Wilder vs Fury 2 FULL FIGHT: February 22, 2020

Joylandi 22-Fev, 2021
(February 22, 2020) Tyson "The Gypsy King" Fury defeated Deontay "The Bronze Bomber" Wilder by seventh-round stoppage to capture the WBC Heavyweight Championship Saturday night headlining a historic mega PPV event from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.
"A big shout out to Deontay Wilder," said Fury. "He came here tonight and he manned up and he really did show the heart of a champion.I hit him with a clean right that dropped him and he got back up. He is a warrior. He will be back. He will be champion again.But I will say, the king has returned to the top of the throne!"
"Things like this happen," said Wilder. "The best man won tonight, but my corner threw in the towel and I was ready to go out on my shield. I had a lot of things going on heading into this fight. It is what it is, but I make no excuses tonight. I'm a warrior. He had a great performance and we will be back stronger."
The highly anticipated rematch was the most eagerly awaited heavyweight fight in decades after their controversial split draw in 2018. After an unprecedented promotion, the two heavyweight giants traded leather in the middle of the ring in front of a sold out crowd of 15,816.
While both men landed good shots in the first two rounds, Fury broke through in round three with a right hook that put Wilder down late in the round. While Wilder was able to make it through the round and continue fighting, his legs appeared weakened and in round five Fury scored another knockdown, this time with a body shot.
Referee Kenny Bayless deducted a point from Fury late in round five, but it didn't stop Fury from coming forward and continuing to use his height and weight advantage to push Wilder around the ring. In round seven, Fury had Wilder cornered and unloaded with a series of power punches that prompted Wilder's corner to stop the bout, which the referee officially did at 1:39 of the round.
According to CompuBox, Fury was the busier and more effective puncher, out throwing Wilder 267 to 141 and out landing him 82 to 34, including big fifth and sixth rounds where he landed 16 and 14 power punches respectively.
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  • Its funny how the referee only slapped Fury on the back when they were in a clinch, and never slapped Wilder

  • Nah tell this woman commentator to shut up. Fury is better than deonte




  • LMAO! "...weight gain of Wilder.." ....STEROIDS?

  • The worst commentary in boxing history.

  • Our guy got his ass beat down.

  • Brilliant....apart from the annoying female talking bollocks......Stick to cooking love xx

  • Fight summary: Rocky 4

    • This looks more like Rocky 1........Rocky vs the bumb in the harbor

  • I didn’t think much about it at the time because I was rooting for the gypsy king, but I have to admit I don’t like the way he keeps wrapping Wilders head. Fury is a good enough fighter he doesn’t need to do that. Once he busted Wilders eardrum, Wilder was unsteady on his feet the rest of the fight, it was just a matter of time. Fury fought smart and kept pressing the action because Wilder despite having a huge right hand , isn’t really that great of a fighter. He hasn’t had to be because his size and power has been enough to carry him. He can’t keep Fury off of him, he can’t fight in close because he needs room to get that big power shot off. He doesn’t jab or counter really, so he can’t fight when pressed or backing up

  • There are alot of people who hate Fury is the Champion in the same way there were alot of people who hating Jack Johnson was the champion

  • Maybe Wilder had Cov19 and didn't even know it!

  • GGG 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿 перед

  • Camera quality crispy

  • 15:39 Wilder panic wrestling lol

  • Wilder's been hurt for quite a while and Tyson fury cannot stop him imagine if he wasn't hurt Tyson can never win that's why he don't want to fight the trilogy figh

    • the issue is it was Tyson's punches what hurt Wilder.......you talk like Wilder was ran over by a car prior to the fight and Tyson got advantage of that.

  • fury is wilder.enough said!

  • Looks like deontay just doesn’t want to be there at all

  • Is it because they're really massive and heavy? Because the fight looks really weird. Both have legs that belong to a 5'5 dude and bodies of bears. Plus the way they swing, jab, and cover themselves look like amateurs for some reason.

