHONY needed new people but she keeps talking about white supremacy etc. Lord, as a regular middle class white person who the hell is she aiming this constant race stuff at

  • Damn that was Hilarious! And super smart! Who else is googling Ziwe???

  • Some of the stuff she said it’s too much, lol 😂😈

  • Shoutout to Eboni K for keeping up

    • Exactly, she didnt flinch...lmfao i like ZIWE, she did awesome

  • Maybe instead of worrying about the ONE white woman ahead of you, think of all the white women you beat.

  • Please get AOC on this show 😂😂

    • They would be equally matched.

    • YES

  • This show has so much self awareness, it has none, but then it circles back to being self aware again

  • Ziwe: I'm a virgin don't tell anybody Eboni: Chile, please...

  • chaotic as f*

  • 2 beautiful, smart women. Breathtaking