World's Hottest Hot Sauce (OT 27 Bloopers)

Joylandi 14-Iyn, 2021
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Comment: More Boban!!!!

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  • I went to that place for a field trip once

  • from the NBA to John wick to Dude Perfect. He really upgraded his career.

  • 1:18 LOL!!!


  • Time to film game night during the day, and a fight in the day at night

  • More Boban

  • More Boban

  • I had a dream last night that I was in a dude perfect stereotype video, and also, for some reason I was the ambassador of Texas.

  • Dp: who would we bring on? Me: sparky! Duhhh

  • you guys have to make more funny videos

  • If Boban joined Cody: Tall Guy Boban: Taller Guy

  • I really liked it although I would say that they could have portrayed the memory loss a bit better... Other than that an AMAZING video

  • 0:05 TT was so fast at pulling his gun that you can’t even see him pull it out

  • Now then to the serious questions. When was the last time we saw panda and when will they return

  • How many of y'all think that Tyler is the BEST????

  • Love this

  • Yeah

  • Cory in game night stereotypes it’s actually day time Cory in Wild West it’s actually night time

  • More Boban!!!

  • Can you imagine Boban doing the “LET’S GO” after every trick shot?

  • Next fight scene has to be a medieval one

  • If you give me some chicken and then I bite it and it's ice cream I'm killing someone

  • Boban is the perfect honorary Dude Perfect member

  • does anyone know the original outro song? pls i beg you

  • “If you don't build your dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs.” ― Tony Gaskins

  • Ya'll promised Panda and we haven't gotten Panda. At the end of the vid doesn't count. :)_

  • I love this

  • 1:04

  • Behind dude perfect

  • 4:03 Even when the shot became useless, he stayed in character.

  • Just a little thank you from a woman who has had a very rough week. Thank y’all for putting a smile on my face. 😄

  • I want more trick shotes

  • it was great

  • make more music videos

  • do more videos

  • 123

  • *me "tom? *Gary "GARY"

  • Fat or Heavy Don Brown, skim milk w/ice = Skinny Don Brown, Coconut Milk w/ ice = Don Brown on the Beach...

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  • Imagine if they kicked out tyler for an OT and put panda right in his seat

  • Petition for boban to be more involved

    • if you kick off cory you should bring panda on

  • or a detective sherlock holmes type fight scene

  • Boban: becomes newest dude perfect member. Cody: "I thought I was the tall guy "

  • Who else is exited for tour?!

  • No Panda

  • They Should Have Made The Soap Box Car Bloops

  • I knew it was Boban!

    • Boban is awesome “He’s got a game on Friday!” 😂

  • “More Boban!!!!” Nice Video Dudes!

  • It’s just funny how many times Cody said dad gum in OT 27 and in The behind the scenes

  • More Boban

  • A movie

  • This the new Disney+?

    • For those who don't understand, it's a joke lol

  • So funny

  • Boban is the best part😂🤠

  • if you kick off cory you should bring panda on

  • Boban: becomes newest dude perfect member. Cody: "I thought I was the tall guy "

  • Bring on Panda

  • Is that Waffle House the Coby was eating at Ps:I love that place but it’s only down in the southern states

  • You are so cool.

  • Boban is awesome “He’s got a game on Friday!” 😂

    • soooooooooooooooooooooo good

  • Best blooper video yet

  • imagine calling mrbeast in place of cory

  • More boban

  • was I the only one to enjoy the fight scene segment?


  • should i feel bad for Cory or the Horse?


  • Dude perfect in 3020: trick shots on Mars

  • This was so cool. I love seeing the bloops. This was hilarious

    • Let’s just take note that the first OT was 3 years ago

  • The Dp editors need thier own channel

  • That's actually my second favourite segment, cause obviously first is cool not cool

  • hahahhahaha, it's awesome that u share your'e fails, that's good =)

  • They don't even know who are dude perfect but in India we are the fans of you

    • My favorite part is how in the video Garrett continued to play the piano no matter what XD

  • soooooooooooooooooooooo good

  • They should do an overtime with the dp employee’s!!

  • Why dont u guys name this Dude Imperfect ??

  • Fun fact that tall guy beating cory was in the 3rd john wick movie in the beginning of the library scene to where mr. Wick kicked his ass with a book down his throat

  • 3:54 umm zoom in on the back ground I know they might have gators but not Gatorade

  • Ouch that should hurt

  • Can we all agree that the fight scene was the best part

  • Boban!!

  • what was Garrett wearing???

  • Let’s just take note that the first OT was 3 years ago

  • Imagine if they brought in Porzingis to fight Boban

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  • Boban is a example of a gentle Giant

  • My favorite part is how in the video Garrett continued to play the piano no matter what XD

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  • Thought the cowboy dude was coyote peterson at first

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  • Kinda crazy hearing your man on the street is John Rodgers...My wife and kids thought it was awesome! And my daughter wanted me to let you know that her favorite is Coby. And my son's is Tyler. My wife's is John Rogers.

  • Boban: becomes newest dude perfect member. Cody: "I thought I was the tall guy "

  • Boban should totally become a DP member

  • Boban intimidating a horse 😂😂😂

  • Boban nation

  • Ty: if we have to kick him from the show...who do we bring? Me: why not bring Panda? its been a long time since we didn't see him/her

  • Lol

  • Jesus loves yall

  • More Boban!!!

  • JESUS LOVES YALL 💘💖❤💕💗💓💘💖❤💕💗💓