  • Whoever this Christina chick is who is a commentator has no business commentating this fight. She knows very little about boxing and is also extremely biased.

  • Kenny bail his fighter out ? The answer was obviously no !

  • Don’t know what what the fuck hit me? Know what I’m sayin? Yeah we know deyontay...

  • Mcgregor is everywhere, the proper twelve is dominating the boxing world atm

  • 31:17 "what we are asuming is a busted RIGHT or left eardrum" Man, if that woman cannot see he is bleeding through his LEFT ear, she should go back to anatomy class.........since she is a female, her head must be totaly empty, and she thinks both ear channels are connected so you can get hurt on the right and bleed on the left.

  • I doubt Wilder will fight again, or at least win a fight, unless his opponent is 98yo and has its hands tied........the next time someone punches him on the ear, his legs will become butter and his instinct will tell him to runaway and go home........Tyson Fury literally retired Wilder from boxing.

  • Worst reff in boxing history.........

  • If tyson fury had wilders body he would be the best boxer of all time

  • Wilder was still in it

  • Whose the beautiful voice I’m hearing?

  • Wilder Hanging his hat to much. I’m glad wilder back in the gym putting videos out and lettin the world see his resilience. I’m sure he was a bit embarrassed the last fight. But stay focused. Get a few bouts put on a few shows and than let’s get the TRILOGY WE STILL HAVENT SEEN FURY JOSHUA 1?!?!!!!? 🇺🇸 v 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Wilder had all those fights in only like 8 years

  • That’s an awesome suit, but man. Seems like to much. But maybe a decision I might’ve made or idk. Maybe wilder was nervous or something.


  • Wilder can do a few squats, deadlifts, and calf raises to go with all that upper body weight

  • 22:55 we still have 70 seconds remaining in the... Firp round

  • The female commentary is bias af

  • Bloody woman commentator is absolutely awful, this has got to be the worse commentary ever, disgraceful for a fight of this magnitude

    • She just repeats what the boxers did, like if the audience is fking blind........and then she said Wilder had a broken right eardrum, or maybe left.....

  • Deontay wilder will never be the same

  • In the first fight one the commenters said there's swollen to Wilders eye I think it's because of Fury 🥊😂 dias commentary at it's best 😅

  • Boooooooooo

  • Wilders face lmao he looks scared 😂 that’s the face you make when your mom bout to whoop you

  • M.h j.i j.i love NY bi . Loop.

  • i can't decide which legs are smaller jon jones or wilders

  • This dude honestly was not fighting like his normal self very strange but hey

  • Wilder looking like an abused house wife after

  • Brilliant take-down defense by fury at 15:38 - he even tried to get an upper cut in there

  • So sick of watching this match wilder is only defending he don't ve any energy to punch O wat

  • Wilder nver punch scary guy

  • These commentators are terrible🙄

  • Wilder celebrating Black History Month by adding his career to its archives.

  • Wilder knew in the 4th that he had lost

  • Who’s here after Canelo vs Saunders

  • Wilder needs the tutelage of Floyd Mayweather to sharpen his craft. Tyson respects his craft more so and hired from Emmanuel Stewart's lineage of the famed boxing mill the Kronx Gym in Detroit Michigan.

  • Tyson Fury must be better against Anthony Joshua. Or he will not defeat Joshua.

  • I knew Wilder ain't have a chance after watching his bout with Mr. 300-0 Charlie Zelenoff

  • 22:59 bruh they could’ve ended it right here Omg ref

  • A fight without upper cut.

  • Most lazy hand combination I have ever seen ..

  • What a complete ass kicking. If it wasn't for Kenny Shameless trying to save Wilder the entire fight, it would have ended even earlier than it did. And some of those "slips" were from punches...

    • @nicolashrv It was so obvious he was there for Wilder I'm surprised no one investigated whether he was paid off or not.

    • I liked how first 3 rounds he is constantly watching Fury to see how he can deduct points from him.......and after the 4th round he is constantly looking for Wilder to see if he is going to die on his legs.

  • I watched mostly referee, he's better than those two 😂

  • Tyson Fury will be the First Undisputed Heavyweight Champion since Lennox Lewis. Mark my words

  • Wilder was to be finished at round 3 but fury couldn't, give props on how tough Wilder is and the next time they meet its not gonna be easy at all for fury. Wait and see gentlemen

  • Tyson fury goat

  • His ear was cut BTW, nothing to do with a burst eardrum and balance. He got his ass whooped plain and simple.

    • He was bleeding from inside the ear, and the blow was behind it, it was clearly an eardrum injury due to the blow. Wilder looked like he just came out of a bar after round 3. Coudln't even stand straight for a second.

  • In their 1st fight, Wilder knocked him down twice and the fight has STILL judged a draw.I think Wilder was upset and fought this fight with emotions, not skill. Few times is a fighter cheated to the degree Wilder was the 1st fight.

    • you can kd him 4 times in one round if you want, but if you lose all the remaining 11 rounds you can't win even if they grant you a 6-10 card

  • Hugging day. One punch one hug. Easy money.

  • في احد عربي هنا

  • Fishy and tricky fight, DW was so not himself and Fury had all kinds of weapons in his gloves lol and you all know it. You might can lie 2 us, but you'll catch hell lying 2 God 🙌🏿💯💖

  • Boy, this realy suck

  • Who adding sound effects on furys punches

  • Wilder is always so stiff


  • Women commentators🙈

  • They both looked like amateurs.

  • Tremendous fight

  • You can clearly see wilder being messed up or showing that he is not in good condition before the fight started but ok

  • Too many clinches and dirty boxing not ur regular boxing match though

  • one of the biggest staged dives in history

  • Probs most worth it seats ever , Fury gave them a masterclass and a concert to end it

  • Oh my word never heard this commentary. No wonder wilder couldn't fight when he had these commentators off his nuts

    • this is probably a re-recorded commentators.

  • Fury came in the fight wanting to beat him down , his gameplan was so simple its to literally just beat the living shit out of wilder 😂

  • Fury beat the dog shit out of wilder!

  • Christina fan girl needs to be fired. Is she there just because she's a woman. Stop hiring people based on race or gender.

  • It's great to see evil be beaten now and then too. Props to fury

    • Calling Wilder evil is a bit much. He was never a heel, just an overrated boxer.

  • Who is this female commenting??? Knows nothing about 🥊

  • 28:09 "and now fury sort of talking to Deontay wilder".... REALLY.?? Cuz it looks more like he was licking the blood and sweat of Deontays neck to me...

  • Black Lives Matter? The ref knew this. Never took his eyes off wilder, gave him so many extra seconds and time. Really was on his side.

  • I mean who wouldn’t respect the other fighter when you’re making each other rich as fuck

  • Wilder started to believe his own Hype and the rest is History.

  • these announcers SUC... that god the fight was good!

  • Wilder won’t ever be the same after this..

  • Why do you stop it ??? Because we don't wanna see champs ending like Mo Ali, with brain damage!! Simple as that!! It's still A SPORT; NO MURDER GAME

  • People fail to realize this fight was in February. February is black history month. It was so clear this was a ritual to shame the black man..

    • You mean Racist Black man.

    • @Sherri G I betted on fury this night dumbass. I knew what time it was.

    • Keep Crying lol...This was no ritual to shame anyone...this was a boxing masterclass...you sound racist AF. 😂

  • Everytime that lady talks 💀💀💀

  • Wilder's first fight against Fury Wilder's clear win; Wilder knocked Fury two times and the points are almost equal !!!

    • How? Wilder won two rounds out of 12. Keep crying 😂

  • Even tho from the beginning first 2 rounds it was competitive after round 3 Fury fucken made wilder look like he didnt even belong here ppl still forget wilder is very dangerous

  • Ե3ե

  • No excuses but wtf is going on right now

  • Damn look at how fury is moving its a pure IQ and skills wilder couldn't even land that right hand and finally someone just survived deontay's power